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The world's largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. 25 Davis Avenue, Port Washington NY. #TourForLife2015
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Cats Doing Cat Stuff...For Adoption! Share this video, and help us change the cat adoption game! #doingcatstuff #adopt #catsofinstagram
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gabbygail44 : @charleskirkham I'm sold
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
"This is Dexter on the day we adopted him and today. We adopted him from NSAL almost 3 years ago. Very soon he will be celebrating his 3rd birthday. Thank you for allowing us to bring Dexter in as a member of our family!" - Stee M.
benbenn00 : @beccareca it's teddy!!
papastevesy : That's our Dexter! πŸ˜ƒ @kayrisshady
hannahraewelch : @_sta looks like Lucas!!
lisamay419 : @mrjpec Tessa?
campbowwowduluth : 😍
shorttyrocc : Look!! @mr.pj2u
venga757 : Awwww
beccareca : @jillayyyy woah. This is teddy
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
We had another wonderful event this past Saturday at our 12th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch. We honored our compassionate, selfless volunteers in a day of heartfelt speeches, laughs and good food. A big thank you to all of our volunteers and staff who continue to make North Shore a lively, nurturing place where animals can find their forever homes!
sunnyhilgirl21 : First comment
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
😍😍😍 @rosenbergradio ・・・
Yawwwwwwwwn says 🐻 the 🐺
mr.pj2u : Lol cute @shorttyrocc
chungfkennedy : Bear @rosenbergradio
_chilito : @regagan @bonesjones18 this dog is Rudy and Collins devil spawn
regagan : @_chilito dude, that's why I already 'liked' it!
bonesjones18 : @_chilito @regagan their evil spawn..
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
7 year-old female Domestic Short Hair Sweet Pea is a fun-loving, energetic girl who loves to be lap cat when she's had enough goofing off and exploring. Sweet Pea has is asthmatic but takes her medication well and has Stomatitis and can only eat canned food. She would do best in a home with older children and no other pets in the household. Given a quiet place to live, she will make a wonderful house cat and a great playmate. Sweet Pea's adoption number is E01267. #MeowMonday
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chuleelee : @stonecldfaux
cathgleason : @seeerchen
lilmollywood : @deadstock_hq
sadchihuahua : Omg this looks like a cat we lost a while back. Do you know her origin story?
jonathanheisler : @mhslowikowski sweeeeet pea!!!!
puliajaris : @maikeyloo this is me
stonecldfaux : @chuleelee my ❀️
christina9686 : @pixpete this is your exact facial expression most of the time! Lmao he looks like you 😺
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Every Monday, all adoption fees for dogs/cats 6 months and up are waived! You can take home a new family member for no charge like this handsome boy Caesar! 2-year old Caesar is a stunning Great Dane/Shepherd mix. This gentle giant is fantastic with children over 12 and other pups. Despite his size, Caesar is sweet and shy, and only wants your love and your snacks. Caesar's adoption number is T84137.
julzmarie : @shields515
slponcet : @kcorn88 I thought he got sad!
scooter_stepmom : How is he with other dogs? I have 3. Is he food aggressive? @animalleague
collinmcguire : @anastasiamae
_gina_beana : @shiva2291
cutecoote : @dylge
mrdaby : @itsdanabo
danielle_quintana : @keerrk we could go on a Monday!
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Robert, a 2 year old Cattledog Muttigree, will not stop looking at you til you come down to #tourforlife2015 in #Phoenix and adopt him. #betterwithpets #chateaulapaws #AZ #Arizona #GrandCanyonState #suncity #adopt #Muttigree #instadog #dogsofinstagram #dogagram #cattledog #savinglives
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lamberkel : @mickytwo @asq1202
chrissteglic : @jomalls
droach587 : @a_dando Stevens long lost buddy
lillik66 : @chopkins @roseview
j_rossman325 : @melissalincohen omg. He's so handsome!!
j_rossman325 : @jilleross his name is Robert!!!
roseview : @lillik66 @chopkins its Scrappy's doppelgänger πŸ˜„
mickytwo : @hugaheeler 😒
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
Molly is sad, she is waiting for a new home. Wont you come by the #petsmart for our #tourforlife2015 event in #Phoenix with @halorescue and @azhumane. #betterwithpets #chateaulapaws #adopt #rescue #instadog #dogsofinstagram
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brianseizure : @llawdaniell omg need her
llawdaniell : @brianseizure umm molly is in Arizona
brianseizure : @llawdaniell I know.. Anywhere near jersey I'd adopt her. She just looks so sadπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
tori_kristina : Poor Molly. 😞
kathywiz111 : Aww sweet girl...I hooe you find your perfect home soon...don't give up
kellybellati : ❀️
fiorious7 : Poor baby, wish you were nearby
allison787 : @diannana 😍
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
This is Willy who became a member of our family in January 2015. We adopted him from NSALA which was a fantastic experience. Willy has brought so much joy, love and excitement to our family, it's as if he was meant just for us. He's living like a king and he's definitely treated like one. Thank you NSALA!! -Nicole
findpartie : What kind of mix do you think he is? My foster dog Ella looks just like him!
pennykeller6 : Looks like a Fox Terrier or Jack Russell mix?
mickeythebeagle : So cute
marieann1001 : Congrats 🐾❀️
nikiluv10 : @danbur7 @tboz87
danbur7 : Yayyyy Willy!! πŸΆπŸ‘‘ @nikiluv10
tboz87 : @nikiluv10 @danbur7 I love Willy!!!!πŸΆπŸ˜πŸ’‹
sampsonsmom22 : ❀️
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animalleague - North Shore Animal League
We are getting ready for our second day of #tourforlife2015 here in #Phoenix. Joining us today is @halorescue, @azhumane, and Maricopa County. Stop by there alotta love to go around. #betterwithpets #petsmart #Arizona #AZ #humanesociety #adopt #rescue #savinglives #4leggedlove
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pattymcshmatty : @animalleague where you n Phoenix?
pattymcshmatty : @ @animalleague never mind I found you!🐢
kathywiz111 : @kerryskoala guess they are still there today lol
kerryskoala : @kathywiz111 awesome..I used to have a Girl Scout troop..we did a dog food drive where we dropped off flyers..and then the following weekend..we went around the neighborhood and collected the dog food. We adopted Halo as our charity to donate the food to....we also made Christmas ornaments..and I have several friends who have adopted from Halo..they also have a Thrift store
kathywiz111 : That's really a beautiful thing you and your family and friends did !!! @kerryskoala
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