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A PSA from Erykah Badu and the good folks over at #AGonIGSoapbox !
agonigsoapbox -
renewed_in_2014 : A message to all post-90's rappers
lei_mills : Yup๐Ÿ‘ŠโœŠ
mynameisrecc : This is golden, thanks. Forever posting dope shit
thenotoriousnerd : I hear you saying this @naturalhighblog
naturalhighblog : Yup this is so hard for many ppl sad @thenotoriousnerd
theekristinadivine : ๐Ÿ™Œ
luvcjt : I just adore everything about HER
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#AGonIGSoapbox: A nice little trick that record labels do is "groom" your replacement. If your a "hit", they know the marketplace is ready for another variation of you and then proceed to put that in motion. When Nicki Minaj debuted, BLONDE wig, waffle skin tone, bright pastel colors, silly lyrics combined with fun, fun, fun, she unknowingly and essentially open the floodgates to her eventual replacements. The difference between Nicki and the rest is, she KNOWS her worth and CAN rap circles around many of her competitors be they male or female in turn this makes her DANGEROUS to the status quo. Universal knows this so instead of having to share profits with Baby and Slim, they have someone who portrays themselves as this "poor little Australian girl who came to the U.S. with nothing and a 'I am not a rapper but a Pop entertainer that just happens to rap in a Southern accent and I am willing to do what I am told'" attitude. Combine this with the subsequent "mistakes" Nicki KEEPS making trying to launch her sophomore effort(the usage of Malcolm X imagery to promote "Lookin", the paint by the numbers mediocrity for "Anaconda", and now the alleged "Nazi" imagery for "Only"). And Now you have a slow tide of anti-Nicki sentiment. Meanwhile Universal(btw they OWN Def jam) is steadily pushing all things Iggy and Epic has hit with their "Massachusetts" version of Nicki, Meghan Trainor("All About That Bass" is STRAIGHT from the Nicki playbook). So now, Nicki has gone "Au-Naturale"(no Blonde wigs, no silly raps, etc) trying to combat these "infidels" but the die has been cast and she unknowingly helped set it.
agonigsoapbox -
navidad622 : @ladymzlee @tiramyssu
theekristinadivine : @kareemsull truth
shirmas.son : @justbeyou14 says who? Reread.
maddyandlo : @imchloemitchell
luvcjt : Legit. Not a fan of the pop Niki... The underground Niki was reminiscent of Kim's early days.. When she was fresh and gritty. Iggy yawn. This too shall pass. *puts on pac and zones out*
colormeapril : @tah_dow
_lmarie22 : You're right @shirmas.son ..roman reloaded(2012) was her sophomore album with all different tracks from Pink Friday. The Re-Up was released later that year with additional tracks
onehookcook : @mrssaved
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#Lendingyousomeunderstanding : This is the Chilocco Indian School Basketball team 1908-1909. WAAAAAAY before Adolfo Hitler came on to the scene, the symbol on their chests meant "good luck" and many other representations in Native American culture. Time can sometimes change the true meaning of something and someone but all it takes is the knowledge of what is really going on as to ensure history doesn't get erased.
lendingyousomeunderstanding -
princefilmsoc : @anthonyfrancisco3 @chrisesponito
isaiaham86 : @urfavsleez yooooo that shit got me buggin!
k_yaowa : @excell_this damn breh...that's deep
luvcjt : I learned this the other day too from @infinitewaters ๐Ÿ˜
samxxviii : Although this was before the holocaust, it still makes me uncomfortable seeing it... I'm conditioned.
mr_washingt0n : @purebred_boss
like_a_savage : The real question is can they hoop?
alex_akira_k : @siemprepalante
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Soul Food For Thought
illangelo : ๐Ÿ™
kay_double : THIS.
darronallday : "You. Must. Learn." -KRS 1
neeeash : @pazquiat yesss. Wow.
luvcjt : Deep.
luvcjt : No explanations needed. Be present. Be mindful. Let your actions and work do the talking. Racism will always be. Always.
mona2mo : Couldn't have said it better ๐Ÿ‘ @luvcjt
luvcjt : Thanks love @mona2mo
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artemusgordon - artemusgordon
#AGonIGSoapbox: I NEVER want to diminish a woman's struggle. Women have it hard enough as it is in this life protecting themselves at all time from both predator Men AND Women. Rape allegations are a very serious thing but unfortunately some women have been disingenuous in the past which casts doubt on women that are telling the truth. I hope that's not the case here with Ms. Janice Dickinson BUT for YEARS Janice has been OUTSPOKEN on everything. Be it Stallone paying for her first set of implants, having sex with Jack Nicholson, to drug usage in Hollywood with naming namea, to even Bill Cosby TRYING to get some and now it jumps to drugging and rape??? The Cos is powerful but he is stopping anything Janice is doing period. Why wait all this time? You have no proof. You do women a disservice if this actually took place and most of these cases add up. Janice had aired out people on Howard Stern before so why leave this out? I believe it is convenient. Hell she even wrote a book and no mention of a bombshell like this?? The Cos has no goons. She could have put a stop to this wild a creepy behavior when she had various TV shows. Be it good or bad there's more to this story. It makes you wonder... hmmmm.....
agonigsoapbox -
disembodied_voice : @mar_ant_babyb I want you to read your post out loud and really take in what you said. If you feel what you said is OK I want you to seek professional help because there's something seriously wrong with you.
mar_ant_babyb : Im not rereading shit its my opinion that im entitled to. I will never feel sympathy for any woman that is silenced with a payoff instead of going to the police and making sure a man pays for his crime. The first woman should have said something when he kept getting away with it. No one said anything, why would he stop. It sad and people wonder why these celebrities get accused of rape and then hear nothing else about it. These women are looking for dollars not justice @disembodied_voice
artemusgordon : Say it Louder! ๐Ÿ’ฏ @mar_ant_babyb
disembodied_voice : @mar_ant_babyb And??? Do their motives change the the fact that a crime could have been committed?
the_mahogany_don : @disembodied_voice your missing the whole point. .
the_mahogany_don : Why now??? I just don't understand why years later. .not weeks or months..but years later they come out of the woodwork with these allegations. makes no sense to me. ..if someone robs me..assaults me etc.... not waiting years to report jt
mar_ant_babyb : I never said he didnt commit a crime bt aint no way in hell ima b raped and let the rapist get away cause he has a few coins to give up. Im not going to be silenced I would never want another woman to be raped if I couldve prevented it. At least say something so that if the next woman decides to spend time with a known rapist they know the consequences. @disembodied_voice
iammrsmaebry : It makes it extremely hard to believe any of it took place the way it's being reported since they waited damn near 30-50 years to say anything Janice D. Has had more penis in her life than a little so if she was assaulted she would have said something loud and clear just as she would disrespect the contestants on ANTM. She didn't she talked about everything else. Money was the motive for the settlements and if you think not ur crazy. I find it ironic that folks are talking about "past events" when he had a new deal on the table for TV
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Hello I am Sumner Redstone. I am 91 years young and I own BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION aka BET. Me and my family are the majority owners of CBS Corporation and VIACOM(Paramount Pictures, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, LOGO, Comedy Central, and VH1 etc. etc.) and are equal partners in Movie Black folks been on one hand praising BET as being "Our Network" and on the other hand defaming BET for "Not Looking Out Enough" but BET has NOT been Black owned since 2001. I got rid of 106 and Park because I thought it was making fun of my age(J/K). On the real, I say this to say...IF YOU HAVE NO BARGAINING CHIPS, THEN WHY WOULD YOU EXPECT A 91 YEAR OLD MAN TO PAY ATTENTION TO YOU? If you have a problem with BET and its content don't just turn off the TV, stop buying the product on the commercials and let them know why and watch change happen slowly but surely.
droptoplex1 : @missnybx @e.lo_
carthon : @arobjr_ @georgefoster72 @ejberaki @namaste1511
ejberaki : @carthon very few things I hate in this world more than BET
bklynpj : @mrs.tpj @brucethomas79
crysfulbliss : @iwritetru
sptheghostfacekilla : I'm not sure what post it was but I think what about these allegations that Malcolm x was bi sexual. Wasn't he in a home I thought he might have been molested but I'm not sure. Could you clarify please
raheem_more : @braggadap1shot
mondo_piff : @oh_its_jae @@bigboxchvy
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Just lending you a little clarity...
crysfulbliss : @iwritetru things we won't be taught ๐Ÿ˜‘
s_dot60 : @c_l_80 Smh...the legacy of the miseducated negro is truly legendary
chronicsativa : @tjmaxxz
tjmaxxz : @chronicsativa word!
phillipniles : @marvelousmissjohn
favorsdaorator : Serious!
brianajanell : Wow @christal_was_here @thenelsonmd I never knew!
thenelsonmd : @brianajanell this mess smh
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Life goes in cycles. The more things change, the more things stay the same. No bueno.
smonae : @ladybug76
ladybug76 : @smonae ignorance๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰
gorillabrown84 : @dbell718 @jayrock_obama
nxa_alf : #coonery @jbellabelle
berniefather1115 : Love it
luvcjt : Was listening to infinite waters today and he was talking about this and subliminal messages that flow into your bet post. #wakeup people
renewed_in_2014 : Minstrels
uptownstuntdawg : @gi_jade3
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See "Calvin" had it all wrong! He should've left Mickey D's and moved to Denmark and balled out at "The King". He could've started a rap group called "The Burger Kang Billionaires" and the slogan would be "We Serve You Every Which Way!". Hey Ladies would you give him an extra look now on that salary? On the real though this wage scale proves how as a citizen of America you are only seen as a DOCUMENTED worker and nothing else. There is NOT ONE state in AMERICA where you can afford a two bedroom apartment on STRICTLY a minimum wage salary. Ask yourself is that by accident or nah?
mrmarathoner : @sghs82 Cool, sounds like a nice place... Hope you like wherever you've moved to...
theaddict83 : @ml__80s @jaydeedouble
ml__80s : @theaddict83 that's crazy. I'd be curious to see what the cost of living looks like out there
theaddict83 : Right! Gonna have me getta passport and relocate! @ml__80s
jhawkins826 : @navidad622 you hit the nail on the head. Even Vladimir Putin of all people blasted Denmark for being xenophobic and intolerant.
almostverified : @_tru2it I'm moving to Denmark since bk paying $20 an hour. Shiiddd
tcarr_examiner : @thery_c
jaydeedouble : @theaddict83 I was thinking the same thing as @ml__80s
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A photo with HOV will be all a person has to claim in 10 years that they at least had 15 minutes of fame if they decide NOT to tighten up and really try to be an artist instead of a "Hood Celebrity".
newyorkfly_californiahi : @leema_rie I think because certain ppl don't listen to their music, they automatically think they are irrelevant... Def not the case with Migos... I rather a rapper get the streets to love them first, than go straight pop off the rip
dreducati : facts!!!
derekd2 : @newyorkfly_californiahi not if they keep getting robbed
eastendchamp : Rap has went down hill a long way when people consider this noise good music. Basically a beat and repeat the title of the song over and over. No msg or substance just who has the most jewelry on and the skinniest jeans. Man, what happened to the Pubic Enemys, N.W.A's Geto Boys, 2pacs, BDP's of the world @artemusgordon?
mostmellow : Thanks @tony_ohh
regularassnijea : Word. Making way more money than the other guys, why even indulge & entertain their bull.
newyorkfly_californiahi : @derekd2 getting robbed has nothin to do with music or talent tho
luvcjt : True story
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