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The @Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. #ObjectProject is now open! 2015 theme: innovation. Hosted by Erin. Legal:
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Toys that encourage housework? It may not sound so fun, but this Suzy Homemaker toy refrigerator in #ObjectProject was a must-have item in the 1960s. The Suzy Homemaker line, made by Topper Toys, also included a working blender, mixer, oven, iron, vacuum cleaner, and clothes washer. These toy appliances were considered tools for girls to prepare for adult life. But in the late 1960s into the ’70s, such notions were challenged by the rise of the women's rights movement. Suzy Homemaker ads began to sound a tad defensive with lines like, "She gets more fun out of being a cook than a kook…Suzy Homemaker is a square. And aren't you glad." #HistoricToys #SuzyHomemaker #WomensHistory
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rachelfrancois2011 : @buffalocountry101 good morning! I may get you one of these for xmas! ha! xxx
mloewenbein : @ginalyn61
katrinamichellecano : @you1sage @alyssancano @ecano_8 @nataliepattillo @westtxsagebrush AH! Thank goodness for progress
darei2dream : @atlasautosanantonio 😂 it does
rowxrow : @carygreg
amylynshep : I think it's awesome and would have loved one as a child!
kjreusser : Never had anything this fancy as a kid!
vintageadart : super cute!
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When did you get your first credit card? Bargain Hunter, released in 1981, introduced young people to the promises and pitfalls of shopping with credit cards. Players were tasked with furnishing an apartment with 19 necessary items (which included not one but two pets). Bargain Hunter made leveraging debt and comparison shopping essential strategies for winning. The prices for various products fluctuated wildly, and players could take advantage of sudden sales by paying for their purchases with a credit card. Players could borrow up to $1,000 before the game decided that they were in “Financial Disaster” and forced them to stop shopping. For the next few days, we're bringing you a series of #HistoricToys. Let us know what you think! #ShoppingOnABudget #Boardgames #VintageToys #BlackFriday #Shopping #MallMadnesBeforeItWasCool
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thejapofgeorgetown : @mfmorrison3 lol.
troyellerbroek : Love it!
glennylou : @shivedesign may love this series.
jtribley98 : OMG, I had this game back in the day!!!
brwrgirl : My sister had this! It came with a plastic version of the old manual knuckle buster credit card machine
milanclubphilly : @50centraise
grayfoxgaryfox : @amandachicagolewis it's like it was designed for IA
amandachicagolewis : @grayfoxgaryfox lol. Sam was the one who really went crazy over mall madness tho
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Happy #Thanksgiving! Is there corn on your table today? During the Revolutionary war, many colonists chose to use cornmeal instead of wheat-based flour, to demonstrate greater culinary and economic independence from the British. #corn #FoodHistory #SmithsonianFood More on the blog: Underwood and Underwood Glass Stereograph Collection
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weekendatlilys : @nicholasvitrano CHILDREN OF THE CORN
natgeoesp : ¡que foto más curiosa!
treysons : Lindsay, this looks like your mural! @105degreeswest
soliloquyofsummer : @mymoodyview this reminded me of your corn field shot🤔🙈🦃❤️🍽😘
mymoodyview : @soliloquyofsummer oh I love it!!!🦃🌽👋🏻😘
museumthekennedys : Great photo! Happy Thanksgiving 🍂
pfayne : @pjizzletv @jonkaplan52 such a good topic
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Anyone still play Tetris on one of these? This 1990s Game Boy is on display in #ObjectProject, right next to a PalmPilot: two mobile devices that changed how we work and play on-the-go. Nintendo debuted the handheld video game player in 1989 and went on to ship 100 million Game Boys and Game Boy Color devices around the world. For the next few days, we're bringing you a series of #HistoricToys. #VideoGames
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nobi_kenobi : @njciiv
njciiv : @nobi_kenobi I loved this
friendsofschohariecrossing : Yes and my 9 year loves it
brittanyearnsherears : @chaz385
flautistpdm : Yeah!!
sammymarvel21 : @mmooskie_ I still have it haha
k2harper : @khktwo yours is around here someplace
moreshoes : @whenandif hahahhahaha
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On Thanksgiving Day 1944, the U.S.S. Randolph was heading towards the Panama Canal en route to the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. What did they eat? Stuffed olives, ripe olives, Waldorf salad, and chilled celery in addition to the turkey and cranberry sauce. This is their menu. More military menus from turkey day on our blog: (link in profile) #Thanksgiving #ThanksForYourService #Grateful #WorldWarII #ExtraOlives #FoodHistory #SmithsonianFood
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dinosaurdays : @misterbodangles @bconatser1 hungry for ship food?
abby_penguin : @prissyjewel
bconatser1 : @neilly12
jenroit : @blake.faulds @gin4elle might be something cool to show the family. Guess they have a bunch online.
amhistorymuseum : @moonofpluto Thanks for your service! And for sharing your story. :)
amysamin : So funny to see cigars and cigarettes on a menu!
mighty_mega_max : Aww! Really like this pic, cannot wait to see more posts !!! (-:
mrshepard : @mdoyle19 I'd get the Hard Candy and Cigarettes! 😏
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We're sure this item is on many Christmas lists this year: an itsy-bitsy compass charm! No? Why not?! Let us explain: the nut is thought to have fallen from one of Mount Vernon's buckeye trees! So it's not just ANY nut. It's a nut that is vaguely associated with none other than George Washington! Still not convinced? Ok, fine. No itsy-bitsy quasi-presidential compass for you! For the next few days, we're bringing you a series of #HistoricToys. Let us know what you think! #VintageToys #Souvenir #GeorgeWashington #Bizarre
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bursley_mack : @grandmajfb
stimpy_asher : @drum.miller
darei2dream : @aprieravant will this help? ☺️
sarabethlowe8 : Always love a bit of buckeye trivia.
jaeichlin : Actually would love to have this!
aprieravant : @darei2dream :)
beachfeetsandyneck : Fascinating love the info 👏
calila24_ : @nikkiraeberet
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In the mid-1960s, most kids had never seen an electronic computer. But they had heard stories of the powerful, giant instruments of the space age. This toy brought the mathematical principles of the digital computer into the home. The manual describes several problems that could be set up, including a basic check out of whether the device was functioning properly, counting down from 7 to 1 in binary, logical riddles, and the game of NIM. What was your first computer game? For the next few days, we're bringing you a series of #HistoricToys. Let us know what you think! #VintageToys #ComputerToys #RetroToys #ComputerHistory
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amhistorymuseum : @dekrepit Nice!
ysk2335 : Atari computer
_earlybird99 : @senojcet
plasticdust : @bstancs
ellerylikecelery : @gregorytylerdavis check it out
gregorytylerdavis : 📠
lindafriskney : Pong.
mensoguk : I purchased "Pong" right off the bat.... Had "Erector" sets also....
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This electronic game tests children on the basic operations of arithmetic. Children entered both a problem and their answer to it. If the answer was correct, the green light flashed reinforcement. If not, the red eye lit up. (Eek!) An advertisement published just before Christmas 1975 proclaimed, "the Novus 'Quiz Kid' might just make a Whiz Kid out of Jr." The toy sold for $15. As a kid, you have a toy or game to improve your math skills? For the next few days, we're bringing you a series of #HistoricToys. Let us know what you think! #MathHistory #VintageToys #SuperbOwls #EducationalToys
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chiquillo_perez : @mperez217
monicabravo1 : @bespectacled_mari I feel like this is something you would have played with as a kid
pdedwards : I had one of these!
elipdx73 : My brother had one. Super neat.
seamartin3 : It was a great way to learn math facts-memorization works!!
annebritton9 : @mmthorn2
bmoreatheart : I loved this when I was younger
darei2dream : Still have mine but it's yellow & has a display. Later model.
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As illustrated in this child's tool chest from around 1900, children in the early 20th century experienced their society's gender expectations at a young age. The tool chest from R. Bliss & Co. declared carpentry to be boys' work. How did the toys you grew up with limit or expand your horizons? For the next few days, we're bringing you a series of #HistoricToys. Let us know what you think! #AnyoneCanEnjoyCarpentry #Gender #Carpentry #VintageToys
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aeah2089 : @hsheahopsalot
anixaroque : Great
leighleigh5000 : So telling the truth about gender steriotypes is psychobable?
amhistorymuseum : @watercolorblue Great point. A kiddo would have to be careful with these, but one could have some serious fun.
amhistorymuseum : @jennawingatedesigns Ha! Awesome.
amhistorymuseum : @teresa.sellers Just trying to spark personal connections to and reflections on American history by asking a question. As educators, that's what we do. We hope you enjoy the other posts in our #HistoricToys series! - Erin
watercolorblue : I love the discussions and different cultural perspectives. Love the replies that have first and second person perspective. "My father worked..." Love the psychobabble too Lol!
amhistorymuseum : @watercolorblue Why thanks! We're enjoying the discussion, too. Usually on Instagram, people say "cool!" "neat!" but we sometimes ask questions to spark story-sharing and memories. History is a two-way street. :)
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A little girl in Washington, DC, received this tin toy carriage during the Civil War. When wound with a key, a clockwork mechanism inside the toy turns the back wheels and sends the carriage on its way. For the next few days, we're bringing you a series of #HistoricToys. Let us know what you think! #CivilWar #CW150 #VintageToys #HistoricToys
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kjreusser : Love horses!
marybordercollie : Yes, more please!
illuminata1111 : I love historic toys! Was my fave part on Antiques Roadshow when someone had a cool old toy😊
fensfriends : Great!
tntomcat : @daddertot In case you weren't already aware of this...
daddertot : @tntomcat Awesome!! Thank you!
mothership58 : Once again... I love this site!!! Thanks so much.
amhistorymuseum : @mothership58 Thanks! We love to hear that. :)
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