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Betts | Betts for Her Don't forget to #bettsshoes #bettsforher for your chance to be featured.
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
- COMPETITION - To celebrate the upcoming release of The DUFF on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital, our friends at @roadshowAU are giving you the chance to WIN 1 of 5 The DUFF Prize Packs including the DVD, book and t-shirt! To go in the draw comment below and tell us your favourite high school memory. *Entries close midnight AWST, Thursday, Aug 6, 2015. The winners will be announced via @bettsshoes, see for full terms and conditions. Good luck!
taneille.crase : @emilyfirst - u should win this t-shirt for a certain someone haha
emilyfirst : Hahahaha yes @taneille.crase
gemmabeegood : In English we were discussing a book about witches. I had a bad cough and the girl in front kept turning around and giving me a dirty look. I picked up my ruler and pretending it was a wand, 'cursed' her under my breath. Somehow, I accidentally threw the ruler at her head. The girl next desk to me laughed so hard she nearly fell off her chair. We both got detention, me for attempted witchcraft resulting in assault with a weapon and her for laughing and therefore being an accessory. That's how I met my best friend in high school πŸ‘―
an_2_1_net : The time a spider fell on my best friends shoulder and she jumped up screaming in front of the whole class πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thegirlthatsparkles : @ree.machine
emmylou023 : My favorite memory of high school was when I was running late to class with one of my then classmates. We both got yelled at by the teacher and continued to sit down. The classmate then started passing me secret notes in class, and finally admitted that they had had feelings for me for the last year and had intentionally tried to be late to class with me so they could get up the courage to ask me out. That classmate is now my boyfriend and has been for 5+ years! πŸ’™
ree.machine : I guess that there was that time in Science where I found out which arisol cans actually contained flammable liquid. We sprayed puddles on a desk and tried to light them on fire. Turns out that not everything is useful as a flamethrower.
tashakmartensxo : I was attempting to cook a large pot of hot chocolate for our charity fundraiser at lunch, I left the flyer to close to the stoves open flame and wasn't paying attention I accidentally set the kitchen on fire.. The whole school was evacuated to the oval in the middle of Canberra winter- there was girls swimming that had to stand in towels ! I was stupidly embarrassing. The whole school knew it was me by the end of lunch.
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
#bettswanderlust 🐚 Spring Summer 1516 coming soon
bettswanderlust -
thebonniediaries : Take me there πŸŒŠπŸ‘Œ
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
Free shipping on all orders over $99! Shop online now at πŸ‘ 
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
The bucket bag is the new season essential γ€° Shop BETH and the OUTBACK boot in store and online now #bettsshoes #bettsforher
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
Your wardrobe can't be complete without a fashionably fun shoe! The BAE and BURGER AND FRIES espadrilles are available online and in selected stores now #bettsshoes #bettsforher #bettswanderlust
bettsshoes - bettswanderlust - bettsforher -
emmylou023 : @hannah.kurek for you? πŸ˜‚
kimberley_anderson : @georgiaclisdell
emmylou023 : Where can you find the stores that stock these? @bettsshoes ?
renaemarcevski_ox : @emilynoakes @bronnte @tayclaire95 @mikaylasligar um 😳
tayclaire95 : Lol bae @renaemarcevski_ox
mikaylasligar : #Tasty @renaemarcevski_ox
georgiaclisdell : Omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„ @kimberley_anderson
kimberley_anderson : @georgiaclisdell memories
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
All tied up in @windsorsmith GILLIE #regram @_surlalune ➰ Shop in store and online now #bettsshoes #bettsforher
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otilee : The shoes! The hat!! 😍
rhiannonmuir : Is that you @lainiebancilhon
maddyjenks : @helseykouwen
cocktailrev : PINK! πŸ‘Œ
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
WANTED: We are looking for someone as obsessed with shoes as we are, to join our marketing team as “Brand & Marketing Manager” for a 12-month maternity leave contract. The job description is live on seek now, so if the shoe fits, then make sure you apply today! Perth based role.
henryrose_likes : @kimmidoll___
kristie_robl : Do ittttt @aprilnichollsx
_umahh_x : @sameenxs
miss_tayler : @mishvog haha
kimmidoll___ : Thanks @henryrose_likes x
_nicole__thompson_ : @ebz.hill
vick3009 : Make sure your ad on seek doesn't specify a shoe size required!πŸ‘ 
mishvog : That's it I quit.. @miss_tayler
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
Street Chic | @michelline_m in NERRO-B the perfect trans-seasonal boot #bettsshoes #bettsforher
bettsshoes - bettsforher -
shesmelissalee : Woooooo!
brooketillard : @hay_sam_till I like this outfit
hay_sam_till : Easy to put together @brooketillard
michelline_m : @shesmelissalee 😘😘😘
michelline_m : They're very comfortable @bettsshoes
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
Make a statement with ANDY the playful and compact coin purse! #bettsshoes #bettsforher
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__tash_k : @_katherine_8 the top one!
wehlow2 : @kels1991 you can get me the shoe fund one for my bday
tammie_wammie : @bankuru_aj @azian46 😍
azian46 : @tammie_wammie recreational fund πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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bettsshoes - Betts Shoes
@tesseljay is out and about in ZOLITA, our black ankle boot with gold buckle detail #bettsshoes #bettsforher
bettsshoes - bettsforher -
steffnapper_ : @bethanygardiner πŸ™ˆ
bethanygardiner : I think I'll get them Monday!! @steffnapper_
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