Babies. Food. Hippie buses. Travel. I also crochet/knit a bit.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
We went berry picking this morning. Our favorite thing about Oregon.
sarahudall22 : Oh that sounds like heaven! Benson is such a big boy carrying that tray all by himself.
nancimarie19 : We want to come next time!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
On a happier note, I blogged about our Seattle trip.
sarahudall22 : Look at that sweet sleeping baby!
nancimarie19 : Beautiful Mommy, beautiful baby girls and beautiful flowers!
ddube1 : Gorgeous!
ddube1 : And, those cheeks!!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
This adorable smidge is already 3 months! Can't believe it, love her so much. On a completely different note I've been going through some health issues which is why I haven't been on here in a while. I had postpartum psychosis that happened right after my birthday. I hope to do a blog post about it when I'm feeling more up to it because I never had heard of it and it's a scary thing to go through and it needs to be talked about more openly. The odds are 1 in 1000 women get it. I want others to know that I might not be completely better yet, but I'm going to be. I appreciate all the love and prayers we've felt through this difficult time and am deeply humbled and grateful for the service we've received. And anymore prayers are welcome because the power of prayer is real. #lds #mormon
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rachmorrill : Sure love you Andrea!
ddube1 : You are an amazing women, Andrea! I admire your courage, strength and determination. You are growing stronger everyday, and I know in my heart that you will rise above and overcome this trial.
andrealbaker : @laura_collard thank you. The kids still talk about going to play at your house. Your friendship means a lot to me.
andrealbaker : @kayla.cross.37 I love you! Can't wait to see you. The kids are so excited that there Kayla is coming to play
andrealbaker : @sarahudall22 @bekalowe @crowderm @sarahudall22 @nancimarie19 @rachmorrill thank you so much.
allibarnett : Prayers being sent your way!!! You are an amazing woman and those cuties are lucky to have you!!
elisahunt : Andrea, I was just creeping on your Instagram and read this!! I'm sorry you've been so sick!! Glad you're starting to feel better though and things are looking up!!!
missionguys : I like this img!!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
If you look reeeeally hard you can see the space needle in the middle. #seattle #travelingwithkids #adventureco
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Everyone needs to try a doughnut the size of their face at some point in their life. #seattle #travelingwithkids
travelingwithkids - seattle -
mjw518 : Where?! I need one!
rmclawson : I love all the fresh donuts from pike's
andrealbaker : @mjw518 pike place market, it's really good too!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Emery's first ride on a ferris wheel. Too busy eating and sleeping to care. πŸ˜„ #seattle #travelingwithkids
travelingwithkids - seattle -
bnamlot : I hope you guys are loving it here, you picked the best weekend to come weather wise!!
bnamlot : And happy birthday!!!
edenkershisnik : You look beautiful
andrealbaker : @bnamlot we loved Seattle, I had no idea how big it is! And yes, the weather was amazing.
andrealbaker : @edenkershisnik thanks 😊
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andrealbaker - Andrea
We're spending my birthday weekend in Seattle. (I've never been before). I love traveling with my family, no matter how much work it might be. Seeing their faces as they take in this beautiful world makes it worth it. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I have a feeling year 27 is going to be the best one yet! #seattle #spaceneedle #travelingwithkids
spaceneedle - travelingwithkids - seattle -
jenndube3 : Happy birthday!!!
h.j_109 : Happy birthday ~ l have been visit to seattle l am very very missing γ…œγ…œ
juliannewheatley : Happy Birthday!
laura_collard : How fun!! Happy birthday pretty lady.
kwcalv : Happy birthday!! I want to see you if you have some time! We're in the U District.
andrealbaker : @kwcalv it was such a crazy short trip. But I want to see you guys sometime soon.
sarahudall22 : I tried calling, looks like you had a fabulous birthday! Love you!
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andrealbaker - Andrea
#tbt to my little, pudgy, baby self. I'm turning 27 tomorrow and couldn't be happier. I've finally got a baby that has my double chin and arm rolls.
tbt -
sarahudall22 : You were a cute little babe, no wonder you make such cute babies! Happy Birthday tomorrow Cuz!
carmug : Happy birthday!
kayla.cross.37 : Happy birthday!! Love you! I can't wait to visit!
andrealbaker : @kayla.cross.37 love you! We're going to have SO much fun when you visit.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Literally "running" errands with me today.
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andrealbaker - Andrea
Party preppin'. We've got my birthday, Kenzie's birthday and our anniversary all in the next 2 weeks!
chriskbennett - marvanwag - ddube1 - hannahharvey7 -
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