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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Everyone at Food in the Garden gets a special recipe to try out: Mahtohkatoopowi Cracked Corn Soup Serves 8 Mahtohkatoopowi (cracked corn soup) which came from an honored Myaamiaki (Miami people) community elder, Mildred Walker. Ingredients 1 cup corn, cracked and dried 1 lb. pork cubed or ham hock 1 medium onion, diced Salt and pepper to taste Method Prepare corn by soaking it overnight in enough water to cover by an inch or two. Begin to cook in the morning slowly on a stove in a pot or in crock pot. When corn is nearly cooked, chop pork into 1/2 inch cubes and fry in pan with onions. Once the pork is completely cooked through, add to the corn mixture. If using a ham hock, place in corn mixture and cook until tender. Finish cooking all together until corn is tender. Add more water as needed. Finish with salt and pepper to taste. Repost from @grannyskills --- Tonight's #foodinthegarden theme is The Great Lakes so we are eating *Sumac dusted plank perch, duck fry bread, wild rice & heirloom bean cake, maple sweet potato mouse, red cabbage peach slaw and dandelion salad #Smithsonian #foodhistory
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vr_tattoo : @ladykate5788
maializzie : @phoenix_rei want to go to Washington D. C ? The smithsonian's had really good food!
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Jodi Branton, National Museum of American Indian, speaks about the foodways of the Great Lakes region during the War of 1812, reminding #FoodInTheGarden attendees that soldiers weren't the only people eating. She described the various First Nations and their favorite staples. Next week's program is our last and there are still SOME tickets. Get yours! #dc #foodie
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Our #FoodInTheGarden begins with a refreshing gin rickey, a plate of garden-fresh food, and a bountiful garden (that's a "white wonder" watermelon). Tonight's theme: Great Lakes foodways and War of 1812 history.
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surgicalmuseumchicago : Neat!
amhistorymuseum : @surgicalmuseumchicago Thanks!
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Tejana singer Selena who was born in Texas, sang in Spanish, and spoke English. Her iconic leather jacket and outfit are in our collection. Happy #HispanicHeritage Month. #BidiBidiBomBom
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Today in 1862: The Battle of Antietam, which is the bloodiest day in American history, is fought. General George McClellan wore this coat during the battle. #todayinhistory #civilwar
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redneck_csa : Our dixie forever, she's never had loss. Down with with the eagle and up with the cross. We will rally 'round the Bonnie flag, we'll rally once again. Shout, shout the battle cry of freedom
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An educational toy, this wooden horse demonstrates physics concepts. Just a little peek behind the scenes! #horsingaround
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t_schofield : clever #horsingaround
mojtaba_mehrali : بین
mojtaba_mehrali : ظیره
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95 years ago: The American Legion is incorporated by Congress as a patriotic veterans organization, beginning as a group of war-weary veterans of World War I. Stubby the dog was granted lifetime membership in the Legion, the veteran of 17 battles during World War I. #todayinhistory #militaryhistory #woof
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csanes9 : @e_m11 yes we did! He was a cutieee!!!
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amhistorymuseum : @leighleigh50000 Taxidermy!
amhistorymuseum : @leighleigh5000 During lunch tomorrow... Google "Owney the dog" if you haven't already heard of him. He has a great story and is at our sister museum, the National Postal Museum.
leighleigh5000 : You made me look! Owney, Mascot of the Railway Mail Service. He was considered a good luck charm as none of his trains crashed. Interesting. Thank you @amhistorymuseum
mojtaba_mehrali : این اثر فاخر عالیه
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Pop quiz! Can you identify this mystery object? In summer 2015, we're opening #ObjectProject, which focuses on everyday things that changed everything. This will be one of them!
objectproject -
amhistorymuseum : Nope! But there's something particular about this OJ... something... chilly?
a_horwitz : Frozen juice from concentrate
pickienickie417 : Whole Sun Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice!
amhistorymuseum : @pickienickie417 Wow! We are in AWE. Great job! Frozen, concentrated orange juice was the postwar era’s first frozen-food success story. The frozen juice was tastier than pre-mixed canned juice and more affordable than fresh oranges.
amhistorymuseum : @a_horwitz Correct!
wvalencia77 : Aw man
samuelthomasjohnstone : this picture is racist
american_history_facts : @samuelthomasjohnstone why?
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Pop quiz! Can you guess what this mystery object from history is? Hint: watch where you're going, two wheels! In summer 2015, we're opening "Object Project," which focuses on everyday things that changed everything. This will be one of them! ‪#‎ObjectProject‬
belleandbee : Bicycle lantern!
patrickbmoran : A train?
iceman42o : Motorcycle lamp????
amhistorymuseum : @belleandbee Congrats! You're correct! This gas lamp was originally polished brass, has two colored glass panes on either side, and is embossed with the company’s name.
ediblegovernment : These are so great!
iceman42o : @trevor0thomas
trevor0thomas : So cool @iceman42o
pooryorickjournal : Someone should write a story or poem about this and submit it to us.
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amhistorymuseum - American History Museum
Pop quiz! Can you guess what this object is? Here's a clue: functional artwork with tiny holes. It's a big enough deal to be part of our #ObjectProject exhibition in summer 2015. The exhibit will focus on everyday stuff that changed life in a big way.
objectproject -
rachellljamieson : Window screen?
petfish22 : Silkscreen?
clen7 : A lampshade?
aseaman94 : Fire screen!
amhistorymuseum : @Rachellljamieson Bingo! Today, window screens are purely utilitarian. They are so common they have become nearly invisible. With the mass production of the window screen, it went from a luxury item only available to the upper classes to a common, everyday household object that transformed and improved people’s lives. For the first time, everyone could keep the bugs (and nosy neighbors) out and still let air in, drastically improving people’s standard of living and their health. But, what I love most about this early example is that this common household object can also be a work of art. (One that is still popular in places like Baltimore, Maryland, today!)
t_schofield : screen
stellatex : Traditional paper laying rack
sblotz : Pie safe
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