Clothing Line by @cassells
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aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
So who else is rocking @aviselafinofficial today??
ali_datoo : Theyre so sick
_juliaberg_ : I need to get some!! ❀
blackomania : Meeee :)
7ever : Have you sponsored anybody? Sponsor me haha
drabekconnor : I cant buy anything cuz @aviselafinofficial doesnt sell in $ only £ @cassells update that please!
manu_ver : This is fucking epic @cassells
thestrangeandunusual_ : I want one but I live in the US :(
themikecorcoran : Do you only ship in the UK?
ashley.fiengo - _black_stabbath_ - __samanthadawnn__ - renincarnate_mc -
aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
Please pick some stuff up on the run up to Christmas aviselafin.co/shop/ we have discounts on multiple shirt orders and free signed posters with every order! Cheers guys
jaatala : You're perfect James.. And I love your shirts!
ashleymotionless : There's only 3 items left, and I live in the US, I don't have £, only $ so..how would be able to buy a shirt? :/
aviselafinofficial : @alienautopsy don't worry we ship to the US and you can use an American card just fine
ashleymotionless : @aviselafinofficial Alright thanks! Oh, and when will the other items be back in stock?
askinghellhur : @aviselafinofficial ; I like the way your guy shirts necklines are better than the female ones, if I pick the smallest size will it fit okay? & you're perfect!
jameshauke : Just got my shirt and put up a picture! I love it, thanks @aviselafinofficial
tomburt_ : @aviselafinofficial looking beast brother!
pennycherrington : Do you ship to australia and new zealand!?! Good god its gotta be a yes
_black_stabbath_ - dominca15 - motionless.in.ricky - jesternim -
aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
Every order from now till Christmas gets a cheeky signed poster! aviselafin.co/shop/ get them before they run out!!
linderpp : You're so beautiful! <3
tessarichelle13 : Waaant. πŸ˜›
m.c._lean : Swag
themattduggan : Damn.. I just got my shirt last week.
jaatala : Omg I'm ordering as soon as I'll get back home!!
anaihitas : Why would you do this right after i ordered :(
jaatala : I just got mine and with two awesome shirts as well, cheers!
askinghellhur : @aviselafinofficial, can you still order?
xmukskex - suicidalangelzzz - ladylsnow - maaateen -
aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
Order a shirt before its too late to get a personalized signed label from me aviselafin.co/shop/ I fly out on Nov 6th so before then you're all good :)
jaatala : There is my shirt ☺
j0ncrew : I alredy order mine, I hopped I can get it soon..
georginabethh : @aviselafinofficial ordering mine tonight 😘
nanashirose : Hey! @aviselafinofficial, when are you getting up more stuff in the store? Or at this point stuff in general???
purplenuttydinosaur - jennyguerrer0 - liss_villar7 - lauren_grace2001 -
aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
We ship worldwide guys! aviselafin.co/shop/
muhaiminzakwan : @aviselafinofficial what about Malaysia? Ship here too?
thefaridlazaro : @cassells do you ship to colombia???
hannadolfo : @aviselafinofficial @cassells do you ship here in philippines? I want one..
ellenbisting : Sweeeeeedeeeen!!! πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›
zarwina : Wiihooo it's one to Sweden!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€β€β€β€βœŒπŸŽΆπŸŽΆ
tiffany_c51 : @aviselafinofficial WOOOHHH Australia !! ❀❀
sara_elizabeth0323 : Everyone asking if he ships to your place... what part of "WE SHIP WORLDWIDE" do you not get? Lmao
whosfranco : @sara_elizabeth0323 lmfaoo !
paigemariewhittington - liss_villar7 - jennyguerrer0 - lauren_grace2001 -
aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
Awesome shot thanks to @badjohnpaul
aj__44 : Dude u have some cool ink ! I live it
tai_pirangi : I love your tats cunt
the_notorious_smurf : Wait. No plugs? Are you letting your gauges close up?!?!
the_notorious_smurf : And yes @cassells you've got some bad ass tatts
mimzymassacre : Nomnomnom !
lyzkhalifa : @aviselafinofficial wtf I didn't even know you had a clothing line this is amazing!! Hell ya keep up the good work!
josh_kitchy : Do you have any singlets? @aviselafinofficial
karpova45 - gustavoinreverse - fesyko - ladylsnow -
aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
Get the unicorn shirt while stock lasts! http://aviselafin.co/shop/womans-t-shirts/womens-unicorn-t---shirt.html
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aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
Taking the time to do your own photoshoot in #aviselafin that's sick!! Thanks
aviselafin -
ihearttattoedladies : Just ordered that shirt!
jennyguerrer0 - liss_villar7 - natwors - lauren_grace2001 -
aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
Cheeky swan shirt in the most recent rocksound, pick it up at aviselafin.co/shop/
mimzymassacre : I likey<3
bradleynorris6 : Got it up in front of my drums you're my inspiration !
thefaridlazaro : I havee that shirtt!!
thefaridlazaro : @cassells
sara_elizabeth0323 : every time i see a recent pic of you, you have your plugs out.. better not be letting them close up damn it! @cassells
042917293fran - jennyguerrer0 - natwors - fesyko -
aviselafinofficial - aviselafinofficial
One of my best friends Joe rocking a tattoo shirt in his bands most recent promo shots! Check them out @WOLB on twitter
xasking_tatianax : That's awesome!
joelankywolb : Cheers buddy! See you for drinks when your back
blosmorea : Their is a guy wearing an Of Mice & Men shirt
togather2090 - jennyguerrer0 - liss_villar7 - lauren_grace2001 -
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