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Space geek, writer/editor/social media gal, fiber artist, Lego nerd, modern quilter, mom.
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Oh @tezneg, I hope your daughter still plays with her dollhouse, because I *finally* finished the punch needle rug for y'all! πŸ˜‰ #betterlatethannever #punchneedle #dollhouse #rainbow
betterlatethannever - rainbow - dollhouse - punchneedle -
tezneg : this might be the sweetest and cutest thing i have ever seen in my entire life. love you, @averagejanecrafter . she absolutely still plays with it will explode when she sees this.
melissaaverinos : Gah!
averagejanecrafter : @tezneg yay! I'll get it in the mail this week! 🌈
onetomatotwo : I love this photo, but I *especially* love this exchange! Dollhouse rug! Yes!!
karen_2.0 : Beautiful!
kimdow : gah! pearl wants one, too! 😘
a3girlmama : I had this hooked rug as a kid!!
sree_jaan : Beautiful work... i am new to this.. can i use regular dmc thread for this?
hugsarefun - kmctee - saladmoneysmixedgreens - melissaaverinos -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Bowling with my work pals definitely helped shift my mood from yesterday's sadness. Dancing like dorks and missing most of the pins will do that for ya.
soccerjude - arwenogriffith - surfgal - ftlonesome -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
#tbt - Five years ago today, at #MakerFaire with @lishdorset and #R2D2, and I was heavy handed with Hipstamatic. 😜
makerfaire - tbt - r2d2 -
hugsarefun : Looking back at my old photos is always funny because OMG filters! 😱
raspberrypie - yarnalone - soulsickskulls - jellyjujoo -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Since I've shared so many pictures of her over the last four years, I feel the need to let y'all know that sweet Little Bit passed away this afternoon. She's been sick for six weeks, and nothing we were doing was helping her. She took a turn overnight, and we made the difficult decision to let her go peacefully. Logically, it made sense, but that doesn't mean it didn't break our hearts. We were all with her, and it was a very peaceful and loving process. I was looking right into those big, beautiful green eyes, telling her I love her the whole time. The kids held it together better than I did, and were so sweet. This was a really hard day. I'll miss her sitting on my lap tonight.
rebsrecca : Aww.. 😿
bextini : Oh no. I'm so sorry.
karen_2.0 : Very sorry for the loss of your little one.
downtownquilter_allie : So sorry!! Losing a beloved friend is never easy.
carinacraftblog : I'm so sorry, Rachel. :-(
juliezryan : I'm so sorry. Sending huge hugs. ❀️
jaceynotjc : I'm sorry for the loss you feel. I'm glad she could go peacefully, and that you were all there together. πŸ’™
ftlonesome : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
piecefullife - betz_white - shelligutholm - irelynkiss -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Just about halfway through the 12-hour Commencement work day. Curious what the end numbers will be for today! (Yes, FitBit posts are the worst.)
kate_mckean : Fitbit posts are the BEST! #truefan #fitbitter
mobipics : Consider the iOS squareready app to resize photos prior to posting. Only if that is the reason you shared that Fitbit posts are the worst.
averagejanecrafter : @mobipics Naw, I'm just laughing because I don't want to be a "LOOK HOW FIT I'M GETTIN'!!!" Person. 😜
averagejanecrafter : @kate_mckean hehe - I almost never post my Fitbit stuff, just because it can get annoying. But I do love my FB! 😜
juliedances - redhd - casspena - thecrochetdude -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
She's still not feeling well, but I'm just happy to see her *not* hiding in a weird corner of the house. Hiding in a box out in the open is a step up for her. Still hopeful she can pull out of whatever is ailing her. 😿
cheekyattitude : Poor kitty. So hard that they can't tell us what's wrong. Sending healing thoughts.
smithdrygoods : Sending hugs
gingerbreadsnowflakes : Sending her oceans of love.
onetomatotwo : Sending good healing thoughts your way. ❀️
steelermatt12 - gingerbreadsnowflakes - karen_2.0 - sweetmirti -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Son and I are trying our hand at making balloon stress balls (Ninja Balls tutorial from King of Random on YouTube). Messy, but fun!
erinbmcd : I have the same measuring cup set!
erinbmcd - elizabethcat - wonkyfaints - lorena_in_syd -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Got to spend a little time listening to one of my favorite space pals share his stories from his days on Apollo today. So much fun, and so special. He's the coolest! Thanks, Art and Lisa, for letting me crash your visit! 😊
mrsjesscharlton - wonkyfaints - nbritsky - irelynkiss -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Celebrating @jennyhoward817's graduation from #UHCL. So proud of you, girl! πŸ‘πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸŽ“πŸŽ‰
uhcl -
arwenogriffith - haleyhedderick - knitoasis - jenlillyrose31 -
averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
You tell 'em, Snoopy! #Repost @snoopygrams with @repostapp. ・・・ You can do anything you set your mind to. πŸ’ͺ
repost -
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