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andersoncooper - andersoncooper
If you're in Washington, DC tue May 3 come meet me at @politics_prose bookstore at 1pm. I'm signing #TheRainbowComesAndGoes. #Mother'sDay
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dianelawing : Anderson, I have to let you know that I'm on page 150 of yours and your Mothers book. I'm turning 72 this year and hate to admit it but I've never been a reader. But because I hold you and your mother in such high regard I knew I had to read your book and it hasn't disappointed. I've cried alot and laughed. Its remindes me alot of my family. Married three times and divorced but have three of the most beautiful daughters in the world and they have given me three grandchildren, two boys and one girl. I always prayed for boys but God had other plans for me. When I think of your Mother and the fact that you are gay, I have to admit I'm jealous. What a joy, a gay son! I guess thats why I have always adored you. I have one sister ten years younger that went off to college and never came home. My daddy died 17 years ago and my mother is 92 and has Alzheimer's. She is living in a memory care facility and has for two and a half years. She and my sister were always very close but she and I not so much. My sister only lives an hour and a half away she doesn't come. She has been here only once since Christmas. Its all left up to me. I keep saying, I don't want this job any longer but it falls on deaf ears. Its amazing your Mother has always had remarkable health except for the recent scare. My Mother has always been very healthy but now her mind has left the building. Keep doing what you do best and know I'm always praying for your safety. Diane Lawing/Charlotte NC
jpa6062 : Checkout this article about one of your families former estates in the Berkshires. It was pictured in the doc with your mom.
jung_dawoon : Super handsome Coop ❤️.❤️
stella.mathew : @amanda.saji @angelmxria 😙😍
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andersoncooper - andersoncooper
Great weekend in #Somaliland on assignment with some amazing and inspiring young people
somaliland -
abdalla342 : @mohamedaawil ohh please for God's sake speak like an adult. I just said the fact accept it or not. n by de way say what you said in ur village not here.
mohamedaawil : @abdalla342 a fact? I'll give you some facts. The "Somalian" government hasn't controlled Somalilandian territory since 1991, they have no control or political influence whatsoever in Somaliland. Somali currency is not valid in Somaliland and our military forces have pushed back faqash Bantu soldiers from Xamar. Ps I'm from no village Saxiib;)
abdalla342 : @mohamedaawil not ready to start debate about this. at de end of the day we r all from somali have a goodnight.
jung_dawoon : Awwwwww toooo cute!!! 😘😘😘
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andersoncooper - andersoncooper
#tbt my mom back in the day by Richard Avedon. #TheRainbowComesAndGoes
therainbowcomesandgoes - tbt -
say212 : ⚡️
desireejasmin : @joeyjbarron iconic
claricecambellmason : Beautiful always! Your intimate documentary was very touching!
jung_dawoon : She's very beautiful!
fourleaveslater - jeanniearnold - rqloking - amhhh27 -
andersoncooper - andersoncooper
Was fun being on @sternshow to talk about#TheRainbowComesAndGoes
therainbowcomesandgoes -
karybabii : Dammn @sternshow Howard looks so diff I miss those wack pack days when you were on etv with high pitch Eric, beetle juice and 'em lol 😂. Once u went to Sirius I didn't hear u anymore 😫😢
bevinba16 : Thank you Anderson for sharing you and your mom with us! Awesome
zachthesponsor : You're the best/most honest one on CNN @andersoncooper My mom and I watched your special and it was so interesting and emotional.
jung_dawoon : Gonna check this out! ❤️
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andersoncooper - andersoncooper
Nothing better than a puppy. #Lilly #TheRainbowComesAndGoes
lilly - therainbowcomesandgoes -
mimizoeyman : She is the sweetest little girl!!! Post more pictures of her as she grows.
onehandsumdevil : I lover her and you also handsome muffin ❤️❤️
abdalla342 : look at that I think sje wake up from sleep now lol
jung_dawoon : ❤️.❤️ small bebe Lilly!!!! 🐶🐶🐶
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andersoncooper - andersoncooper
Wow, just heard #TheRainbowComesAndGoes will debut at #1 on @nytimes bestseller list! Thank you to everyone who has read it!!
1 - therainbowcomesandgoes -
cathmamasox : 💕💕💕💕💕
abdalla342 : :-) :-) :-)
crkinla : Giving this to my mom for one of her Mother's Day gifts! 👍🏻
neomi_sadowski : Congrats where can I buy a copy of Nothing left unsaid?
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andersoncooper - andersoncooper
My dog Molly passed away a few months ago. This weekend Lilly showed up! She's a Welsh Springer Spaniel. #TheRainbowComesAndGoes
therainbowcomesandgoes -
ahmeeed19 : Cool
esyerliu : @jessy8chang omg combo Anderson and puppy <3
wildlifewarrior7 : I'm sorry...💔
doinatautufineart : So cute
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andersoncooper - andersoncooper
The sold-out show in Philly was a blast. Join us in #NewOrleans 6/24, #Austin 6/25. Ticket info at
austin - neworleans -
aftermath616 : @bravoandy @andersoncooper you two are so freaking sexy. Ooooh if i could literally just have 5 seconds with both of you. Game over lol
momsterkennedy : Anderson so happy one night not watching politic I can seat with my husband and admiring om prince legacy thank you!!! I just played tennis with Tania hill and rb singer we played social tennis with prince music dancing and hitting the ball.
momsterkennedy : Tomorrow we have Alana O'hare show at grand bohemian guest we are celebrating prince
hannah_gersh : @dat___ash u have to go. Andy and Anderson
toni_smith_chatman - jah1930 - emcsquare2 - lisamikals -
andersoncooper - andersoncooper
Tonight is premiere of #NothingLeftUnsaid on @hbo. Documentary about my 92 yr old mom and her extraordinary life. 9pm (photo: @people)
nothingleftunsaid -
shelleyduvalll : Your mom is a very interesting lady. Strong too. Thank you for sharing her story.
artsybri68 : Truly enjoyed the telling, the ride, the beauty and the pain of this Doc. She has a voice worthy of being heard... Her art is moving... "Job well done"
autumnhathaway : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼thanks for sharing this heartfelt story. I'm so glad my one pair of Gloria jeans have paint on them.🎨😉
balaganista : Hi. I have just finished watching your wonderful documentary this morning on TV ,here in Israel. I just happened to turn on the tv and there it was! Such a beautiful and interesting history. As a 50 year old Brit living in Israel I was more aware of your existence , than your mother's existence , apart from the obvious money connection and jeans! Her life was fascinating to me, and even after her growing up without loving parents it was wonderful to see the obvious love she has for you .
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andersoncooper - andersoncooper
Can you find me in this picture from long ago? #TheRainbowComesandGoes ##NothingLeftUnsaid
therainbowcomesandgoes - nothingleftunsaid -
charchar0328 : I just saw your beautiful film on HBO! Loved every second of it. You and your mother are truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing your life stories xx
josielane3 : Watching you and your mom on #WWHL brought me to tears. Your relationship is so beautiful!!!! ❤️😢@andersoncooper @bravoandy
josielane3 : Can't wait to read the book and watch the docu
sherylbbb : Your Mom was a delight on #WWHL and I can't wait to read your book. Documentary was fascinating. Well done.
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