North Shore Animal League

The world's largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. 25 Davis Avenue, Port Washington NY.
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
“We rescued this scared little fella in 2011 from you guys!!! With our patience and love he is the friendliest, most lovable guy! His name is Boogie (we kept what you guys gave him)” – Michelle O
13ri_an : @mandee0206 look it's Rudy
j_andrew_z : ❤️❤️
literaturegirl_ : Awww. 😍
christenjessica : @lauren_caster
_me_ow_17 : @ghoul_for_hire
tjpmurphy : @anna.lizzy looks like Abby!
jolenechacon : @adios_octopus this is odins bro
tmoney121212 : @megsbbrown
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Simon is a 6-year old cat with a bright future. After being rescued from a local hoarder house he has been thriving in our shelter. Simon can be nervous around new people but warms up quickly to other cats. He gives them a happy “meow!” as his hello. He will do best in a family with children over 12. Simon would enjoy some cat trees to climb as part of his welcome home present! His adoption number is DA2.
abmoja : @laurenmoja
pennybermudez : Hi Simon I wish u nothing but the best in your future.
maryjocameltoe : @acmdf he looks like he should be yours
novalee_fuhs - roccoswa - lopeythecat - prana_run -
animalleague - North Shore Animal League
With his unique name, Charlie Tuna is a celebrity here at North Shore Animal League. He is 5 years old and as sweet and gentle as can be. Charlie Tuna is sure to become best friends with children over 6. His adoption number is C03726.
caracrichton : @kameruoso chharlie tuna. Like charlie tango??
amandatarrrrr : @csherm33 I just wanna quit my job and adopt dogs and cats
cmustangv8 : @michaeljnb I want to make his eyes sparkle again
michaeljnb : @cmustangv8 House of Chi
j_andrew_z : Awwww such a sweet little guy. I love his big ears. 🐶❤️
buff_thestuff : Hi looking for animal lovers
nicoleone : @dgallagher105 !!!!!!!!!!
samanthajosephinee : @anthonyee pizo brother
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
We are in love @katdenningsss!! 😍😍😍 ・・・ THE SHIRT IS HERE!!!! 100% designed by me, 100% all for you! The kitty in the photo is my dearly departed Pumpkin, who was a stray before my family adopted her. So a huge percentage of every shirt sold goes to the North Shore Animal League, who does amazing work for saving homeless animals. Plus, it makes all ladies/gentlemenz look awesome. Instagram a picture of yourself in your shirt with the hashtag #PumpkinLeague and I'll repost it!!! #PumpkinLeague SHIPS WORLDWIDE! LINK IN MY BIO!
pumpkinleague -
turtle395 : Can't see how to buy one 😢😢😢
eva_pas : @tea353 you so need this 😊
pawsandplaypetresort : Ooh I like!!!
kathleenlynn16 : Must have!!!
rrob003 : @paigeregister @brittneypeck415 @grotesquebeauty awesome!!! 😻
grotesquebeauty : @rrob003 need that in my life haha
grotesquebeauty : @ohmissmelanie
jbufo : @kmu6686 I needs dis
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
“We adopted Jax (formally known as Clinton) 3 weeks ago. He was classified as a TLC puppy and was very sick and thin. We are happy to say he is doing amazing. He is the love of our lives and we have never been happier !!” – Erin K
bhynes44 : @emurph793
drosen112 : Adorable
az_gem : He looks like RJ @jamesgamez94
caroline_nadel : @klevaaa1
mr.pj2u : @shorttyrocc
apollack23 : @blueeyez7 jax!!! ❤️
blueeyez7 : I know. I feel like everyone is using the name now. @apollack23 I'm just glad so many pups are getting adopted. I'm lucky for north shore for my Jax!
gi_mardjoe : @katlopez567
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Our staff member's pup Pablo was such a good boy on the set of #FoxBusiness this morning!
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cheenman : @jesscraft
scooter_stepmom : He looks like my Scooter I adopted from you 3 years ago @animalleague
buster_ogk : I hope Pablo isn't an immigrant.😹
lhendel : @aandersen89 ?!!?!
callmestephg : @theveganmealplan
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Mary is 5-years old and the size of a kitten! Her nickname is Big Eyes because of her glowing green eyes! Mary is from Manhattan. She is extremely sweet and enjoys the company of other cats. She gets along with children of all ages and will do great in any home! Mary would love to meet you today! Her adoption number is MA2669.
destinysangl : omg absolutely precious!!!! id take her if i didnt already have 3. 😙💋❤😻🐱💕😺
thewimshow : @wimmeralissa Toby's sister
missnewbboudy : @arabboud can I
taliavallano : @alliegra
alliegra : @taliavallano I love her!
gretchenvt : ❤️
howiemeowie : @instachowski trade in #MS for her!
merrillgambro : @suegetz same cat, different pic 😻
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Benji is a 4 year-old Cattle Dog mix with the puppiest of puppy eyes. He is an extremely loyal companion and once you earn his trust, he won't leave your side. Benji loves walks and spending time relaxing and playing despite his independent streak! Benji will do best in a home with children older than 16. His adoption number is GN023.
lisaloops : @mutz2552
buzzie112 : What a beautiful boy!!!!❤️🐾🙏🏻😘
katlynn_maria : @johngilday
_gina_beana : @lexaaak11
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
@animalleague puppies loved meeting Fox Business News anchor#lizclaman - a true fan of rescue dogs. #2pawsup
2pawsup - lizclaman -
taylor_r17 : @priscilla_____
emolak : @nachoemmy Gracie!
tiiink_ : @chuckybmore
brii_kyle : @nickcav91
scooter_stepmom : I want that chocolate lab!!!! @animalleague
awinters12 : @ladylif8888 can I just have them all please!!!
ocho14 : @dhert12
kawaii_lemons : the one on the rite 😍 @giantpandarider
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
It's time to make room for those new summer essentials! Buy & sell various items on our online thrift store and you'll be helping our cause at the very same time!
missmagsoc : @missmagsoc myself a little reminder for you to do this. Adopted my kitty Reina there 4 years ago. Adopt don't shop! Give back. 😻🙏😻
missmagsoc : @twistedomyoga
twistedomyoga : @missmagsoc ohhh Reina!!😸💚🙏 thanks for the tag mama!
missmagsoc : @twistedomyoga when do you teach besides Saturday?
twistedomyoga : Monday morning 930 and some spots at synergy Merrick Tuesday nights 730 and Saturdays 9am
missmagsoc : Ok cool I'm sure I could do a 930 Monday soon. Sat no way that early I work till at least midnight on Fridays! Taking this off the grid, txt you soon.
twistedomyoga : @missmagsoc 🙏🇺🇸
mzhmiller : @elworthystudio or this option:)
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