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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
These photos were taken on today's date two years ago. That's "Stanley," a robot car that can drive himself. Why is he on a truck, then? As a museum object, it's our job to care for him--and that doesn't include programming him to drive in DC traffic! He took a trek to the @airandspacemuseum and you can still see him in their "Time and Navigation" exhibition. Before joining our collection, Stanley navigated 132 miles on its own to win the 2005 Defense Advanced Research Projects Grand Challenge. #DARPA #car #WheresMyJetpack
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stephiemh : @juanbarrera88
whirlp00ls : sponsored by red bull :) ;*
brittanyearnsherears : @chaz385
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
How to rock #FlapperFashion for Halloween: beaded or fringed dress, a long necklace and bangles, and a cloche hat or sparkly headband. (Extra points for bobbed hair!) In July 2015, we're opening our #ObjectProject exhibition, in which you'll get to "try on" outfits like this Clara Bow-inspired red evening dress. πŸŽƒ #fashion
flapperfashion - objectproject - fashion -
glangholtz : @consigntrilogy :)
nhertenstein : @a.hertenstein
juju_morrow : Can't wait for this exhibit!! Also love this dress, currently writing a paper on the bob in early 20th c American culture!
twinsitter54 : @koalasnuffilms I can totally see you rocking these threads 😘
rs4e : Great piece of history
mschoenhardt : @imdanig Smithsonian is highlighting flapper fashion today!
jlewis0116 - 11thdancer - vixen.vicki - baker.lily -
amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Clara Bow was a #FlapperFashion icon. Like Pinterest, paper dolls inspired women to copy her looks, buying mass-produced, ready-to-wear clothing at their local store. These Clara Bow paper dolls are from the Donald and Carolyn Grepke Paper Doll Collection in our Archives Center. Who's going to be the cat's meow and dress like a flapper for #Halloween? #fashion πŸ’„πŸŽƒ
flapperfashion - fashion - halloween -
theemansion : Leo!betty Boop
yamariam : @noreenzulkepli @yeenzulk
yamariam : @melorbulan idea utk busana
jmg5885 : @jillian_rose @sylvette_g
glangholtz : @consigntrilogy
torirosey : I LOVED paper dolls as a kid. I now collect them for fun. I want to frame some eventually.
melorbulan : Tq @yamariam 😊
meganraejay - melorbulan - shengblood - _.greenqueen._ -
amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Even before Jay-Z's Rocawear and the Jessica Simpson collection, we've always wanted to dress like the celebrities do. Who started that trend? A certain #FlapperFashion icon. Can you guess who? Hint: Ready-to-wear clothing made the starlet's 1920s style even easier to copy. It was mass-produced and not individually tailored. πŸ’„πŸ‘—πŸ‘› #fashion
flapperfashion - fashion -
rs4e : I guess Clara Bow
kate_carson : Clara Bow?
removeyourhat : Clara Bow. The It girl.
culturalflanerie : Clara Bow?
theemmalong : Those eyes, it must be her ^^
mamacita_cass : @patrickcolletti cool fashion trivia
amhistorymuseum : @rs4e bingo! Clara Bow is correct. See our next photo in a sec. :)
dpcrn : @clariurbi if you're not following this user, you're missing out on a lot of tidbits and quiz ideas for your sixlets
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
These stylish Howard University students were photographed by the Scurlock Studio, an African American-owned business here in DC. How would you describe their fashion statement? Hint: the photo is from around 1920-1930. #fashion #football #throwbackthursday πŸ‘— cc @howardalumni
flapperfashion - football - fashion - throwbackthursday -
shans_nikie : @kimnrg stunning 😍
thatsmsdawn2u : Classy and fabulousπŸ’‹
jann_a_rama : Stylish beyond compare.
freestyleaustin : Very beautiful
itschippie : Love the hats!
mothership58 : Would love for that era of fashion to come back. Looks sooo sophisticated.
kimnrg : @shans_nikie Even though we never lived through this time, I want to go back. Class, beauty and elegance.
rjdjr14 : Those "tomatoes" are all looking like a "choice bit of calico" in those "hotsy-totsy" get ups they're wearing!
_anastass_ - lindsmariem - lisadeboard - jburg0097 -
amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
13 years ago today: Apple introduces iPod, a breakthrough MP3 music player and predecessor of this Generation 4 model from 2004. Do you remember your first MP3 player? CD player? Walkman? πŸŽ§πŸŽΆπŸ’ΏπŸ“± #TodayInHistory #music
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sao_mai : @pouysterama you still have yours? Haha
yveclairelouise : @wardmachine
mollymintaa : @bonnieblu "history"
bonnieblu : @mollymintaa I actually think I remember seeing this it made me chuckle
katiemmj : @trackernell trailblazer :)
ernest_skroller : @oldlanesign
sarahdking : @tyndall_effect: I still have mine, pressure break and all.
mmtaranto : @susie_q112 that is cray
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Pop quiz! What is this? Hint: Today in 1963: Olympic gold medal-winning American figure skater Brian Boitano is born. #figureskating
figureskating -
ikinrueff : @rammuseum that was pretty good.
jeremiahshriver : a calder sculpture??
rammuseum : Cheers @ikinrueff...puns for life :)
kathirobinson : It looks like the route my son takes when I ask him to take the garbage to the curb! @amhistorymuseum
surfingheritage : Agree with @rammuseum but think @kathirobinson is the funniest & so true!
amhistorymuseum : You are all so smart! It's a sketch of Boitano's 1988 gold-medal-winning long program.
amhistorymuseum : @rammuseum You crack us up! @jeremiahshriver Now that you say so, we see it, too!
_laura_schmidb : @vanessa_la099
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
From 1976, the Little Professor is an electronic calculator that presented simple arithmetic problems. If you follow us on Pinterest, check out our new #mathgeek board.
mathgeek -
awhnc : Wow! I had one!
dijea : I had one too
dpcrn : I had one. It was a great teaching 'app' before there were apps
fairfolks : My sisters had one, had it as a hand me down.
hellybellybutton : @rowxrow
offthehoek : @luckyleo didn't you have this? I remember playing with it when I would visit back in the day.
luckyleo : @offthehoek I sure did! #vintage
amhistorymuseum : @aalcollective No problem! More where that came from on our latest Pinterest board, too. :D
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Today in 1917: #Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie is born. This is his custom-made "Silver Flair" trumpet. Its upturned bell was Gillespie's internationally known trademark. How'd he get his nickname? In the 1930s, he joined a band led by Frankie Fairfax. His behavior in the band was so clownish that he was given the nickname and it stuck.
jazz -
cindyescoto : So cool!
knitoasis : @tshyde_esquire
hgmartin4 : @hulkcommathe our trumpets need this so they'd finally have good horn angles
hulkcommathe : @hgmartin4 no kidding, they literally play at the ground
visceral2 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
amityjer423 : Wa wa wwwaaaa
amityjer423 : Sorry the wa wa wa would go better with a Trom
amityjer423 : Bones
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Remembering the legacy of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta today. He designed this two-piece dress, constructed of gilt feathers attached to a silk top and a gold lame skirt. Oscar de la Renta was born in 1932, the son of a Dominican Republic insurance agent. While studying to become a painter, he began sketching for Spanish fashion houses to help pay for his studies. He first thought seriously about a career in fashion when he designed a debutante gown for the daughter of the US Ambassador to Spain, John Cabot Lodge. #fashion #OscardelaRenta
fashion - oscardelarenta -
sharondiaz875 : Annette has a lot of money.
leighleigh5000 : This looks familiar. Was it designed for someone or did someone special wear this? @amhistorymuseum
theatriclibrarian : What era was this dress made in?
jtribley98 : I too am wondering who wore this dress and when. It's beautiful!
gabycr27 : Eso Óscar de la Renta !!! Admiro
amhistorymuseum : @leighleigh5000 @theatriclibrarian @jtribley98 Good question! It's from the fall of 2002 for the House of Balmain. More dress details: This two-piece dress is constructed of gilt cock feathers attached to a silk top and a gold lame skirt. The top is sleeveless with a wide bateau neckline formed with a band of small hand-clipped overlapping feathers horizontally placed from shoulder to shoulder, meeting at the center front and back. The remainder of the top is covered with small feathers vertically overlapping in graduated rows that end in three rows of larger feathers from the waist to the hip area. There is a center back nylon zipper opening with a hook-and-eye closure. The back and bust darts shape the fit of the top with a gold China silk lining. The skirt is a column of crimped and pleated silk lame that hangs straight at the sides, ending in a lettuce-edged bottom. An invisible left side zipper opening ends with a hook-and-eye closure at the waistline. A gold China silk fabric partially lines the skirt.
jtribley98 : Thanks for the follow up info @amhistorymuseum !!!
amhistorymuseum : @jtribley98 No problem! We love when our IG friends ask us questions--especially the ones we know the answer to!
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