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bestbullysticks - Best Bully Sticks
Meet our Featured Rescue Pup of the Day! Faith says, "This is Saylor, our Lab mix rescue! We adopted her at 3 months of age; she's now 5 yrs old. Saylor came into our lives as a recovery puppy for my daughter who was struggling with a severe illness. She is such a wonderful family member, the perfect pooch for us! Loves to sleep in, yahoo!!! She's soft as silk and has retained her sweet puppy look!! She's given us such love, comfort, joy and healing, she's is our Puppy-of-the-month every single day!!!" #meetsaylor #labmix #labstagram #labsofinstagram #rescuedog
labmix - rescuedog - labsofinstagram - labstagram - meetsaylor -
jyesno : @sdy929
jyesno : @rachellemarie143
jyesno : @elianashoo
rachellemarie143 : Saylor!!!! @jyesno 😍😍😍
maggiedoll_ - masterjing - porkchophound - gfunk1377 -
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"Hi, I'm Samantha Chloe, and I am a four year-old Rat Terrier/ Greyhound. I am the one with my back end facing you (the taller one). These are my sisters: the short one is Lexi, and the black one is Sadie. The thing that we all love to do together is steal each other's bully stick and sleep. I am the active one, and all I care about is chasing my ball." #ratterrier #greyhound #dogsisters #sweetdog #bullysticks
bullysticks - sweetdog - dogsisters - greyhound - ratterrier -
hellomalearose : Those are my digs! I'm so proud!
hellomalearose : Dogs*
hellomalearose : #like #vote #dogs #cute #kawaii
oliverthegoldendoodle - gfunk1377 - julissa423 - kayla_women -
bestbullysticks - Best Bully Sticks
Let the gluttony begin! Wait, it already happened. Today's National Cake Day, so we decided to do a Cake Potluck at Best Bully Sticks. Cakes included: German chocolate cake, Red Velvet Brownie Cupcake with Buttercream Icing, Apple Cake, Flourless Nutella Cake with Nutella Cream cheese frosting, and Pumpkin pie! What should our next themed potluck be? (we'll skip December, it's rich enough!) #officepotluck #cakeday #caketime #bakeacake #bestbullysticks
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irresistibleicing : Omg yum!
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Our Black Friday Sale is here! Take advantage of our Spectacular Sitewide Sale to get goodies for your dog's holiday gift! Use Code BLACKFRI #dogmom #dogdad #blackfriday #lovemypet #dogtreats
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Meet Popeye from Woodbridge Animal Group (WAG)! This is a Super Handsome boy name Popeye. We pulled him from death row and saved his life from another shelter. He came in as a stray. He was filthy and neglected and with a bad infected eye that had to be removed but that doen't stop Popeye. He is a happy guy and is waiting for a forever loving home. You may vote for Popeye by visiting the Thanksgiveaway Contest on our Facebook page! #popeye #pittie #pitbull #sweetdog #fureverhome
fureverhome - sweetdog - pittie - popeye - pitbull -
daresdogs : Handsome! 😍
mamavargas4 - comet_the_doxie - daisyanddexter - doreenblue -
bestbullysticks - Best Bully Sticks
Know the feeling? #rainyday #rainraingoaway #doghumor #dogmeme #butmom
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coconnell84 : @hapasheila
fatimster : @lizb_m
ziggythepit : Zig 100%. Lol he will hold it in a whole 24 hours of he has to
kasperthepit : Me @arangothenak @taniarango13 @m.arango
kukugram : @thedude650
brittanychurchill : @kel_star_
kel_star_ : bahahaha! @brittanychurchill
roxyrox0526 : @krazeilla wowww!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ who we kno like this?!?!
jaasherbranner3 - roxyrox0526 - sammiid4 - caracarne -
bestbullysticks - Best Bully Sticks
Meet Tequila, from Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue! HOPE. EXCITEMENT. LIFE. I wish we could show this comparison to anyone who wonders why we do what we do – why we are involved in dog rescue. Tequila is a sweet, beautiful #GermanShepherd mix of about 5 yrs old, who was rescued from the very high kill Downey Shelter in CA in June 2014 by Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue. You can see from her shelter photo the sadness and confusion in her eyes at ending up dumped in the shelter by her owner, and likely to be euthanized. The photo on the right was taken after being in the rescue for a couple of months – can you see the difference? Tequila is full of hope that she will soon find a #fureverhome! Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue opened in the summer of 2012, and since then has rescued and placed nearly 200 dogs – mostly GSDs and #GSD mixes. Most of our dogs come from the surrounding areas, from shelters and via owner surrender from people who can no longer keep their pet. As space permits, we rescue dogs – like Tequila- from high kill shelters in California, and the deep south. #rescuedog #michigan
germanshepherd - michigan - gsd - rescuedog - fureverhome -
rossiel_mejia - masterjing - ziggythepit - frances.henderson -
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Meet Miracle Merle from @CoastalPetRescue! "Coastal Pet Rescue received a call from Animal Control that a dog being taken into custody had given birth and rejected her pup. A volunteer raced to the shelter to try and save the newborn. This is Miracle Merle. He embodies the spirit of our rescue because he represents the kindness and dedication that each of our volunteers bring to our organization. He will be ready for adoption around Christmas which seems very appropriate." #savannah #merle #dogrescue #adoptdontshop #puppy
savannah - merle - puppy - dogrescue - adoptdontshop -
pookybear22 - shokeki - _rileysierra_ - ringdogrescue -
bestbullysticks - Best Bully Sticks
Meet Acer, aka Squiggy, of Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas. "Now I have a real shot at a happy, healthy life thanks to MSRNT!!" #minischnauzer #schnauzer #schnauzerrescue #rescuedog
schnauzer - minischnauzer - schnauzerrescue - rescuedog -
cstoneallen1 : @bestbullysticks : Does this baby have a forever home yet?
bestbullysticks : @cstoneallen1 No, he's available for adoption through Min Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas :)
amy.norman2015 - sayitaintshredder - daisyanddexter - comet_the_doxie -
bestbullysticks - Best Bully Sticks
Meet Mouse & Josie, two adoptable dogs in our ThanksGiveaway contest! Roll Over Animal Rescue Inc. (ROAR) is a charitable, 501c3, animal welfare organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and careful re-homing of dogs of all breeds. Mouse & Josie are typical of the kinds of dogs we save from high kill facilities. Four month old Mouse and 14 year old Josie were dumped together and due to be euthanized because of Josie's age. Vote for Mouse & Josie by going to our Facebook page, ThanksGiveaway Contest, and select Mouse & Josie. We hope they find their #fureverhome soon! #chihuahua #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #terriers #desplaines
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