Rachel Hobson

Space geek, writer/editor/social media gal, fiber artist, Lego nerd, modern quilter, mom.
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
My husband built an amp - from start to finish, wiring - EVERYTHING - and tested it for the first time today. It sounds awesome! Now just to get it into the cabinet he built. 😍😍😎😎 You can see some of his progress shots at @chobson97. He's been working on it for ages! So exciting. πŸ˜€
betz_white : Oh now I see lots of tubes!
averagejanecrafter : @betz_white yep! And he wired/soldered every single thing. You should check out the progress pics. I'm in awe of the work he's done. It's crazy!
swizzknitz : @thebusbox
tha_guz : That's super legit!
raspberrypie : You must be so proud!
averagejanecrafter : @tha_guz πŸ‘
averagejanecrafter : @raspberrypie super proud and impressed! 😊
raspberrypie : @averagejanecrafter as you should be! 😊
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Getting the boy set up to make some Lego stop-motion movies this afternoon.
danamadeit : Yay! I need to show this to Owen 😍
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
My #tbt is in honor of the #HubbleSpaceTelescope's 25th birthday. This is the #Hubble cross-stitch I did five years ago. It's based on a great quote from astronaut John Grunsfeld, who talked about how he had to get to a zen place while working on the last Hubble repair mission. I go back to this quote often when I'm feeling overwhelmed. You can read the full story behind it on my blog: http://averagejanecrafter.blogspot.com/2010/06/john-grunsfeld-inspired-hubble-cross.html (IG folks, link will be in my profile for a couple of days 😊) #sts125
hubble - sts125 - tbt - hubblespacetelescope -
catiemonster : There is an amazing IMAX movie about the Hubble with footage from that mission. I think about it a lot.
cvsmartt : @averagejanecrafter both
averagejanecrafter : @cvsmartt wait - seriously? They showed my cross-stitch at a lecture for the James Webb Telescope!? When!? Where!? In what context?
averagejanecrafter : @catiemonster yes! This piece is based on a quote from that film. It's such an amazing documentary, isn't it? ❀️❀️❀️
catiemonster : @averagejanecrafter Its incredible. My only complaint is that if you buy the DVD (which I obviously did) the part where they show news clips isn't scaled up so outside of IMAX it's teeeeeeeny tiny. Also: we should do a space thing together sometime.
cvsmartt : @averagejanecrafter the science gallery, there was a slide of your piece and it was during SXSW about the Hubble and how the James Webb is the replacement for the Hubble.
averagejanecrafter : @cvsmartt holy moly! Do you know who put the slide show together? I had no idea about it!
averagejanecrafter : @catiemonster that's good to know! I've been meaning to buy it! Yes! Space projects! πŸš€ 😊
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
My sweet friend, @brianna_land makes the most gorgeous wood art (one of her pieces will be in the DIY Network Blog House!). You have a chance to win this awesome arrow piece in her #giveaway! Check it out, and look at her other stuff. She posts great in-progress shots, and is making amazing things! REPOST:
READY, SET, LAUNCH! The new AIMM Collection is now live on the @etsy shop! And it's time to celebrate with a #giveaway of this #arrow piece! Here's the deal. 1. Follow my Instagram feed and like this photo. 2. Re-post this photo and tag me with @brianna_land and #AIMMgiveaway. It's that simple, folks! I'll pick a winner at random this Friday, April 17th. Good luck + XO!
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Awesome space-y care package from @jenniferperkins! Space Shuttle ditto sheets FTW. Thanks so much! 😍
jenniferperkins : As soon as I mailed the package I found a girl astronaut card and I so wanted to send a P.S. Package.
averagejanecrafter : @jenniferperkins β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Also in today's mail: a little Pete Conrad figure I scored off ebay. Hiya, Pete!
spasmunkey : Complete with gap in his smile!
averagejanecrafter : @spasmunkey exactly! That's what pushed me over the top to get him. ☺️ He's one of my faves.
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Probably the Best Mail Day Ever, aside from when I got my flown piece of art back from NASA a couple of years ago. Astronaut Karen Nyberg signed pictures of herself sewing in space (swoon) and sent scraps of fabric that flew in space to the folks who helped sew the binding for the Star quilt last fall (double swoon!). What an incredible gift! Thank you, Karen! My #SpaceGeek #Quilter heart is exploding. 😍
quilter - spacegeek -
craftivista : Swoon, indeed! That's so cool!!
o_corcoran : Wow!!! This is a treasure!
westcoastcrafty : !!!!!!
ninimakes : Wow!!!
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Found this little guy making doodles in the pollen on our mailbox. #SnailMail
snailmail -
avintagepeach : So rad!!!
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Spending the rainy Sunday getting ahead on my #write_on letters. The Gelly Roll pen from @sakuraofamerica is rocking my world.
write_on -
surfgal : I'm hoping to do the same thing tonight!
spicynoodle : Love the metallic and white ones!
averagejanecrafter : @spicynoodle I've never had one before, but I am in *love*. Smart move for them to include pens in the free kits, because I will totally buy more!
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averagejanecrafter - Rachel Hobson
Found a ladybug with a heart on its wing! #nature #ladybugs
ladybugs - finditineverything - nature -
danamadeit : Wow! πŸžπŸ‘
craftivista : Awesome!!
entass : Beautiful
averagejanecrafter : #finditineverything
heartsinmylife : 😍😍😍
moxie_ : @ericathatsme
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