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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
#MuseumCats abound in our collections storage. This splatterware cat was photographed by Bonnie Campbell Lilienfeld, the Deputy Chair and Curator of the museum’s Division of Home and Community Life. #splatterware #ceramics #mysteryobject #materialculture
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Another #MuseumCats item from our collections: In the 19th century, cats were sometimes depicted in popular illustrations on subjects much weightier than today’s memes. In this c. 1866 lithograph titled "The Question Settled," three cats vie for a single saucer. These felines represent Jefferson Davis, "contraband" (formerly enslaved people), and President Abraham Lincoln fighting for control of the American South in the wake of the Civil War. #politicalcartoon #lithograph #CW150 #historicalmeme
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#MuseumCats Day wouldn’t be complete without this 1985 metal lunch box from our collections. The television series “Thundercats,” which aired from 1985 to 1987, mixed the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and mythology. Did you ever watch it? #thundercats #popculture #lunchbox #the1980s
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In honor of #MuseumCats Day: this Hello Kitty bento box, made around 2000, is a part of the museum’s large collection of school lunch boxes. Containers designed specifically for children to carry their lunches to school became popular in the years following World War II. Both Hello Kitty and bento boxes originated in Japan but are widely enjoyed by 21st century Americans. #hellokitty #bentobox #lunchbox #yum
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Today in 1796: Walter Hunt is born. In 1833, he invents a sewing machine featuring the principle of lockstitch. The lockstitch used two threads, one passing through a loop in the other and then both interlocking. This was the first time an inventor had not mimicked a hand stitch. This is the patent model for his sewing machine. (In those days, you had to submit a model of your invention in order to secure a patent). #todayinhistory #sewing #invention
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118 years ago today: The City of Miami is incorporated, with 344 residents voting. This is sheet music for the song “Moon Over Miami” was written by Edgar Leslie and composed by Joe Burke. The sheet music was published by Irving Berlin, Inc., in New York, New York, in 1935. #todayinhistory #music #bienvenidoamiami
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What? No. Faxing is NOT cool. Ok, maybe a little bit. In the 1930s (yes, that long ago), Radio Fax could even send photos! Find out how in our latest Founding Fragments video: #retrotech #faxittome
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Today in 1861, Union Gen. George B. McClellan, designer of this saddle, is put in command of the Army of the Potomac. Touring Europe with a military commission to identify new military tactics, McClellan came up with a new design for a cavalry saddle. The saddle was simple and less expensive than most. It was light enough not to weigh down the horse, yet it was sturdy and gave good support to the rider and his gear. Also pictured here, a portrait of McClellan from the National Portrait Gallery. #equestrianlife #horses #saddle #CivilWar
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jellicelli : The Delafield Commission ;)
caitkear : Must be Ron Swanson's ancestor!
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
24 years ago today: Americans with Disabilities Act is signed into law. We have an online exhibition on #disabilityhistory called EveryBody. You can find it at This is a Teletouch from the 1950s. It's a small mechanical keyboard with a Braille cell on the back. It was used to communicate with a person who was deaf and blind. #todayinhistory #tech #disability #communication #nextyearis25!
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This morning, students from @nationalffa are at the museum to witness agricultural education become history. We're adding five iconic FFA jackets to our collections. They'll be on display in our #businesshistory exhibition, which opens in summer 2015. Did you learn about ag as a kid or grow up seeing blue Future Farmers jackets? #agheritage
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aheicken : @augusth1138
emily_2016 : The enterprise chapter was just there before this went up. I'm so proud to call myself a FFA me member
okay_always_okay : I am an FFA member and I am proud to be one. Thank you for allowing our organization to go into history.
kerriganleigh97 : @garrett_reed94
ljthepegleg : Ill have to come next summer to see them
mckaylarose99 : I'm a current FFA member and this is amazing news to hear! Without FFA, I would not be where I am today.
mckaylarose99 : @wesdaviswv is that you?
wilson_faith : It's so amazing to see FFA jackets in the museum! I'm so glad I'm apart of such a great organization!
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