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angelcitybrigade - ACB
ATTN ACB! This weekend’s playoff match is only a 10 hour drive away! We want to get as many Angelino’s out there as possible so let us help pay for your gas! ACB is offering $50 and $75 gas cards to ACB’ers who are organizing carpools out to the match! $50 available to carpools of 4 and $75 to carpools of 7+. Gas cards will be handed out until we reach $500 in give away’s so sign up ASAP! More info below! How to sign up for the gas card give away- Purchase your ticket by 10/30 at 12:00 here: E-mail us the names of the people in your carpool: Gas card pick up: Pick up your card at our tailgate at Rio Tinto Stadium NOT so Fine print: Only active ACB’ers are eligible for this give away. ACB121 members and people who have purchased tickets in section 121 via our website at any point during the 2014 season are eligible. If this doesn’t apply to you get into a carpool with someone that it does apply to! Helpful tool: Estimate your fuel costs here BE SAFE ROAD WARRIORS! Cheers! P/s Insta users! Live links to everything above on our facebook page!
aaroncarmycoal : @flores_flowers wouldn't this have been so awesome! We should do this next year when we can actually save money in time haha
valivid_121 - dhernandez7 - kierantl - danielbrat123 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Time to get on the 15 freeway again! Road trip to Utah! Check our Facebook event for more info! #LAaway #carpools #vans #acbaway #acb121
laaway - vans - acbaway - acb121 - carpools -
turtleg999 : Nah
electric_d : @8carrera9
rafascatambulo : Respect from Brazil
__sasquatch___ : @de_liz_cious imagine a carpool with these guys to the galaxy game in utah. Anazing
injunbrandy - myangieb - ilsepnscherping - mariavillela80 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Today is last day to sign up with this discounted price! Call Michael Gasparro at 310-630 2235 Tag your friends and repost this! #acb121
acb121 -
kikibmannerisms : @kevinism11 @nateology101 you guys doing this again?
nateology101 : @kikibmannerisms @kevinism11 @mrsdeborahg but of course
aggro_barber : @shadawg12
njdeleon1 : What do you mean by exchange game? @angelcitybrigade
angelcitybrigade : @njdeleon1 you can miss 3 games and exchange those tickets for other games
turtleg999 : #nah
kthlnkitty : Got my season tickets already!
nadiyahsiqueiros : @thisgirl_kay_kay yaasssssss
goairngo - royalblack85 - gigi_vengenz08 - ericashow56 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
LA Galaxy reduced the price of ACB season tickets for 2015! To take full advantage you need to renew/purchase before Friday at midnight! Call Michael Gasparro at 310 630 2235 Photo cred to @el_chewpacabra #acb121
acb121 -
angelcitybrigade : Attaboy @gram626
jayundftd7 : Smoke Bombs Included Separately .
gram626 : Hell yeah smoke bombs
gram626 : @angelcitybrigade You know it things will change and no more playing by the rules cause we're the angel city brigades
cera_20 : @riggs_2
rawbmoore12 : Sup huevudos
lunaxnegra : No Pyro = No Party
aggro_barber : Just got an email stating you guys canceled my order for Nov 9th tickets and refunded me. What's up?
myangieb - gigi_vengenz08 - gio_geo14 - adricasbar -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
#Repost from @avalen87 with @repostapp — Wish I could have been closer to #acb121 this past weekend. I was chanting with you all the way from section 102! @angelcitybrigade @lagalaxy #LAGvsSEA
acb121 - cardio - lagvssea - repost -
angelcitybrigade : A typical day in 121! #cardio
tony_m20 : Glad to be a part of ACB 😄
citojm : @4marcusacosta
karinac121 : Haha cardio? I feel like I got hit by a bus!
jedimind_pics - royalblack85 - batgal84 - valash19 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Use hashtag #acb121 to have the chance of your photos being featured in our account! And we will give you a follow too!
acb121 -
vsvpfvcundo : Oh. Def follow @rawbmoore12
angelcitybrigade : @facundoforever nah
awakeatthewall : Sup w that scarf tho
rawbmoore12 : @facundoforever @angelcitybrigade jeje
gobluethinkblue : @5feetjacky
jedimind_pics - royalblack85 - batgal84 - valash19 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Just 3 more days left to purchase season tickets at a discounted price! $350 and payment plans available. Photo cred to @nancyb_5 #acb121
acb121 -
xmichaelx24 : You guys should do the chant #ibelivethatwewillwin in playoffs as well as na na na na, na na man a hey hey hey, goodbye
renyculous : @xmichaelx24 lol good luck getting them to do that stupid I believe chant
xmichaelx24 : @renyculous why lol
xmichaelx24 : You don't believe? @renyculous
nancyb_5 : Awesome thanks for the photo credit! 👍
bigish01 : @xmichaelx24 we do that chant, except changed "goodbye" to "Galaxy." As for I believe, CUSA does it, a lot of good its done them
instagramceo : Are you guys going to sell playoff tickets through your site?
angelcitybrigade : @instagramceo we are, click link in our bio
royalblack85 - ignacio_maulen - its_reload7 - valash19 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
If you ordered shirts and hoodies come pick them up at the #picnic #acb121 #ThanksLD
acb121 - thanksld - picnic -
sebastiannnnn_n - kingkobly - miz_monica82 - la.galaxy.edits -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
121 is sold out for this Sunday! Join the party in 122 and 120! #ACB121 #LAGalaxy #ThanksLD Also buy your playoff tickets now before they sell out!!
acb121 - thanksld - lagalaxy -
angelcitybrigade : @ej_si14 check stubhub
drewlos : @johnhampton
jaybeevasquez : Anyone got tickets for sell?
motorjohn121 : Start the party wherever you're at!
alexdrod : Not gonna get scalped. Fuck stub hub.
electric_d : @8carrera9
simplylifecc : @alexdrod I agree... fuck those prices. Ugh!
branchez16 : Anybody selling tickets?
michyfeeshy - joanafpvteixeira - lagalaxybeat - littleapple95 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Pre-order for our B121GADE hoodie ends today at noon! Order today and pick up at our picnic area on Sunday 10/19! Live order link on our insta profile. Cheers!
jayundftd7 : @smarts_ssltd still got my sweater? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
jojold : @angelcitybrigade are you still selling tickets for Sundays game or are they sold out?
fuentes0702 - desiswaggy - mr_gee99 - twelf_man -
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