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#AGonIGSoapbox: The "Diss Records" of back in the day were A LOT more clever. Those dudes were WAAAAY more competitive as well. James Brown was THE KING but he ALWAYS felt his throne was under siege. One of the biggest threats to his control of the ears of the listeners were The Isley Brothers. Their song "It's Your Thing" was a monster hit and started dominating the charts. Mr. Brown hated the song and them with a passion so he figured out a way to give them bar and as too not look envious. Mr. Brown went to the studio and wrote a song to rival the Isleys and low key diss them at the same time. He had his female singer Marva Whitney record it and in a RARE James Brown move he have her publishing credit on it. The song was a hit as well and gave James his stranglehold on the charts back. "It's MY Thing" was a wink to the Isleys like, "Don't think you're going too far ahead of Me. I still # 1!"
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#AGonIGSoapbox: This Monday 10/27/14 HBO will debut their James Brown documentary, "Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown". From all accounts it is alleged to be revealing the TRUE James Brown(left), the one behind the bright mega watt smile. Let's hope is better than that "After School" farce that came out earlier this year entitled, "Get On Up". What made James great and despised was his complexity. Here's a man that would readily stop by the side of the road to pass out $100 bills to the homeless and shake their hand to give them inspiration and in the same breath make his valets dress him completely and make them hold his teeth fresh out of his mouth, spit and all. The same man that was about "Black Empowerment" was also the one that hated his peers getting shine especially his arch nemesis Joe Tex(right). Since they played the same circuit of cities, WHENEVER and WHENEVER they saw each other's Tour Bus, THE FADES COMMENCED. No talking, either SHOOTING or taking the Fade from the shoulders. Most of y'all think of Mr. James Brown with the big perm, happy feet, and mush mouth but He first was a FIGHTER. Be it on or off stage, in the boardroom, or the bedroom. He was always trying to kick your a**! I just hope they get this right on Monday and show his altruistic and miserly ways or you won't get the complete picture.
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alluremavie : How was Get on Up bad???
plainraina : @dart_adams follow this account if you don't already
hb_or_jefe : @bran_don_dada @mercury804 @cbde_fotos @since8three a must watch
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mercury804 : @hb_or_jefe must watch
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Steadily Stealing in your face just like Elvis and Pat Boone before her. Maybe it's just Me but I like the way the Beatles did it because at least it wasn't a mockery and they ALWAYS gave Little Richard his props. Now this is two dances in a row she will get credit for(font believe Me just watch!) TV Guide once did a poll of the most famous quotes/phrases in TV history and attributed, "YOU GO BOY" To Fran Drescher! "But AG what about Madonna??? Huh, what about her???" Madonna was ALREADY a part of the culture she borrowed from so she was not stealing as it was in her DNA. So what new land is next? Where is she gonna "land" like Columbus and people are already established there? Nothing is safe not even the Cabbage Patch...
eurobella : Let her have it....every timewhite folks try to steal what we have (style, slang or culture), we just come up with something better. There's probably a 14 year old right now doing a new dance that'll be popular by Nov 1 and the nae nae will be irrelevant.
foreveranastasia : I'm so tired of white people. Can y'all get your cousin. @jamari.b @nulosounds @martymcflylife @_prosperitee
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mzkevia2u : Fuckery at its finest
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DEEP. Thoughts please....
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boss_luc : Keep them coming
eurobella : It's been said the US are the biggest's always been propaganda + fear = war
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#TRIBUTEThursdays: Their performance at the EBT 2014 Hip Hop Awards illustrated that good music is good music in any era. It showed that you don't have to be neekid and twerkin' to titillate and captivate an audience. No one on that stage has had a "Hit" in 10+ years and yet they had the crowd on their feet. None of them are disposable artists. Latifah and Lyte are doing VERY WELL, Brandy should've been on a whole 'nother plain, and YoYo was done foul in her record deal which tripped her up considerably(You will not get a YoYo post from Me so don't ask). People miss music that make/made them feel good and it's only up to us to start praising those artists instead of saying they're "Wack" now.
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hblaise : @actingup4
luvcjt : Brandy did even sell 200k copies of the album... Chris brown sold 146k in first week. Please have several seats ... A top ten chart is not a hit album. Not one artist in 2014 has even hit platinum status in rnb or hip hop. B hasn't achieved a hit album since full moon. 04ish 10 years ago. @4evertrei
4evertrei : @luvcjt that conversation was a friendly convo between @artemusgordon and I. I understood what was said. No need to be rude and hand out seats. Thx and good evening
theekristinadivine : Truth AG πŸ™Œ
theresmybaby : Well can you at least tell us if she's doing well (yoyo) I'm a huge fan of all four.. It's good to know their all doing well @artemusgordon
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Real Life! "P.O.P, Hold It Down!" Y'all Have No Chill!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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#AGonIGSoapbox: I was going to leave this alone but I felt I needed to lend some understanding to some of this foolishness. Comedian and "Wild 'n Out" series regular, Spanky Hayes alluded that he did not get the lead role in the film, "Baby Boy" because he would not consent to sexual favors with a male casting director but the eventual star of the film, Tyrese Gibson did. I AM NOT A TYRESE GIBSON FAN but I will stand up when he is being lied on. Tyrese might be many things: A conceited a-hole, color struck, miser, ego driven Crip but he is NOT performing oral services to get movie roles. Tyrese is one of the few REGULARLY WORKING actors that is not getting acting jobs because he "knows" someone or has done something/someone". Tyrese actually works hard. He is not the best actor but he gets the job done. What Spanky has done with this interview and subsequent interviews dissing Martin Lawrence, Denzel, and others has put HIMSELF on the "No Fly Zone" list. He'll do straight to DVD for the rest of his life. Yes he might get thrown a crumb here and there but his work will appear in the big bin at Walmart or in the rolling suitcase of the "Movie Man" at your local hair salon or nail tech. I am disappointed though that Tyrese even addressed this. For what "Black Ty"? He is not eating good, you are though. You didn't need to floss your house, outdoor theatre, or mink blanket. Spanky is wearing {Eric Sermon voice}"Please Listen To my Demo" clothes and is obviously bitter that he is not crackin'. Sometimes the silence is deafening and speakers volumes more than anything else.
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#RNSWednesdays: Y'ALL HAVE NO CHILL!!!!!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
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