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💅 Nail Artist. By appointment only! 304-435-5115 Morgantown, WV. CND Shellac Certified Pro. 🐤 twitter ➡ beautopianails #NailsNTNATop12 2014/15💅
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Don't forget to show some love! Link in my bio will take you to Week 2 voting. Voting closes at Noon PST tmrw, or 4pm eastern. #NAILSNTNA #ntna2014 #NTNAkarrie #NTNABioSeaweedGel @nailsmagazine @bioseaweedgel @cndworld
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beautopianails : #nailartist #nailartistsofinstagram #instanails #gelnails #gelpolish #nailsoftheday #nailsofinstagram #nailgasm
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Cool things going on with NTNA! Play along at home and win awesome stuff. @nailsmagazine has all the info. — #winitwednesday want to win some cool prizes from @gelish_official? Then show us your take on this week's #NailsNTNA challenge and tag #GelishPlayAtHome for a chance to win and appear on our blogs and social media. Go to and click on Play@Home for more info!
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
If you haven't checked out my YouTube video for the NTNA week 2 @bioseaweedgel challenge, check it out! The link is in my bio. We were asked to create 3d art over 5 nail tips with gel only. I envisioned the trip down into an undersea world. There's a handmade clam descending leaving a trail of bubbles (and yes I know clams do not yield pearls, I used some artistic license). I also felt there should be rocky grottoes with treasure spilling from their mouths, coral reef with colorful flora and fauna, and of course a glimpse of a mermaid's best feature; her tail. All nails were assorted gels over hand-shaped foil and modeling clay. #ntna2014 #NTNAkarrie #NTNABioSeaweedGel #bioseaweedgel #cnd #ntnatop11 @bioseaweedgel @cndworld @nailsmagazine
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thehouseofpolish : Love it!
ccaperto1 : These nails are amazing!
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
I'm thinking... you should check out my new YouTube video (link in my bio) featuring my @nailsmag #ntna2014 week 2 submission sponsored by @bioseaweedgel and @cndworld hopefully I'm safe tomorrow and this will count! LOL either way, it was so fun! #NTNABioSeaweedGel #NTNAkarrie #ntna2014week2
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beautopianails : Photo credit @kbclymer
_thelini : Haha I like your "topless" mermaid 😁
ccaperto1 : How do you get better every week!
ccaperto1 : U are the best!
urbanblissbeauty : Topless mermaid 😂 nice work xx
beautopianails : @_thelini @@urbanblissbeauty haha thanks ladies! @ccaperto1 you make me blush always. Love you
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
#Repost from @nailsmagazine with @repostapp — Our Next Top Nail Artist competition is in full swing! The top 12 contenders broke out their brushes and created a mural over 10 nail tips inspired by #YoungNails new line of long-lasting nail polish @CaptionPolish. Support your favorite nail tech in the running and vote now via #NTNATop12 #NTNAYoungNails #CaptionMyNails #NAILSNTNA
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Voting is live! Link in my profile! #YoungNails #CaptionMyNails #NailsNTNA #NailsNTNA2014 #NTNAkarrie #NTNAYoungNails
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beautopianails : @cndworld @captionpolish
beautopianails : #NTNATop12
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Well, if I make it to @nailsmagazine NTNA week 2, this will be part of my @bioseaweedgel week challenge. #NailsNTNA #ntna2014 #NTNAkarrie #NTNABioSeaweedGel #nailsntnatop12 #nailartofinstagram #nailartist
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Here's my mural for the #NTNAYoungNails #CaptionMyNails challenge! It's supposed to be a mural based on your personal "caption." Mine is obviously "Never Stop Learning" and I included the icons of several sources of education and inspiration I use daily! Voting will begin within hours. Please visit and show me some love! #ntna2014 #NailsNTNA #NTNAkarrie #nailsntnatop12 #YoungNails @nailsmagazine
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beautopianails : @_thelini seriously! Waiting is the worst. Good good good luck!
thatjanedesigns : Oh man do I not miss the waiting... Good luck ladies! @beautopianails @_thelini
yessienhearts : @beautopianails I love the colors!! Love the young nails video clip;) good luck!!!
urbanblissbeauty : Looks great. Best of luck @beautopianails
beaute_asylum : Best if luck I live this very good job
beaute_asylum : Best look at these are very cool @beautopianails
beautopianails : @cndworld @captionpolish
beautopianails : @yessienhearts @urbanblissbeauty @beaute_asylum thank you ladies!
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Brought my length down yet again and rounded them due to my unfortunate break. Wearing @gelish_official Rub Me The Sarong Way. I'm trying to get a good photo of my #YoungNails #CaptionMyNails mural #NTNAkarrie #NailsNTNA
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beautopianails - Karrie Bowers
Sneaky peek at my #nailsntna mural for the first challenge of the competition. Everything is hand-painted this time and I sketched for a few days and took Labor Day weekend to make it. After a lot of tweaks it's finally done, so this afternoon I'm going to take a nap with my puppy and shut the world out. Lol. Just started reading through the digital edition of the October issue of @nailsmag and my "caption" is the same as the title of a piece by the editor in there. Purely coincidence haha. I started this process Thursday and the October digital copy came out yesterday. Figured I'd point that out so I don't look like a kiss-ass. Lol. Have a wonderful wednesday! #nailsmag #NTNAkarrie #youngnails #NTNAYoungNails #CaptionMyNails
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