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angelcitybrigade - ACB
Congratulations @genevepatrick! Our winner of last year's #acbviewingparties contest. We'll contact you soon to get some ACB gear to you! Remember use #acbviewingparties for your chance to win ACB gear! Cheers!
acbviewingparties -
ghostinthehell : I love my photo bomb.
genevepatrick : Woooo hoo @angelcitybrigade
genevepatrick : Nice photobomb @ghostinthehell
pilleknrr - s_t_rocka - jo3himself - soccer2840 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Today's viewing parties! Which one are you attending? Cheers! Remember to use #acbviewingparties for your chance to win ACB gear!
acbviewingparties -
angelcitybrigade : @lagalaxy
jor350z : Anyone going to The OC location? I don't wanna go alone
el_chewpacabra : @evanbraun @iritch down?
evanbraun : @el_chewpacabra which one?
el_chewpacabra : @evanbraun out of the park
el_chewpacabra : @jor350z I'm bringing 2 to the OC location
jor350z : Out of the park in Buena Park is showing the game as well here's the address 6038 Ball Rd, Buena Park, CA 90620 @angelcitybrigade @el_chewpacabra
initalife - citojm - maryberryms - me.geegee -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Join us for @lagalaxy soccer all day on Saturday! Viewing party at @phantomcarriage followed by a Galaxy II game at SHC at 7:30! ACB STH have free season tickets. Kids under 12 are free. Free parking AND $2 beers! Be there! #lagalaxy #lagalaxyII #losdos #acbviewingparties
acbviewingparties - lagalaxyii - lagalaxy - losdos -
jor350z : WhAt about the oc location? Will they be viewing the game there? @angelcitybrigade
riggs_2 : @kris_enriquez
angelcitybrigade : @jor350z yes, out of the park pizza same as last time 😉
forcefeds_pikachu : Same place for Orange County?? Too down!! I will be there 😎😁
mr_seeks : @angelcitybrigade are you guys going to need help for the next tifo?
instructus_chris : Any other locations with perhaps more food options?
sillybolivian : What happened to the IE?
stitch_310 - h42231 - gemini_oscar - clockworktoy818 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
ACB STH! If you're not attending the GII match tonight, log into your Galaxy account manager and forward your ticket to We will forward it to a fellow ACBer that wants to attend. P/s Kids under 12 get free admission! Cheers!
nateology101 : @angelcitybrigade can't make it, sent you mine. Enjoy!
brucewaynemartin : Now that the sanction has been lifted, is there a tifo planned for the Seattle game?
fitgirlsguide1 : Any viewing games in LA, for the DC away game?
that1guy_kevin - jo3franco - clockworktoy818 - angelcitybrigade_gallery -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Dallas to Orlando swing trip info is up! Check our Facebook events! Go to one game or both, just be there! #acbaway #acbontour #angelcitybrigade
angelcitybrigade - acbaway - acbontour -
luk820911 : @arlynnvr? Who needs a tropical vacation when you have the dirty south and Disneyworld? Haha
arlynnvr : @luk820911 that's a loooong road trip.
arlynnvr : @luk820911 oh yeah, I need a tropical vacation.
pablothepeanut : Any plans yet for trips to San Jose or Portland?
esecastillo88 : @danrizzle you ain't down!
motorjohn121 : @pablothepeanut Portland happened and SJ is a given
xuhleenuhx : @sariandyolebird @paw_oh_la @fadeddavid @mrsautumnx @mcoronel82
sariandyolebird : @paw_oh_la @xuhleenuhx @mcoronel82 @fadeddavid im going to the game in orlando :-)
aaroncarmycoal - apache_shoes - itsquitealright - antmursphere -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Checking in at @theescondite! @lagalaxy gotta pick it up in the next half! #acbviewingparties
acbviewingparties -
angelcitybrigade_gallery : @angelcitybrigade
angelcitybrigade_gallery : Im with u guys for the sanctions
royalblack85 - mcbean409 - beautiful_cala - mrod32_ -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Today! Happy Hour specials at all locations for our viewing parties! See you there! Use #acbviewingparties for your chance to win ACB Gear! @theescondite @outoftheparkpizza #royalfalconer
acbviewingparties - royalfalconer -
badfish_310 : Have a viewing party in the South Bay next time
mumblerjorge : Wish I could make it to the Redlands one! It's the closest one but still pretty far 🙊
a_ro_blessed - stitch_310 - mumblerjorge - coxy7 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
@lagalaxy Viewing parties tomorrow, 1 in each county. Spread the word! #acbviewingparties << use that hashtag at the events for your chance to win ACB Gear!
acbviewingparties -
the_gent999 : @lord_aggro5446 where we watching the match brotha
sillybolivian : I need to be at one of those.
oohnoitsnick : Shall we?? @45bowties
45bowties : @oohnoitsnick I'm down.
lord_aggro5446 : @the_gent999 OutOfThePark if you're down. We'll be there for sure
the_gent999 : @lord_aggro5446 im down
badfish_310 : Have one in the South Bay too next time!
ghostinthehell - martinsoto7 - thekingoflongbeach - joelmart -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
Sunday Sunday Sunday! Which @lagalaxy viewing party are you attending? #acbviewingparties #acb #angelcitybrigade #lagalaxy
acbviewingparties - acb - angelcitybrigade - lagalaxy -
lord_aggro5446 : @outoftheparkpizza great spot good beer and pizzas I just hope there isn't any other sports playing at the same time. The game with no sound sucks. See you guys out there!
_banana.girl : I am pretty sure the game will be played on the projection screen and multiple tvs at @outoftheparkpizza @lord_aggro5446
lord_aggro5446 : @_banana.girl last time I was there 1/2 the screens were Galaxy other 1/2 were 49ers game. Sound was the 49ers game that's all I'm saying..
_banana.girl : Football season is over now though! Last game i was here for galaxy was on all tvs @lord_aggro5446
lord_aggro5446 : Cool cool @_banana.girl yeah I know NFL is done. Was worried about MLB NHL or anything else MLS gets no love no matter how many cups the galaxy win⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
_banana.girl : Oh MLS better get love ill bug the bartenders and my boss until they give in! @lord_aggro5446
lord_aggro5446 : @_banana.girl that was a broad statement mainly directed at sports stores and fangear isles at target n Walmart 😜
_banana.girl : Haha aint that the truth! @lord_aggro5446
harrowingtick - martinsoto7 - thekingoflongbeach - miz_monica82 -
angelcitybrigade - ACB
It's Game Day! Today we begin our financial sanctions against MLS, Galaxy and Stub Hub Center. We ask everyone who is standing with us not to purchase Parking, concessions or merchandise for the first 4 home games we are sanctioned for. Here are some solutions to help attain these goals: Parking: - Carpool with someone who has already purchased a parking pass (they're out there) - Park at Overtime - Park at South Bay Pavillion and take a $6 Uber to the stadium - Park at Phantom Carriage (public parking on Main St) and take a $5 uber to the stadium. Phantom is reserving a room for ACB post game! We'll see you there! Concessions: - Eat and drink your fill at our tailgate - Bring your own food or eat and drink what ACB will be providing. - Pack a snack bag. SHC allows entry with bottled water and small snack items like chips, snack bars etc. Merchandise: - Do not buy any - If you absolutely need something, purchase through online shops after 5/2 These financial sanctions are in response to the sanctions placed against us for the first 8 games of the season and a streamer ban for the entire 2015 season. More info here THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged to stand with us in making these financial sanctions effective! More Game Day Need to knows: - Merchandise Pick up from 5pm - 6:30pm at the ACB tents in our picnic area. - Section 121 is SOLD OUT. We will have additional rows skimmed off in section 122. Spread the word! #standwithacb #acb121 #angelcitybrigade #blueonblue
acb121 - angelcitybrigade - standwithacb - blueonblue -
avalen87 : @estheroxx @pagal452 @fes17
dpayne1010 : So no one is purchasing the limited edition scarf?
cokey85 : @andrew323c @edgarsc
nancyb_5 : @elbichito121
davidriddle : NO streamers?! What the fuck is that
simplylifecc : @samvargas this is what I was talking about
rudymad315 : @limarie6 @jbolt255
dessie____ : @sirlao
rejectxgloryxgal - selassie_sort - riggs_2 - miz_monica82 -
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