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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
My two-way dress ❤️ Gonna turn the knot in front next time! @klarra
seishouai : Oh it can be worn both ways?!?
quan10shi7 : Happy Chinese New Year, @beatricesays xiaojie! You look very pretty with that red pink dress and those shoes.
hfamous_atim : hermes #WechatZTT595959
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Learning how to do the signature flower pose from little baba nyonya 🌷
xelaine_ : So cute!
spqqqq : 😄🌷🌷
emmetheme : Aww super cute 😍😍
jacelyntay : May I know where can get the little nyonya dress?
seishouai : Lovely dress Bea!
beatricesays : @jacelyntay Hi Jacelyn, my cousin got it overseas in malaysia. Sorry I can't be of much help!
beatricesays : @seishouai Thank you Pris :)) Happy new year to you and your family!
sharonhpy : Hi Beatrice! May I know where you get your shoes from?
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Reunited with my homies once again 🕶
vivaciousvan : @beatricesays Hi Bea! Can I check what size are you wearing for this? TIA! 🙂
beatricesays : @vivaciousvan Hi Vanessa, am wearing size S for this 😊
vivaciousvan : @beatricesays Thanks! ☺️
seishouai : Is this dress still available???
beatricesays : @seishouai Yes we currently still have stocks for this, Pris!
beautiful_strangerxx : Hi Beatrice! I'm a usual ptp 16" with allowance. Which size will you advise me to take? S or M? TIA! 😊😊😊
seishouai : Great! I'll check out the measurements. I think I'm a M size cos I wear UK8-10.
seishouai : Couldn't find this at Robinsons. Wanted to try on... 😩
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
With the very down-to-earth @stefsunyanzi & sister Jeanette at one of my favourite coffee houses. It was an afternoon well-spent & nice meeting you both!
mikodav : My jaw just dropped!
ruonanhuang : wow孙燕姿
advinaaa : 😍
z.sha : 好幸运!
samanthacpm : @cindylimmm !
stefhuangyue : 真是幸运啊
selheng : 😱😲😨😍!!!!!!!!+
js3j : @beatricesays Hihi can i know if the black outfit u r wearing from klarra n is it a top or a dress? N has it been launched? Tks! N happy new year to u!
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Had a great afternoon at @cherylweexh's lovely crib catching up with lovely peeps over a sumptuous home-cooked meal by Aunt Jean. Thank you Cheryl for the invite & Uncle Mervin, Aunt Jean for the kind hospitality!
pattyinnit : 😍😍😍😍
spiffynsy : @beatricesays that's a really nice dress babe 😊 where's it from? Happy Lunar New Year!
beatricesays : @spiffynsy It's from @Klarra, su yin :) Thank you for the wishes and happy lunar to you and your family!
beatricesays : @pattyinnit See you tomorrow patty 😘
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Happy lunar new year to you & your loved ones!
beatricesays : @jaslinyap Happy Chinese New Year Jaslin, may 2016 be a greater year for you! 😊
blissactually : @beatricesays : nice dress but wonder if it will looks big in a UK10 and whether it's too "troublesome" to wear cos it's back. Pls advise.. Thank you and happy new year !!
jaslinyap : You are really looking good and continue to shine Beatrice! :) @beatricesays
beatricesays : @blissactually Hi Michelle! I personally think it will be alright for UK10 and it's not difficult to wear as this fabric is stretchy. But in any case it doesn't fit well, you can return anytime within 10 days after receiving the item & exchange for another size/item!
beatricesays : @jaslinyap Thank you for always being so sweet, Jaslin 🌷 Best wishes to you and your family 💕
blissactually : Thanks @beatricesays !! Ya.. I am aware about your exchange policy. This dress caught my eyes when it first launches but I hesitated because #1, it's not cheap - $89 (if I don't like it, it will be stored as credits), and I have been having some trouble with Klarra's sizing lately. I could usually fit into a size M quite nicely but some of the rompers which I have recently bought were either too fitting or too short. Tried getting an L size but it ended up too big for me. Noted that this dress is a little stretchable and based on your size chart I cools probably fit into a size S even !! And THAT makes me even more "worrying" and hold back on the order ... How about the back? Can we wear a normal bra or have to be a stick on?
beatricesays : @blissactually Hi Michelle, for this dress, a stick on bra would be recommended due to the low cross back. Understand your concern & we'll continue to work closely with our manufacturers to ensure consistency in the sizing - appreciate the honest feedback! Would you like to pop by our showroom to try instead? You can send us an email at and we can arrange a private shopping session for you!
rocketeer89 : @24sparekeys
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
With our local veteran actress @huangbiren at @Klarra's studio x It was nice meeting you, Biren!
hzdxff : #胖子都是潜力股,月瘦20斤让你变女神,#模特都在我家买,店主亲身试药,#从108瘦到90斤,轻松瘦,#不反弹,无副作用,#反馈多多,心动不如行动,#请加微信,✨全球邮寄✨#wechat:wxd021 #胖子都是潜力股,月瘦20斤让你变女神,#模特都在我家买,店主亲身试药,#从108瘦到90斤,轻松瘦,#不反弹,无副作用,#反馈多多,心动不如行动,#请加微信,✨全球邮寄✨#wechat:wxd021
silver.peizhi : Hi @beatricesays where did you get the dress you're wearing from? =)
llaollaosg : Hi Beatrice! You look GORGEOUS in this photo *_* We have left you a personal message in your Instagram inbox and it would be so great if you could check it out - a sweet treat awaits! Thank you and have a great weekend ahead 😊
beatricesays : @silver.peizhi Hi Peizhi, I got it from ctc in BKK, sorry I can't be of much help for this!
beatricesays : @llaollaosg Thank you for the kind words :)
silver.peizhi : Thanks @beatricesays =) you look great in it. A happy chinese new year to you!!
beatricesays : @silver.peizhi Thank you Pei Zhi & happy cny to you too!
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
And finally, tickets booked. It's coming true. First trip and I can't wait. New York, see you in two weeks! ⭐️
geekygorillas : @beatricesays beaaa! I'll be in the states in two weeks too but will be on the other side!
yybbd : #胖子都是潜力股,月瘦20斤让你变女神,#模特都在我家买,店主亲身试药,#从108瘦到90斤,轻松瘦,#不反弹,无副作用,#反馈多多,心动不如行动,#请加微信,✨全球邮寄✨#wechat:wxd021 #胖子都是潜力股,月瘦20斤让你变女神,#模特都在我家买,店主亲身试药,#从108瘦到90斤,轻松瘦,#不反弹,无副作用,#反馈多多,心动不如行动,#请加微信,✨全球邮寄✨#wechat:wxd021
gn021734302003 : Love
jaymeshing : YIPPEE!!!!!
trishie : Woohoo! So excited for youuuuuuu Poobs! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
thatluxuriousfeeling : Oh wish you the most fabulous time sweetie!
seishouai : How exciting!!!! Enjoy yourself...
kellypanjiali : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
Sunday in my comfy V-back dress from @klarra. This dress is back in three classic shades and an improved drop waist cut! #frontrowbyklarra
frontrowbyklarra -
beatricesays : @yvonne_kwx Am in size S :)
beatricesays : @ningggx Hi there, it has just been launched!
twinkletea : @joaniecsl
ningggx : @beatricesays thanks fo th info! Anyway a uk8 can fit size s too right? Cause by gauging the measurements, it seems that I could fit into size s too.
beatricesays : @ningggx Hi there, no problem! Size S fits uk8 too :) Hope this helps 😊
kellypanjiali : 😍😍😍
eatandeatandeat : Is this available at Robinsons?
beatricesays : @eatandeatandeat Hi J, this is available at Robinsons but might not have all sizes/colours available! But we might have more stocks online at :)
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beatricesays - Beatrice T.
nakedgloryvera : So cute!!
quan10shi7 : Ni hao, @beatricesays xiaojie! You look sophisticatedly beautiful with that white dress and those high heels.
denisetaytay : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
circusroyalty : 💥💗💥💗
sheenie_beans : Hi Bea! Sorry to message you here but I just made my first order yesterday (yay!) And there are new arrivals today (omg) i like to get a couple more items and wondering if all can be sent together. Dropped a note on FB but haven't got a reply yet! Can advise babe? 😊
beatricesays : @sheenie_beans Hi Sheena, thanks for the support and glad you like the designs! We didn't receive any messages from Facebook. All enquires are handled via emails and it would be faster if you drop us an email at Hope this helps!
j_amielee : Hi, is this dress still available online?
beatricesays : @j_amielee Hi Jamie, this dress is currently sold out. Thanks for the support and interest!
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