Food, mostly. And some other stuff that happens between meals. Working on my first book, Date Night In (Running Press, early 2015). iPhone only.
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ashrod - ashrod
St. John Bakery doughnuts are up on the blog today. #vsco #fridaydonutday #notwithoutsalt
fridaydonutday - vsco - notwithoutsalt -
cg_1127 : @skj0484 😍
gatheredtable_ : ❤️❤️❤️
werepresentthelollipopguild : @yayischillin
basilandpoppyseeds : Yes!! I got to taste one when you brought them into the Pantry last Friday and I have been craving them ever since. Excited to try out the recipe :) September is the right time for jam filled doughnuts.
yayischillin : @werepresentthelollipopguild oh my god. please dont do this to me right now!!!!
kipwinchester : perfect 👍
graceandcolt : Those look INCREDIBLE!
equinebylauren : @ejockel Oh man!
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ashrod - ashrod
Super stoked for my friends @stellerstories for being featured on the new iPhone 6 in Apple stores everywhere. They are sharing my recipe for this chopped salad on the demo. I'm thinking I need to make a fall version of this Rodriguez family staple. #steller
steller -
g_one_p - 1neno7 - nicheco - lhs5119 -
ashrod - ashrod
Bourbon Tonics on the blog! 🎉👍 #notwithoutsalt
notwithoutsalt -
jennyvorwaller : 💆💥
jenniferjeffrey : I need this in my life.
withlovekacie : Gimme all the bourbon.
ashleygartland : @jakegartland for fall?
johnkeatley : @ashrod I recognize those cherries!!! So good.
youngsun328 : 술?
kiafardaily : 👍☺️
denise_woodward : @ashrod Me too! Drive was good - made it home before the big fires hit N. Cal, thankfully! Love the drive through Washington and Oregon!
valeria_kechrinioti - michellealwaystaken - constellationinspiration - alesierraladron -
ashrod - ashrod
#meganandsamgethitched ❤️❤️❤️
meganandsamgethitched -
passportsandpancakes : So amazing!
raincitymama : Beautiful
betathompson : @seattlesusie pretty outdoor wedding set up!
alena33333 : Beautiful❤️
seattlesusie : @betathompson this is beautiful!
libbiesummers : @audiebird hobnail milk glass vase
alexoverhiser : Gorgeous!
jjsims88 : Pretty
whitneypannell - osenti - wendylirong - _emma_m -
ashrod - ashrod
northwestisbest -
nicole_peach : Beautiful
lacelilacblog : 💙
withlovekacie : Duh.
sarahlizsimon : #pnwisbest
jennyvorwaller : 👌
jade_melissa - austejast - anoude - _emma_m -
ashrod - ashrod
Such a great weekend with this dude celebrating @meganjgordon and @samtschick. We love you guys and feel so honored to have been a part of all the amazing festivities. #loverocks
loverocks -
ashrod : @teaktysmama 😘
hudolljer : Beauty!! Love you two!!
withlovekacie : Cutest!
themintgardener : <3
gaber008 : #babealert
stanflan : Nice shirt @gaber008
gaber008 : You know it @stanflan
rachellburke : This is so good! @ashrod
seanbox - meetbrownie - nora_safizadeh - gaber008 -
ashrod - ashrod
Picnicking while kayaking. #howtolunch
howtolunch -
tavinho_fonseca : Yummy!!!!🔝👏👏
blueberrybasil : Makes me miss home!
minleeirv : ya girlie!
crnogorkaonline : 😍
eyeonah : @kaleoal0ha
teaktysmama : Ohhhh! Let's pledge to do this together soon, with a bottle of Viognier in tow. @ashrod
2cookinmamas : Looks like the perfect on-the-water snack! Beautiful place and beautiful photo!
dinahschulberg : @ellieclax this gives me life
felicemarie28 - jmdagro - heidzj1b100 - amiloviesss -
ashrod - ashrod
I learned a lot this week. Mostly that starting a new business is exhilarating, exhausting and hard. There are so many little details to get right. So many things that seem so clear and simple and then turn into something complex. Such a good reminder of how imperfect I am and how much I have to learn. Two big things I'm taking away this week; surround yourself with people who are good at the things you are not good at and grace, lots and lots of grace. So I'm taking a step back, eating a lot of mussels and drinking a good bit of beer. It doesn't make it all better nor does it solve the problems but I'm learning and growing and giving myself this grace. The problems will be solved and I'll move on. For now this, a wedding and a weekend away with my forever date, @gaber008. Thanks again for all the support this week. You're the best. #nwscookiemix
nwscookiemix -
withstylegrace : So excited for you!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of those cookies!
jennyvorwaller : 💯💥
thelittleloafblog : Let me know when it's available in the UK 😄🍪
eyeonah : @kaleoal0ha
magicoocoo : 我怎么感觉这是我们大东港的美食啊
angbrown816 : Agreed! I own a food biz too-so rewarding and such a roller coaster! Feel free to check out my site-I write about just this sort of thing :) best of luck-can't wait to try those cookies!!
mahmuodalbayouk : @naelabdeen
withlovekacie : Love to you. Remember you also had a busy week on top of it all. Everything will fall into place. I have no doubt. You impress me. ❤️
shih0914 - 1galzutova00 - kookoorello - amiloviesss -
ashrod - ashrod
St. John Bakery donuts recreated at home. #fridaydonutday
fridaydonutday -
andershusa : Hoh!
trembring : Yum. Those look just like Donut Dolly in Oakland.
dwell3d : So luscious was this picture, that this morning my family and I drove to Bermondsey, in SE London, to their bakery to pick some of these up. We also picked up some butterscotch and jam ones too - didn't last very long! Looks like the real deal!
ashrod : @dwell3d I'm my goodness I love that so much! Also, BUTTERSCOTCH?!! I need those.
dwell3d : Yes, BUTTERSCOTCH - and they taste just as good as they sound! Very much so a treat though, as they cost £2 a pop (just over $3) for one 😱! I must must buy the book! Thanks for our Saturday morning inspiration!
thelittleloafblog : So you have Justin Gellatly's new book? It's sooo good!
laura_depauw : @annemariedepauw
ashrod : @thelittleloafblog I don't! But I think I need it now.
pyramidsofluna - anoude - paulamartinho68 - daisyy8 -
ashrod - ashrod
Such a fun, satisfying and exhausting day. Shipped and sold out of all our cookie mixes (don't worry, you can still place an order and we'll ship out next Wednesday)!! Then I came home to this incredible book by Renee Erickson. I've been waiting for this beauty for awhile. Her food is magic and this book matches that. @princejeffry @jessthomson @sasquatchbooks
cannellevanille : I just got my copy too ❤️❤️❤️
lemonbirdjams : @jkachristensen
sally_hg : The boys have been talking about the cookies you shared with them today all day. I think making the mix with Andrew (he's not quite 4) will be a great way to bake together while still keeping my sanity!
kimberlytaylorimages : So proud if you lovely- congratulations on your newest venture!
bay2 : @growinglunch
ashrod : @sally_hg I love that!!
localhaven : Oh yes! Mine arrived today and I am in love, beautifully done.
krankenstein : @kjphotos1022 your favorite!
sarahlizsimon - camalibu - lisdavis - violetgrey0896 -
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