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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Today in 1917: #Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie is born. This is his custom-made "Silver Flair" trumpet. Its upturned bell was Gillespie's internationally known trademark. How'd he get his nickname? In the 1930s, he joined a band led by Frankie Fairfax. His behavior in the band was so clownish that he was given the nickname and it stuck.
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jacie.cecil : @rob_dukes
rob_dukes : Dope I want that @jacie.cecil
p_i_c_k : @jeffmcourt
cindyescoto : So cool!
knitoasis : @tshyde_esquire
hgmartin4 : @hulkcommathe our trumpets need this so they'd finally have good horn angles
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Remembering the legacy of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta today. He designed this two-piece dress, constructed of gilt feathers attached to a silk top and a gold lame skirt. Oscar de la Renta was born in 1932, the son of a Dominican Republic insurance agent. While studying to become a painter, he began sketching for Spanish fashion houses to help pay for his studies. He first thought seriously about a career in fashion when he designed a debutante gown for the daughter of the US Ambassador to Spain, John Cabot Lodge. #fashion #OscardelaRenta
fashion - oscardelarenta -
sharondiaz875 : Annette has a lot of money.
leighleigh5000 : This looks familiar. Was it designed for someone or did someone special wear this? @amhistorymuseum
theatriclibrarian : What era was this dress made in?
jtribley98 : I too am wondering who wore this dress and when. It's beautiful!
gabycr27 : Eso Óscar de la Renta !!! Admiro
amhistorymuseum : @leighleigh5000 @theatriclibrarian @jtribley98 Good question! It's from the fall of 2002 for the House of Balmain. More dress details: This two-piece dress is constructed of gilt cock feathers attached to a silk top and a gold lame skirt. The top is sleeveless with a wide bateau neckline formed with a band of small hand-clipped overlapping feathers horizontally placed from shoulder to shoulder, meeting at the center front and back. The remainder of the top is covered with small feathers vertically overlapping in graduated rows that end in three rows of larger feathers from the waist to the hip area. There is a center back nylon zipper opening with a hook-and-eye closure. The back and bust darts shape the fit of the top with a gold China silk lining. The skirt is a column of crimped and pleated silk lame that hangs straight at the sides, ending in a lettuce-edged bottom. An invisible left side zipper opening ends with a hook-and-eye closure at the waistline. A gold China silk fabric partially lines the skirt.
jtribley98 : Thanks for the follow up info @amhistorymuseum !!!
amhistorymuseum : @jtribley98 No problem! We love when our IG friends ask us questions--especially the ones we know the answer to!
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
This pocket compass went on the Lewis and Clark expedition. 211 years ago today: the US Senate ratifies the Louisiana Purchase, which included 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River. The price: $15 million dollars. #exploration #navigation #noGPS
navigation - exploration - nogps -
pascoe : Still reasonably accurate?
casteddum : @curtsteddum
christy.critter : @azolina3 @lady_z_83
dpcrn : #bargain
thisdayinfuckinghistory : ↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️
voodoohype : WOW! I travelled half the trail this summer with a GPS. LOL!
schamilt : @graysailor
amhistorymuseum : @pascoe We WISH we could give it a spin. Conservator says no. :(
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Today in 1864: The Civil War Battle of Cedar Creek is fought. General Philip Sheridan of the Union side arrived in a hurry on his horse Winchester. A poem heralded their bravery: "Here is the steed that saved the day By carrying Sheridan into the fight, From Winchester--twenty miles away!" Winchester, now a taxidermy specimen, is actually in our collection. Learn about this very cool war horse: #todayinhistory #todayinhorstory
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surgicalmuseumchicago : Neat!
voodoohype : My GGG uncle Peter Eldred 128th NY died in battle.
thisdayinfuckinghistory : ↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Today in 1972: Congress passed the Clean Water Act, a response to the dumping of pollution (sometimes including untreated sewage) into the nation's waterways. These 1970s pins in our collection represent environmental causes: biking, respecting urban equality, slowing population growth, and saving the whales. #savetheearth
savetheearth -
teriapod : Love them @amhistorymuseum
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eddasaga : @billydeath
breanne_ : @amandamaymaciuba forevererer
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Today in 1933: Physicist Albert Einstein, owner of this pipe, arrives in the United States as a refugee from Nazi Germany. This is his pipe. In later years, Einstein restricted his smoking, but couldn't give up the act of holding the pipe. You can actually see a hole he wore through it from holding it! #Physics #NoSmoking
nosmoking - physics -
zendeeged : @zbweb
jjzagata : @tuffkev
mothership58 : Interesting
maubini : Ce ci n'est pas un pipe.
casteddum : @curtsteddum
msemyo : Interesting, I didn't know that.
cindyescoto : Wow!
thisdayinfuckinghistory : ↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Happy birthday, Angela Lansbury. This is sheet music from the 1966 Broadway show "Mame," starring Lansbury. Beatrice Arthur played Vera Charles. What's your favorite on Lansbury's seven-decade-long career? #Gaslight #DorianGray #ManchurianCandidate #MurderSheWrote
manchuriancandidate - murdershewrote - gaslight - doriangray -
ryanscott_12 : @brycelynroux lmao what a coincidence
asolis8 : She was Mame? AWESOME
shnaper : @dro_lex
susie_b_rut : Everything she has done I have enjoyed! She is an amazing artist!
thisdayinfuckinghistory : ↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️
paige_47 : Murder She Wrote is a great show!
leighleigh5000 : Mame, Beauty and the Beast, I like her version of the song better
_anastass_ : Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris. With Omar Sharif and Diana Rigg!
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Def Jam brought you music by LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, Warren G, the Beastie Boys, Foxy Brown, DMX, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna. Today, the record label turns 30. In our collection, this 1997 "Spring Breaks and Beats" cassette. We're curious: who is your favorite Def Jam artist? #HipHop #REGULATORS #OldSchool
hiphop - regulators - oldschool -
pinkoparty : @middle_ruth
danatherobot : @carlyreed87 I hope you are having an awesome day... Let's hang out and roll back some tunes soon !
liveloudlovelean : @amhistorymuseum @mr_camron hands down!! "I'll show you how to net 2 million out cha deal, for the right price I could get ya out cha deal. Smack Ya CEO, that's when the tek is soarin " "4 mil from #defjam and I ain't sell a record for em"
ferbfletcherflynn : @lhyork74
legranddecker : @mitchypalooza
acbakhit : @81chambers
81chambers : @acbakhit thats dope, i got that tape but lost the cover
emtodd : @jenniferfjones @haymes
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
154 years ago today, Grace Bedell, age 11, writes to presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln and suggests he improve his look by growing a beard. Do you like Abe with or without #FacialHair?
facialhair -
ericacrini : @killerkay11 😃
americainplay : Fascinating! Do you actually have an archive of physical letters?!
thisdayinfuckinghistory : 👥🔫___________________________
heidi_hojo : @hollyowski
phillyjojo : Guess she is not the same person to convince Alex Trebek to grow his stache back
bison1982 : I dunno... He looks pretty good with out it, I think. but what do I know lol...
amhistorymuseum : @americainplay Nope! But National Archives has great presidential correspondence.
americainplay : Thanks for the info! 😃
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Today in 1857: Auto pioneer Elwood Haynes is born. This 1894 automobile was known as the "Pioneer." Built in Kokomo, Indiana, it went 7 miles per hour. #vintagecar #todayinhistory
todayinhistory - vintagecar -
sierra_dee : Whoo Hoo! go Hoosiers!
losanngeles : @sprowlowl Indiana Sunday drivers since 1894 lol
eddasaga : @mikeysavagee picture me Rollin @jairo__v
jairo__v : So fresh, so clean @eddasaga
czarshaw : #19thState ! @indianamuseum
ajseyler : @codmx87 next toilet bowl model?
americanduck : Ok that's cool @thefrontiersman
thefrontiersman : That sure is ! @americanduck
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