North Shore Animal League

The world's largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. 25 Davis Avenue, Port Washington NY.
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Last chance to take us up on our #CyberMonday special offer! For every rescue cuff donation, you will receive an extra cuff. A great gift for any animal lover! #GetYourRescueOn #holidaygift #giftthatkeepsongiving #holidays Limited one per household.
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__jd87 : @lpdm58
nycbutterfly24 : Argh. Was trying to order but you don't take PayPal and I'm in bed. Boo. Thank you for all you do for animals ...
scooter_stepmom : I got mine!!!!
kathywiz111 : Got mine !!!
racheljazzy : I got mine last week!!
cathlabbrat : I'm trying to order mine but the website won't work!! It won't let me input any info and I really want one!
lagunamartini : Got it!!
jessicanicole1102 : Just donated! Can't wait to get mine && adopt very soon. 🐶💙
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
"These are my latest fosters: baby Gizzy and baby Katniss. We rescued them from the city pound the day they were scheduled to be euthanized. They were 3 weeks old and weighed only 0.4 pounds. Now happy and healthy tweens!" #MeowMonday #catsofinstagram #instacats #instarescues Tell us how YOU #getyourrescueon! Submit a photo and a short rescue story to and don't forget to check out to find out how to get involved.
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sassysammons : omg. the one on the right 😻😻😻
svongerichten : @cassidyymiller our children
catannedunlea : @ababalou
nikkineuner : @mikaella.xoxo Looks like Honey & Abby
mikaella.xoxo : Oh my god! It does look like them a lot @nikkineuner
mike_kwid : @tribecalledkwid
jeannettesacks : @daniel_sacks
suesauce : How can anyone euthanize three week old kittens???
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Mira (H192464) is a beautiful petite orange tabby, who loves the spotlight. This 7 year old bonds well with most people and craves attention from anyone passing by! #MeowMonday #meow #instacats #instarescues #catsofinstagram (Photo Credit: Ellen Dunn)
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maisy_13__ : Beautiful 😍😍😍
patrycja_524 : @edzias
destinysangl : shes beautiful!! wish I could save them all but I already have 3 rescue kitties.
kate_haslbauer : This is Mirka. She's a living lady, but she is very afraid of cats. She'll be very happy to be the only pet in her forever home, and she'll show her gratitude with ample purrs!
svongerichten : @cassidyymiller
cassidyymiller : @svongerichten aww
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
"We celebrated Pooka's 16th Birthday on Sept. 19! We adopted him at NSALA the day after Thanksgiving 1999 as a puppy. His pregnant mother was rescued from a shelter in the Carolinas following the flooding of Hurricane Floyd. He continues to bring happiness to everyone he meets. We were so lucky to have picked him!" -Dan #SeniorSunday #AdoptASeniorPetMonth
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louieandjuliet : 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👍👍🙏👏
chrissy_paws : Aww, So beautiful 😍❤️😘Happy Birthday handsome!
ronda19623 : Happy Birthday Pooka!
stellagirllove : So beautiful happy birthday Pooka
jenix2 : @charlesnix2 16 years old!😍😊
nancyj312 : Happy birthdayPooka!
tori.vw2015.vw : He's so handsome and regal looking, Happy Birthday, Pooja, hope you have many, many more, sweetie.!
tldulany : Happy Birthday
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
JOB FAIR FOR ANIMAL LOVERS AT NORTH SHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE AMERICA This Wednesday December 2, 2015 from 4:00 pm- 7:00 pm! Full Time & Part Time Positions are available! Please visit our website for more information: #Jobfair #animallovers #fulltime #parttime #jobs #careers
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chevelledog : @dallasramirez
kellybellati : #dreamjob
jadelaquer : Snap chat: Jade Laquer
whodis007 : Omg is wish I lived closer! !!!!😢😢😢😢
animalleague : @lillieclaire14 We are located in Port Washington, NY.
animalleague : @theevolutionofgsl How can we help you?
theevolutionofgsl : @animalleague I was looking for the info about the job fair via your website.
lillieclaire14 : Thx
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
"One of my older cats (16 y.o.) died, and my friend Gina started volunteering at North Shore Animal League at roughly the same time. She mentioned that older cats have a difficult time getting adopted and that a home with an older cat was a perfect environment for one that was mature. I went to the North Shore facility in Port Washington, NY, and was utterly charmed by Sweet Pea. She is blooming like a flower, getting more playful and sassy by the day. Thank you, North Shore, for your support in getting this beautiful being into my home, and for all the warmth of the staff when I picked her up." -Jill #Caturday
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lisa7690 : So cute
carolinepearl : Miley Cyrus gave u promo on her insta lol
kimber1107 : @katecrysta Awww she's amazing! I'm glad she's so happy now! 💜💜
roe_jo : @katecrysta Sweet Pea!!
animalinternational : Beautiful and heart warming
lisa7690 : Very cute
lisa7690 : OMG
katecrysta : @roe_jo I saw and my heart melted! Also made me smile that you tagged me. Miss you! Hope all is well! I'll come visit soon! ❤️
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Oskar (V28710) is a handsome 1 ½ -year-old Hound mix with big, droopy ears and a look that will melt your heart. If his looks don’t make you want to adopt him, his fun-loving, energetic personality certainly will! Oskar has lots of energy and needs a home where he can run around in the yard on a daily basis and release some energy. Oskar is waiting here at Animal League America’s Port Washington, N.Y. campus for you to come and give him the second chance he’s been waiting for. #SecondChanceSaturday Contact for more information about this loveable Hound. Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.
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d.mes : @barbarameseika
alannananana : @trppngbi11y sadies cousin?
slubell12 : Possible Coonhound?
allicoco : @krist_girlinblack
brian_oleksiak : @lizd39
lce221 : @jon_trumbull
jessrell_ : @m.chiarello
deemarie930 : @justleeny ❤️
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Star (VR2314) came to us from a Virginia rescue in January of 2015. She’s a stunning beauty, but she needs to be in the hands and heart of a loving, patient pet parent who will continue to help build her confidence. She’s a very shy girl, but has learned to trust the people who care for her. She loves her comfy bed and crunchy treats, plays with her toys and enjoys the company of her feline friends. Because she is a bit fearful, we recommend Star not go home to children under 16 yrs-old. Star is very easy to fall in love with. We know when her perfect match finally meets her, they’ll want to provide her all the love and protection she deserves. #Caturday Contact to inquire about Star. Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.
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zerepacuba : @micklizabeth
1fwoolman : Wow what a beautiful angel🐾🐞😸
alliecatingram : @laurenboch totally adorable
lisa7690 : Awe
glitteringashes : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
fbulousx3 : @thesonsofthesouth
rixarellastix : @jenjiiii
mabel_m2001 : Looks like my TINA
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
As the holiday season approaches, and we gear up to face the hustle and bustle that comes with it, let's consider a different kind of giving. Gifts that keep on giving! We have an assortment of gift ideas that will help animals in need. #gifts #holidays #presents #instarescue #pets #presents #giftsthatkeepongiving
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carolann.hynes86 : Show true holiday spirit and help change lives
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
"I just wanted to thank you so much for my little Matcha. I adopted her from your Manhattan mobile unit in early October and I couldn't be happier! She's so full of energy, so funny and smart... And she is such a loving little angel! Thanks so for everything you do!" - Lena #FelineFriday
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abmoja : @laurenmoja
zig8810 : Adorable !!!!
ksaitta : @taylor.bren 😍
stephiepeeka : What a face :)
jill_hartling : @the.hawkes 😍😍😍
jonathanc313 : @angelica.maria415 they have mobile units!
hnl.01 : @amylee617
lisa7690 : Awe
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