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Ask yourself, "Has Society Progressed?"
kai_vs_the_world : Please tell me you being sarcastic @cdotfreshhh
cdotfreshhh : I'm definitely not @kai_vs_the_world
kai_vs_the_world : Sorry to hear that man. @cdotfreshhh
cdotfreshhh : Sorry you don't feel that way man @kai_vs_the_world
shaberry14 : I lived in Staten island all ny life and I am not surprised one bit. The cops on that island are a bunch of bored one track minded punks. All of this over some damn cigarettes! The sad part is nothinf won't change
shaberry14 : *nothing will change
rwt365 : Why not comply?
illuminatus721 : Society has but as a community have there been progression
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You will NOT witness ANYTHING greater than these two. HBD Barry and We WILL see you in that Hall eventually DESPITE MLB and the Hall changing the eligibility rules on you!
espyfilms : And dude @ Bonds age 38 season he came into spring training with a BIGGER hat and spike size. C'mon man. It's obvious.
artemusgordon : Griffey was guilty too. He got off before the season started. Please do your research before you present it to Me. @espyfilms
h0rak : Mike Piazza never touched the stuff @artemusgordon @espyfilms
jimmyslaughter419 : Since when did kush make u jump higher/shoot better /play better d? It dont matter if roids wasn't illegal at the time. It give u an advantage against people who wasn't on them so therefore its cheating. Theres alot people who was juicing but theres a percentage that wasn't either. Bonds wouldn't have the stats he has if he wasnt juicing
artemusgordon : Jimmy, roids don't either! You already have to have to talent to do those things or EVERYONE would have been hitting 73 homers or throwing no-hitters! Bonds still would've been the G.O.A.T period. His stats were already FIRST BALLOT HOF before any hint of juice! @jimmyslaughter419
artemusgordon : Are YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!?????? That's why he's persona non grata now!!!!!! Do your research be fore you present stuff to Me! @h0rak
winefoodbowties : @artemusgordon Tell them, you still have to see the ball, and actually hit it. Steroids don't make you see the pitches better.
cocofreshloso : Jordan eyes always fire truck red he ain't know about visine
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I took a Good Morning selfie for y'all.
oohreyna : Lol
kingofthe217 : can look at his fingernails and tell he was doing drugs.
lyricsandmylife : I freakin adore Bobby! Ppl let his addiction over shadow his talent!
franni31 : Lol @otbguy
mtrainmain : He let addiction overShadow his Talent.
alluremavie : Man that was a ftesh ass cut !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
checkmark2015 : #Boston
glacierz : (When he was) My husband
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This is Gail Gadot, the woman Warner Brothers has chosen to play Wonder Woman for their new "Justice League" franchise. She is also an UNREPENTANT supporter of Israel's atrocities against the people who's land it was FIRST, the Palestinians. For anyone to support any sort of an apartheid state which Israel IS, be it against the Palestinians or the ORIGINAL HEBREWS, the Ethiopian Jews is WRONG!!!! Gadot let her politics be known because SHE WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER HAVE A JOB! Always remember that fact. The same people who employ her are the same who don't truly let you know what is happening in Gaza.
nottherealtasha : @artemusgordon thank you for posting this. @ismaelfrank you took the words right out of my mouth.
kingsulli : @jayrashard1
rob_builds : Of course she's always gonna have a job Hollywood is run by Jews!
zuelalsdream : Horrific @50shadesofsoze
aisha_hasina_ : @r0gue_warri0r
r0gue_warri0r : Figures..I am not surprised @ all @aisha_hasina_
r0gue_warri0r : @drangel03 are either too young to have a political conscience. .or just a stupid motherfucker
aisha_hasina_ : @r0gue_warri0r it's terrible what they are doing and in sure nothing will be said about her comments
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The clockwise progression of today's Black reverend.
lady778 : Lmao
missatoka : Its all make believe
wakeuprandy : @simplyshanice25
orion_nebula8 : πŸ˜‚
earthwindandkieya : Jesus weptπŸ˜‚
beautifulone0209 : @ericmuhammad
ericmuhammad : T; you know this is a damn shame...!
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This is the look guys give when girls say, "I don't know how to do that."
awarethatimrare : πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š : 😍😍😍
fevisback : Lol
perfectscars13 : :(
wc_crissy : Holla if u hear me @artemusgordon lol
outlier43 : @thegreatmundino @guccimerz
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...or nah?
alwaysthebest1 : Correct
ant_fitzpatrick : @justme4lyfe thought u would appreciate this
imayeseekay : How can a person use "social network" wrong? To each his own...Do you & add any other cliché that you can think of.
simplyjory : Said the IG Account....?
justme4lyfe : You got to find enough people to be mad at the same thing though to get them likes up! @ant_fitzpatrick
lovelythemis : Hello!
charisse_simone : @syllierainbow
bornoriginal711 : We can do something AG! It takes #unity though! We just have to network!
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#AGonIGSoapbox: I want to send big ups and HBD shout outs to Verdine White, bassist and one of the founders of the biggest R&B group of All Time: Earth, Wind, & Fire({Jigga voice}"Men lie. Women Lie. BUT NUMBERS DON'T!"). Verdine is a true legend in the game, be it music or business. He is the one who taught Me professionalism and when you are presenting yourself to the public, you can joke but DON'T PLAY. He and his wife Ms. Shelly are two of the best people you ever want to meet. They contributed to my education in and out of school with so much of their invaluable time. NEVER "Hollywood" and always kept it real. He doesn't get the credit that his brother, Maurice White, gets in terms of bringing the sound of Chicago to Los Angeles and forever changing the face of popular music. Well today is My salute to Verdine who genuinely deserves it.
agonigsoapbox -
awarethatimrare : You're so intriguing
teach3c : @artemusgordon Verdine is my best friend's mom's twin brother #SmallWorld
artemusgordon : Wow!! @teach3c
mel_lo135 : Happy Birthday Mr White Thank You For This Gem @artemusgordon
the7thmermaid : I saw him getting his hair pressed out in 1987. I was awed.
peiijii : I had the pleasure of meeting him Philip, Ralph & the rest of the band last year; they're awesome ☺️
alwaysthebest1 : #Dope
katjones19 : @kobehoneycutt07 @greeneyedredchick @dilligad78 Music history
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At this point, I don't know if We are catching Soulja Boy in lies or he trying to get caught because he's trolling us. I mean flashing fake stacks for Vine and REPEATEDLY being on @fakewatchbusta for his cabbage patch assortment of watches that all are coincidentally always set at the same time. Then now SuperHead is his woman?? If he is trolling us, he is doing a VERY good job at it! I guess all publicity is good publicity.
jenrose_xo : @madrandysavage @crystltorres this guy...!
ingstagramss : @sabr0sa 😭😭😭😭
sonyeprincess : πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
artemusgordon : Makes beats, does shows, and does ok with that. @jimmyslaughter419
artemusgordon : She hasn't been with him for years. @yoitsdsy
earthwindandkieya : I can't!
smokegood911 : @country_coy @lil_renz @kickboardking this boi flashing fake racks!!!!!!!
calsodigital : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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...And now time for {Prodigy voice}"THE REALNESS".... You see a trend here?
sammiesawce : Wow!
ndp002 : @dluvhall you seen this?
dluvhall : @ndp002 No I have not…… #YIKES
idia8419 : That's exactly why i don't give a flying kite about the Oscars!! The only black films that are considered or nominated for Oscars are films portraying the slavery era or segregation era. No modern-day black films are ever nominated. However, i must also say that alot of these black films nowadays suck anyway. But the few good black films that actually are decent still never make the cut.
echohattix : πŸ™Œ
arietawho : Cc @rusiroo
noir919 : @idia8419 Exactly!
nique131 : @clowe456 how interesting (the comments)
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