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We are North Shore Animal League America. The world's largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. 25 Davis Avenue, Port Washington NY.
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Puppy mill rescue Pinto was adopted! One by one, these dogs are finally surrounded in warmth and love for the first time. #ThankfulThursday
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yo_mdot : @samieblaze
mish1106 - angelica1331 - abeiky - fainchefaherty -
animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Carina is one of the many dogs we brought to safety during our recent puppy mill rescue. This 6 year-old Yorkie came from one of the worst situations imaginable but like many of our pups is improving mentally and physically every day! When our mobile rescue unit picked up Carina and the other dogs and puppies, she was already suffering from uveitis, an extremely painful eye inflammation. Carina’s chronic inflammation led to the medical team’s decision to enucleate, or remove, her right eye, relieving her of the constant pain that she had possibly felt for years. As you can see, Carina’s surgery went extremely well and her recovery has been so successful that she is now up for adoption! Because of her recent medical procedure and sensitivity, we would prefer 11 lb Carina to go home with a family with children older than 6. Carina has no problems with other dogs and cats and is extremely sweet and shy, but we are confident this little girl will blossom in her forever home! Carina’s adoption number is PM3379 and she is at 25 Davis Avenue, Port Washington NY.
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jennarena23 : @cmplynn @brigette_724 @muzikismything πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜’ i wish I could rescue her!!! So sad
jazzgeo : Awwwwww πŸ˜• @comefly33 @irathersleep
sandillakillah : @crude_comment I want her!!
sweetmelissa13 : @heidinycali πŸ˜₯I want her!!!!!!! 🐢😍😍😍
kellyyyyy_w : @jlw511 lets get her!
lisamaddy : Oh god thank god you found her #grateful #beautifulpup
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Thelib was adopted last night! This pup is BEYOND cute! #happytails #adopt #rescue #nsal #animalleague
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bethostern : he's beautiful!!!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Please vote for us via @purina! --- How can you help pets like Jamie? Vote now for @AnimalLeague to win $25k in our #PawsForACause charity event. Link in our profile. #BetterWithPets Photo credit: Ellen Dunn
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trishsoto : You should put the link in your bio on IG too ☺️
julixpadilla : @edjelley
shannmassa : I just voted!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Lana was adopted! We love #WoofWednesday
woofwednesday -
nycnikkixo : Yay! Enjoy your new home, Lana! <3
b_pietrangelo : @david_hill11
buck_gigi : @jbuck0 looks like Bruce
emilyfligel : Yay!!!!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Houdini is a Chihuahua mix who won’t disappear on you. This North Carolina rescue is about 2 1/2 years old and even though he’s on the tiny side, he plays LIKE A BOSS. Houdini loves other animals, especially cats, but prefers things done his way. He also is very fond of feet, but luckily this cutie response to vocal commands. If you are the boss of bosses, and patient, Houdini will be the love of your life. If you’d like to meet or adopt Houdini, please contact Erica Knors at Houdini's adoption number is NCR4459 and he is at 25 Davis Avenue, Port Washington NY. Photo courtesy of Ellen Dunn.
mayachulupa : @dj_wheredeydodatat
rbuckshaw : @allykist
luvf1carz : Omg he is gorgeous
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
7 year-old Jack Russell Casper the Friendly Dog is ready to haunt your couch, your fridge, and your heart. He was adopted yesterday! Now this big personality in a small package can celebrate his favorite holiday with his new family.
katealexander7 : @mrqb17
alliebosso : @mrs.rq
peamiller : @catieleahy
lolataps : Awwwwww yay!!!!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
An Adoption Story: ”These are the beautiful pup's that rescued us! First we have Jesse's favorite North Shore blanky, then our beautiful Jesse age 4 and our beautiful Bindi age 7…Bindi is very shy but don't mistake her shyness as she is one tuff cookie , she may b smaller than her lil brother Jesse but she's head of the house, then we have Jesse trying oh so hard to stay awake and they are inseparable, they are an awesome duo and they have enriched our lives beyond words…We will always be grateful to North Shore for letting them adopt us as they are # 4 and 5 rescues all from North Shore….They are our pride and joy…May God always bless North Shore….as they have certainly blessed us.” - Lauri & Tony Henriques and of course Bindi and Jesse
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Mill rescue Magnum was adopted! Our rescues are finding great homes but we still have pups in need!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
What do you think of Denver's #fall look?
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sollucks : 😍 cutie
laurafertile : I miss his face!!!
llh169 : @kaliela
vegada10 : Cute cute cutie pie! πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’•πŸ©πŸ©
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