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bartjones - Bart Jones
I came I went I saw, I mean I made the trek to Woodward Camp; and shot the shit out of the DamnAm SELECT Series, that's right Select..on that exclusive tip. If you're bored go check em at skateparkoftampa.com if you want. @C1RCA @woodwardcamp @independenttrucks @santacruzskateboards @boneswheels @bonesbearings @transworldskate @dakineskate @ridechannel @SPoTTampa @streetleague @boardsforbros #Streetleague #SPoTTampa #DamnAm
damnam - spottampa - streetleague -
buzzysullivan : @bartjones how many grill cheeses did you house?
bartjones : @buzzysullivan I think I missed Grilled Cheese Day.. 😒
ashim_pradhan - capodagli02 - gvargs_ - eric9792 -
bartjones - Bart Jones
Haven't peeped it yet cuz I'm still waitin to check it on the 5K IMAX screen but I seen't dat shit 1st hand and its gots to be safe to say the new @pyramidcountry vid RIPPLESCAPE is a real screamer. If yall haven't yet..you gotta peep dat shit on the Thrasher site .. and while yall there check Patrick Driscoll an i's Ripplescape Zine' Link conveniently place in bio for maximum effect. #pyramidcountry #ripplescape
pyramidcountry - ripplescape -
shaqs0n : love ya bart
reedwheels : Shit was awesome!
yeahboardshop : Scared straight speech was fun for everyone
sambellipanni : Blunt to fakie was rad Bart
timmj : Did u plate this photo?
doztown : BART!!!
kevinbrotherbraun : You da best bart
bartjones : @timmj HA
bored_fingers - mhilauliardi - kjadams7 - ahmadabdulstar -
bartjones - Bart Jones
Yeeaaaa it's all about collabzz these days.. @patrickdriscoll and I put together our efforts on @pyramidcountry 's RIPPLESCAPE TOUR this summer, and now the photos are up via thrashermagazine.com for your viewing pleasure. Link in my bio for easy access. Video out tomorrow..should be tight Tite TIGHT TITE!!!!! #pyramidcountry #ripplescape
pyramidcountry - ripplescape -
braydonk : Blunt fakie
notryanmiller : ⬆️ @latenitelink
brianschaefer : @bartjones wildlife! Miss ya pal!
westoncolton : Great bunch of photos @patrickdriscoll @bartjones
thy_fonz : Links.board GOES
jojamhorner : Very tight! Miss ya bub!
latenitelink : craving a couple dogs "barts way"
rollin.thunder : Great skating and editing job on that video! πŸ‘πŸΌβš‘οΈ
miguellema_skt - gateway_skateboard_co - isaac1898 - mayorbeezdesign -
bartjones - Bart Jones
Is it a throwback Thursday or a flashback Friday? idk.. I'm kinda rebel like dat. Regardless a big silent shout out to our boy Recognize pictured upfront, very good with the pep talks I must say while out on the skate. And after?? took us to his family bbq with any kinda food under the sun!! They had Ox Tail!! do you know how hard that shit is to get!? #Ripplescape #Pyramidcountry
pyramidcountry - ripplescape -
anthony_schultz : Bart! U da man!
rickyflipsk8 : Yeah Bart!
jeremycorea : This is cool!
david_ryan_engerer : Such an awesome way to end the day!
jtrhoades : Ur a legend bart
bartjones : @anthony_schultz @jtrhoades dammitt I think I just missed you guys in NY by a hair..!
tobes13 - capodagli02 - ahmadabdulstar - azza_cooper -
bartjones - Bart Jones
Put some serious sweatergy (not as much as Blake) into shootin' Damn Am Comp these passt weekend soo you should go check the photoes out at skateparkoftampa.com ..I mean course you don't have to, but it be cool of you!..better yet if u were in the comp and you want a super sweet new Pheed profile photo; I probably won't get around to invoicing you and/or taking you to court for copyright infringement. @blakeular @santacruzskateboards @VolcomSkate @c1rca @SPoTTampa #SPoTTampa #DamnAm
damnam - spottampa -
mannyroots : Hahah the cur caption is the shit ✌
jeffrey_robins : Killed it Bart!
jjhamiltonsk8 : Fosho
jjhamiltonsk8 : I guess not bec I don't see it on the website
fucktreshan : Luv u bert
peyton__dyer : Saw that dude at plasencia straight murdering
walliecollective : supa supa chill @mattklass @zestygrandpak
toucanluke : Bro just coolin it @mrhearn_
hamlettjason821 - theresaevasusin - kitty_roses_ - crissmuaythay -
bartjones - Bart Jones
HAPPY BIRTHDAY To This Ole' Clown.. @cpoquette83 #ManateeCrew #GoodOleBoys #Pistols
goodoleboys - pistols - manateecrew -
latenitelink : my bday is 3/26 (f.y.i. just so you know)
hazylogic : #gridlock
ashlynel_xx : πŸ™ˆ @_fxk_off_
e.karl - keenhunk187 - magnusehpetersen - pootiefranks -
bartjones - Bart Jones
@top.raw.man gets all hwippy skwippy while an unplanned synchronization occurs with @david_ryan_engerer top rope..sizing up some moves. In addition..I mean c'mon! A @ryan_lay Nollie is always a real treat .. #wrinkledtaint #pyramidcountry #ripplescape
pyramidcountry - wrinkledtaint - ripplescape -
theresaevasusin : Follback:)
ryker_eropkin - the_skatenerd - ahmadabdulstar -
bartjones - Bart Jones
#RoofAccess #RippleScape @PyramidCountry
roofaccess - ripplescape -
doztown : #jeshedmodels
tiltedgreenhouse : β€πŸ’˜
tobes13 - capodagli02 - elisarizza5 - memo_hotmexicanmofo -
bartjones - Bart Jones
A day late a dollar short.. Another happily belated B-day to #MarisaDalSanto !! randomly enough same age, birthday, and town as @bandana_b .. Pretty sure Marisa don't fuck wit the social media kin so you homies up der' in the rockies say I sed soo.. #partyfrog
geez - sensitive - partyfrog - thismeanswar - marisadalsanto - seeyain18hours - idontjokearound -
pat_burke_ : Or wait yes barrto! All hail the partyfrog
pat_burke_ : @johnnythrash_86
johnnythrash_86 : Miss ya kid, stay up ruler. @pat_burke_
bartjones : @rollingreensdelivery 1. Not true 2. Nice try at the feeble diss 3. Might wanna stick to posting Cannabinoids Percentages instead of callin' me out on the work flow of my Insta.. #IdontJokeAround #Geez #Sensitive #ThisMeansWar #SeeyaIn18Hours
cjonpirovano : Wow Bart
artistic__abilities : @shredhead_21
shredhead_21 : @artistic__abilities dope that bridge Is in Houston
artistic__abilities : @shredhead_21 seriously?
diogo777_ - skatensatan - mink__mediaarts - ahmadabdulstar -
bartjones - Bart Jones
Yeeeeeaaahhh, i'ma day late, but whatevers.. A big Happy Birthday shout to this crazy passionate fool @bandana_b Here he is praising the skate Gawds before puttin down one the most hectic tail-drops ever, as seen in LE Vid theatrics. #LE #Hectic #GetThereB #Sinner #SneakaToke #BandanaB #GIGoe #Bam #TheGodsMustBeCrazy #ARF
gigoe - le - hectic - thegodsmustbecrazy - getthereb - arf - sneakatoke - bam - bandanab - sinner -
ramsies : #SerratedGnarliness
bandana_b : Love you, B!!πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
tobes13 - isaac1898 - the_skatenerd - memo_hotmexicanmofo -
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