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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Repost from @hondacenter: @etemerson, @freddieandersen and @chriswags18 at tonight's Lakers game.
nessssamariee : @etemerson is so fine 😍😍
captain_mom08 : Screw the faking lakers
shellcolston : @freddieandersen you are a fine looking human.
silviasumpter : How awesome is that? πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ @anaheimducks
karleykar14 : Why yall so cute?!?!?!
nikolinden_ : Go lakers
sick_livin25 : So you rather be a team who never won a champion clippers then the Los Angeles Lakers who won 16 Championship lol go home kid! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ i like lakers and ducks reason why both team have the same rival team LA Queens and The Sacramento Queens lmao πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
callmemochelle : At least they know why tomorrow's ice will be slushy!! πŸ˜•
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Like carving pumpkins? Want to win a team-signed stick? Instagram your #DucksPumpkin by Oct. 30 to enter! Get all the details on
duckspumpkin -
courtmadeleine : @millertime5687 rooting for them now, are we? Haha
millertime5687 : @courtmadeleine never!
jay_turcotte : @adamwenstob
vancesquirek : I found out what to carve! @kaylacuriel
kaylacuriel : Haha do it! @vancesquirek
lovelybbykaren : @jenjcab @elcaballo24
silviasumpter : I want that πŸŽƒ cool πŸ‘ @anaheimducks
mawright_ : @rach3lr
colephillip - rabezi_ - battleon3 - nickshortyo -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
This one takes the cake. Francois Beauchemin signs the infamous maroon leather chair from a fan.
bkg_88 : @ninanannyjade
angelinalance : @cool_lean personalized jerseys.
hockey_greatness : 🚨Hockey fans be sure to check out this page for awesome highlights and edits🚨
cassgomez : @racheljimenz #lifegoals
hockey_posts10 : Hockey fans wanted 🚨🚨🚨🚨
_nikkigale : Oh hai Boom Boom!
crissathre58 : I heard them saying a chair was going around but I didn't see it. Great night but long lines
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
A very cool mini skateboard making the rounds tonight. #FaceoffFest
faceofffest -
hockeyboy8087 : Myr
adamwade91 : Check out @aluminatiboards for this board^ I have one and their so sick.
adamwade91 : @jameswade9
jack_janes4 : @robettbruh I follow them, I've seen it before
hengga23_03 : Nice♥♥
andreee6193 : @adamwade91 do they sell the board
littlelippy49 : @bevebo
chris.23garcia - jadencam11 - rramzzzy - thomasboro -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Apparently the nickname is catching on. #WildBill
wildbill -
greg_11_campbell : Lol yes @johnscott.hutps3
mattscileppi : Omg @theoriginalcobo @vicallegretti bill is taking the world by storm.
radiokylematthews : @thecamazing
theoriginalcobo : @mattscileppi im actually dying
kaleyvick : Yeahhhh I got the first "Karrlson aka Wild Bill" signature! #WildBill
pandapaws808 : @dooms24
evyborney : My jersey! :)
jscales915 : Love it!!
michaelkravits - shi_hay - mguthrie66 - wacokid84 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Some awesome fan creations tonight at #FaceoffFest!
faceofffest -
majorimpactphotography : That's right!!! @aams__91
artfullyhockey : Cool! ...and true
miksumi2004 : Cool
muhliss : @amboi09 - too bad they don't have a photo of the sign with all the autographs you got by the end of the night.
michael8818 : I love how u stole this from the @ny_islanders
castro2_4 : @anaheimducks so your not going to accept my apology? Figures, your from Glendora.
datnikkachinky : @sukkiiieeee_tsx
sukkiiieeee_tsx : @datnikkachinky I know. I saw her there.
michaelkravits - chris.23garcia - katt_madness - wacokid84 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
A great night for #FaceOffFest!
faceofffest -
edland4 : The big "A" IN THE BACK!!#angels4life
kbphan23 : We should of came here @yoboimicky
amanderzz : My 2 favorite teams in one photo. I wish I knew about this 😞
yoboimicky : Da heck we should have @kbphan23
cc_los411 : Everything in one picture achi<3 @sandydeezul
sandydeezul : @cc_los411 I saw the
sandydeezul : @cc_los411 the tag and I thought it was going to be about us and I was line cute, and then I come to see this lol
tynman777 : @itscesarbro
michaelkravits - chris.23garcia - 24_mesadog_14 - wacokid84 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#NHLDucks Goaltending Consultant Dwayne Roloson donned the pads during today's practice.
nhlducks -
keithy_bear : Is he practicing the shaking your helmet off technique
lucmichel57 : Rolo!
doubletyme : @socalcustoms agreed. Him and kipper did that all the time.
pixiebrat814 : 1st time here. Amazing but crowded.
feere31 : He's from my town
jyfishking26 : @roli4_
r_telford17 : Toffoli goal and King for a day song
jmbrindza : @deathwish_oddities that's not true. The years after the cup run, he was still Edmonton's best player by a mile. Just didn't get as much recognition because of how horrible our defence was. He was usually one of the three stars every game or so.
seanolith - hockey_27_ - peyt1221 - brookie663 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
@johngibson36 on the ice and making saves during today's practice.
justgirouxit : @john.sullivan I'll take te words of scouts, the GM of the year, and teammates over people who are mad hiller is gone
sarakb_74 : I hope Gibson is or will become everything the experts say he is, and I hope he doesn't read any of these comments!
rudeshittybill : Guy has one bad start and he's lynched. You go out there and try to stop some pucks.
l3gutierrez92 : Ahh yes, let's see everybody play in the AHL for a couple of years then be put on the spot against NHL players. Then come back and say he sucks. He's just a kid still
capt_merica93 : He has plenty of time to get better he's got a long career ahead of himself
jscales915 : LET'S GO DUCKS!!!
swampymarsh8 : I think they should keep Freddy in for now he's doing good.
fischerjosh : Last year was his first full season in the AHL, and he looked DAMN good for us here in Norfolk. Could have gone further in the playoffs if him DSP, Etem, and Rakall weren't called up at the same time.
living1life - wilsonmacintyre - hockey_27_ - frozennarwhal -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Dany Heatley (lower body) on the ice for today's practice.
sea0bazz : @lil_bo_pete
ehlerthewheeler10 : #50in15 #50in07
randy.stele : @heinze5757 that little stop thing to slow down is impressive, this guy is good on the ice
jmandel91 : @danyheatleyofficial
blandrum : @_buha @alidd1 @ryguyfairchild @jemfrim949 @usstrevness @steadyras
d_mopes : #HighSlotClapBombs @danyheatleyofficial
joshmaloney91 : @jonathanokeefe ur just mad cause heaters a fucking allstar and scored 50 in 07 and fucking carries the team on his back
jonathanokeefe : @joshmaloney91 oh I'm sorry is this SEVEN years ago?
mac2058 - bobcat270 - andie2333 - living1life -
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