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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
You can't expect to go through the playoffs without a few of these. Regroup and get ready for Game 4. #ANAvsCGY
anavscgy -
sevisuals : @zero_leibility oh yah you guys won one game and are you guys really classless bitches who comment on another teams page
mikeymikemikeymikemikey : Flames are gonna get pounded in game 4
dckbrns : Unfortunate ending to a hard fought game. By far the most competitive of the series. Just a few mental mistakes cost us their goals. Shame that Hampus missed the empty net attempt. And that call on Despres was bogus. Ducks were brought back down to Earth tonight, they'll get back to winning ways I have no doubt. The leadership in the locker room (Getz, Kesler, Beauch, Thompson) will get the team going again. LETS GO DUCKS!
tracerroundboy : I still think it's funny how whenever we win nhl and espn dgaf and post a 20 second video and when we lose they post 5 videos like omg greatest game ever!!!!!
tracerroundboy : Fuck you @rockstarnerd1116 you guys are pussy ass bitches and sore losers. Go suck a chode prick. You guys played dirty and bitch fans cheated
tracerroundboy : @no_queens_no this guy is a bandwagon kings fan. Make home famous. @rockstarnerd1116 lol he can't decide which team to cheer for. Fuck the kings. He's not even a real flames fan
casey_veee : Its alright, let's get the next two W's and put them away.
arttu_33 : No ;(
ebbe__ - vickvlza1984 - llottaw - mantereeeh -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Ready for overtime. #LetsGoDucks #ANAvsCGY
letsgoducks - anavscgy -
wade_1999 : Can't you all just shut the fuck up and go to bed? Holy shit you're acting like women
stevenkocken51 : @adamvermin last name vermin? How suiting. I bet you work 3 hours a week cleaning toilets on Mexican night you fuckin hobo.
29joshnowakowski : @wade_1999 I not saying that u said it but other flames fans did. And the flames fought hard in game 3 like the ducks but the flames came out on top
dylangluck20 : When wis and sekac play next game we'll be fine
stevenkocken51 : @ryanblashaw frig off
adamvermin : Just like a Canadian to call a brown man Mexican @stevenkocken51 try Hawaiian, go back to making syrup.
tlbizzy : @adamvermin we aren't all that ignorant! #goducks
adamvermin : I agree with you @tlbizzy #goducks
servu_73 - emhlhockey - mantereeeh - haditanhamanesh -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#ScoreyPerry puts his hands up, scoring all the goals and the butterflies fly away. #LetsGoDucks #ANAvsCGY
letsgoducks - scoreyperry - anavscgy -
travisrhodes13 : Those stupid flames fans are acting like they won the cup. The need to shut up. Plus during over time, we should have gotten that call for one of their players tripping Getz! Stupid home refs don't have eyes.
lynnnzieee : @travisrhodes13 agreed.
keener2314 : To bad the ducks lost just kidding that is amazingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ricardowaddle : Flames fans need to chill and realize there playing the Anaheim Ducks its over in 5
jones.54 : Funny how all the ducks fans are all making stupid excuses why the flames should have lost. The flames scored, it didn't count the refs are not being selfish because it is their home town. It was a fair game and everyone knows it there were penalties that the refs didn't see against both Anaheim and Calgary. So for all of you who said it was wrong that the flames won, you are wrong.
benporte : We need some improvement on our 4th line possibly bring in fleishman and secach
dmitry_merenkov : @sergeitiugaevofficial
claritinb : I gotta say that was a fair game, ducks lost cuz of a few mistakes they made, but hopefully they regroup and win game 4!
ebbe__ - servu_73 - adriana.nowell - loic_10bourgnon -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
They don't get much easier than this. @patmaroon with the tap in for the #NHLDucks first goal. #LetsGoDucks #ANAvsCGY
letsgoducks - nhlducks - anavscgy -
colyoly : Fucker bounced off Maroon like my balls on ur chin last night πŸ˜‚ @rd_s_henesey
rd_s_henesey : @colyoly hahaha hell yah dude all night
ant408 : @acidtattoos I'm a hockey fan, the rivalry between us is a good one but I give credit when it's due. Hope the ducks win the cup.
acidtattoos : @ant408 yeah thanks man I appreciate good hockey as well any team any players. I hope so we just lost out 1st game kinda bummed but Friday let's get a win at home that will make things better I hope we get the cup to!!
ashton_noot : Lol Patrick Maroon stands up Matt Stajan after he scores and stares him down. What a beauty
embrace_extinction : Stajan is a punk
yosteveo : Ducks are going 6-4
honuwiki : @cokeopuff loool maroon...dont touch ooomie
mohsin_khan23 - - meinardusn - npwebber -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Puck drops in moments! #LetsGoDucks #ANAvsCGY
letsgoducks - anavscgy -
woodycw15 : Does anyone know a good place to get an old school sucks jersey with custom name and number?
rylan1231 : Let's go ducks
wesleymagdaleno : God dammit no goal. Did Toronto see the god damned camera angle!?
hyped_flames_fan : @sydni_taft that wasnt cool but whatever
jesuss.15 : We lost great
rudeshittybill : Cool officiating, Calgary. #bullshit
daveandersonplz : @rudeshittybill I'll agree some of the calls were suspect, but you're aware the refs arent from Calgary and are league assigned right?
rudeshittybill : @daveandersonplz lol yes dude.. just pokin fun
mohsin_khan23 - meinardusn - aarondrummer_53 - anaevelyn12 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Behind the lens with @palms21. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
heighdone : @joshhulstein oh I was looking at the memory card woops
butch7_ : Cmon Calgary is winning!πŸ˜“πŸ”«
gr33neyedmonster : Honestly I thinking he should be scratched
marc.o.h : A7s 😍😍😍😍
the_real_slimkatie : @tyla.the.creator this could be us but we amateur πŸ˜‚
baurichio : To my nephew and his team let's go DUCKS @palms21
gr33neyedmonster : @loaf_buster like Jamie foxx lmfao
loaf_buster : @gr33neyedmonster hahahaha touché. Yeah that was just awkward
costovascribben - hockeyawsome12 - loic_10bourgnon - aarondrummer_53 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Steppin' out. #LetsGoDucks #ANAvsCGY
letsgoducks - anavscgy -
mrbali9 : I miss moments like this before games :( @websie
robert_proctor_ : #eddieproctor
mnastase2 : @thesaltyunicorn
theother_naomi : @nikkothelion tradition
sweetp_16_ : #LetsGoDucks! ! !
_jason.s14_ : #goflamesgo
crc1484 : @amonte85 @amberlynnm01 that stupid door thing I was telling u about lol
omgitsmle : LOVE CP and his door tap.
my_life_as_alec - anaevelyn12 - hockeyawsome12 - loic_10bourgnon -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
A splash of color makes everything better! #PaintItOrange from the Calgary Tower. #LetsGoDucks
paintitorange - letsgoducks -
gerhold16 : But I'm not from Canada @chasedesmith if u will look at my description dipshit then u would know
flyoutfitters : @scottyboy661
locobarry : @wesurfoc picstitch?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€
chasedesmith : Your goalies lookin super shaky baby back @gerhold16 and meanwhile I'm at the Angels game watching my team win. Pirates suck, New England sucks, you suck.
gerhold16 : Haha lol @chasedesmith Angels weren't good til last year
gerhold16 : And new england won it this last year so they don't suck @chasedesmith and pirates r good
chasedesmith : You crack me up little boy πŸ˜… @gerhold16
chasedesmith : 3-2 @gerhold16
mitchelldurante - anaevelyn12 - loic_10bourgnon - cassim_vybez_ -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Celebrate! @rickardrakell turns 22 today!
nat1435 : @britt_coman ITS BAES BIRTHDAY!! 😍😍😘😘
colts_nation14 : @markshishja bdayyyyyyssss
1_roses_are_red_1 : Omg happpppy birthday
heisenberg400 : Happy birthday @rikardrakell
britt_coman : @nat1435 BAE 😭❀️
draylem52 : Grattis på födelsedagen πŸŽ‰ @rickardrakell
jenyots : @julianadean
jkimball1097 - bar_down_hky - cassim_vybez_ - eryngill -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Intense focus. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
jezadamek : @aaa_ryan_evenhuis_7 I think your following the wrong team dude:/
washcapsfilm : CAPITALS VIDEOS!
coop_a_loop77 : @aaa_ryan_evenhuis_7 : What happen to them rangers last night, and how many goals did they score πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jonny_b.good : Beard looks real good on cogs
drew.nolan88 : Andrew's are intense I know from being one
7u15_ : For a second I thought it was Nate Thompson hahahaha
devonrymar : @samquaranta @ky_2sev
itsthatkidmikey : OMG that's tonight huh, YAAASSSS I got no hw tonight πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ thank god GOOOOOOOO DUCKS
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