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The @Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Hosted by Erin. Our theme for 2015: innovation and American History! Legal:
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
After World War II, many newly affluent Americans flocked to the tropics. People developed a taste for casual living and the distinctive local foods and drink. Returning home, they re-created these experiences in suburban backyards, sometimes BBQ-ing in hats like this one from 1965. #Grilling #FoodHistory #Haberdashery #History #πŸ”₯πŸ—πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ©
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Beginning in the late 18th century, some volunteer fire fighters began to wear hats painted with their company's name to identify themselves at chaotic fire scenes. This fire hat was used by the Vigilant fire company of Baltimore, Maryland. The hat is painted black overall, with the Eye of Providence, or the All-Seeing Eye, which represents an omnipresent gaze. The owner’s initials “J.W.H." are painted in a fancy script on the hat’s crown. The Vigilant Fire Company was founded in 1804 and operated until the introduction of the paid fire department in 1859. #firefighting #haberdashery #history #πŸ”₯🎩
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We hope you have a sweet ride into the weekend! In 1963, Schwinn introduced a low-slung child’s bicycle that had begun as a fad in southern California. The California custom bikes had small wheels, “Longhorn” handlebars, and a slim, elongated seat. The mass-produced Schwinn Sting-Ray was an instant success; it was perfect for wheelies. Color options included Flamboyant Lime, Radiant Coppertone, Sky Blue, and Violet. #🚴🏽🚡 #cycling #bicycle #history #retro #nostalgia
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An #NBA card for the 1972-1973 season. The front features a photo of Houston Rockets center Otto Moore. A factoid on the reverse of the card: "Otto has gained over 20 pounds since entering NBA." Moore played nine seasons in the NBA for the Detroit Pistons, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Kansas City-Omaha Kings, and New Orleans Jazz. The center averaged 8.2 points and 8.2 rebounds during his 682 game-career. #πŸ€ Revel in more 1970s #basketball history: (Clickable link in profile.)
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During World War I, seven million Belgian people were cut off from food and supplies by the German invasion and British blockade. Belgian lace makers made "War Laces" like this one to garner support from buyers in Allied countries. This round linen table cover contains the inscription "1915 Ardoye - Convent of the Holy Childhood of Jesus - Orphans" in the center. Ardoye (Ardooie) is in West Flanders, Belgium, in the area where the German army used poison gas for the first time on the western front. The table cover is centered with bobbin lace. Bruges flower lace as well as tape lace and braided mesh techniques were utilized by the Belgian lace makers, who made this during World War I. See more examples of War Lace: (clickable link in profile) #Lace #TextileThursday #WorldWar1 #WW1 #πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ
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We miss #MadMen, too. But the story of Caroline R. Jones is fascinating. Still fresh out of college, she became the first African American to earn a coveted position as a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson, one of the nation's leading advertising firms. She went on to head her own firms and spearhead genius ad campaigns. Learn more about her on the blog: (clickable link in profile). #Advertising #WomensHistory #AfricanAmericanHistory #Inspiration
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How fun! Our neighbors @USNatArchives are hosting an after-hours #Instameet on Thursday, May 21. #Cocktail and #beer fans, read on for details. #🍺🍷🍸 ・・・ This #cocktail meant fun for #FDR, but for his wife Eleanor, alcohol held darker associations. Learn the behind-the-artifact story on Thursday, May 21, and take an afterhours tour with our #curator on Thursday, May 21, for our first #Instameet. We'll be looking at our new exhibit #SpiritedRepublic and learning about the rocky relationship that Americans and their government have had with alcohol, from Founding Fathers and their stills to present-day PSAs against drinking and driving. After the tour, you'll have a reserved seat at our special, star-studded event at 7 pm, as the cast and crew of #BoardwalkEmpire talk about the making of this #HBO series on #Prohibition-era #AtlanticCity. Email to join us! #cheers #SpiritedInstameet #alcohol #history #beer ・・・
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This pair of Nike Waffle Trainers is from around 1979. The modern running shoe took shape in the 1960s and 1970s, when running enthusiasts at shoe companies started experimenting with improved designs. Bill Bowerman was inspired by his wife's waffle iron, which Bill subsequently ruined while using it to form his experimental rubber soles. The gripping edges and studs in the soles improved traction. Nike started producing "waffle" trainers in 1972. #TuesdayShoesday #RunBrag #RunChat #Running #Retro #Waffles #πŸ‘ŸπŸƒπŸ½
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Dolby Laboratories is 50 years old this year. Ray Dolby's inventions included many sound engineering technologies that are so built-in that we now no longer appreciate them. This Dolby type B noise reduction unit is from around 1967. Learn more about Dolby's innovations on our blog: (Clickable link in profile.) #TurnUpTheVolume #SoundEngineering #Audiophiles #Audio #Dolby #retro #🎢🎀🎧
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This Beer Drivers Union tray will be in our #BusinessHistory exhibition, opening July 1. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, history-lovers! #beer #cheers
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