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The @Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Hosted by Erin. Our theme for 2015: innovation and American History! Legal:
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Giant Lego American flag, nearly complete! Thanks to the zillions of kiddos and grown-ups who helped put it together in celebration of our new #innovation wing, which opened today. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #Legos #design #July4 #IndependenceDay
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millerhydeman : @hydestheman this totally remind me if you as a young Lego Man
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Today in 1863: The Battle of Gettysburg begins in the Civil War. Alexander Gardner titled this photo, taken after the three-day battle, "A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1863." His titles were usually terse and only rarely poetic. What do you think of the title? On the blog, our photo history curator explores the title in context: (clickable link in profile) #Photography #CivilWar #History #Gettysburg #NoFilter
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seamartin3 : It was on "Here and Now" today, 7/1/15 on NPR. "Gettysburg Gets a Makeover" was the title of the piece.@amhistorymuseum
nicholenichole : @el_scumbag
darei2dream : #appropriate
bluepicts : At 50k casualties, a sad, bumper crop. "Peace eternal in a nation united" from the peace monument at the battlefield. Something we should remember today.
kelly_the_red : @amhistorymuseum Im glad you found intellectual stimulation in my comment. In reguards to your question, I guess it depends on how to define "study"... he might have come up in a media or propaganda class, or was it Ken Burns? His work, techniques, and drama seems especially interesting in the this era of journalism, war reporting, and art (both in hi
kelly_the_red : ...s visual art and crafting of words in his titles.)
voodoohype : My GG grandfather spent several days burying the dead on both sides. In the end, he wrote that he no longer knew what he was fighting for.
maxinatl : Painful to see. We should never forget.
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About to cut the ribbon and open #ObjectProject. It's a new way to explore historic objects—they're above your head, touchable, and some even talk. (There's a particularly chatty historic bottle of deodorant.) Come see it! We are free to visit and Object Project will be open for 10+ years.
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kellyleonardofficial : @linda.during take me here!
emmajaneylane : @lizzie_r03 roadtriiippp to my future workplace
lizzie_r03 : @emmajaneylane Hahaha soooo down
hqbing1 : @japetersen1 @annieh this looks cool!
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"Places of Invention" opens today! It explores this question: What kind of place stimulates creative minds and sparks a surge of innovation? πŸ’‘ To find the answer, we need YOUR help. Pin an innovation designed in your community to our map and we'll display it digitally in our gallery. πŸ“Œ Click the link in our profile to explore the map (there are already lots of great stories, from frozen OJ in Florida to Technicolor in California). #PlacesOfInvention #innovation
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tartlove : @readingonatrain let's go!
sleevieb : @amandamacness
faeriebinnie : @mariathemighty
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From the Washington Post: "We’ll need to wait for July just a shade longer, as the world's timekeepers have added a leap second June 30–to officially keep Earth and our precise, atomic clocks in sync." ⌚️⏰ How will you spend your leap second today? Perhaps checking out our timepieces Pinterest board? We promise it will be time well spent! (Link in profile.) #LeapSecond
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suzzieqsmiles : Well this is odd. Hmmmmm
suzzieqsmiles : My birthday has been the longest day of the year for over 50 years. June 21
amhistorymuseum : @suzzieqsmiles Looks like maybe you have some competition this year? ;) And happy (belated) birthday!
forestpuffin : @grovercleveland
suzzieqsmiles : Yes it does look that wayβ˜€οΈπŸ˜„ @amhistorymuseum
suzzieqsmiles : And thank you for the Birthday wishπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
mcanz714 : @sman211 @millerms530 - We lost six hours but gained a leap second! hehe ⌚️
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Good morning, Instagram friends. Imagine your household getting its first electric toaster—oh the convenience! Well, sort of... early models browned only one side at a time and required users to watch, flip, and then remove each slice. The automatic toaster debuted in 1926; it toasted both sides and popped up the finished slice. This 1920s toaster is one of many "Household Hits" on display in #ObjectProject, which opens TOMORROW. In celebration, we've taken over the @Smithsonian Instagram this week, so check out more of our objects there. - Caitlin and Erin πŸŒžπŸŒπŸ©β˜•οΈ #Breakfast #Brunch #RiseAndGrind #Coffee #BreakfastClub
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lucianjanik : @mar_g_janik
iceman.420 : People who won't eat bread are crazy. Bread is awesome
janab98 : @nannak58 to make TOAST in! :-)
marylivadas : @jml3000 if you want to get all nerdy on product/design history this looks like a neat exhibit I wish I could go to!
jaytee_33 : @nova_g1988 what they cooked pasta in back in the day
isolde137 : ....Would you like some toast?
pafitz7 : @sully1209 our work toaster is only slightly better
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This 1896 bicycle was owned by Mrs. Mary Noble Wiley of Montgomery, Alabama. It’s a regular Columbia safety bicycle that was embellished by Tiffany & Co. Here, you can see Mrs. Wiley’s monogram in gold, accentuated with diamonds and emeralds. 🚴🏽 Curator Roger White is still digging into this object’s mysterious past to try and gather more information about how Mrs. Wiley used this bicycle. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on the ongoing research! 🚴🏽 During the late 1800s, bicycles were a symbol of independence for women, who used them to travel solo and socialize outside the home. See another photo of the bike on @smithsonian's Instagram. - Caitlin, #ObjectProject team 🚴🏽 #Elegance #Cycling #Biking #ClyclingHistory #BikingHistory #Bicycle #Luxury #Fancy #History #Fashion
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thacoolruler : @transportcycles @harryschwartzman @viabicycle
deedee__11 : 😍😍
jkreisz : @sprintjuice fit for a sprinter
corpse_reviver_2 : @jacklyni 🚴🏻🚴🏼🚴🏽🚴🏾🚴🏿
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miss_kristen : Wow!
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Caitlin here from the museum's New Media Department. I've taken over the @Smithsonian's Instagram today to give you a preview of #ObjectProject, which opens this Wednesday, July 1. This cart explores the transition from ice harvesting and ice boxes to the first refrigerators. Those scary looking tongs were used to deliver large blocks of ice harvested from local ponds in the 1930s! Not only were electric refrigerators more reliable in maintaining cool temps, but they also made way for fun drink recipes that used the latest novelty: the ice cube. 🍹 Learn more on the blog: (clickable link in profile) 🍦 #IceIceBaby #FoodHistory #Appliances #History #Retro #Vintage ⛄️❄️
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hannahhys : @natalierachelmorris
fargone1 : @drfitadventures
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natalierachelmorris : @hannahhys I kinda want to use the #objectproject as an excuse to run off to DC for a long weekend...πŸ’‘
amhistorymuseum : @natalierachelmorris Do it! :)
beccaljung : @sm_theriault
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Today in 2007: The American bald eagle is removed from the endangered species list. In this painting, the mythological figure of Hebe, cupbearer to the gods of classical Greece, pours a bowl of ambrosia for a bald eagle, granting it immortality. This painting decorated a fire engine used by Aetna Fire Engine Company No. 16 of New York City, a company that was active from 1786-1833. The painting is attributed to Thomas Sully and dates to around 1832. Volunteer fire companies often decorated their engines with paintings, especially for parades. This one was probably quite eye-catching. P.S. This post is dedicated to @paulebdo @coolhandlak@bkriz10 @mikegaisser and @math.yew Thanks for being our Instagram friends! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #Eagles #Conservation #America #AmericanHistory #Firefighting #Painting #GreekGods #CorrectDateThisTime
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skinzy_j : @beerpedaler
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beerpedaler : @skinzy_j Classic
wheeliewhiteson : @norcalshadillac @douglasdelarge82 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
tonybeaubouef : @ashhunt911
paulebdo : Cool πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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This is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' State Dinner Dress designed by Oleg Cassini. Mrs. Kennedy wore the dress in 1961 for the administration’s first state dinner, for Tunisian president Habib Bourguiba. #Kennedy #Fashion #FLOTUS #Gown #AmericanHistory
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charlie_howle : Who cares what day she was born. I am still hook, line and sinker in LOVE with this dress 😍😍😍
frostywindowfibers : Classic.
mikegaisser : @charlie_howle Because it's a history museum getting a birthdate of a historical figure wrong. πŸ˜‚ Ironic.
math.yew : You're a whole month off.
amhistorymuseum : Hahaha! Sorry. Your very human social media coordinator hadn't had her coffee yet. Apologies! -Erin, New Media Dept. @paulebdo @coolhandlak @bkriz10 @mikegaisser @math.yew
auntie_ : @lil_red_hood_ Groovy but not so much me! πŸ˜‰β€οΈ
forjomo : @achaden you know this look
pintsized1 : @a.l.amstutz picture it in white :)
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