Babies. Food. Hippie buses. Travel. I also crochet/knit a bit.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Kenzie has been my big helper through this whole illness. It's amazing how independent a five year old can be. When did my baby get so big.😒
acrossmystory : Cuuuutie!!
rach_peck : She is too cute!! It's truly amazing how helpful a 5 year old can be!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
She's just so squishy I want to eat her, ya know. #babyemeryjane #motherhood
motherhood - babyemeryjane -
laura_collard : She's so beautiful!
sarahudall22 : Love that little babe! Can't wait to live on her next month! And the bow looks so cute!
juliannewheatley : Completely adorable.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
New favorite movie now. Just call me Bob from now on. #postpartumpsychosis #postpartumdepression #babysteps
babysteps - postpartumpsychosis - postpartumdepression -
emilyharveywarren : That is one of our favorites! "I'm sailing!"
aesromano : Watched this last week. Classic.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Part 2: The Hospitals The insomnia continues! Living on 3 hours of sleep these days, but I just can't sleep until I finish writing my experience. People need to understand mental health better and I hope to achieve that by sharing my story, so please read if you have the time. Thanks! (Link in profile) #mentalhealth #postpartumpsychosis #postpartum #motherhood #postpartumdepression
mentalhealth - motherhood - postpartum - postpartumpsychosis - postpartumdepression -
staygoldautumn : I can't even imagine experiencing this!!! Y'all are in our prayers.
rmclawson : Thank you for sharing your experience! I think it will help each reader feel compassion and express empathy for others in a similar situation. ❀️️
laura_collard : Can't stop telling you how amazing and brave you are. Thank you for sharing this Andrea. ❀️
rach_peck : You are so brave to share your story! Just by doing so you are achieving your goal! You're amazing! πŸ’—πŸ’—
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Sunday shenanigans.
kwcalv : He is so big!
nancimarie19 : Too cute!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Still have fun insomnia. Part one of my story is up on my blog if you care to read it. Link in profile.
elisahunt : You're are such a babe. I'm dying to know the rest of your story! This is crazy! I can't believe you went through all of this. You're amazing.
emilyharveywarren : You're amazing Andrea! So grateful you can be honest and open about your experience. No doubt you will help others. Love ya!
rachthue : Thanks for sharing your experience and I so admire your honesty. It is so interesting to me and something I've never really heard about. You are a good mom and so strong for having gone through this!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
I'm going to be completely honest here. I have insomnia because of the medications I'm taking which all have different side effects. This journey has been hard because I'm either too depressed or too happy because of the medicine I'm on has different side effects. It's all about figuring out the right medicine for me which has been a very loooooong process. I didn't sleep a wink last night because the new medicine I'm trying has a side effect of insomnia. But I feel great, like I could run a marathon and I'm extremely happy right now which is why I'm posting a picture of my nails because I never paint my nails but when you don't sleep its amazing what you can accomplish. Anyways, I'm grateful that I'm very in tune with my body and really know how these drugs are effecting me. Do I like feeling extremely happy? Of course! But is that the medicine or the fact that I'm so happy I'm not sleeping all day. Because did you know one of the signs of someone going manic is extreme happiness and talking a lot and having lots of energy. So am I manic or am I me again? It's all about finding myself again. I know this is long and I'll write a blogpost soon. Basically what I'm trying to say is this whole experience is teaching me to not be judge mental whatsoever. I know exactly why people do drugs now. I hate taking medicine and I'm so grateful that I can recognize that. So long story short don't do drugs, unless you have to because you went psychotic. πŸ˜‚ (you have to laugh or cry about this whole thing) #imnotcrazyipromise
imnotcrazyipromise -
chiachen212 : πŸ™πŸ™Œlove you!
andrealbaker : @bekalowe @rmclawson thank you guys for the encouraging words, it means a lot to me.
andrealbaker : @kwcalv thanks so much. I would love some book recommendations and I know you probably have some good tv show recommendations. Thanks so much for all the love and prayers. Love you!
andrealbaker : @chiachen212 thanks Jenny, love you!
andrealbaker : @acrossmystory love you!! I can't wait until the finale!
acrossmystory : Haha seriously I have no idea who she will choose! I wish I could watch it with u!
staygoldautumn : I had never even heard of this before and I'm so glad you are writing about it. I can't imagine how difficult this has been for your family or scary for you to have these hallucinations. I hope they are able to find medications that get you to feeling back to normal soon!
sandrapdavis : So sorry to hear about your struggles. Insomnia really is The Worst! I had postpartum depression 21 years ago after my son was born & it changed me in so many ways--good & bad. Lmk if you need a listening ear, empathy, or support. You are doing amazing! β™‘β™‘β™‘
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Kenzie reads books to Emery and she loves it. And I love it because I get to take a quick nap!
sarahudall22 : Sisters!😍
rmclawson : Yes! Any opportunity to sleep is a must!
rach_peck : So sweet! And a great idea!
staygoldautumn : Very sweet!!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
She is loving having her mama back. I finally feel like I can function again since having postpartum psychosis. It's the best feeling having my life back. Thanks again for everyone's thoughts and prayers.
emilyharveywarren : She's adorable! So glad you're feeling better!
sarahudall22 : She's totally a red head! Darling little chub!
rmclawson : She's adorable. Glad you're doing better!
rach_peck : πŸ’—πŸ’— glad you're feeling better!
nancimarie19 : So happy to hear! She's the cutest mini chubster!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
All of the Cross cousins. With one more girl on the way.
kwcalv : Who has a girl on the way??
rach_peck : Thanks for keeping me company during RS today! It was nice talking to you.
andrealbaker : @kwcalv Megan, Jason's wife is due in November.
nancimarie19 : Cute babies!
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