Babies. Food. Hippie buses. Travel. I also crochet/knit a bit.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
And this is what Benson does most days when sister is at preschool. Plays Legos, looks cute, and jabbers nonstop.
maralieg : You make the most darling babies! And I just know you're the best mom! When are you due?
andrealbaker : @maralieg you're too nice, it's definitely harder then it looks. I'm due in 3 weeks but hoping for any day now!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
What most of her afternoons look like while brother sleeps. She eats a whole bag of popcorn, colors, and watches a movie.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
These two have been so wild lately. I absolutely love it, until I need a nap. #siblinglove #childhood
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vdna_ : yeah @VinesBeLike
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andrealbaker - Andrea
We finally had a chance to explore Portland a little bit on Monday. I love river cities so much. #citywalks #portlandoregon
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searschristy : Have you tried Powell's bookstore yet?! I bet you'd love it!
andrealbaker : @searschristy yes! We love Powell's. The first time I went was back when we were dating.
rosaliej_ : You have awesome posts!
leviathandc5 : Nice!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
1 month away from my due date. Which is when Benson decided to come. Am I having a boy or girl?!?!! #36weeks #babystayput #iwantachubbybaby
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beautiful.preggos : There is no way that you are real!!
sarahudall22 : Hehe, Nick. You look so great! I can't wait to meet this little one! How did the appointment go?
andrealbaker : @sarahudall22 thanks. I finally was able to see a doctor and the baby is head down! So I'm hoping to do a vbac instead of another csection.
sarahudall22 : That's great news:) You'll be in my prayers since this baby could come any day now!
perfectlybaked : Love this! Cute bun in the oven!
mimosadesigns : Stunning. Not long to go now! Make sure you mark all the important milestones like this as it's fantastic to be able to look back on all the happy memories for years to come!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
We traded mountains and snow for moss and rain. #idontmind #oregonlife
oregonlife - idontmind -
kwcalv : It's the best trade, in my opinion!
searschristy : And don't forget beautiful lakes, waterfalls and rivers!!
erhondeau : sign. me. up.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
The past couple of days they've been playing the "hugging game" which is just them hugging for a long time. 😍 #siblinglove
siblinglove -
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andrealbaker - Andrea
There are no toys in the backyard yet, so the kids are kicking rocks around. #movingproblems
movingproblems -
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Made it to Oregon safely last night after a looong 15 hour drive. The kids were perfect, the roads were not. I keep having to tell myself we're not going back to Utah. #surreal
surreal -
laura_collard : Scaaaary! So glad you made it safely. So sad you are gone. 😩
kwcalv : Hooray! Glad you guys made it safely! That drive is NOT easy in winter weather!
carmug : How exciting! I hope the rest of moving is better than the drive!!
andrealbaker : @laura_collard we're going to miss you guys!! You'll just need to visit us sometime.
andrealbaker : @kwcalv thanks! Now when are you visiting Oregon? 😉
andrealbaker : @carmug thanks, now that we're here anything will be easier than that drive!
kwcalv : Not anytime soon! But I'll have to plan a trip!
gail_g_ellison : Will read this and said "of course the kids were perfect!" We just don't agree with the "not coming back to Utah" part. We are glad you made it safely!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
It's a white Christmas! Grateful that it snowed one last time before we move. (Now hurry up and melt before Saturday!)
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