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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Desert downer. Back @hondacenter Friday. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
carson.mohr : Game was bad in the first but second and third were better! Only thing I'm upset about is the Ducks blowing off child fans wanting fist bumps. I get you are disappointed you lost but blowing off kids is disgusting! I expect more from the best organization in the league @anaheimducks
mazgu_ : New coach?
instagkush_714 : @therealdjocho idk man we are falling apart
garrettjones10 : So the ducks only have one sequence where they have won more than one game in a row. What happened to this team? Why the fuck did we let beauch walk, bieksa is not an adequate replacement, this is awful and as a fan I'm quite disappointed. Where is the grit and drive? Where is that hard hitting comeback team I know? A quarter into the season and we are not in a playoff spot in the weakest division in the league. Getzlaf has one goal, one fucking goal and it's a fucking empty netter. This season has been nothing but atrocious with little sparks of brilliance that die by the time the next game starts. As a true ducks fan I will still continue to watch every single game and continue to grit my teeth and wonder what happened to my team. Something has to be done, we need a true #1 defenseman.
donovangutierrez_ : ^^
john.dopes : Dejavu..
travelers_light : Captains face says it all
palmdilla : @garrettjones10 agreed 100 percent
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#Repost @anaheimduckspowerplayers ・・・ Having fun at the photo booth. #DucktheHallsTMP #DucksPowerPlayers
duckspowerplayers - duckthehallstmp - repost -
bryce2303 : Gibby saved 2 two on ones we need are offense to do something
crusadermarch1 : @bryce2303 yeah Gibby played really well. Looked comfortable between the pipes. Good movement, much more confident than Andersen.
gabbbymunoz : Goaltending is not a problem, however I think we should keep andersen and gibby
bheimstra : @crusadermarch1 Kid? I've supported this team from day one. I've never in my life, in any sport, watched a team with this much talent fail so badly. They get in a hole almost every game, and when they do get the lead early they give it back every time. Quit calling people out on here, all you do is complain about the Ducks. Go root for the Kings, you seem like you belong there.
crusadermarch1 : @bheimstra cant see any complaints here. Except from you of course.
dannyk47 : It's pretty simple too many changes. You are correct. A lot of talent but you need time to gel. They may have to ride this season out And to think the Ducks were favored to win the cup this year.
hopolovaughan : @christopher301985 I want one.
knagaman22 : @nicolettelucas is that gabi? 😂
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#NHLDucks chasing two in the second period. #LetsGoDucks
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s_p_rogers : @the_g_89 maroon totally trending backwards
kylegstrange : This team can not put wins together . There always seems to be one seriously bad individual performance a game with these ducks. They find ways to lose. That = a bad team :(
s_p_rogers : @kylegstrange yeah. Kevin Bieska
erikhernandez15 : Bieksa sucks!!!! Oh and thanks a lot Maroon
kylegstrange : @s_p_rogers ya him....
sophia_22 : We need to do some trading because this is an absolute garbage. We Need to switch some people up. Because some of our players can't keep the pace up in the game and a couple of our players are pretty slow. And also a some of our players aren't helping Gibson or Andersen and stuff.
the_g_89 : @s_p_rogers I'll cut Stoner a bit of slack. But Bieksa and Maroon both need to go. I wouldn't mind giving them away for some picks. We have the depth plus I'd rather see Sekac in once he's healthy. Or maybe even Thompson for that matter.
t_pardee : @cruiserweightchampion LMAO!!!! I would argue my point, but your statement just negated any intelligence you may have had.
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#Repost @seky10 ・・・ Me and Duck legend @guy_hebert at #DuckTheHallsTMP tonight.
duckthehallstmp - repost -
zaydsiddiqui : Ducks
bwborenstein : Guy has a sweet jersey haha
moytoy91 : Bieksa is fucking trash!!!
moytoy91 : He is costing this team games. Wtf, how is the coaching staff so fucking blind to this.
the_g_89 : Bieksa is fucking Garbage!!! Such a waste of salary cap, get rid of him!!
duckyjem : Love this pic!
kodred96 : Get rid of Bieksa , when is despres coming back
at.gutie_04 : @jennnnylam
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Check out all the photos from the #DuckTheHallsTMP now on! #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks - duckthehallstmp -
owenlap8 : Hfttxffyh
trishalorrayne : 😍 @geeznina
_sammaz_ : Lol what a cute picture
jw3estrada : @puksnipr17 did you go??
nhampe : @vikster47 so hot!! 🔥🔥🔥
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Puck drops and we're underway! The Market Place is ready to go! #LetsGoDucks #DuckTheHallsTMP
letsgoducks - duckthehallstmp -
fonox : @meralatik here you go lol
w_d_roll : What's the temperature there? Wondering from the East...
meaniemelz : @w_d_roll 73 degrees, haha jk idk, but that's what I consider jacket weather 😜
w_d_roll : @meaniemelz 😂 that's insane
w_d_roll : It's 55degrees there and people are wearing jackets that's so dumb😂😂
gabbbymunoz : @w_d_roll it's SoCal...anything under 70 is cold lol
w_d_roll : @gabbbymunoz that blows my mind
cobrat_10 : It's -22 here brrr. But Canadian forever!
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
The tree is lit! #DuckTheHallsTMP
duckthehallstmp -
jadenpendola : @joeyg_26 furthest from chilly I've ever seen
traviesoborja : @laauurraac_
andrew__castro : It's lit @brennyallen @jackmadridracin
chicagoblackhawksstanleycup : A Santa duck 😂😂😂😂
alexisdepagnier : @twebzz
xsleepyslothx : @greatdanish11 I wish u didn't have work BC this would've been so fun and cool to go to
misspelayo7 : @king_rawmeat24
laauurraac_ : Ooooo its so pretty, and big 😁 @traviesoborja
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Warmups in Arizona are underway! Tune in now on Prime a Ticket/AM 830. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
pherny86 : @yurstruly_j Go Ducks Go haha
yurstruly_j : Lol!!! Im not into hockey.. But i guess ill say Go AZ Coyotes.. @pherny86 😀
pherny86 : @yurstruly_j understandable but you're the only one that I know that lives in Phoenix lol
gman_green_22 : Anyone else notice the Minnesota fan lol
loveafaith : @jutstin011 get excited!!!
jutstin011 : Gross @loveafaith haha
loveafaith : @jutstin011 hater. You're gonna be uninvited if you keep up that attitude!
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Autographs with @seky10! #DuckTheHallsTMP
duckthehallstmp -
jmerlan : @rosemerlan wow
blakeb_32 : @shervin.bayat @sami.madain what player was that?
lmiller229 : Of all days to be sick, I missed the tree lighting and meeting Sekac 😁😥
steinyd4 : @sami.madain
emily13paige : When is he coming back!? I miss him on the ice!
wes_loeffler : @shervin.bayat
shervin.bayat : Ayy that's me
sami.madain : ^
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Table hockey kicks us off. #DuckTheHallsTMP
duckthehallstmp -
mikewhite41 : @notpolly yes! Needed! I'll ask Santa for it!
carlottanaya : So cool! 😄
dogslovepizza : That's me in the Kesler jersey!!!
tys0n3 : @_cherylannie_ sweeeeeet!
joeliow : We need this @wattoson @daggy066 @travky
wattoson : Hell yeah @joeliow
vkankaristo : Good old finnish Stiga
miriamstart : @floboeck
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