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Fab+Marvin sample=EN FUEGOπŸ”₯ N***** done started somethin'
_kev_james : This alone is exactly why I can't f with Jada and his basic bars!! You can tell Fab is under Hov's tutelage. @artemusgordon
brixxisking : That shit is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
_bonita2_ : @topshelfholmes πŸ˜»πŸ’•πŸ˜»πŸ’•you too!
spiceman80 : @icecoldb4
knowled9e : DMX, Mase & The Lox version is better in my opinion. Fab still flips it tho...
nc_queens : @redvelvetttt
ryanjacc : That boy in the marina
847pm : Underrated.
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cheaplux1909 : @artemusgordon Is that Marvin Gaye?
phillip_j : @pugdaluvbug no fights this weekend
artemusgordon : OF COURSE! @cheaplux1909
pugdaluvbug : @phillip_j indeed.
veebee926 : @mrforeveryoung
mrforeveryoung : @s_gibbs56
4ever.a.reyna : Happy thanksgiving Bruh❀️
artemusgordon : You too Sis @4ever.a.reyna
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#AGonIGSoapbox: There's no tougher player to coach than an aging mega-superstar. We are seeing it this year with Peyton Manning throwing ducks instead of bullets on the field and unfortunately also with Kobe Bean Bryant. Watching him last night is akin to watching Picasso finger paint. This is not the way I wanted him to go out nor did I think he ever would. Most of the games he has missed is due to not a specific injury but "General Soreness" which translates into English as "HE CAN'T HANG ANYMORE". Can you see him coming back for another season? I hope not because this is Willie Mays on the New York Mets-esque.
agonigsoapbox -
lossyp : @chalicea breaks MY heart I can only imagine for U 😩
richmoneyfella : Hey he had a phenomenal run that saw him become the 2nd best shooting guard all time and break into the top 10 all time I ain't even mad @artemusgordon
o_scar_m : @cj_cj7 πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜ž
monch081 : He can't adjust to using his strengths like a Ray Allen or Grant Hill. Basketball is 90% mental... He can do it but his ego won't allow him to do it. Kobe can easily run the point, and create for his other team mates... Trying to be "The Man" at his age comes with that price
jgzus_81 : Even mj at 39-40 averaged 20.1 pts a game.. Its time kobe, hang those πŸ‘Ÿ's up. U had a nice career. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
millz_bk : Kobe is done the man getting crazy days off they went n got Ron artest for whenever Kobe is on his "off days" if they have a game back to back set forget about it he taking a day off
bdfrap : @artemusgordon man I love your post and I am truly a fan but one thing I must say is that I'm sure you're a lakers fan nothing wrong with that but y'all need to accept that Kobe is just playing bad. It's not the age just yet he is still getting his spot still has the elevation in his jumper he just playing bad on a bad team. Right now it's a mental thing what should have happened two years ago was the lakers and Kobe should have parted way because they no longer complemented each other. Look at him defensively he is not a bum not a first teaser but still can defend that when you know it's over when you can't defend. Kobe has to get over the mental hurdle he's there with nothing to play for and for him thats been hard for him that's the problem
847pm : He should've retired two years ago.
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#AGonIGSoapbox: As he had done before with artist's like Carmen Elektra, the Purple One took young Christine Flores p.k.a Christina Milian under his wing as a protégé. And just like he did with Elektra, he NEVER had sec with her. So in typical Milian style, when she started to intimate in interviews that their relationship was more than just artist to artist, he did her like Uncle Phil used to do with Jazz...
agonigsoapbox -
derrick29 : Always with the truth bombs
the_reel_music : And that's when her career began to stall, right? @artemusgordon
colormeapril : @artemusgordon lol.
fllw.trin : Her nails cute .
innerflydom : @Rey_dayz
wtommy1 : @bunmi365
titty_boy_ : @jaz.hill this the type stuff that breaks my heartπŸ˜ͺ bout my baby , but she looks good right here
jaz.hill : 😳wtf....(side note, yea she look good as fuck) @titty_boy_ - luxlife_style - ruxspizzle_ - mahogany_loves_you -
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750K?! That's when folks were really eatin'.
artemusgordon : No but I know it is BAD! @kiacolecut
frontpage_1 : πŸ‘€ @luvcjt
jaytre : @kerri__michelle
lekan___ : @kabudu @ark_polo
dongonz87 : @ya2sabs_productions
ya2sabs_productions : @dongonz87 lmao
vsgtoplasticdoll : @cestlavieconsultants
cestlavieconsultants : Yeeaaaa Medellin @vsgtoplasticdoll where it's at! I told y'all can get a rich man up there.. Lmao.
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#AGonIGSoapbox: This is not Adele's fault nor anything she asked for but stop it. Please. Thank You. Whitney Houston is the NEW and ETERNAL Whitney Houston. Good try though.
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sheashea1006 : @kijafa_kiki_morgan "white Jill Scott" tho... Mmmm... I'd hafta say, thas a negative too...
kijafa_kiki_morgan : @sheashea1006 just my opinion not facts
sheashea1006 : @kijafa_kiki_morgan No doubt...
i_m_m_l : But Please.
infinitely_renewed : She may not have asked for it, AG, but she needs to do what Rhonda Rousey SHOULD have done and vocally speak out against the hype in a tactful way. If she doesn't do it then she's complicit.
weeness : GMA needs to cut with the comparison, and people need to stop with the hatin as if Adele can't blow...
nita_7687 : No way Whitney is a legend and she doesn't compare sorry
nita_7687 : No way at the white Jill Scott....why compare her to black artists and say she's the white version. She is JUST Adele and that's it
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hakstao : @ironfader
oxheartbeats : @igabrielv3 @migglite @malcolm_flex54
cococutie30 : @tobyteeee_
freckleface_k : @elesse_mariano @iamdavidvines
mr._michaelryan : @candieapplechik
elesse_mariano : @freckleface_k πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
candieapplechik : @nedagheybi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nedagheybi : @candieapplechik πŸ˜œπŸ˜‹
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#AGonIGSoapbox: Since many of you refuse to give M.C. REN his props, he feels he needs to take them. A legend in arguably the most legendary Rap group and he still feels regulated to third tier status. I know what he did and wrote but most don't. That movie marginalized him and he feels he can't win. I will say this though, much is his fault. Too loyal and too dependent on Eazy will have you like this despite heading to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame on an Express ticket.
agonigsoapbox -
o_m_7 : @artemusgordon I could any1be TOO Loyal,there is no in between your either loyal or your not
o_m_7 : I meant *HOW* not i
rrob_ : Squeaky wheel gets the oil!!
artemusgordon : You can be "Too Loyal" by not recognizing that you have the opportunity to take your career to the next level but you'd rather not step on your homie's(Eazy) toes. @o_m_7
uknowbigo : Cuts on Broadway 231
uknowbigo : @cutsonbroadway231
kemetman : @artemusgordon I agree Ren seemed to too laid to a fault he should have left with Dre to Death Row
moochie___ : @1reggieregg
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#AGonIGSoapbox: Most of these young girls coming up think that by pushing the envelope like Madonna, they will end up in the same stratosphere as well. NOT TRUE AT ALL!! The difference between Madonna and these Bozos is GREAT SONGS and equally GREAT STAGE PERFORMANCES! This right here what Miley is doing is akin to screams of desperation because the latest album flopped more than it is drugs. "But AG where are her parents????" Right there alongside her but since Miley is the breadwinner, she calls the shots. Sad but true. They have rationalized it as "ARTISTIC FREEDOM" instead of snatching her right off stage by her ear but hey what do I know.....
agonigsoapbox -
847pm : Fuck both these appropriating ass hoes.
mzguccimama : This is just sick, not artistic at all. She needs an ass whooping!
keynikka : @saymynamecrissy agreed I was never a fan of her either
keynikka : @mzguccimama she does need one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
4ever.a.reyna : Smh
uknowbigo : @cuts_on_broadway231
tootsiepopluv : a SHAME
senecalovesbrazil : She looked horrible...sad she does the stuff like this bc she's actually a good singer song writer...this takes away from her artisty n respect
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Dual Consciousness Mood
artemusgordon : I saw the same one and felt the same thing. @lyricsandmylife
lyricsandmylife : Crazy
herheiressbrinkley : @artemusgordon true he is family...
luvcjt : I swear u have the best ig page on this shit.
bmorebaddie44 : @lyricsandmylife @artemusgordon I watched that documentary as well and it seems it was a well thought out and successful murder. BTW, Courtney Love is goofy as hell
tootsiepopluv : Babe 1 & 2
latinoplayer : Did you the the article by a guy named " donovan niccolo the don " wich says that he created 2pac and the whole thug/don persona !!
latinoplayer : It made really confused !
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