Rachel Hobson

Space geek, writer/editor/social media gal, fiber artist, Lego nerd, modern quilter, mom.
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
#YayBob #BobSchneider
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Today, I got to help sew binding on the astronomical quilt that astronaut Karen Nyberg started while on the Space Station, and more than 2,000 people around the world contributed blocks to. Aside from being a much-needed crafting opportunity, I met to a of wonderful people who have done amazing things at NASA, like working on Hubble missions, suiting up astronauts, and working with the imagery taken by astronauts every day. Sitting in a group, working on a quilt is amazing, and then you add space (and sci-fi - met some awesome geeks, too!) to it, and you pretty much have my idea of Nirvana. What an incredible opportunity. Thanks for the heads up, Cindy! If you are going to Houston. quilt Festival, you'll get to see the 10 panels of star quilt blocks on display! #quilting#starquilt #astronomicalquilt #HoustonQuiltFestival
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saroy : So bummed that I missed this!
procrasticraft : That is an amazing experience to be part of!!!
averagejanecrafter : @saroy they are working on it again tomorrow. Send me a text & I'll give you the details! You need to do it! 😊
broylesa : So glad to know about this!
craftypod : That is awesome!
saroy : @averagejanecrafter Oh I know -- I saw an email about it at work but we're out of town this weekend. Bummer!
averagejanecrafter : @saroy depending on what time you get back tomorrow, they may still be working on it! They hadn't planned on working tomorrow, but there's still stuff to be done. Doubt I'll be able to go back over, but it was really fun to pitch in for a bit and meet so many cool and interesting people. 😊
saroy : @averagejanecrafter Won't be back until tomorrow!
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Beach fix!
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Got to see the @tugboatprintshop "Moon" print in person at a friend's house today. It was s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
gingerbreadsnowflakes : Oh it is. It really is.
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
#AdmiralAckbarFAIL We're having some fruit fly issues in the office, so I had to whip up my Fruit Fly Justice mixture. I tried to make a funny sign so it won't get messed with. Ackbar is hard to draw, y'all!
admiralackbarfail -
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Magic E.T. mail from @lishdorset! What a treat to get at the end of a long day. Thanks, dear! 😍 (my big E.T. doll is watching over him. πŸ˜‰)
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Yaaaaaaaaaay! So! Flippin! Excited! Already picked a project for this weekend. ❀️❀️❀️❀️ @loveandasandwich #AdventureTime
adventuretime -
geekamour : Oh. Em. Gee. @overitdesigns
overitdesigns : Oh. My. Lumps. @geekamour πŸ™Š
loveandasandwich : πŸ˜β€οΈβœ¨πŸ‘
tha_guz : Yes please!
averagejanecrafter : @loveandasandwich you killed it. I really, really REALLLLLLLLY love it. Can't wait to make stuff from it! High five!
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Fall football practice = perfect time/place to stitch. #embroidery #handembroidery #sublimestitching
sublimestitching - handembroidery - embroidery -
onetomatotwo : Lovely stitchwork!
jotisha : Love!!!
meg1184 : An oldie but a goodie!
skyegirrl : Ooh, I love that one! Several family members have tea towels or onesies with that design from me!!
averagejanecrafter : @meg1184 @skyegirrl Yep! One of the first patterns I ever stitched. Sometimes it's good to just go back to your roots. 😊
averagejanecrafter : @onetomatotwo @jotisha thanks, y'all! ☺️
poitgb : πŸ‘ @cyreneic
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
New #Lego Mystery Minifigs and a fun afternoon with the kiddos.
lego -
thezenofmaking : Pretty sure the gothy-looking girl in the center front is me in high school.
hsing3kinder : The fall season minifigs are always the best!
citizenrobot : Aw man that wizard is so wizard
averagejanecrafter : @thezenofmaking she even has b&w striped tights! 😍 @hsing3kinder they are! 😊 @citizenrobot he's one of my very favorites! Lots of cool pieces. His cape and hat are rad!
rainmomma : Love the mini Nintendo controller
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Came home to a most awesome package in the mail from @slowfamilyliving. Holy moly!!!! Thank you so much, Bern! #nasa #apollo #moon
nasa - apollo - moon -
slowfamilyliving : Hooray!! It arrived!!!
ghido : πŸ˜πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘
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