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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Point earned, but this one stings. Let's make up for it Saturday in Chicago. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
bheimstra : @knicksman19 @marcus_8 I like Anderson "ok", but this wasn't his fault. No one showed up tonight. Defense and offense were sub par. Especially the defense (Manson 🙄). Look at CBJ's goals again, there was a lot of BS luck involved.
bassin9 : @marinomisni
josaysdrinkbar : Gave it away @jwf7070
vinnydenir0 : Anyone saying Freddie lost this game clearly can't see the shit pile we call team defense tonight. Freddie was the only reason they never held a lead. Way too sloppy
bheimstra : @vinnydenir0 Amen 👍🏼
dksfan : I think the Valentines card printable pics screwd us. To much girly girly stuff going on.
dksfan : And the game was thrown. BS allaround. Starting with the refs and the straight from BB all the way down. Not enough effort from way to many players.
ameerakanjee : awks @shakkanji8 - matt_discherr - tobias_her - jonii_91 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Perfect set-up from Getzlaf, and Santorelli doesn't miss! #LetsGoDucks #AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll
letsgoducks - anaheimducksgoooaaalll -
paula1918 : @dksfan it was fixed the refs got CBJ in the powerplay ever 5 seconds after the 2-0 lead
paula1918 : @casey88123 the blue jackets are like that poop that you flush in the toilet that just circles around the bowl but doesnt flush.
casey88123 : @paula1918 and the hurricanes beat the blackhawks two weeks ago 5-0 even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile
boro_united_32 : Bummer CBJ won #cbj #fighton #marchwithus
paula1918 : The game was obviously fixed after the lead the whole ducks roster was sitting in the box the rest of the game and CBJ comes back 3 goals biggest fix of the night
tdc624 : @kmoraine94 just to clarify, "babe" does not include Getzlaf 😂
dksfan : The BJ's gave some BJ's before tbis game. That was so lame.
27_11_14o.h : @bigpapiortiz54
natalielemans - cdigregorio024 - nhl16_hut_guy - cmunz1316 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Pretty passing. Great finish. Perron lights the lamp in Columbus! #LetsGoDucks #AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll
letsgoducks - anaheimducksgoooaaalll -
gabe79s : @chazapalooza13 @danakin_skywalkerr @obi_jwan @juansjr @ralp_h @c3legnas
lavapajamas : way to fuck up my parlay all last minute and shit. #youbrokemyheart
kvitilv : Finally they have line-up that gets goals done
austingym : @dalaineyglow that passing tho 😍
sippedipp : @jonteandersson ikväll är det HIF-show. @aantonbergstrom ska in å pytsa
jonteandersson : @sippedipp @aantonbergstrom signa för moderklubben iställe antionov
erkkiklemela : @leeviakusti
mikesp310 : @versanti_. Tiki Taka
natalielemans - cmunz1316 - - -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Puck drop from Columbus is moments away! Tune in to Prime Ticket/AM 830 for all the action. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
toatsmcgoats81 : I walk away and they score 😡 guess i'll keep walking away then 😂
17._.jordan : Let's go Ducks
gpbrian1 : Take a couple more walks @toatsmcgoats82 we need a few more... We appreciate your sacrifice
crusadermarch1 : Freddy looks to be getting back to his top form in the past few games. Good to see.
vanclassy_s : I swear cam fowler is just clueless on the ice
c_mohd813 : u guys missing hags still? haha looks like the trade worked out
elosu : @vanclassy_s he's probably the most sound defenseman on the team. You're a loon.
tylerhawkes : You're a kook @vanclassy_s
natalielemans - puck_magichky - hockeyvidz79 - juju.76_hockey -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
It's @frederikandersen31's net tonight! Tune in to the pregame shows on Prime Ticket and AM 830. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
joyfulmama66 : @yoloflip he's From Denmark where Lego started. :)
germanimal : @seanro8
yoloflip : @joyfulmama66 that's awesome! I'm a lifelong Ducks fan that grew up on Lego.
larocketship : @lameremichael13
xsleepyslothx : @greatdanish11 @freedomeagle50 I love Freddie's Helmet!
clipperking90 : Good job Fredrik....... ....... .. .
krosig : @notsoslimjim now I wanna see one with Darkwing Duck
cole__denver : No wonder we lost
juju.76_hockey - silasobrien.48 - michelbennett13 - kg_dott -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#Repost @anaheimducksfoundation ・・・ Join us on February 21st for OC Animal Care Night @hondacenter! Starting at 2 pm, fans can interact with adoptable animals from @ocanimalcare and can also donate new or gently used towels or blankets, pet toys or pet food for the shelter animals! Click the link in our bio for more information! 🐶🐱❤️
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cali4nia_kid : @aubreyconceicao
liinliinkarliin : @dittuks 😍😭😄
libbyburg : @madeline_xtine @lauriepugh 😘😘😘
jazzydontplay : @reesewinnie @colie_sometimes !!!
holycowitsjenn : @peculiaritea
mijon_mustard : @den_nissss
brandankl : @rikkilund
csr_1415 : @stephz92 we are going to this game forsure and we can go early for the animals
cmunz1316 - juju.76_hockey - tetebear5 - hockey_ace15 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#DucksValentines are out now! Check the link in the bio to download yours today!
ducksvalentines -
hightopflop : @biancaaduarte_ OMG
glenn_coco22 : @aaalauffer for your friend💋
surfingses : @andrewd1313 & @moniqueeamber I should tag someone to this😂 you know who
jackiepolley : @kurtz949 omg, this is so perfect ❤️😍❤️
allypelstring12 : @lucyruscitto im dead.😍
chloe_dough : @anaheimducks I am one happy camper! 😍
kristiianoo : 😊 @ronnymcfly
katiebuck17 : @dylanbphillips
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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#Repost @foxsportswest ・・・ Say what!? Prime Ticket is taking over the @anaheimducks ticket office on Feb 18th😳 Mark your calendars! Visit for more info
repost -
casandra_deann : @sir.issac explain??
sir.issac : I have no clue @casandra_deann
nhl_ducks_fan93 : I just don't get this.
athen_aaaaa : @brandonhastings ?
rcollins_88 : @nick_stevenzzz70
davidkohar : It will mean better ticket prices if Prime Time has lower ticket fees than Ticketmaster...
haleyyhaless : Better price
joshroush : *special game day experience and prizes the site says. It also says it will be announced what that is on the 18th... So, day of?
tetebear5 - cmunz1316 - j.thies18 - jarge_v -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Silence the cannon! #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
jacob.cor0228_ : Let's go Ducks !! @anaheimducks
nhl_ducks_fan93 : Let's go ducks..
garrettjones10 : Two teams with the most fighting majors in the league, hoping to see some good bouts tonight.
silviasumpter : Let's Go Ducks 🙌🏼
roshp77 : @woodsj1138
andyfranco10 : Who's in net better be Freddy
shakkanji8 : @ameerakanjee
sportygetzy : 😢 @tiffyeow327
tetebear5 - jarge_v - julius12797 - hockey_magneten -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
@frederikandersen31 is on 🔥! He's 6-0-1 in his last nine appearances and has a 1.57 GAA and .943 SV% since Christmas. #LetsGoDucks
letsgoducks -
santoschavezzz : Too bad we might have to let him go :(
tiffyeow327 : Keep Anderson in instead of Gibson yo 🐤💨💨!! Bruuuuhhhh. @brocpowell @adf1976 hope to see you guys tomorrow!!!
cowboys62281 : When is Paul Kariyas #9 going to be hanging up at Honda Center with @sel8nneteemu ? 8&9 need to be retired @anaheimducks
brolle_brolin : @tiffyeow327 Andersen*
tiffyeow327 : Bahahahaha got it kid @brolle_brolin 🐤💨💨
billy4smith : @commandercody32 is there a game tonight?
commandercody32 : I know there's a loss coming for the ducks tonight @billy4smith
dexterspuplife : Quack!
silasobrien.48 - kg_dott - roxen_the_dog - jakemoffitthockey -
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