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πŸ’… Nail Artist. By appointment only! 304-435-5115 Morgantown, WV. CND Shellac Certified Pro. 🐀 twitter ➑ beautopianails #NailsNTNATop9 2014/15πŸ’…
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Went shopping with my wonderful friend @ccaperto1 yesterday at Ross Park in Pittsburgh. Among my few strategic purchases (that mall is scientifically designed to make you want to spend every penny you have! Have to be careful!) I acquired an old favorite and a new one. Used to use Lush Lemony Flutter all the time and haven't had one in years, and my first @marcbeauty polish, Fluorescent Beige. I want #allofthethings in the Marc Jacobs Enamored range now. Sigh. Grabbed @narsissist Cruella also, god it's perfect.
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
My dog is Internet famous! She inspired my friend at @goodhousekeeping to do a story on pets who know how to win at sleeping. Pepper is awesome at sleeping. She's at the very bottom of the article at this link.. #pepperpottsbowers #dogsofinstagram @kbclymer @nataleighb28
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Here is my first ever portrait nail. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown when I started, but once I got the eyes and brows in, the highlight and contour were just like applying makeup so I felt a bit more comfortable with that part. Anyway, it's out of my hands now. Now it's in the hands of @cndworld Jan Arnold. I'm thrilled, honored, and thoroughly terrified to have her personally judge my work. I am so sad not to be participating in #NAILSNTNA this week, but I'm a fatalist and I don't mind critique, so I'm just feeling so lucky to have been part of the #nailsntnatop9 and to have grown so much from this experience. #ntnakarrie #cndlastchance @nailsmagazine
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urbanblissbeauty : This looks fantastic @beautopianails. Good luck chick xx
ccaperto1 : I can't imagine how good you'd be!
beautopianails : @urbanblissbeauty thanks love! πŸ’“ and @ccaperto1 you always make me feel so wonderful, love you!
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
So, it's 49° and it's awesome so here's @cndworld Shellac in Fine Vermillion and Sugared Spice over Retention+ L&P extensions #nailart #nailsofinstagram #nailstagram #fallnails #autumnnails
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therealmrsgrey : ❀️❀️❀️
kbclymer : They look like pokéballs. Love
beautopianails : @therealmrsgrey these colors. Ugh so gorgeous together.
beautopianails : @kbclymer a klassy poke
beautopianails : Haha hit enter too early klassy pokéballz
b_e_t_h_i_e : I love these colors!
ccaperto1 : These are beautiful!
beautopianails : @ccaperto1 look familiar? I liked your color choices so much. Told you I wanted it too lol.
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
So, this is @zoyanailpolish Remy. I want to have perfect blue, glass flecked babies with it. #zoyaremy trying out a new nail shape with an L&P extension, not sure how I feel yet...
zoyaremy -
beautopianails : The middle one I filed too narrow. Whoopsie.
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Voting is live for week 4, link in my bio. This week was sponsored by @inmnails and we were asked to examine our heritage and convey it using 5 nail tips and any medium we chose. I used a bit of everything, gel, gel polish, acrylic and polish to make my nails. I don't have a way to trace my heritage, so I based my nails on where some of the best people in my life, my Campbell in-laws come from. #ntna2014 #NAILSNTNA @nailsmagazine @cndworld #NTNAkarrie #ntnainm #nailartofinstagram #nailsofinstagram #nailartist #nailstagram #nailswag #nailart
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tanitsirc85 : Voted πŸ™‹ love😍
_thelini : Gorgeous! Really like the tartan 😍
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
An approximation of my daughter's eyes when she came downstairs and saw my nubbins this morning. You can't handle this swag.
ccaperto1 : Omg!
ccaperto1 : I can't believe them either!!!
beautopianails : Haha @ccaperto1 I was just going to text you a pic and ask you to guess whose nails they were lol
tanitsirc85 : 😩 what happened!?
beautopianails : @tanitsirc85 i had a couple splits plaguing me so i cut them off. Gonna do acrylic extensions this week.
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Gimme some sugar, baby. Voting link is in my bio! Pins and needles, I'm telling you. I have already logged about 10 hours on next week's challenge, so i hope to see you guys on the flip side on Friday, because I'm dying to share what I've been working on all day (and the next couple days). #nailsntna #nailsmag #nailartistry #ntnakarrie #ntna2014 #ntnaweek3 #nailartofinstagram #nailsofinstagram ##nailartistsofinstagram #nailstagram #NTNAOrly #LAfrenchmani @orlynails @nailsmag @cndworld
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beautopianails : #morgantown #wv #morgantownwv #westvirginia
jaboyphotography : Great
tanitsirc85 : Obsessed with your nails! You do an amazing job!
beautopianails : Oh wow! @tanitsirc85 that's a huge compliment! You just made my day! πŸ’“
tanitsirc85 : Sooo true! I look at them all wondering how long it will take me to get half as good. Soooo like never gonna happen lol. If I win the lottery you might be moving to Toronto 😁 lol! Have a great day and show off them nails 😍
beautopianails : @tanitsirc85 I'm blushing! haha Toronto is already on my to-visit list. Next summer when I'm back in upstate NY, I'll hop up and you can show me the best nail related (and makeup lol) places to hit up!
tanitsirc85 : Omg 100% forsure! Would love that. Also you will obvi be doing my nails when you're here? Haha πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰
beautopianails : @tanitsirc85 obviously lol
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
It's Week 3, and the #NailsNTNATop10 were asked to paint an LA-focused French Mani as part of the challenge sponsored by @orlynails Founder Jeff Pink was the creator of the original French, so this is such a great honor to be part of a group asked to design a rendition of this most famous of manicures to be judged by this iconic industry leader. I went literal, and made this french with feature nails that show when this hand sign is made. I hope you like it and that you'll swing by and vote starting Tuesday! Off to bed, have Flu and also herniated a lumbar disc so I'm pretty much in Hell. Lol. Tmrw I start work on the challenge for week 4, so i hope I stay on this week as it's a challenge I was really hoping to get! #NTNAOrly #orly #LAfrenchmani #NAILSNTNA #NTNAkarrie
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kelliegonzo : Love this!! Good luck chica!
_thelini : Love the Hollywood film strip!
yessienhearts : @beautopianails looove it!!!!!!!
beautopianails : @talktothehandnails thanks! @graffitinailbar aww thank you Lauren! @kelliegonzo thanks Kellie, I'll need it! @_thelini thanks girl! @yessienhearts Yessie! Thank you, lovely! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
thatjanedesigns : These look great
beautopianails : @thatjanedesigns thanks, Jane!
beautopianails : @cndworld @orlynails @nailsmagazine
ccaperto1 : I would def do these! Wonderful!
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Cool things going on with NTNA! Play along at home and win awesome stuff. @nailsmagazine has all the info. — #winitwednesday want to win some cool prizes from @gelish_official? Then show us your take on this week's #NailsNTNA challenge and tag #GelishPlayAtHome for a chance to win and appear on our blogs and social media. Go to and click on Play@Home for more info!
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