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The @Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Pics by Erin. Our theme for 2015: innovation and American History! Legal:
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
A quick inspection of our local drug store reveals that Valentine's Day is imminent. Dear Instagram friends, we give you this gorilla greeting with our deepest affection, primate to primate. In the image, the gorilla holds a letter saying, "Whatever dear, kind creature sent me this?" #romance #valentine #HerbivorousApeValentine Credit: Norcross Greeting Card Collection, 1800-1981 (mostly ca. 1880-1900, 1920-1981).
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150 years ago today, a "national calamity" on the National Mall. The @Smithsonian Castle was in flames. Photographer Andrew Garner added hand-tinted flames to this albumen print to give the impression of leaping flames. Find out what was destroyed and what survived on our blog: (or click the link in our profiles) #DC #WashingtonDC
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silibraries : Lost were the Indian portrait gallery, the lecture room, and the apparatus room. Also lost was James Smithson's personal effects, although his library was luckily spared. More was lost, which you can read about in the Annual Report of 1865.
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Today in 1922: The Eskimo Pie is patented. After a kid wavered between spending his nickel on an ice cream or a chocolate bar at Christian Kent Nelson's confectionery, he worked around the clock to combine the treats. He originally sold them as "I-Scream Bars" at his Iowa store. What's your favorite retro treat? This sheet music is from our Archives Center, where we have lots of other Eskimo Pie archives. #dessert #icecream #FoodHistory
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lvfrosty702 : We should be taking about something WAY more important today...the 80th Birthday of #beer being in a can! It's #beercanappreciationday and you can celebrate with me and @jjbrewco here in Las Vegas today!
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Today in 1954: First Lady Mamie Eisenhower shattered a bottle of champagne across the bow of the U.S.S. Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine, and watched it slip into the Thames River in in Groton, Connecticut. This 1960 lunchbox celebrates the Nautilus as well as the Seawolf, Skipjack, and George Washington. #YellowSubmarine #Champagne #TodayInHistory
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mrs_faircloth : My father in law was onboard the Nautilus during her voyage under the North Pole.
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Tomorrow is #MuseumSelfie Day. History nerds, share selfies from your favorite museum, old house, or historic site, and use the hashtag. Like this 1940s Graflex camera? It was made by the Folmer Schwing Company. Graflex cameras were favorites of photojournalists and wartime correspondents because of their sturdy handheld construction. The U.S. Department of the Army even commissioned combat-green versions of the Graflex cameras for use by military photographers in World War II and Korea. This popular Speed Graphic 4x5 inch film press camera was produced in the 1940s. #cameras #photography #retro
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purljamber : @katina_pro @floridamuseum But first, let us take a selfie!
auntie_pmc : The idea of National Selfie Day makes me want to throw up. Do we really need to encourage self-absorption at this moment in history? Sigh... 😕
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1935 Gibson banjo played by Benjamin Wade Ward, an admired traditional banjo player. Ward performed with the "Bog Trotters" of Galax, Virginia, often providing entertainment during auctions and other local events. See more of our historic #banjos (yep, we have lots): (or click the link in our profile) #music #bluegrass
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Special tour alert JUST for our Instagram and Twitter followers. When I say "Alexander Graham Bell," you think "telephone," right? In addition to his work with the telephone, Bell also experimented with recording sound. He deposited his recordings at the Smithsonian and there they remained, unplayable and mysterious--UNTIL NOW. That's right, you can now hear Bell's voice from 130 years ago. If you're in DC, join our #HearHistory tweetup for a special tour of our new "Hear My Voice" exhibition on its opening day, Monday, January 26. Hear from four early sound experts, hear Bell's voice, meet fellow history buffs, and see fascinating objects from Bell's Volta Lab. Details: click the link in our bio. #History #Technology #SocialMedia #DC
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This hat, referred to as a “Cape Ann sou’wester” because of its wide use in the fisheries around Cape Ann, Mass., is made of soft oiled canvas and lined with flannel. It has an elongated brim in the back to keep water from running down the wearer’s neck. For some measure of protection, fishermen in the 19th century wore oiled clothes, the precursors to today’s waterproof foul weather gear. Seemed appropriate in light of today's chilly rain! #dc #weather #haberdashery
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212 years ago today: President Jefferson requests money to fund the journey of Lewis and Clark. This "Peace and Friendship" medal featuring a bust of Jefferson accompanied them on their journey. Interestingly, the medal is hollow. It consists of two thin, embossed silver plates, one for each side of the medal. The two were held together by a silver ring, running around the entire circumference. Why? The US Mint lacked a coining press strong enough to strike heavy, solid medals. #Money #Adventure
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Processing objects as part of our collections management procedures. #Embroidery by French women in support of the war effort. #WorldWarI #BehindTheScenes
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