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angelcitybrigade - ACB
Let's go @lagalaxy_dos !!! #losdos #acb121 #angelcitybrigade #usl
acb121 - usl - angelcitybrigade - losdos -
lagalaxyjerseys : @lagalaxyjerseys 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼Follow 2⃣0⃣years of LA Galaxy jerseys history 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
acbrebel121 : ACB sounds great.
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angelcitybrigade - ACB
Today's @lagalaxy viewing parties! Join us at Ddogs in Riverside and Scoreboard lounge at Double Tree in Carson! Cheers! #acbviewingparties
acbviewingparties -
lagalaxyjerseys : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️CHECKOUT & FOLLOW 2⃣0⃣ YEARS OF LA GALAXY JERSEY HISTORY⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
m_chhansta : @blaxican_89
iximuleu : Never any viewing parties in LA city. Wtf.
prd666 : Or you can just go to the match
stillill121 : there usually is in downtown homeslice @iximuleu
iximuleu : Donde @stillill121
saltboy_13 - j03m8 - fc_monroe - nick_rogers28 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Only three home games of the season left. Be there! Tickets available on our site.
fernybonds07 : Do we need to be ACB members to buy tickets on your site for your section?
angelcitybrigade : @fernybonds07 No, you don't. Just anticipate to stand and cheer 90+ minutes.
buckydubfohr : Aaayayayaaaay! Will be getting mine soon! Ahuuaaa!!
lagalaxyjerseys : @lagalaxyjerseys 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼CHECK OUT & FOLLOW 20 YEARS OF LA GALAXY JERSEYS HISTORY ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
don_peraza : @angelcitybrigade tickets on your site are only being sold to members.
patriciasteiding : Too bad after this one the rest are Sunday games. Makes it hard for my daughter & I to fly from NorCal to SoCal when I have work & she had college. 😕
lifentechncolor : @andreaisthecoolest
angelcitybrigade : @don_peraza tickets are now available to all acb peeps member pricing and nonmember pricing have seperate links.
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angelcitybrigade - ACB
Today! #unitewearwhite #acb121 #angelcitybrigade
acb121 - unitewearwhite - angelcitybrigade -
alexdbarrett : @mrpabo
nonserviam8 : @angelcitybrigade you have any remaining tickets, I'd like to take my little bro
og808 : @weirdcaley
br00k1ee : Ahhhh I wish I was there for this one! Sing loud for me! 💛💙💛💙
ron_johnson : Any Viewing parties tonight ?
anabellq : Any view parties in the IE?
626thinkblue : @angelcitybrigade question I'm planing on buying my season tickets and was wondering if there any difference buying threw u guys or Galaxy
skruffz69 - aguilar_juan7 - jacoblakings - sebastiannnnn_12 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Today's @lagalaxy viewing parties! Match starts at 6pm Be there! #acbviewing parties
acbviewing -
5feetjacky : IE !🙌🏻
delfunkie_mb : @hpphprado let's go,bro
dsantos.rodriguez : Ayy that's what's up ! I'm go to the one on pine street since my grandma lives near
nerd_e_pox : What channel is this on ?
kilian_dln19 - sebastiannnnn_12 - _itzel.18 - jacoblakings -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
This weeks @lagalaxy viewing parties! LA take note we will be in LBC this week! You will have an opportunity to enter a raffle for a signed Steven Gerrard jersey at both locations! Bring those dollahs! Grand prize drawing at SHC on 8/23. All funding goes right back into ACB merch, tickets and events. Cheers! #acbviewingparties #lagalaxy #angelcitybrigade
acbviewingparties - angelcitybrigade - lagalaxy -
adeledazeem27 : @chelsvilla7!
andreaisthecoolest : @lifentechncolor
lagalaxyjerseys : Follow ⚽️@lagalaxyjerseys⚽️ 20 years Galaxy jerseys history
liamfwatson : I'm going to be in Oceanside this weekend. Too bad there isn't a large following in Southtown where we can set up a viewing party.
fig9102 : For the first time I see one in Riverside and I'm out of town:/
bilbao_baggins : @kthlnkitty
adri_peeoh : @ji_juarez89 ddogs
victormalvidrez : Let's get Phantom Ales for OC. The owner has a suite at StubHub for Galaxy games!! Hit him up!! He's down!!
guym09 - avk539 - the_cyfer - pfcvenice -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Hello ACB! Join us in San Jose on August 28th as always supporting @lagalaxy !!l By Land or by Air, BE THERE! Flights: Delta airlines is still offering round trips for $140!! Travel round trip LA to SJ OR Join Fellow ACB’ers flying into SJ on Friday and out of SFO on Sunday. Brewery meet up in between! Carpools: Gas subsidy available for ACB Road Warriors! Organize your own carpools and ACB will subsidize $10 per person per car! Ex: Bring 4 people get $40 reimbursement. Bring 7 people get $70 reimbursement. Get on the road with your friends! More people = more subsidy. Gas subsidies is exclusive to ACB'ers and will be rewarded at our pre-game spot on game day only. Sign up required for subsidy. Tickets: Available in our online shop! Section 134 Purchase by Tuesday 8/25 General Tickets: $25 Member Tickets: $15 Hotel: Friday 8/28: $120 (Book by 8/21) Saturday 8/29: $129 Hotel info will be e-mailed to you upon ticket purchase. Ticket deadline is Tuesday 8/25! Cheers! #avayanastadium #acbaway #LAaway #LAGalaxy #angelcitybrigade
laaway - angelcitybrigade - acbaway - avayanastadium - lagalaxy -
abnerslopez : Lets go?
lagalaxyjerseys : Follow ⚽️@lagalaxyjerseys⚽️ 20 years Galaxy jerseys history
jeff14 : @gabe_real100 @randzillla lets gooooo!
mrosdy : @rebelruben
refwen : My ex is going...but she's a quakes supporter...I made the right choice
skruffz69 - aguilar_juan7 - jacoblakings - ronykirololololo -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Theeee one and only @cobijones13 stopping by our tailgate!! #cobijones #lagalaxy #legend #angelcitybrigade #acb121
angelcitybrigade - cobijones - acb121 - legend - lagalaxy -
natmon83 : @krystena_24 😍
skruffz69 - sixeristherealpublicenema - jacoblakings - _carloooooos_ -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Introducing "Batch 121" ACB's very own Farmhouse Ale brewed by @phantomcarriage Pick up a pint at Stub Hub Center on Sunday at the North East Shock Top Hut! Thank you to everyone who participated in the naming process! HUGE THANK YOU to Phantom Carriage for taking the time to collaborate with us and producing another awesome brew! Cheers ACB! #phantomcarriage #phantomcarriagebrewery #batch121 #angelcitybrigade #acb121 #bevocalsupportlocal #lagalaxy
batch121 - phantomcarriagebrewery - phantomcarriage - lagalaxy - acb121 - angelcitybrigade - bevocalsupportlocal -
blastingspeed : @eatmysith woah, that's super cool.
njdeleon1 : @pancho213 There it is
yvo_gonzalez : @angelcitybrigade I've been trying to get a hold of you all. I bought some tickets for Sunday's game and I haven't received an email with them in it? Starting to get worried. Driving 5 hours to a part of ACB fun.
moc_is_me : will growlers be available?
ronnie_la_yaquesita32 : Awesome! Batch 121! Cheers! 🍻
angelcitybrigade : @yvo_gonzalez tickets were sent out about a couple of hours ago. If they're not appearing in your inbox, check for an email from AXS in your spam folder. Email us if you don't find them, we'll sort it out
yvo_gonzalez : @angelcitybrigade just got them printed right now. So this is my first time sitting with these awesome fans. I noticed there are no seat numbers? How does it work? Just show up and sit wherever?
angelcitybrigade : @yvo_gonzalez yes, although our section is separated from general admission, inside the section seating is treated the same (GA). Show up early & be prepared to participate!
radspark92 - fc_monroe - curtisskhalil - esecastillo88 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
ATTN ACB121 Members! We narrowed down our top 4 names for the ACBeer brewed by @phantomcarriage brewery! Check your e-mail tomorrow for the opportunity to vote on our final name. Winning name will be announced on Friday! Here is the list: Batch 121 Brew White & Gold Brigade Brew Lot 13 ACBeer will make its debut at Stub Hub Center on 8/9. May the best name win! Cheers! #phantomcarriagebrewery #acbeer #supportlocaldrinklocal #acb121 #angelcitybrigade
acbeer - acb121 - phantomcarriagebrewery - angelcitybrigade - supportlocaldrinklocal -
charged_noise : Brew, White & Gold!
twelf_man : Batch 121
eltubo : @angelcitybrigade punky Brewster tho! Lol
solidconceptgroup : @angelcitybrigade lot 13 true ACB MEMBERS know what's up with lot 13
danceforthatanarchy : @beerbelly_la @baconsoap @hectors_ig
melist13 : Lot 13. Clean
baconsoap : @baropbop
5feetjacky : Brew white & Gold
soccer2840 - its.mell17 - don_peraza - _blake_pats_7 -
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