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The @Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Hosted by Erin. Our theme for 2015: innovation and American History! Legal:
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Gloomy view of the @smithsonian Castle across the National Mall. Museums are a great place to take shelter from the storm—come on in! ☔️⚡️ #dcweather #storm #NationalMall
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denisedunning : @amhistorymuseum do you guys offer internship positions to mature 16 year olds? I'm trying to line up a summer gig for my daughter for next year
amhistorymuseum : @denisedunning We believe so! Get in touch with Omar Eaton-Martinez at
denisedunning : @amhistorymuseum awesome! Thank you. @oopsxarah 👌😉
welshwitch78 : That was a NASTY little storm that blew through! I thought I was going to get soaked yet again today. 😰
la_p0zzi : Are those three flying saucers outside your window in the sky?
amhistorymuseum : @la_p0zzi Not again! We ASKED @airandspacemuseum to keep those out of our airspace. Always terrifying the tourists and all. Sorry about that folks. We won't let that happen again!
amhistorymuseum : @welshwitch78 Sure was! We hope everyone brought their umbrellas. ☔️
amhistorymuseum : @denisedunning No problem. Good luck! 😃
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
I love this carefree photo of four young women posing with a Cadillac, obviously having a great weekend. But cars didn't offer absolute freedom. African Americans who traveled by car often used the "Negro Motorist's Green Book" to navigate safely across a landscape partitioned by segregation and scarred by lynching. Published in Harlem, it came out annually from 1937-1964. It listed service stations, hotels, restaurants, beauty parlors, and other businesses that did not discriminate on the basis of race. I learned so much from this blog post on the Green Book: (Clickable link in profile.) - Erin 🚗 #Transportation #Freedom #Justice #Travel #Summer #Retro
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travelbugster10 : My cousins and I were going through our family photos from the '40s. We found several photos of our family next to their car...their pride and joy. Seeing this travel guide adds another facet to our family's story.
travelingone : We've come a long way. Perhaps not quite far enough, but it's unimaginable the terror they experienced just getting from one place to another.
newyornia : Absolutely @magiroux this training has me feeling so inspired
yoderama : Thank you for sharing this! @amhistorymuseum
pandakoalachick : The National Postal Museum has a Green Book on exhibit in "Freedom Is Around the Corner".
amhistorymuseum : Thanks for pointing that out, @pandakoalachick! Great exhibit.
amhistorymuseum : @yoderama Thanks for following us!
jo4428 : Great car
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Rawwwr! Happy International #Tiger Day. This fierce beastie decorated the side of a fire engine used by the the Americus Company No. 6 of New York, New York. The company operated from 1848 to 1865. But wait... why did a fire engine need a fancy painting on it? Parades! Hand-pumped fire engines made appearances at various community events and these mascot paintings helped them stand out. 🐅🔥🚒🐅 #Firefighting #Fierce #Painting #Carnivore
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mrsresh : How can today be #NationalChickenWingDay AND #tiger day?!
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25 years ago today, President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act. In his speech that day, President Bush hoped that the law would break down "the shameful walls of exclusion" that people with disabilities encountered throughout their lives. The ADA's purpose was to make discrimination illegal by prohibiting employers from disqualifying people who had a disability from jobs and requiring reasonable accommodation. In honor of the anniversary, the act is on display at the @USNatArchives through July 30. Here at the museum, we also have a small display featuring four lives impacted by the ADA. Photo: People with disabilities fighting for their rights. Courtesy of Tom Olin, photographer. #ADA25 #disability
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liz___4 : @barbiekosiek
fluffymetal : Wow, only 25 years ago.
drlynnjaco : ADA might be good for folks with physical challenges but terrible for people with hearing challenges (Deaf/hard of hearing/cochlear implantees). Deaf people need ASL, not ADA (interpreters, PL 94:142, cochlear technology, etc). ADA destroys Gallaudet, schools for the Deaf & most important, ASL/Deaf Culture. Change ADA for Deaf/HH/CI to require all people including hearing people to learn ASL. ADA costs US government a lot of money to put Deaf/HH/CI in mainstreamed settings - interpreters (often not qualified/certified) costs USA billions of wasted tax dollars. Save our schools for the Deaf, Gallaudet (world's only liberal college for Deaf/HH/CI/ASL users), please!!
xr : Wow 25 😮
bluepicts : Things change so slowly sometimes, with some fighting tooth and nail all the way.
gabbybunny2 : @drlynnjaco I think you need to get your acronyms straight. If it wasn't for ADA which is the American Disabilities Act, deaf people would not have rights. If you are going to be an advocate, please advocate correctly. The act doesn't cost anything. Bills, legislation, various laws for various disabilities and disorders are different but the Act remains.
drlynnjaco : @gabbybunny2 ADA costs & hurts the Deaf community big time in terms of making new bills, laws & regulations to corrupt, destroy, & divide Deaf people's rich language & culture. Deaf people are people with invisible disabilities that need little or no corrections. We Deaf people can do anything. ADA made Deaf people more disabled. Sad irony.
gabbybunny2 : @drlynnjaco Again, an act doesn't make bills. It's an act. The people you choose to be in Congress make bills. Please know what you are talking about. I would not want you to be an advocate for the deaf. I work for an organization who main focus is disabilities and we don't use the term as victimization. Please read your laws, get educated and know you advocacy.
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Repost of @egyptalian's photo of the midnight portrait installation on our steps. On view through Monday afternoon, this portrait of disability rights advocate Kathy Martinez is part of our celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The portraits (there are more around town) are thanks to 🎂 #ADA25 #a11y #portraiture #smithsonian #DisabilityStories #disability
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55 years ago today, the Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, is desegregated after six months of sit-in protests. On February 1, 1960, four African American college students sat down at this "whites only" lunch counter and politely asked for service. Their request was refused. When asked to leave, the students remained in their seats in protest. For the months that followed, hundreds of students, civil rights organizations, churches, and members of the community joined the protest and boycotted the store. Their commitment ultimately led to the desegregation of the F.W. Woolworth lunch counter on July 25, 1960. #CivilRights #History #Lunch
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disneyworldforeva : My Aunt would Love this! I Saw that last month @amhistorymuseum
travelingone : Love love love! This is one of my favorites at the museum.
themuseumguy : A few months ago I saw the living history program held at this lunch counter. It was quite probably the best living history program I have ever witnessed. Very powerful and incredibly moving. Highly recommended for anyone who visits.
hapashawn : @miatindle @tindles This is one of my favorite displays at the American History Smithsonian. 🇺🇸
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A bunch of teens have spent the last two weeks at the museum, meeting staff, researching visitor needs, and proposing future programs for teens. They wrote a group poem about the museum and its impact. Here's the last line: "Our histories are all tied together, longing for connections." Way to go, guys! 👍 #NMAHyouth #teens #museum #poetry #FutureCurators
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oldwildchild : More than like this
hannah.differding : Good job girls!!! #girlpower
s_panache : @meagancarter
schoolbelle_2001 : It would be interesting to read the whole poem. The final line is thought provoking.
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In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we have talks, demonstrations, and activities today through Sunday afternoon. Even our steps are getting into the spirit. The two portraits of important faces in disability rights by are Kathy Martinez (shown here), former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Office of Disability Employment Policy, and Tia Nelis of the Institute on Disability and Human Development. Click the link in our bio for the schedule events. #ADA25 #DisabilityStories #PWD
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captured_eagle : @aryn_dimas
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Time-O-Stat 8-Day Thermostat, 1932. The home owner could program thermostat to keep different temperatures during the day or night, and the clock switched between these temperatures for 8 days before it needed to be wound. The thermostat’s temperature could be set between 60-80. Stay cool this weekend! #innovation #technology #history #coolness #ObjectProject
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pam_mathewson : @bigpappahvac thought you might enjoy this antique!
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In the DC area? Tour two of our new exhibitions with experts and explore @silibraries behind-the-scenes on Friday, August 7, while sharing pics on Instagram. Apply to participate in our #FantasticObjects tweetup here: (Clickable link in profile.) 📷 #DC #tweetup #ObjectProject
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centralparknyc : Wish I could!
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tntomcat : Jealous! I used to live in DC, too, when I was a student at Georgetown in the late 1990s...
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culinarymuseum : We'll be supporting you from Rhode Island! #FantasticObjects #Tweetup
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