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Make sure you explain to the children what they're watching...
ms_toya_b : Lol @iamdsquared I did! Every Saturday
sarteaga0408 : @milliondollamike_ email me as well
ml__80s : Agreed and already on this one. Good post
luvcjt : I noticed it on the splash mountain ride. Shit is so blatant when u can SEE
maryjt524 : Wow!!!
m_msmom : @_vitamin__e πŸ˜•
cmore504 : Bugs Bunny has a few scenes like that too, & Tom & Jerry's Aunt Jermima...Great post as always tho... #Educational
this_is_me_b : @joeolang @somecallmeivy !!!
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These are the pictures guys take on vacation to show their friends how "Crackin'" they had it.
j0nny5iv3 : @mandim0ney Kim's old face
afro_mick : Dang. He really did know them back in the day. She's @ least 6 operations in now
hazelandava : That's how a real are Armenian looks
niseyne : Better mua
shaberry14 : Imagine how pretty she would look If she let herself age naturally.
luvcjt : She looks so much different
jacquebeee : She looks better now, but what a reminder..
renewed_in_2014 : Wouldn't get far...
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I guess your Cornflakes tried to help you out with your office costume contest.
justbeyou14 : πŸ˜’
dj_mentplus : Smfh .. Kellogg's clearly out of pocket
nycfinest197 : Lmaooo
chronicsativa : ^ All these companies that survived through those times, ALL used marketing ads like this.
detroit_diesel220 : They was out cold for that $#!T
dbell718 : @gorillabrown84 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mother fuckers was crazy wit it back in the day
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The duality of Black & Corporate America.
saleh.cornejo : 😍
toryterrell : Wow
justbeyou14 : @artemusgordon I tried to give a s/o but didn't know what pic to use lol
charlesnoodles : @amorinfinitomad ?
hazelandava : Luv it
monaleesasmile : #doubleconsciousness
asshbashh : @hanbancancan that's powerful I love it so true
loudep1 : Did u see the documentary where they found his ancestors
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#AGonIGSoapbox: You can't get an understanding of James Brown unless you understand the revolving door of women in his life on and off stage. James had some of the ALL TIME great female vocalists under him: Marva Whitney, Lyn Collins, Martha High, Vicki Anderson, Tommie Montgomery p.k.a. Tammi Terrell etc. etc.. Out of the bunch the only two to break free were Vicki Anderson because she was Bobby Byrd's wife and Tammi and that's because Tammi WANTED THE FADE. James was abusive and it worked on the other girls but Tammi would come right back to exact her oen revenge. So when the tour stopped in Detroit, Mr. Brown took Tammi and her contract to Berry Gordy and was like, "Here you go!" aka "This Bish crazy!!" As for the other women, James kept them in line through fear, intimidation, and violence. The had to be ready to be with him at all times and all ways. He used them for their talents and appearance as to make people think he was with them and in reality they were his girlfriends in every sense of the word despite him being VERY married but really he always had a room stocked with his favorite pastime: White Women, and this was a HUGE, HUGE "NO, NO" at the time. His female singers were sort like the "First Side Chick Club". He had the girls sing in a much high register so they matched his sound aka didn't outshine or out sing him. They were all monitored by James' right hand, Gertrude Sanders, who would IMMEDIATELY snitch on them for stepping out of line in any fashion. Each woman at sometime in their relationship with James had to threaten Gertrude within an inch of her life because her snitching caused them to get beat. If one acted up he kicked them off tour and brought the other in. All this confusion and chaos was Mr. Brown's sanity.
agonigsoapbox -
artemusgordon : NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @kijafa_kiki_morgan
kijafa_kiki_morgan : Oh Sorry :-(
allimust : Wow @artemusgordon ..learn something new every day
champcreed : AG is Smokey Robinson on the Low !!!
gorillabrown84 : @dbell718 @jayrock_obama
jayrock_obama : I'm telling you James Brown story is really one of the realist moments in history... @gorillabrown84 he started from the bottom and made it to the moon...
gorillabrown84 : Facts. I fell asleep on it last night gonna finish jt today. @jayrock_obama
indigeaux_rebel : @artemusgordon #followbackplz you drop knowledge foreal.
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#AGonIGSoapbox: I needed to gather my thoughts on the HBO documentary, "Mr, Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown" because like its subject, the documentary was very, very layered and MUCH better than that After-School Special, "Get On Up". You can't sum up James Brown and all his parts in 2 hrs.. It is BEYOND impossible. So I am going to try to breakdown what it didn't. As you can surmise from the show, James was hard in everyone. That's how he grew up. He had a "Pimp" mentality because that's how and where he was raised. As a result of not growing up with his parent's and witnessing the correct way to raise a child, James attempted to be the best father he could when he became one but he only knew his way. His first born, Teddy, felt that burden of being The Godfather's son and in a way, it may have taken his life. James always "browbeat" Teddy to the point where the people around felt sorry for the boy. Teddy was a different person around his father: sullen and reserved as opposed to when his father was nowhere around: gregarious and the life of the party. When he died in a car accident in 1973, he actually was running away to Canada from his father's iron grip on his life as to be his own man because he could not take all of the marching orders anymore. From this tragedy, a piece of Mr. Brown's spirit died and never to return. It made Mr. Brown more insular and was the spark for problems to come.
agonigsoapbox -
thelonius_mark : I'll agree here. I still haven't seen the James brown movie, which looks half assed. I accidentally came across the documentary on hbo. As a musician, I learned so much in the 15 minutes that I could watch. James was the ultimate trend setter. Funk came from him. People like me will make sure his musical spirit never dies.
wtommy1 : @bunmi365
mr_unkonventional : @mrs_unkonventional @elite_eboness @kreese8526 @rebel_n_bklyn @kingosiris33 @pete_s_king @stizzo47 @mobiedangles #GoodRead.
mobiedangles : I'm going to see if I can pull this documentary up on the net @mr_unkonventional
khrysteee : Damn! If only there was more of this kind of insight, rebellion and push from the bigger names of now... Aside from his personal troubles he actually stood for something valuable.
the7thmermaid : Alan Leeds and Eric Leeds (Prince's sax player) are brothers.
theekristinadivine : Good read !
squaredacee : @weinhere313
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves!! NO CHILL AT ALL!!!!!!πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
shunvirgo : @geenice dead
sneakerologist82 : @shunvirgo the " if he yo nigga send me a selfie" tour
sneakerologist82 : @geenice
laraexo : @daneshanicole85 I can't deal!!!
monaleesasmile : @cocome09 😩😩😩😩
kelisreign : @goldengyrl35 @carleneyvonne @taylorjanelle_ lmfaooo
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tayshamourae : πŸ˜΄πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄πŸ˜‚ lmfaoooo @taylorjanelle_
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{Rick James voice}"The Milk has gone bad!" πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ONCE AGAIN Y'ALL HAVE NO CHILL!!!!!!!!
nicolessa : @qu33n_kelya850
luvcjt : She looks tired
chillib4chilli : Ha! Word @spiceman80
giggles212 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ktinacw : @qussayn
akanundrum : 😩😩😩😩
yazzy_phae : @mizzredhot24
tiktok_imma_clock : All the way turnt
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Plus all the other F'd up stuff he's had to do in the name of "Continuity".
gorillabrown84 : @dbell718 @jayrock_obama
droptoplex1 : @e.lo_ @ty195526
bosola_o : And all our presidents be looking like they are having fun. 😒
kjm_2 : #Facts Also the look when you know you ain't controlling anything and you have those strings attached @artemusgordon
innerflydom : Exxxxactly why he looks like that @imnotabouncer @im_something_different .
kijafa_kiki_morgan : What Happened 2 The Group The Pharcyde
artemusgordon : Go back in My posts and look for their photo and the explanation is there. @kijafa_kiki_morgan
kelisreign : @10eighty @goldengyrl35 @garvin_sr shit stressful bruh
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TONIGHT. And just like the last After School Special/movie, Mick Jagger is brought in on the production side in order to secure music rights and as to have a "Big Name" attached to the project. NOTHING ELSE. He's "borrowed" enough from Mr. Brown.
boibeez : Gotta check it out @petey_cuervo
jaredsal : @artemusgordon im watching the special right now.. do you think the bolling stones respected james? There's this old story about james opening up for the beatles ( I believe in england not sure) and he rocked the stadium so hard the beatles didn't want to follow.. idk if something similar happened with the rolling stones..but it seems the english bands had a lot of respect for the glorified black performers of yesteryear. .ive read where older black acts in america were asked to open for leading acts in England ( beatles, rolling stones) and had a successful 2nd that accurate or more so exaggerated hindsight?
artemusgordon : Yes they respected him and the concert you speak of where James KILLED the Rolling Stones was here in Santa Monica, California. It was for the T.A.M.I Show. They all respected Black performers coming up because that's who they mimicked. Go back in My posts. @jaredsal
jaredsal : @artemusgordon how did u like the doc? Did u think it was done well? Objective? Important? I appreciate how it focused on mr browns influence on the civil rights he was a strong outspoken man for that generation. .look at him speak out in that!!! Ive gained much more appreciation for mr. James brown..damn!!
tony_ohh : What u think about the doc, OG....accurate or nah...I liked how they included the band, etc...who admitted J.B. was an asshole. Yet still was Black and Proud. πŸ˜‚πŸ’― @artemusgordon
petey_cuervo : I was not impressed.... No Joe Tex mention? No mention of the competition and jealousy
luvcjt : 😩
acekwondachef : I'm watching it now & I'm loving the breakdown of the music & everything was so messy but structured...I've always been a fan of Brown now I'm super into everything
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