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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Horse hair loom? Yep! Today in 1837: Charles R. Harvey of Poughkeepsie, New York, patents a loom for weaving horse hair. This is the model submitted with his patent. #horses #inventions #bizarre
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amhistorymuseum : @leighleigh5000 We think it was very much for hair, particularly horse hair. Weaving with horsehair was difficult and slow because the weaver had to select an individual horsehair for each weft and insert it into the warp.
leighleigh5000 : Individual hairs? Did this really catch on? Any finished products? As always, thank you for responding @amhistorymuseum
vogthorstar : This is wonderful. My grandmother used to talk about chairs in the hall that had horse hair covered seats. She said that they were very slippery and as a child, they were hard to climb onto.
lillithlois : @grapekathleen
amhistorymuseum : @vogthorstar Great story! We were wondering what it was like to sit on horsehair furniture.
amhistorymuseum : @leighleigh5000 We don't know much but we're curious, too. Here's what Britannica had to offer: The longest hairs are used for fabrics; medium lengths are used to make bristles for paint, industrial, and domestic brushes; and very short hair is curled for use as stuffing in upholstered furniture and mattresses. High-grade white horsehair is used for the strings of fine violin bows. Horsehair fabric, or haircloth, stiff and with an open weave, is usually made with lengthwise yarns of another fibre, such as cotton, and long, crosswise yarns of horsehair. It is used as interlining or stiffening for tailored garments and millinery but is gradually being replaced for such purposes by materials of synthetic fibres. The fabric, at one time made into shirts worn by religious penitents, became a popular upholstery material in the 19th century. Horsehair for the textile industry is exported chiefly by Argentina and Canada; other producers include Mongolia, China, and Australia.
godfirst_3892 : I used something similar's not that hard to use once you get used to it!!!!😊😊😊
vogthorstar : @amhistorymuseum My grandmother would always giggle when she talked about those chairs. I saw some in the Gallier House in the French quarter. Not sure if they are still there.
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Today in 1784: Zachary Taylor, 12th president and Mexican War hero, is born in Orange County, Virginia. Made in 1847, this coverlet celebrates the achievements of then General Taylor (note his profile repeated in the design). The phrase "Rough and Ready" appears along its edges. #Quilting #PresidentialHistory
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rhadiliving : Amazing!
preservationproblems : @beachroaddesigns wouldn't this make a nice #beachsheet?!
here4thesimpsonsig : Hero???
jonhoff : @michealhawke
jonhoff : @michaelhawke
beachroaddesigns : @preservationproblems We'll have to keep it in mind :)
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Today in 1980: Actress Mae West dies at age 87. During World War II, soldiers name this model of life vest after her, a reference to the bombshell's hourglass figure. This 1935 photograph of West was taken by C. Kenneth Lobben. National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Keith de Lellis. From their bio of West: "West developed her bawdy style and walk on the vaudeville circuit, in part from blueswomen and drag queens." #Fashion #safety
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joe_ohair : Hi
demetriusathena : I love her and her movies, ohhhh peal me a grape!
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Today in 1620: Plymouth Colony settlers sign Mayflower Compact. 32 years later, as commercial activity grew, they were minting money. Gold and silver were in short supply in England, so the Boston authorities allowed two settlers to set up a mint. What was the Mayflower Compact? Some background from Plimoth Plantation, a Smithsonian affiliate museum: "The 1620 agreement (first called the 'Mayflower Compact' in 1793) was a legal instrument that bound the Pilgrims together when they arrived in New England. The core members of the Pilgrims' immigrant group were Separatists, members of a Puritan sect that had split from the Church of England, the only legal church in England at that time. Others in the group, however, had remained part of the Church of England, so not all of the Pilgrims shared the same religion." #numismatics #money
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spoothy : OMG $$$ ---->> @marcie383
jeanette_kay : @christopherbryansextontx
calliopecarla : Very cool. I just finished reading The Mayflower by N.Philbreck (?) really great read, very interesting. Such an integral part of our history, yet most of know very little about it.
srsoc : @oconnorjt It was no Mass Bay Colony.
fastgodzilla : @trisangelina @giannamarin_
dmarlomich : @briguy777
orangejackius : 😍😍😍
heyitsdrewski : A tree coin!!! The holy grail for metal detectors around here...
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The lumber crew of Civilian Conservation Corps Company number 1631. From our Archives Center.
doddcarmela : wow, what year and location?
schamilt : Yeah, I'd love a location on this @amhistorymuseum
amhistorymuseum : @schamilt Same here. Documents from our Archives Center are available for researchers to explore. This record includes more questions than answers.
schamilt : @amhistorymuseum Thanks! I love a good mystery!
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This is a horse hoof covered in shiny enamel. It belonged to DC's Horse No. 12. His story is a sad one. (We warned you.) On the morning of March 30, 1890, two horse-drawn fire wagons racing to answer an alarm collided. They continued on their way to the fire. As they raced across town, the driver noticed that one of his two-horse team, Horse No. 12, limped somewhat. When they arrived at the fire, the driver made a shocking discovery. The animal had lost its left rear foot, apparently run over and cut off in the collision with the heavy engine. The horse had galloped to the fire—nearly a mile—on its stump. Through the tears of attending fire fighters and policemen, the horse was quickly put down with a shot. It was later sent to the @Smithsonian to perpetuate the memory of this incredible animal. Click the link in our profile to learn more about Horse No. 12: #HeroAnimal #Firefighting
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lauravizcarra : @mikaeldv @king_chris027 @christinennelson @luisdvizcarra sad.... Read story @christianitylover
eliza_th0rnberry : Somebody make this a mini series
odie98584 : @ashlee_and_micahmarie read this😞😞😞
jann_a_rama : Wow. A horse that became a hero.
samuelthomasjohnstone : he helped save lives:)
kaitidomarcher : ❀❀❀❀❀🐎
legranddecker : @madhuntah nothing like a little bravery
amhistorymuseum : @eliza_th0rnberry We agree!
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
"Vape" is Oxford Dictionary's word of the year. Back before e-cigarettes, "plug" or chewing tobacco was popular. This is a crate label from the Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company. It's from 1873. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Surgeon General's report on the health effects of smoking. In 1965, Congress required all cigarette packages distributed in the US to carry a health warning. #WordOfTheYear #HistoricalContext
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Pop quiz! Can you name the Disney cartoon released 86 years ago today? Hints: 1) Introduced Mickey Mouse. 2) First cartoon with synchronized sound. 3) Made waves in the history of animation. 4) Featured a "phonograph goat." 5) Involved a boat. Image: a 1963 lunch box in our collection. #Disney #FamousRodents
famousrodents - disney -
sheaisawesome : Steamboat Willy!
torirosey : Donald Duck . :)
jslavet : @dswalber
katy_geeee : Happy Birthday Mr. Mouse! Best boss ever!! Thank you @amhistorymuseum for sharing this foundational bit of Disney history!! Steam remains one of my favorites to this very day 🚒 #itallstartedwithamouse
grisel_lorente : @kaos4u
kaos4u : @grisel_lorente Yee.. Thats awesome!
cannotbbothered : Steamboat Willie
annaejoiner : @mimijoiner
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Don't forget to look up tonight and see the Leonid meteor shower. During the Cold War, kids who were interested in astronomy could join the Junior Planetarium Association. #Leonids #MeteorShower #Sputnik #nightsky
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katiekozy19 : @chipkat
chipkat : 🌌🌠🌌🌠 @katiekozy19
joshfahrenheit : @coldwarkids
luckydragon9 : So cool.
amhistorymuseum : @luckydragon9 Thanks!
carmony85 : @sltomb
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This coonskin cap was worn by actor Fess Parker in "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier," a 1955 film. Kids immediately wanted their own and there was even a version for girls called the "Polly Crockett" hat. This hat is now on display at @ncmuseumhistory. More about the coonskin cap saga on our blog (click the link in our profile): #Haberdashery #Hollywood
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jschneiderman : @stabbytines
stabbytines : @jschneiderman xmas is coming
kaytersb : Love Fess!
luckydragon9 : I wanted one of these as a kid! I found one at Cracker Barrel I remember.
scoobyduud : So you stuff your head in its butt?
iceman.420 : Cool
amhistorymuseum : @scoobyduud Well, we never quite thought of it that way, but... yes?
ncmuseumhistory : We are so proud to have it on loan and in our Starring North Carolina exhibit! #StarringNC
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