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We are North Shore Animal League America. The world's largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. 25 Davis Avenue, Port Washington NY.
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Monday isn't such a bad day after all when we have #MuttigreesMonday and Monday Night Football! On that note, we are calling all Broncos fans (it’s not personal, fellow New Yorkers)! Denver might not be a member of the Manning family, but he sure is athletic. This energetic Hound mix Muttigree is less than 3 years old but is already housebroken and well-versed in obedience training. Denver LOVES to play, and this addition to your family is more valuable than any Superbowl ring! He is looking for a great coach and loving team members older than 12. Denver is the first pick in our draft! Watch Denver's video here: Denver’s adoption number is T83827. Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.
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michelekarajoseph : @nessigirll
thisgoldenone : Cutie
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Meerkat and Gopher are two peas in a pod. Female calico Meerkat and gorgeous ginger Gopher are brother and sister and 1 1/2 years old. These bonded siblings were left at the Animal League as kittens but their story will have a happy ending. They are very playful, inquisitive, and adorable and will need someone with kitty experience to help them understand that their new forever family will never abandon them. Meerkat and Gopher will do nicely in a home with cats or dogs, but prefer children older than 12. Will you show Meerkat and Gopher that love is unconditional? #MeowMonday Meerkat’s adoption number is D48892 and Gopher’s is D48893. Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.
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cstern100 : @lmnop_leigh meerkat! Go!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
It's #MuttigreesMonday , and with your help, we want to update all of our cuties to "adopted!" Today, from 10 am - 9 pm, all adoption fees on dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens over six months will be waived! Our screening process for potential adopters will remain the same as always to ensure all of our animals go to safe, loving homes. Pitbull mix Muttigree Ronan and all of his friends are waiting to meet you at our adoption center at 25 Davis Ave., Port Washington, NY. Let's create some happy tails today! Ronan's adoption number is V30992 if you find his adorable eyes as irresistible as we do.
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cri1576 : @aluzuki
ashoconnell13 : @jackiegrantt negative lol
jcogz43 : @jackiehoberg
johnbarone4 : Oah @lizzmare
chrissteglic : @jomalls
shaydigsy : @pooinbaby 😭
jshibley13 : What is the adoption fee for a puppy younger than 6 months old? 🐢
shardir95 : @ashdirzis πŸ’–
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Time to rest up! So many adoptions to look forward to this week!
jayhovaa : @emmanem24
suesauce : That is so sweet!
mayachulupa : @dj_wheredeydodatat
petclue : #sweetdreams
thisgoldenone : So sweet πŸ’•
maryann_ciccone : I have, multiple times, nothing yet. My mom is widow who lost her dog about a yr ago and she is very lonely. She lives in an apt and landlord will only allow her to have small dog, she is too old to deal with a puppy and wants a dog about 1-2 yrs old. She is afraid if a dog dying on her if it is older. I know this is a tall order but I cant do anything about it. Dont want to push a dog on her, bcuz if anything happened, she and I could never figure myself. Puppy mill dogs so far have been to sick and require too much medical attention that she cant do. Just hope the right dog comes around soon. @animalleague
jsharp15_ : @beba213teal
christylaf : @kivvlee
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
A Very Recent Adoption Story: "Bishop (who has been renamed Forrest) is a five year old Great Dane Lab mix who was dropped off in a high kill shelter with his days numbered NSAL came to the rescue. When I came to NSAL and saw him, my heart hurt, he looked heart broken with his only interest in tennis balls. I had to have him! He's so sweet, gentle, goofy and so well behaved I can't imagine why anyone would have given him up, although happy because he's all mine now. He is happy adjusting to his forever home with toys, a fluffy bed, endless treats and tons of cuddles and kisses! I thank NSAL for saving him and I urge everyone who is looking to adopt don't skip over the older dogs you maybe missing out on your best friend." - Kimberly Mullarkey
suesauce : That is a beautiful story, Kimberly! Please give him a great big hug from me.
wifey1126 : What a face! Congrats to both of you. Hope you have many happy years together!
radiantxblurr : Almost made me cry. So beautiful, what a big mush!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
foxieeroxxie : Thankful for people like this πŸ’›πŸ’› God bless
jsharp15_ : @beba213teal
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
We have been looking forward to featuring Lucy for a while now! Lucy, a staff favorite, deserves some time in the spotlight. If you have adopted a dog from the Animal League recently, you may have noticed a cute, honey-colored and sweet-looking pup with huge eyes keeping our associates and volunteers company. While we love spending time with her, this 5 1/2 year-old Shepherd mix suffers from separation anxiety and only the safety and security of a forever family will rebuild her confidence and independence. The right canine companion will also help her come out of her shell and truly shine like the gem she is. Within minutes of meeting Lucy, you will have a hard time walking away! She loves affection and returns it in kind. One look into those soulful eyes and you'll wish you could pet this sweetheart forever. Lucy's adoption number is V29743. #SeniorSunday
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brianna.blaze_ : Awww! She's adorable
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Didn't get a chance to stop by yesterday? That's ok, Dougal forgives you. Avoid a case of the Mondays permanently by visiting our adoption center and taking this Shepherd mix puppy home! Dougal's adoption number is VL2002 and he is waiting patiently at 25 Davis Ave., Port Washington NY.
samantha_mish : @yazzzy_3 if @sdotferro won't let me have him you should get him! Haha
alexandrabloom : @atarifia ❀️
vickiberger : He's adorable!
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mmdesanto : @park_williams !!!! My birthday pupperz
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Tucker is a young male cutie with the most beautiful eyes. Tucker has all the great cat qualities covered: sweet, friendly, affectionate, loyal, curious, adventurous, likes to lounge but is playful and energetic, litter box trained, gives kisses, and good with kids of all ages. Tucker likes to look stunning and clean at all times, and doesn't mind the occasional treat. Tucker is an ideal movie night buddy! Tucker's adoption number is D48401. Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn #Caturday
caturday -
sarah__rosen : He looks so much like Ralph😭
animalleague : @sarah__rosen We are working on the Ralph/Tucker mystery!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
If you needed any more encouragement to come visit us this weekend, meet Khaleesi, who wants to go home today! Her adoption number is V30926.
ceciliaaamiguel : @julia_miguel17 take dad to north shore rn. I need her
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aklopano : Awww dat face! @stonecldfaux mother of dragons!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
ALL the dogs (and cats)! Who agrees?
leftylaroux : I agree.
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jayzee310 : Yes!! :*( @crissygirll
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