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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Word fail me right now. When my sweet baby Luca was only 10 days old, my beloved mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She endured a quick 3 month struggle and passed away last week at home surrounded by family. This weekend we scattered her ashes in the ocean and set her free. She was a hilarious, brave, and generous woman who was surrounded by light. She had a way of endearing people to her and creating intimate moments with everyone she encountered. She leaves a void too big to fathom. Any good in me is because of her. I've lost my mom, my best friend, my compass. I feel robbed that my son will not know her as he grows up but I feel blessed that she was able to hold him while she could. I will raise him in her honor and strive to make her proud. She is with me in my heart and in Luca's smile.
tinauzz : I'm so sorry Ariel. I had no idea. I'm sure it meant the world to her to meet her sweet grandson and see her daughters so happy in life. xoxo
wanderlust103010 : Oh I'm so so sorry. There are no words. Thoughts and virtual hugs to you.
nikimarie13 : Beautifully said😒 so sorry for your loss.
brittyparkin : I am so sorry for your tremendous loss, Ariel. My thoughts are with you, and I wish you peace and strength during this difficult time. I didn't know your mom well, but she must have been amazing to raise such an incredible woman as you. So much love to you, Luca and Alex. I'm so glad your mom got to meet your precious baby.
sabrinachazen : πŸ’” there are no words. I am so sorry. What a beautiful tribute, and what a lovely legacy you are creating in her honor. In my thoughts and prayers. 😘
adriany82 : I am sorry for your loss 😒 thoughts and prayers for you and your family during this difficult time πŸ’—
mesanges111229 : So very sorry Ariel. Thinking of you and your family and keeping you in my prayers.
daintydiamondgirl : I am so sorry Ariel. She sounds like the most amazing woman and mother. Such a beautiful picture. Thinking of you during this difficult time. You gained an angel. Love and light xox😘
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Reliving the old days (as a rower and a coxswain) at the Crew Classic with my baby bruin #lucamaffei #ucla #uclamensrowing #zlac #sdcc #crew #rowing
stretchywaistband - zlac - lucamaffei - rowing - sdcc - uclamensrowing - ucla - crew -
kikihaircutter : Welcome to the gun showπŸ˜„
loribergamotto : Omg!!! I ❀️ this picture!! Looking good, lady!
djnekokittie : #babysfirstregatta
saramcgillivray : So fun! You look gorgeous mama
brittyparkin : So cute, and I agree, you look fabulous!
bodolfi : Damn gurl πŸ’ͺ
arielgordonjewelry : @ashcoberg @loribergamotto @saramcgillivray @brittyparkin still in maternity shorts 😐 #stretchywaistband @kikihaircutter @bodolfi a side effect of having a baby in the 96 percentile πŸ‘Ά
adrianner0se : Love this!
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Hey girl... I'm 4 months old. Want to watch me swim for the first time? #lucamaffei #babyspeedo πŸ”₯🐠🏊
babyspeedo - lucamaffei -
ellestrauss : ❀️
carleygethin : Oh my! That belly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜β€οΈ
jesswinzelberg : ❀️
brittyparkin : Adorable, he's a big boy!
fraulein_codeus : 😍 I'm in love
mannious : ❀️ @thenotoriouskam
kalatapics : such a chubmonster! 😻
bianca_town : Omg his cuteness is killing me!!!
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Little Baby Sean keeping Little Baby Luca cool at the studio today. Wet bib to the rescue #lucamaffei #truelifeimajeweler
truelifeimajeweler - lucamaffei -
bianca_town : Ladies man ❀️ @arielgordonjewelry
lefeudeleau : I want to come and visit πŸ˜‚
cocomouse33 : Beautiful boy
wendypolish : 😘😘😘😘😘
arielgordonjewelry : @lefeudeleau yes please! Soon. @bianca_town hey girl πŸ’–
liz_vasquez_ : What brand is that stroller back ther?
arielgordonjewelry : @liz_vasquez_ it's an @uppababy stroller with their Mesa car seat clipped in. I love it.
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Turquoise triad studs getting some love in this month's @elleusa πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ #agjeveryday
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Some signet ring love from one of our new stores @thegoldencarrothobo #agjeveryday #hoboken #handengraved #showmeyourrings
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rachelaschenbrandpsw : @barry_rob 😍😍😍
bellekrol : Need the in my life
nataliehilljensen : @adamgerulat @dsfife
ninajsong : @_isrra if u could get me this thatd be delightful ty
_isrra : @ninajsong why are you telling me #reachkevin #kevincanuhearme #help
maya_brenner : Love this pic!
hisamiam : @marissa_galante_ your faves!!
marissa.galante : @hisamiam ahh! But where are they all hiding?! πŸ’
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
My thoughts exactly @carolinedemaigret #agjeveryday
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pallycosta : And that's why I love my AG birthstone chain ring!
djnekokittie : Word!
sarahswelljewelry : This is great!
noriroth : πŸ‘
el_camyino : @agambroult yes
agambroult : @el_camyino YES indeed!
r_celi.g : πŸ™Œ
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Back to back posts of @daintydiamondgirl in her AGJ jewels because she is really bringing it. πŸ™Œ #agjeveryday
agjeveryday -
jennafain : Seriously! Love both. πŸ’™
daintydiamondgirl : ☺️😘xo
leadorablee : I really like it!! Are you interested with a partner with me? Send me a DM or my email is the next : || have a good day! ☺️
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Weekend Vibez in our heart silhouette ring c/o @daintydiamondgirl πŸ‘ŒπŸΊπŸŒ΄ #agjeveryday
agjeveryday -
rebeccabree : 😍😍😍
kihomi86 : Oh yeah pacifico
daintydiamondgirl : 😘😘😘
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arielgordonjewelry - Ariel Gordon Maffei
Driving Miss Daisy #boxersofinstagram #littleprincegordon
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maffmoney : Shotgun!
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