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anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#Repost @hampuslindholm47 ・・・ Throwback to that day when i got to hug Getz! I guess all i had to do was score... if I just knew that earlier, then I would scored much more😂 #15Capitano #legend
15capitano - legend - repost -
moytoy91 : For all you fake ass fans saying getzlaf sucks, I'd like to see you play through hernia for an entire playoff run.
pantera069 : @marinaprancing well you're on the right track with your team choice ;) its rare to see my fellow aussies here. You should go see adelaide adrenaline's next home game, check out the local AIHL. Rules aren't too difficult.
marinaprancing : @pantera069 reading up on the two teams in LA we know the ducks are a stronger team plus we are staying in Disneyland resort so Honda centre is not far. Should we be lucky to purchase tickets we will be there hopefully with an Aussie flag if we don't forget to pack it. So we are checking the website daily for the single game ticket release.
mttlfk : @pantera069 another Adelaide ducks fan?!
pantera069 : @mttlfk not me mate, I'm TAS/NSW lol. @marinaprancing is adelaide. I think I've come across fellow aussies 2-3 times in my life who support ducks. Now 2 in one day! Lol
charlie_valentincic : U could have scored against the Hawks and maybe u would have won
bamaducks : Good day. How did you get to the conclusion ?
patrick_edwards03 - jesse_aleksi - thomaspanayio17 - aletrov05 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
After a decade in the @nhl, #NHLDucks captain Ryan Getzlaf remains among the league's elite. Read his Player Review now on!
nhlducks -
shaelin91 : @adamsklar10 lol what's ur team? Unless it's chicago we are better
shaelin91 : @jeffmo1129 he gave me a signed practice used stick and I met him
shaelin91 : @nick.baumann u a hawks fan?
nick.baumann : Yes I am @shaelin91
adamsklar10 : @shaelin91 go leafs
shawnkeller79 : @cshromoff27
cshromoff27 : @shawnkeller79 Kouivu had a better face off percentage
shawnkeller79 : @cshromoff27 you win faceoffs we win games 😂
kor_one34 - chubarov44 - kataja_77 - legitryw_8 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
NEW NUMBERS! Get the digits of the newest #NHLDucks. #IsItOctoberYet
nhlducks - isitoctoberyet -
jacqsparrow : @frenchie1507 You can cheer on both teams... until the playoffs ;-) #Conflicted #Canucks #Ducks
gethiggywithit20 : Well now I guess the ducks have to be second favorite team since kesler AND bieksa are there 😧
cole_burzz : Is this a sick joke? @jessmock_ #My62Forever
jessmock_ : Noooooooooooo 😩😩😩😩!!! @cole_burzz
itsjustxand3r : Can we please sign Hagelin and Silfverberg already?
evcap1 : Bieksa!!! Yes!! Two Canucks badasses in Kes and Bieks will help us big time.
mikeymichelini : @__donny_caratozzolo__ dude hags is 26 now 😢
__donny_caratozzolo__ : Noooooooo😢 @mikeymichelini
legitryw_8 - finity9 - jacksodeman02 - ryder_ray_barbara -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#SloMoMonday with a very sneaky Sami Vatanen. #TheVatman
slomomonday - thevatman -
anhmduk : @coco8488 @strawberryjen84
christieheart : Love him ❤️
tumppi04 : 🇫🇮🇫🇮
koho66 : The man!
koho66 : 🇫🇮🇫🇮
coco8488 : @anhmduk awesome
mattdecowski27 : @mtalbot_0 Tim?!?
nath90_du_bog : goal
jillptims10 - patrick_edwards03 - jesse_aleksi - wiktoraabo -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#Repost @hondacenter ・・・ @imaginedragons is coming to town on Monday, and @waynesermonid is from the area. We figured these would be a good gift.
repost -
djblakerobertz : We did you jackoff
toews19hut : Go hawks @hatrickkanehut15
toews19hut : 🔴⚫️⚪️ @hatrickkanehut15 go hawks
hdanglerhut : ^ 😂
hatrickkanehut15 : Yep @toews19hut
meatboitantan : @hatrickkanehut15 hahaha 15 year old needing to feel good about himself so he scours the rival teams hockey page and throws out big boy words? Dude, we all love the same sport and we all can respect each other. Yeah congrats on having a great team, (that has greatly diminished this offseason, if I may say.) Toews and Keith said not 3 days ago about how much the ducks were the hardest challenge your team has faced in years, and we've only gotten better each year and over this offseason. You enjoy saying "cunt" to opposing fans all you want homie, but we're all just hockey bros in the end.
meatboitantan : @hatrickkanehut15 Yeah that brings back around the 15 year old thing. "Trying to get blocked by them?" You're spending your summer "trying to get blocked?" Dude, you need a girlfriend or friends or something. Go learn to skate and shoot and don't waste your summer.
hatrickkanehut15 : It's easy to get blocked by teams
legitryw_8 - xavxav1 - jacksodeman02 - viktorw14 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
🚨🙌🏼 #WorldEmojiDay #ScoreyPerry
scoreyperry - worldemojiday -
colbyjudson : Flames are the best @d71t
tyguy.81 : @d71t you are a jerk
d71t : @colbyjudson No The Ducks Are Not Either It's The Rangers Blackhawks Lighting
d71t : @colbyjudson But I Do Think The Flames Are Better Coming From A Ducks Fan But The Ducks Are Awesome
saxonelfend : @d71t learn fucking English. It's you're not 'your'
jakeelston : @preston_azevedo
ryermontana : @vaanessavaargas @marcoshtay u guys remember this :))
shirley.sanchez.3785 : #Love scorey Perry 😃
legitryw_8 - firehawk05 - jacksodeman02 - xavxav1 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
REMINDER: Our annual Team Store equipment sale is tomorrow @hondacenter! Info is on
martillo47 : @gabeaburto today
cthedestroyer : @meg_gabe @marcieluv_13
ric_txt : Hey @anaheimducks how about you guys let the fans who pay the bills get first dibs for once. Such a waste of time standing in line just to know that employees have raided all the usable equipment in 2 prior sales. You keep all the good stuff with in the employees and sell overpriced garbage to your paying patrons.Love the Ducks but this doesn't make sense.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
natehchang : @ric_txt got some gear today if your interested. Will sell for face value
greghughes9 : @natehchang did you get any black/white gloves?
concertqueenie : We didn't find anything interesting there. We are season ticket holders and we don't care what time we arrived there. And we weren't bummed out that we left empty handed.
number16will : Nice stick dude
g_campbell_115181 : about 1,000+ people but still managed to get 4 emerson etem bauer nexus 8000 twigs, price was reasonable, cant wait to use them, and cant wait for another equipment sale, thank you @anaheimducks
patrick_edwards03 - jesse_aleksi - thomaspanayio17 - firehawk05 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
Among several deals finalized today, the #NHLDucks have signed defenseman Shane O'Brien to a one-year contract. Welcome back to Anaheim, Shane!
nhlducks -
kris.massanova : @hull._
hull._ : That's pretty cool man. @kris.massanova
kris.massanova : Thanks we just got This sick guy named Cody kessel great all around defenseman @hull._ @_willgreco_
hull._ : Dream trade. @kris.massanova
hull._ : :c @kris.massanova
witty_wars_card_game : Coooool
mikey_nemz : @taylorklineofficial
bwborenstein : Between he and mcgratten San Diego will be off the chain
kor_one34 - jesse_aleksi - weston1232 - firehawk05 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
It was yet another step forward for @johngibson36 during the 2014-15 season. Head to now for his Player Review! #ItsGibbyTime
itsgibbytime -
mikeymikemikeymikemikey : Dope mask
mrsemond : To bad Gibby can't stay healthy
cathy_hedges : Dope mask
doubleh3rd : Trade him
ianfry14 : Interesting how Martin Jones may get a starting job in San Jose despite Gibby being a better goalie. I hope john is happy doing backup work for a little bit
tr_49_0 : @doubleh3rd hell no r u crazy???
jknop27 : Would u rather have the upside of Carey price or the upside of the next Corey Crawford let's not compare cups cause we all know Carey price is far better.. @kmcdonnell13 @carson.mohr
jknop27 : @nick_simpson4
kor_one34 - cikolukas - finity9 - firehawk05 -
anaheimducks - Anaheim Ducks
#Repost @davidofdaveart ・・・ A sneakpeek of the next brand new NHL mask to be unleashed... Take cover... a villain is shoting at Lego DuckMan, but no problem, he can handle it, because he is The Dark Duck...💪👊💥 Be ready! #frederikandersen #Fredo @freddieandersen @anaheimducks @nhl #daveart #nhl #daveartthecradleofcreativity #daveartglow @davidofdaveart
daveart - daveartglow - daveartthecradleofcreativity - nhl - fredo - frederikandersen - repost -
joehylak : They shouldnt have destroyed it, they should've had it survive the fiery explosion
kevinbizub : @nickbizub Freddie got a new Lego mask
silviasumpter : Sweet...
browniiee22 : @familyxjewells ohhh whaattt the dark duck
nhlwork : Check us out for memes plz
honuwiki : @cokeopuff *batman groan*
rcollins_88 : @freakinmatt_
mic_nas89 : @vinnie_vici
giudistaaa - team_oyo_panthers_lions - viktorw14 - firehawk05 -
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