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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Very happy to bring our Wild Winger's Kids Club party to @medieval_timesca tonight!
u.s.dillon : You mean our *Minnesota Wild Winger's Kids Club. Right?
coco_m0 : @ianbenigar nah man I called out , I didn't want to serve this sorry ass team ;)
socal_railfan : @u.s.dillon that made absolutely no sense. Wild Winger is the Mascot dumbass
dannn81 : Can't wait for tomorrow
u.s.dillon : @socal_railfan I know. Go Wild ;)
socal_railfan : @u.s.dillon If you make the playoffs bud
xxsolbergxx : @alix_sherony117 i was here 2 years ago!
srentb : @tillnuts @ryanhoffman2 @__fargoat__ we need to go to this
nickcervy - nick27lanham - vilpuri_ - capt_kill -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
ROSTER MOVE: The #NHLDucks have recalled forward Chris Wagner from the @norfolkadmirals. The team reassigned center William Karlsson to Norfolk.
nhlducks -
_toddington : I heard there's a fire sale in Toronto!!
bearclaweuro1 : @melly._xo thank goodness your not our coach or gm :)
melly._xo : Lol @bearclaweuro1
missyy_fitzz : Nooooooo. I guess this is what true heartbreak feels like @maddiemcm
erinm1221 : @ashleyventura 😍
ashleyventura : @erinm1221 oh heyyyyyy😍
robyn_zulauf : NO @donjondrew
ryannloyd : @wongsterr15
krause__13 - sebeik9 - juhoheinonen_ - jay_sam -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#TBT (3/16/94): Stu Grimson fights Marty McSorley in a 5-2 Ducks victory at the Pond. #FreewayFaceoff
tbt - freewayfaceoff -
ohhdaveyyy : @dannykarpinski legends!
c_a_m_81 : @pebbles091
pebbles091 : @c_a_m_81 lol i see you...good stuff love hockey for that hahaha
raeann_rod : @and_rew_ever_son
bamhogan : @trevorgeery both of our jerseys went so downhill.
trevorgeery : Ya bring em back
rahel.___ : @thisis_e rafu...
joe84amejka : @mikewatson85
bustosv - sebeik9 - katemay39 - dianasaur13 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
NEWS: #NHLDucks goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov to return home for remainder of regular season. Read his full statement now on
nhlducks -
tommy_striewig : Dang! Where's Freddy!!!!!
uhmmissy : Aww I really liked Bryz. A lot of you so called fans need to pay him respect. He honestly played a huge role with us in 07. He helped us win our cup if you guys forgot. Quit being assholes and quit being disrespectful. Good luck Bryz. ❤️❤️❤️🌚
mikevan68 : THANK YOU GOD
michaeltolman : That was 07 he's a flop now and needs to stay retired
qualitywriter : uhmmissy - I'll tip my hat to that. He was lights out that season. Set the table for Jiggy.
cmanning909 : Maybe we can win some more games now and not let 5 goals by in 26 minutes......
1972jason : Hell Tess he is back
stink_ee : Your the man bryz! It was cool to see you in a ducks jersey again.
harri_henrik - cheesemonster3 - tottilaakso_ - scotteden11 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
ottvsana -
welten2 : I am in Anaheim from Canada... Need tickets to tomorrow nights game... Any suggestions?
gnarlee_ : @welten2 stubhub
tommygunn1127 : @welten2 714 tickets buddy
sbruner17 : @welten2
josh_hag1flashywing : plan ahead
karinaescaliente : Lol @josh_hag1flashywing
m_teague418 : Hahahahahahah suck it ducks!!! You guys are no longer best in the west.
ftroop34 : Make the playoffs is what matters... And Ducks will again.. So Suck It..
noah_foshoa99 - garciag1022 - lel_m8_jr - vee_canales -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Can the #ComebackKids pull it off again? #NHLDucks start the third period trailing, 2-0. Tune to Fox Sports West and AM 830 for the final frame! #LetsGoDucks #OTTvsANA
ottvsana - letsgoducks - comebackkids - nhlducks -
omar_potato : Bad game. It happens. Move on to the next. #LetsGoDucks
nick__george : Nope
steviesaidyup : We can't keep on being the #ComebackKids anymore. That way of thinking won't help once the Playoffs come around. LA, as much as I hate to admit, is playing a lot better than us & showing why they are 2-time Stanley Cup Champions. We need defense and something that could make us pull the trigger and just annihilate the opposition when neeeded. I'm getting sick of seeing us not play a full 60 minutes. :(
kyle.weninger : The flames are the comback kids
bro_hockey21 : No
william_spratt : Lol nope. What happened to them? I got Perry and Kesler on my fantasy team so my team depends on the Ducks
melly._xo : I was there and i was fucking disappointed! Step it up Ducks!!!
mmoorgannn : Let's not do this tomorrow, yea?
matt_dutrisac - mcdoogiewoogie - dshohara - vee_canales -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Puck drop is moments away! Jiri Sekac starts in his #NHLDucks debut. Let's keep the win streak going! #LetsGoDucks #OTTvsANA
ottvsana - letsgoducks - nhlducks -
carson.mohr : Down 2-0 seems to be a trend! Don't wait until the 3rd to score again! #GoDucks
djfate1200 : Another lacklaster performance, our 2nd perioud play is always atrocious
raeann_rod : Let's go ducks!!!
grannie2bee : No passion this game. WtF?
ducksfan_kev : Comeback time and we have to do better all around in friday if we want to beat the kings
carson.mohr : Since the Ducks only want to play in the 3rd period. They should decrease the price, that way fans only have to play for the 3rd period! Come on boys, play hard again!!! #GoDucks
lisidubbs : @carson.mohr hahaha agreed!!
afrah.habs31 : We miss u with the habs @seky10
matt_dutrisac - mcdoogiewoogie - dshohara - __onde -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Jiri Sekac - ready for his #NHLDucks debut. #OTTvsANA
ottvsana - nhlducks -
jared_bandito : Ducks SUCK ASS 😁
gus.mchue : @jared_bandito your mum sucks arse
colts_nation14 : @jared_bandito ha cuz ducks r 3rd
guzek87 : @cagerstrom
lawbzter : @jared_bandito duck off breh
__gengenxo : @jdoc_46 loooook how niceeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
n_marcus : Same f*ckin music every time... 😶
malachiswag101 : Ottawa dusted them GO SENS GO
matt_dutrisac - mcdoogiewoogie - dshohara - razdelya -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#ItsGibbyTime! @johngibson36 gets the start tonight! #OTTvsANA
itsgibbytime - ottvsana -
traplordzay : @geraldesta yes
thenotoriouscy : #OurHouseOurTeam
ktko101 : Go get em @johngibson36
joeymoreno20 : Is Anderson injured
yepitsbenny : Is Anderson injured
matthaney10 : @mgibbs18 Gibby time
mgibbs18 : rightssss @matthaney10
macranch : Hope Andersen is injury free real soon.
matt_dutrisac - dshohara - __onde - hockey_05_4 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
"I’m excited to be a part of this organization. It’s a lot changing, and it’s been a little tough for me, but hopefully everything will work out well for me here. I’m excited to be here." - Jiri Sekac met with the media after today's morning skate. Watch the video on now!
2thintim : I have extra tix for tonight. Willing to sell for cheap
luvspurple1 : Let's keep the winning streak going! Glad Wild Bill is back! Let's go Ducks!!
jrobba2 : No turning back now, hope this guy puts the puck in the net!
maxouel10 : Miss U Seky Good Luck !! #HabsFan
rufio_says_bangarang : I hope he finds good chemistry with either Cogs or even Thompson. Im excited to watch him play. But I still mis DSP
itscassybitcch : DSP 💔
joshgantman : @kevinbenzy this makes me so sad
hockey.rea : @seky10 #farewellmontreal
owen_is_awesome_o9 - dshohara - __onde - mmhockeystar -
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