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πŸ’… Nail Artist. By appointment only! 304-435-5115 Morgantown, WV. CND Shellac Certified Pro. 🐀 twitter ➑ beautopianails #NailsNTNATop12 2014/15πŸ’…
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
@modcloth Nail Klub & Dresses nails to match their gorgeous Poetry in the Plaza dress. Used #CNDvinylux post with more details will be live on my site tomorrow. #nailart #nailartist #nailartofinstagram #nailartoftheday #nailsofinstagram #nailsoftheday #nailstagram #modcloth #nailklub #nailartclub #nailsntnatop12 #nailsntna #NTNAkarrie
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gxlddeuy : Nice picξ€Žξ€Ž@luwangver
fuzofu : niceξ€Ž
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Just had to introduce my family's newest member: Pepper Potts. She is a hound mix puppy from the shelter with ombre ears and I am deeply in love with her. Here's my husband playing with her.
beautopianails : @nataleighb28
sherbear4331 : What a cutie!!!
segaseth23 : Best dog name evaaa
beautopianails : @sherbear4331 she is so freaking cute.
beautopianails : @segaseth23 defo. πŸ™Œ
ccaperto1 : The best. Xo
liveprime_ - gizmoteddy - nhcinwv - kbclymer -
beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Going simple. @mtmorgantaylor Magician's Assistant. Gorgeous pinky nude with a dusty magenta flash in some lights. Luv. It. Have Hocus Pocus from the same collex on my toes. Their fall range is madness. I love MT shades for their unique shades that are just a bit "off." Either duster or brighter than other similar shades. Don't forget to enter to win my MT giveaway. Just one bottle of Pink Flame-ingo, but it's free and gorgeous!
lavernissite : Gorgeous nude! So in for fall :-)
beautopianails : Defo @lavernissite Btw not affiliated with MT, just crushing lol
lavernissite : I'll crush with ya πŸ˜œπŸ‘!
horburytanningshop : @paigetaggart
paigetaggart : 😍 @horburytanningshop
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
So when you take down length and shape your own nails after a couple glasses of wine and while binge netflixing... yeah some come out rounder than others. Whoops. #nails #nailart #naturalnails #essie #nailsoftheday #nailsofinstagram #nailstagram #nailsntna #nailsntnatop12 #NTNAkarrie
nailsntna - naturalnails - nailart - nails - ntnakarrie - cndbrisalite - nailsoftheday - essie - nailstagram - nailsntnatop12 - nailsofinstagram -
beautopianails : Color is Essie No More Film over #CNDBrisaLite smoothing gel
spiceyz_nails : Lol. Great color tho'
brklynboutiquenails : They look fine!
beautopianails : @spiceyz_nails lol seriously. It's gorgeous and @brklynboutiquenails I cannot use strong enough language to describe how anal I am about shaping my nails. Haha this basically is a disaster.
ccaperto1 : No one is perfect! Haha
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Just realized I never posted this. From the archives: @cndworld #VINYLUX in Cityscape with @wrapartistnails Geisha Girl decals and 18k gold leaf. #nails #naturalnails #nailart #nailartgallery #nailsoftheday #nailartoftheday #nailsofinstagram #nailartofinstagram #nailartist #nailstagram #longnails #almondnails #nailsntna #nailsntnatop12 #NTNAkarrie #CNDvinylux #nailartistry
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ccaperto1 : I don't usually like this much design, but these are great! Would def try. My nails this week are wonderful. Thank you top 12 winner for bringing great nails into my life!!
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Still crushing on negative space and striping tape. Used @cndworld Shellac in Indigo Frock and Cityscape for these. #nails #nailart #naturalnails #nailartistry #nailsofinstagram #nailsoftheday #nailstagram #nailartistsofinstagram #nailartoftheday #nailartofinstagram #nailsntnatop12 #nailsmag #CNDShellac #negativespacenails #stripingtape #nauticalnails #gelpolish
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beautopianails : #TipsyMM
nail_juander : They're so elegant
beautopianails : @nail_juander thank you!
ringwao : θ΅žξ€’ξ€’ξ€’@mcqueenday
beautopianails : #NTNAkarrie
ccaperto1 : Beautiful!!
yessienhearts : @beautopianails do you find it hard for the tape not to lift up?or the edes lifting up?:)
beautopianails : Hey @yessienhearts ! Honestly as long as the edges are encapsulated and the gel top coat isn't super thin at the edges you're golden. I have had great luck, honestly. Just cut the tape just shy of the edge. I'm normally so particular about designs reaching the edge but I don't even notice it myself. And I haven't had any striping tape peel up under gel this way on myself or others. Under polish I can't keep it from peeling no matter what I do.
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
WIN @mtmorgantaylor Pink Flame-ingo! My daughter and I are currently obsessed with this shade and have an extra to share. I posted this earlier but i think i wasn't super clear on directions. Only two things needed to enter: 1) be a @beautopianails follower on Instagram 2) repost this photo with the hashtag #beautopianailsmt and tag @beautopianails so i can see it If your account is private, i can't see your entry. Open internationally! Ends Friday, August 22 at midnight.
beautopianailsmt -
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Um, so guess what #NAILFIE #howtolosenailfollowers #goodhairday #sierra #nailartist nail artists have faces, too!
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thatjanedesigns : Obligatory "I ONLY WANT TO SEE NAILS HERE KTHXBYE" post. πŸ˜‰
beautopianails : @thatjanedesigns *deletes account in shame*
beautopianails : #NTNAkarrie
jamiearnold - urbanblissbeauty - alessiadeanna - emmapartin -
beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Make sure to check the link in my bio to follow me and these 11 lovely ladies during the #nailsntna competition. My little heart soars seeing my face sandwiched between so many talented and truly sweet people. Love to all of them. #nailsntnatop12 voting begins september, please follow and show us some love.
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urbanblissbeauty : Lol you both look great @sherbear4331 and @beautopianails. Unfortunately I only know amateurs and this shot was from a recent wedding. I can't wait to compete with you both xx
sherbear4331 : @urbanblissbeauty What!!! You are big competition for me!
urbanblissbeauty : @sherbear4331 what?!? The moment I saw that guitar you made I thought "I'm out!"
sherbear4331 : @urbanblissbeauty you are so kind to say that! I just know this experience is going to be super fun!! I've already made great nail friends because of it! 😘😘😘
urbanblissbeauty : Me too @sherbear4331 it sucks that I'm on the other side of the world to most of them though 😒
sherbear4331 : @urbanblissbeauty we'll you will have to come visit us all someday 😊😝😘
urbanblissbeauty : I plan to πŸ˜‰
beautopianails : #NTNAkarrie
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Here's another shot of my current nails to show that the striping tape and studs etc are gold. They looked kinda black in the other pic. ##nailart #nailsntnatop12 #nailsofinstagram #nailsoftheday #nailartoftheday #nailartofinstagram #nailartclub #nailartist #nailartistsofinstagram #instanails #gelnails #gelpolish #stripingtape #neonnails #nudenails
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buttonnails : Gorgeous!! Xxx
beautopianails : Ooh almost forgot! This mani happened because I was obsessed with the color scheme of one of my favorite manicures from one of my top favorite artists @astrowifey. No one does color schemes like her. I used coral instead of pink but the idea translates. Also inspired by her use of triangle studs in her work.
beautopianails : @buttonnails thank you! 😚
nailguytv : very cool
astrowifey : I love love love! Super cool! You should hashtag these at #TipsyMM to be featured on @tipsyzine
beautopianails : Excellent! Thanks so much! #TipsyMM
beautopianails : @nailguytv thank you! Very much appreciated!
beautopianails : #NTNAkarrie
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