Amanda Perry

Mom, wife, gym owner (@skillofstrength), personal trainer, blogger at Sistas of Strength #FitFluential #strongfirst #boston
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
My life. Note the wine. #boymom #newborn #motherhood #family #dinner #earlybirdspecial #yum #weekend #family #lovemyboys
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alcolatwigg : LOLOL
kholahann : Drew's facial expression is hilarious!! ❀️
laurenperr22 : Hahaha this is so adorable!!!
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
Let's just say the handstands need a little work. 😏 Let's get real here for a minute. With our move and a very needy baby, I am exhausted and overwhelmed right now. I don't have much time or energy to train right now, but I know doing SOMETHING is exactly what I need to feel better. Today was a rare day when I had to force myself to train, but I'm still glad I did. Sometimes just knowing it means an hour of quiet is all the motivation I need. (And knowing I prob wont get to train kid free again until Thursday.) I always say our young mamas are some of the best and most consistent clients bc they know they NEED that me time. Mamas, don't let anyone make you feel bad for needing a break. This mothering stuff may be the best thing ever, but it's probably the hardest thing ever too. #sistasofstrength #postpartum #fitmama #fitfluential #metime #sunday #moving #stress #relax #move #sweat #mom #motherhood #newborn
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staceyschaedler : Yayyayyayayyayayayay!!!
meganb32 : Well, said, mama. Hang in there. You're one amazing person.
faithnfitnessmama : Agree!! I have a 1 month old and 3 year old so I'm right than with ya,. Also, props for you doing a move on top of it all. We moved when my older son was 3 weeks old and it was not easy, can't imagine it with two.
em56bean : Omg yes! I've been dreaming of working out and getting help for even 20min! With all the stuff on our farm there's so much to do. I'll be doing ergo carrier circuit training for the foreseeable future.
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
On my new walking route this morning. I like. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» #relax #walk #fitmama #fitfluential #cowcountry #moving #newhouse #love #postpartum
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vivarisellc : Ah wow such a awesome pic! Have a lovely day! :) xo
sarelios : Congrats on the move!!
catherinefabian : You know I love this.
amandamaryperry : @catherinefabian I think you should move here too. 😍😍
amandamaryperry : @sarelios thank u!!
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
No time? No space? Minimal equipment? No brain power to be creative with a workout? Set a timer for 15 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. Grab a kettlebell and snatch with one hand for the first 15 seconds and rest for the next 15 seconds. Switch hands and snatch 15 and rest 15. #simple #keepitsimple #kettlebells #sistasofstrength #skillofstrength #athomeworkout #fitmama #postpartum #fitfluential #maketime#quick #effective
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
This guy thinks he's the boss of these movers. #heprobabyis #incharge #preschool #moving #watchingthemsweat
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meganb32 : This is an amazing picture
lizbits217 : I was just going to say he's not the boss??!! Lol
amandamaryperry : @lizbits217 u know it. :)
amandamaryperry : @meganb32 agree. :)
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
Just over here hiding from the movers feeding my kid in our bathroom. #nursing #breastfeeding #newborn #mama #moving #chaos #thiscrazylife
breastfeeding - newborn - moving - nursing - mama - thiscrazylife - chaos -
jessiemundell : I don't know how you're surviving all these things!!!
katiery22 : @amandamaryperry omg I'm having flash backs. I was doing the same thing when Madelyn was a week old except I kept going to a room I thought they were done in and they always came back in. Sitting on the floor nursing is not comfortable.
ameliopoulos : I thought you were in the gym BRoom hiding from MOVE-ers... True story ;)
amandamaryperry : @jessiemundell me either. I don't really recommend buying and selling a house while having a baby (literally) but we will be settled and in a new routine soon so it will be worth it!!!πŸ‘πŸ»
amandamaryperry : @katiery22 don't worry they tried to barge into the bathroom too and the next time they needed me to come out and answer questions. Haha
amandamaryperry : @ameliopoulos hahaha no way I love the MOVEers. :)
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
Love this via @carrotsncake and it's so true. I'd so much rather see my clients pick achievable goals and stay consistent than aim for perfection and go all in for a few weeks before failing miserably. This is try for me the past few weeks. I'm doing what I can when I can and that's enough for now. Sometimes when life happens you have to ditch the all or nothing attitude and just shoot for consistency! ・・・ Yes. Love this. ❀️ #consistency #motivation #mondaymotivation #fitfluential #igfitmoms #fit4mom #fitmom #fitchicks #healthyliving #wisewords #moving
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inspiredsarahg : Love this!
jolene1079 : πŸ’™
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
It's hard to believe it's been six weeks already! On the blog is what I've been doing for exercise for the first six weeks after giving birth to sweet baby Drew! #training #recovery #birth #sistasofstrength #fitfluential #fitmama #fitpregnancy #postpartum #postnatal #postpartumfitness
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lizquarello : I need to read this and get some tips from you πŸ˜‰hope the first six weeks went well!!! #momsofboys
amandamaryperry : @lizquarello good luck!!! Your handsome dude is lucky to have you as a mama! You will blink and he will be six weeks but you know that already. :)
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
The longest stretch of sleep I've had in six weeks and up early with Drew means it was the perfect day to add back squats back into the training mix. So thankful for @mmafightprep and his superdad ways. #sistasofstrength #mama #fitmama #fitfluential #squats #girlswholift #strongmama #riseandshine #skillofstrength
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jessmacphoto : Awesome!
diamondboyuk : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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amandamaryperry - Amanda Perry
Pretty sure he will be warm enough tonight. πŸ˜‰πŸΌπŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ˜΄ #sleep #goodnight #bundleup #newborn #mama #tired #morepackingtomorrow #moving #sleepbabysleep
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fitparenting : 😊
jessmacphoto : Little peanut
eggyory : Love 😍
i_heart_kale : So teeny! It's hard to believe they're ever that tiny!!
darcibangert : So sweet!!!
slparkel : Oh he is BEAUTIFUL!!!
amandamaryperry : @eggyory nice hat right??
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