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#AGonIGSoapbox: Real, real quick let Me kinda lend some #UNDERSTANDING to this situation. The problem from the start was 50 and 50 alone. His divisiveness in many areas scared folks away. His only entrée into the Boxing world was through Floyd. So once that relationship cooled, 50 essentially became "Cold As Ice". He thought he had easy money coming but, NAH. You see there are only really 4 Boxing promoter factions making dough: Oscar and his gang who ain't F'n with 50 and wouldn't give him a crumb. Dan Goosen, Lou DiBella, and Bob Arum. Arum is the only one messing with 50 to use him and get used back for relevance both ways. 50 bought his best fighter, Yorkist Gamboa, from Arum only to have to rent him back to Arum for next to nothing. You see without Floyd's voucher for 50 as a businessman in BOXING, 50's name is mud. You think that the other promoters don't notice that No one is rocking with him musically, so you think they'll throw him a bone in Boxing? Hell No. 50's record for turning on people is infamous and they'd rather stop it by not working with him before he even gets started. So if you noticed as his ship was quietly sinking(and has been for two years), he backs Floyd's BIGGEST supporter. During MAYPAC fight week, he was Al Sharpton at the Soul Buffet right after they run out of Greens loud. So expect another 50 reach soon. Oh he already did one last week for by suing Rozay by saying he leaked his own Baby's Mama's sex tape. Karma is currently singing to 50, 🎢🎢"I don't what you've heard about Me. But a b**** can't get dollar out Me. No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see. That I'm a mother******* P-I-M-P!"
agonigsoapbox - understanding -
vintage_peez : He got boxing back on network TV. No "manager" has that pull. He's the most influential figure in boxing
favorsdaorator : @standitty @luckyluciano7pfl @pfl6cess
ntthompson4 : @god_manifested
artemusgordon : He is a "manager" period. He just has SUPREME ties. Since he is NOT a "promoter", he can maneuver much differently. @vintage_peez
rahdiahb : he is such a hater.. needs to focus on his own businesses sometimes
carthon : Completely unrelated to this post, but I just saw a trailer for a new Tupac documentary called 7 Days. What are your thoughts?
artemusgordon : It is beyond legit. I saw a great deal of the footage right after PAC passed. Gobi is beyond legit and a TRUE PAC friend. He was the one who stood guard all 7 Days PAC laid in the hospital. @carthon
carthon : Dope! I appreciate the reply. Looking forward to seeing the doc!!!
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Method to the Madness.
god_manifested : @dcarter1986
costamaria14 : @sislumsdon @cha_rere @colormeapril @danadanej haven't verified this but interesting nonetheless.
colormeapril : @costamaria14 I wouldn't be surprised.
innerflydom : @killa_tofu7 Google true Israelites. Your mind is going to be blown.
ursweetnyer : RP
wrmly : Interesting. Feels like a reach, tho. Have to see at what period the slaves actually started saying "Massa!" There were so many different ethnicities of African countries taken that to treat this like slaves are a monolith, makes me skeptical that they all would speak Hebrew. @doublej_g
jhayroshawn : @queenminded @_kingleonx
doublej_g : @wrmly thoughtful point!
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#AGonIGSoapbox: For one shouts to a true Sagittarius, @iamricolove. His wisdom and knowledge that he lets fly on a regular are invaluable to someone who is trying to get on(just watch his interview with @cthagod on the Breakfast Club last week). Please listen carefully to what he is saying. Nas at 19 wrote classic hits. Ice Cube at 19 wrote classic hits. I can keep going down the list of legends, who at a young age, wrote hit/hot sh**!!!! But it seems like now instead of the tightest verse it has become, "Man I have THE dopest HOOK!!!!!" Have you noticed they do not do "Posse" cuts anymore where people try to out-rap each other? See there's where you HAD to have you penmanship WAY up. Now that has been replaced by "Features" and you can just vibe with the song. Do you think many or for that matter any of these "Hook Stars" could put rap together to challenge let's say a Big Pun or hell even a Kurupt? They don't even try! I remember being around PAC and just him dreaming that Chuck D would respect a verse let alone a song. That was the goal to gain respect so you could move up in the rankings of the Rap world. I keep stressing that since there's no hierarchy or farm system in place like they had back in the day(weed carrier, luggage handler, or Security) guys cannot sharpen their skills. Likes" and "Views" have replaced artistic merit. "But what do you know AG!!! You think "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" is classic and you sell Fairytales about the government being corrupt, Ike Turner discovering Elvis, or Amber Rose being anything less than angelic!!! The Rappers you like ain't Flexin' Ooh Ooh Ooh!"
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moofdaddis : @meezyaintshit heavy
garvin_sr : @kelisreign @10eighty I blame skinny jeans...
foxx46 : @chunk731
s_devsheezy : #facts @newlaccity @b_l_scott
taylormade_tee : @henny__kravitz
10eighty : @kelisreign @garvin_sr .... I blame the person who came up with trophies for second place and all the NY niggas that moved to ATL. If you hear that fetty wap song with Drake it's a classic example of what he is talking about.
petitekeech : @iheartiscream
iheartiscream : @petitekeech ummmm why did I just text you!!!
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This is what Tuesday after a holiday looks like.
sydvicious_ : Omg.
kwa_daboss : @vennessa_ama
vennessa_ama : @kwa_daboss πŸ˜‚
dattmela : @bzas @randallleavitt @iamdillyg @jf__204 @kylevanc
_melissafarias : @ajewell24
___kelly_______ : @hairy_godmother 🌚
rellyhasitup : @maccarv
be_nah : @lovelyme_85
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#AGonIGSoapbox: Real quick, I want to congratulate the Cavs for making the NBA Finals(inevitable) BUT things would be CONSIDERABLY different(Would have at least been more competitive) had the Atlanta Hawks had their guy that they brought especially to deal with the problem called LeBron in, Thabo Sefolosha. But if you know this IG you know I'm going to pose some questions towards you. Do you not find it funny that neither ESPN, NBA TV, nor TNT has mentioned his name more than once except for maybe a short quip? Do you not find it odd that there has been no further talk of the matter by the NYPD as to what exactly happened despite the incident being caught on camera to refute the NYPD's lies? An edict of some sort was handed down. It's funny how those outlets aren't afraid to report when some may have broken the law but don't report when the LAW BREAKS SOMEONE. Adam Silver, commissioner of the league, probably spoke directly to Chief Bratton and got the matter squashed quickly with Thabo probably seeing some serious coinage thrown his way. Please pay attention.
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tobyzone : @wtijan @kfizzle6lbj worth a read
oxheartbeats : @ageminicobain
toko1 : @manofstial ws meinsch?
navidad622 : @ladymzlee
ladymzlee : I am not sure he would have made much of a difference but this story does make you go hmmm @navidad622.
manofstial : @toko1 i finges recht drigschosse so guet ischer its o wider nid u dä hie het langsam chli fest paranoia fingi. si eifach drecksrassiste gsi wos gmacht hei u si dörfe no nid drüber rede wöus nid abgschlosse isch. aber e ufrtag vor liga? nenei.
kouryw : @iamvskeete @ansak1911
cliffdagully : @nygey_j @lielow_pnf fuck12
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Question of the day: Is this the LAST COMPLETE CLASSIC Rap Album??????? Thoughts please!
artemusgordon : And I will be in SD this coming up weekend to see your get down too! @shakietp
shakietp : re read my comment, I was slandering EDM. and RTJ has undeniably created two of the best projects in ALL of music over the last 2 years.
artemusgordon : Close but NO. Not comprehensive enough to be in MBDTF's realm. You like those albums and they're good but even they will tell you what I told you. @shakietp
shakietp : ay that's fresh man. I hope my city treats you well πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @artemusgordon
artemusgordon : I'm essentially from there as well so it always does. @shakietp
shakietp : man your pic popped up on my feed so I thought I would just drop a comment, had no idea you were from socal.
shakietp : I still think MBDTF is a 10/10 no doubt. are you saying you think it is the last classic hip hop album ever? or the latest classic 100% 10/10 rap album to be released
artemusgordon : The last pure classic Hip Hop album period. GKMC is dope but can't hang track for track with Ye and that THE ONLY ONE CLOSE!
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#AGonIGSoapbox: Why? The question is Why? Gangbangin' on a Male Model? Just getting off probation where you said and did all the right things only to go back a prove people right I terms of how they feel about you? I must admit this new style of gangsta, I guess you may call it "Internet Bangin', in not used to. The guy that just had the rainbow hair is going to beat up a guy wearing a chiffon turtleneck? Fruit Town Piru has never had representation in popular culture of LA or period unless DJ Quik mentioned them in a song and this is how they allow themselves to get on by threatening some guy that was just dancing naked for Sheryl Underwood? What part of the game is this?? Hmmmm, maybe the record sales aren't what people had hoped and this is how you get a buzz going again. In the immortal words of that great Chicago philosopher, Thelma Evans, "That Red Rooster Hair got him actin' like a Jive Turkey!"
agonigsoapbox -
artemusgordon : Naw I gotta thank you for rockin' with Me. @justcallmee_miguel
colormeapril : @artemusgordon say what now about dancing for Sheryl?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
colormeapril : Sippin, waiting
specialagentstarling : Arent you from Battery @fakhir01 get your cousin dammit @fakhir01 lol smh
tiffanytenn : i dont understand why he is doin this over Karecvghdggh. u noticed he didnt say shit to 50cent when he brought her on his stage
ivyleage_o : Big homie @artemusgordon aren't YG an Ty $ Fruit...or is that TreeTop?
ivyleage_o : S/O to Kid Red tho...he a younging but he is trynt to get it right
artemusgordon : YG is from Tree Top. @ivyleage_o
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I guess Black really doesn't crack!
jukiejones : She's actually just 81, but still. Point proven AND taken.
mel_boogie : @gottalove_swift
doll_face08 : @woonkthegifted1 wow!
woonkthegifted1 : Wow @doll_face08
thisisdeanne : Whut!!! 😳 @ealove @711825
oneikawe : @insta_nay07
ladymzlee : @navidad622 @tiramyssu πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…
theekristinadivine : Lol truth
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belle_noire90 : Where the baby making music go
lsdenson : @tsmith114
thetruuphizz : So what it's music. What's wrong with being versatile, criticizing another for expressing there feel or style of art is wrong. We are all artist in our own way. If you don't like, press, swipe or turn the page.
rob_builds81 : Hahaha!
dnice1st : @spiritovlite
spiritovlite : @dnice1st haa
spiritovlite : @dnice1st some don't need music lol
jumpman23cv : @ibfstar
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­Y'all have too much free time!!!πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
martyt1105 : Lol I cant! @soniadayla @hajabee
willz2015 : @xander387 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
theekristinadivine : @msrevellux πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
imatrickrtreat : @iamceleste1 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
iamceleste1 : @imatrickrtreat you love those dashians
msrevellux : @theekristinadivine lmao!! They weren't married anymore though...right? Not at that time. Lol! This is funny as shit though.
theekristinadivine : @msrevellux lls
amayans : @face_jerm
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