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Wife to the greatest husband EVER💏, mommy👼, DIY fashion lover, foodie, cocktail connoisseur, closet Martha Stewart, skincare fanatic in the DMV
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
My latest obsession....... #microneedling the best moisturizer and treatment vessel period. #yeahithurtsalittle #skincare
skincare - microneedling - yeahithurtsalittle -
thefav1 : I got mine about 3 months ago! Love it
isa_sotikon : @aderonke_sadia, shall we?
rosesarecolorless : @beautejadore what kind do you have!? I really want to try but keep hearing horror stories😩
1goodchick : Not to sound slow but what exactly is this used for? @beautejadore
mycandishoppe : Tell me more!!😍 : @1goodchick you are not alone
1goodchick : LOL thank you because I'm real confused! If you or I find out please let's fill each other in!
njb7nyc : @1goodchick Micro needling is used to reduce the appearance of pores, tighten skin, acne, scars and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The process can be uncomfortable though 😉
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
Guess who's excited for her first passport........#minijadore ✈️💺#6months
minijadore - 6months -
beautejadore : @trenarasdailytreasures thank you
trenarasdailytreasures : You're welcome
fashionlawlawyer : Oh wow. Travel rules have definitely tightened up.
meccasue : where will she get her first "stamp"?
donn_isha : Beautiful brown skin 😍 what a princess 👑
makewasati : So cute
xocutiepatootie : Baby jadore is such a cutie!!!!
drspock7 : Where is she off to?
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
After seeing these @lumi at home screen printing kits, I'm finally going to try it out. Will be over the moon happy if I discover I can make my own fabric design 😬
mesewlot : Can't wait to see/read your review. I was just lining at these very items today. I would love to try it.
mesewlot : *looking
coloredgirlzguide : Mind blown
rusticlovestudio : Ooohhh nice!
njb7nyc : Wow! Love this😍can't wait to see the outcome😉
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
Today on #beautejadore #diy palazzo pants and crop top using Vogue V9075 with pattern alterations. #sewing #diyfashion #fashion
fashion - diyfashion - diy - sewing - beautejadore -
1sushidiva : Yass hunnie love the fabric too!
shukkky : Jeez you are super talented. I love it
2craftytwinchicks : This is super cute
dcndi : @chuckbmoore how much would you charge for this??
whoresandcrumpets : #uglycrying I must! I must try to do this! @prettygirlssew in May it's going down! 😍😍😍
pprmintnpaisley : I can't get away from culottes!!! Looks like I'll have to try some 😄
without_envy : How did I miss this crop top pattern. Buying pattern and making right away.
chicgiirl : @1sushidiva
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
Forget all those fancy toys, she'd rather play with spoons #minijadore #6months
minijadore - 6months -
nyechi : So happy and so adorable. You're rich.
stoneyxusn69 : She's going to be a Chef
njb7nyc : But of course😂😂😂, that's what they do. Buy the toy and they play with the box or the wrapper. She's such a happy baby 💞💞💞. Too cute!
fedsyto18 : She is so adorable ❤❤
yahollywoodfitnessgotogurl : Look at niece baby. Her sooo sweet. Luv yu Chandler.
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
Coming up on #beautejadore #diy wide leg high waist pants and pleated top #sewing #diyfashion #fashion
fashion - diyfashion - diy - sewing - beautejadore -
hyperfashun : @bibiredesigns
feyisweets : @deezrez You like?
xocutiepatootie : Hello, Gorgeous!
seemesola : Do you ever put up sewing tutorials
njb7nyc : Love the vibrant color! Gorgeous craftsmanship ❤️
sewfab : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
redpants_designs : Very pretty
dee_mc : @ifollowhairstylist
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
It's that time of year again.........#vegegarden #organic
vegegarden - organic -
kisseswho : What are you planting @beautejadore ?
njb7nyc : Lol! Started cleaning the garden today too for some planting! Find it very relaxing & rewarding!😊
beautejadore : @kisseswho spinach, kale, squash, beets, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots and a few others
kisseswho : @beautejadore that's awesome. I've planted everything but the beats. I'm hoping that my spinach and kale don't go to seed, is super hot down here in Florida already. I'm going to try potatoes this year. Good luck with your garden.
theculinarydiva : @kisseswho where are you located? I'm in Jacksonville myself.
theculinarydiva : @beautejadore do you have a good recipe for a roasted beet salad?
kisseswho : @theculinarydiva I'm in Tampa.
harlemzen : Ok I'm coming to pick out my own vegetables lol
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
Thank you Mood! I'm thoroughly enjoying this super fast shipping from @moodfabrics ordered on Wednesday and arrived this morning 🙌 #sewing
sewing -
lanpenny : Can't wait to see what you create!
mesewlot : Beautiful, can't wait to see how you work it all!!
njb7nyc : Wow! I see fringe 👏👏👏can't wait to see what happens with this !❤️❤️❤️
seemesola : Do they ship worldwide?
4jcallahan : I like the looks of the red fabric in the middle. Which one is it @moodfabrics? @beautejadore
ldanovia : Looks like I'll be doing some online shopping @kingjenay
kingjenay : ✂️📌🙌🏽 @ldanovia
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
Happy #nationalsiblingday to this dope chic who happens to be my big sister. Love you to the moon and back. @yahollywoodfitnessgotogurl
nationalsiblingday -
sheridan025 : Ha u was about to say exactly the same thing!! Divine!
mesewlot : Happy Siblings Day to you both! You both are beautiful women... look like twins or very strong genes!😊
njb7nyc : Wow! Gorgeous ladies, good genes must run in the family😍.Love the dimples😩😩😩😍.Happy Siblings day! It's a blessing to have each other🙏. Much love, many blessings❤️❤️❤️
nique131 : Beautiful!
yahollywoodfitnessgotogurl : Ong. The blood test came through Positive! ! We are sisters. LOL. I will be honoring yu ALL day lil muffin. U are the greatest gift momma shared w/me. Can't imagine being here without U & now Chandler.
tracietwhite : Two BEAUTIES ‼️
clegon41 : Beautiful picture. I love both of you.
505main : Beautiful ladies. Your daughter looks just like your sis
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beautejadore - Nikki @ Beaute' J'adore
#tbt 37 weeks ago #7months pregnant. I can't believe I'm admitting I miss being pregnant. 😬
7months - tbt -
njb7nyc : It's amazing the miracle of life and how fast they grow! Enjoy every second! I don't miss the horrible morning(all day)sickness 😩😩😩. But you looked gorgeous pregnant!
currentlyworking : Me tooooo!!! Lol. I thought I was the only one who missed being pregnant. 😬😬😬
livingfortwoplus : Amazing miracle but I don't miss the weight or many other symptoms of pregnancy!!!
beautejadore : @njb7nyc it's funny how you forget about the downside because I dealt with all day sickness til month 8, but I think I just got used to it. But I felt incredibly healthy, had the best hair and skin of my life lol
sheridan025 : Well when you look like that no wonder! Actually I loved being pregnant too! Especially the first time. I even liked the birth, although very painful it was such a miracle
mobitri3ce : Looking forward to moments like this. Still got till summer to pop the little being that tickles without asking for permission😆😅. God is good.
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