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Currently in Amsterdam | Fashion label, @Klarra | Singapore | tan.beatrice(at)gmail(dot)com |
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Finally tried the Dutch raw herring & enjoyed it very much that we bought a second serving! Read that this is famous for being a remedy for hangovers too.
prettyinpython : Looks...interesting but I would try it :)
falchion : What is indeed interesting. Hope to be able to try it someday too.
yeapcher : @gnyingwei heehee
kelly0688 : I didn't ask the guy to chop it into pieces as I wanted to try the traditional way of eating but the fish is so damn huge!
cleosy : Can u imagine how close to hell this will be for you @paradoxc, but it'll be my absolute heaven! 😍
tryhittingme : Haha! Are you having a hangover there @beatricesays
w_mwl : Does it taste like salmon?
beanloveme : No fishy smell or taste ?
tancheryl - iuhaijx - adelpig - rachelyeooooo -
beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Got to know @yaeeunhan during a beauty press trip in Korea previously & didn't expect that we'd really catch up here in Amsterdam when we briefly talked about it back then. She used to handle the same brand as @losingmymindfromjoy Elaine & ladyboss @doreen3288 & thank you Elaine/Doreen for recently sending over some essential products all the way from SG for the cold weather here (brrrr!). Brought along the handcream with me during my travels & that explained why we were posing excitedly with the tube above when we realised I had it with me ☺️ Wish you guys were all here to re-live the dinner night back in Korea! #belif #belifSingapore
belif - belifsingapore -
losingmymindfromjoy : @beatricesays @yaeeunhan awwww so cute you both! 😊 and don't mention it, Bea! miss the nights hanging out in Korea with the rest too! we'll meet when you are back yeah! @yaeeunhan and Grace, do take care! come visit Singapore soon, we'll bring you around! 😝
jeanjody : @beatricesays Babe how're ya doing? Looks like you're having an awesome time *envious* you're in Amsterdam now? @mattylim6 was just there.. He came back this morning. If not could have met up with u!
belif_singapore - lucianeazv - fxfxzhu - myrilee -
beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Catching up with a dear Korean friend, @yaeeunhan (together with her other half, Etienne & @merlilim) in Amsterdam over awesome Spanish food. One of the best meals we had here for sure πŸ’—
uyuteaparty : Looks damn delicious OMG! 😘
bonjour.cristine : Woow...looks yummy hehehe πŸ΄πŸ˜„
losingmymindfromjoy : you guys really met up!! @yaeeunhan hi Grace! hope you have been well! :)
yaeeunhan : @losingmymindfromjoy Hi Elaine! We had a great time here. u should come someday too :) hope everything is fine with you and belif SG.
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Amsterdam frites with cheddar cheese by the canal 🍟 #afternoonsnack
afternoonsnack -
rainbowsnrum : @cloveru @sohirwin hahaha
aninditaps : @afiacitaf mpe udah enek mb mam kentang trs #nggaya
eunicewuu : Does anyone know what camera is she using? It's so good!!
faisallight : wish I was there
camillechiong : Yum!!! 😍😍
jaremmy : @iseeyouuuuu tyis!
wilfff : @jaclynmach omgahhh
parsa_hn : @mrnasiry che axi gerefte :O
stampersingha - darshalloy - eugene_aql - sara_papinz -
beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Just done with the Anne Frank's house tour. Managed to pre-book the tickets (would really encourage you guys to do this if you intend to go) & so glad we went. Humbled by the experience & it was such an emotive visit. Still fascinated by the fact that one of the main individuals passed away just 4 years back & that definitely got us started on her diary.
annefrankhouse - annefrankhuis - annefrank -
hurtingbombz : πŸ‘
elizahay : I rmb reading Anne Frank's Diary during our sec sch days 😊
beth__norton : You look amazing!
edo_photo : @beatricesays super gorgeous.
lady_brooklynn : I love that museum too! Its a must to visit in Amsterdam
shermissingray : @shermansan
jaremmy : @iseeyouuuuu anne frank!
maicharoenkul : πŸ’•Nice!
xinying828 - mabel_bliss - yeoyuping - arulal999 -
beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Googled for brunch places in Amsterdam & decided on pancakes. Coffee was good here & so was the coffee pancake! #yum
yum -
joannachin_ : Sumptuous breakfast :-)
ohhowstrange : Gotta try the Pancake Bakery too! And there's a nice cafe called Winkel (pronounced Vinkel) at the city centre with really yummy apple pie! (:
iotz : @ohhowstrange I second Winkel's apple pie, it's really really delish!
beatricesays : @ohhowstrange @iotz I actually went Winkel last night for their apple pie! Really good πŸ˜‹
ratnataling - carerynn - madelinezhiwei - jazlynn10 -
beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Good morning from #Amsterdam. Last stop before heading back to London πŸ’—
amsterdam -
cinli : @jadethinks
charlene22 : Omg~!!! Love!!
kawaiipeachies : Have fun here 😘 enjoy the food!!
suncakezilin - madelinezhiwei - luckyhuang - teeseesee -
beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Parted ways after our 4-hour lunch & spent the evening strolling around Nyhavn. Keeping the last night simple, catching sunset while indulging in my elderflower+tiramisu ice-cream by the canal. Gonna miss you, Copenhagen β™‘ #mighthaveoverorderedmysweetsafteraheavymeal #lastnightanyway #eatfirstthinklater
lastnightanyway - eatfirstthinklater - mighthaveoverorderedmysweetsafteraheavymeal -
sylvia_teng : Wow u can really eat ice-cream! Yes eat first think later :)
lichipan : Ah yum! that looks like Bliss beatrice :)
convulsi0n : Cph is simply lovely
anggemblong_ : Kind your handphone?
carerynn - angiezhaoapple - pequenapiveta - wankeeeee -
beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Only with lucky friends like @merlilim that we got to dine at the world's best restaurant (by chef @reneredzepinoma) without a 6-month wait. It was such an interesting yet insane experience (my first time tasting beef tartar topped with ants & a gorgeous flower tart) with 20 plates of revolutionized Nordic cuisine and here's the main course - Roasted bone marrow with cabbage & nasturtium flowers!
vegasbill : How was the beef tartar topped with ants?
thaisuuus : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰
ringorara : yummy
kwonhiba : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
comptonassmadi : @nbedgar your kinda food.
paradise._kisssz : Yummiie
roxi_fashunn_life : Looks so different from the everyday foods I see and eat , which makes me wanna eat this😁
therealjuvaughn : @kaylamariedmv
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
G a s p. Here we are.
detectivecony : so excited for you!!! πŸ˜‹
renztan : So exciting!!! Enjoy babe πŸ‘
missdeety : Ooh!
mswenz : Woots! Can't wait to hear about your experiences.
josephineweels : Wow!!!! U lucky gal!!! Enjoyyyy
donyavogue : Love your hair
tryhittingme : Woah!! Hope the food is as good as they say it is!
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