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Anaheim Ducks

The official Instagram account of the Anaheim Ducks. Tag photos w/ #NHLDucks!
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28/04/2016 06:48:13
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Watch and read all of Bob Murray's press conference on the Boudreau dismissal and more on
snipe.that.puck : I wonder if the top three ducks will get traded after all of this???
snipe.that.puck : @what_a_danimal getzy is gonna stay captain : You guys should hire Carlyle or Marc Crawford and just have 4 A's and no captain
mattikus1982 : Really? Dismissed???
hockeymalte - pojjj00 - cedi_25 - lugeeee -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
BREAKING: #NHLDucks Head Coach Bruce Boudreau has been relieved of his duties, Executive Vice President/General Manager Bob Murray announced. Murray will begin the search for a new head coach immediately. “I would like to thank Bruce for his hard work and dedication to the franchise,” said Murray. “This was a very difficult decision to make. Bruce is a good coach and character person, and we wish him the best of luck in the future.”
nhlducks -
yixiao.yyx : @j.king3924 can't agree more. I don't think it's that Bruce is a terrible coach, but something clearly isn't working and the ducks needs a chance. I'm honestly so glad they made this decision so we ll have a chance to win the up the next few years😁
jake_sears41 : 4 pacific division titles in a row and a 208-144 record with the ducks I believe. Yes it's terrible we lost at home 4 years in a row in game 7 but you can't blame him entirely. I don't think anyone will be able to do the job better, and therefore I believe this was a bad move.
willtingle1 : @anaheimducks What a joke!!! This will be a black eye on the franchise #firebobmurray
mlp_inc : Finally. Omg. Finally.
twohrman12 - lasloui - zothejesusgurl - jyry_11 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#KesBoss for Selke! Congrats to Ryan Kesler on being named a finalist for the Selke Trophy.
kesboss -
adamsham10 : What does the selke award mean
tboppell : @adamsham10 it is the award for the best defensive forward.
adamsham10 : @tboppell thanks and he deserves it
laurajohnson63 - - willmosh4food - brent_tremble10 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
ROSTER MOVE: #NHLDucks reassign Chris Wagner and Shea Theodore to the @sdgullsahl.
nhlducks -
muskabeats23 : @sayy_vallone oh no babe he got bumped down
sayy_vallone : Wtf he switched teams @muskabeats23 im pissed
muskabeats23 : @sayy_vallone no he got dropped down to their farm league... It's the league just under the NHL
sayy_vallone : @muskabeats23 im pissed
lottakatariinaaaa - ek80_tigers - goalie_maddy_29 - max____hockey -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Through all the adversity this season, one thing remained constant - your support. Thank you for your #DucksDedication! We promise to come back better than ever next season.
ducksdedication -
mr_belvedere_ : Fire BoB Murray Henry. Ur the owner. Tell the GM to pack his bags. The new GM can hire a new coach & trade for a new captain
matt_hickey16 : @maxfitz12 they're done
lukekersten : Still love the ducks. Never giving up on you guys. Great season👍🏻🏒
gordyt16 : A lot of good hockey this year and before, sorry Bruce you were a class act but Ducks choked one too many times. Ducks are a great club with great ownership we will return!!
mamawee6 - kikibellee - genebear1018 - chrisstark99 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
bobawalton321 : We will have the cup next year #duckwiththecup
ocastrezana : 😆
sobiemusic : 😭
kayleesmm : Nooooo💔
jennalynn1718 - ajaxknights41 - maxbryce98 - mike.caulfield714 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Not done yet! #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
isak55hansen : #goducksgo #go33go
jt_killah : The officials made some horrible calls last night. There should never be a 5 on 3 in a game 7. What a joke. Next year, Ducks! We'll get what's ours!
ciprianistan : Game 2 second period alone should allow the referees to get their own Stanley Cup rings.
bowteesta : We got them in Game 8...
cartermatushek - avavaccher - tylerxmoshmcwilliams - ilcel.hernandez -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Twenty minutes left to save the season. #NHLDucks need a two-goal comeback in the third period. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks - nhlducks -
tuffshack : F this team !!! New San Jose Chokers !!!! : Bruce Boudreaux....the marty schottenheimer of hockey!!
lucas.wapniewski : @tuffshack you do realize your team is awful how are we the chokers? we never went into a series up 3-0 the lose😂😂😂 if you think were the chokers then you should re think what you say.
nickarrabito_ - jonalyn_ - brookelaurin6 - kasperlouhevirta -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Game 7 feels. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
krystian_b : Big disappointment waking up to this score.
bparkey24 : So sloppy ... I still can't believe we lost
joshhua1328 : @andriana_zarate we are going to a game next year!!
anthony_montes92 - jtnguyen2188 - bcscali - jesse_aleksi -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#Game7 ready! #LetsGoDucks
game7 - letsgoducks -
saras.182 : @simontallgren30 I'm tryingggg :))))))))))
saras.182 : Real hard :))))))
saras.182 : @simontallgren30 it was a good run
_aaronsecord_ : Get it done next year💪🏼👑 #gkg
gevna920 - gulda.2010 - simon.s25 - bcscali -
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