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Trying to be timeless, not trendy. I spend time co-running @thewonderjam + @deathtostock. Co-author of Charge Up. Midbest//OH
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A snowy Sunday calls for baking! @againstallgrain's blender bread is so easy and delicious. Not too nutty...the perfect neutral. My sister has 3 autoimmune diseases and she manages all her symptoms via diet. I love spoiling her with breads, cookies and waffles when I visit. #grainfree #paleo #glutenfree
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ritaremixed : I've been meaning to try this!
emilyoneal_ : I agree - so good! Such a treat in a grain-free diet.
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
The perfect pair.
mattwunderle : What coffee shop is this, I love the presentation.
alliepal : @mattwunderle the coffeehound in Normal, Illinois (my hometown). Cool huh?
mattwunderle : Very cool, the trays are amazing.
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
Adam and I are escaping "real life" for about two weeks. A change of scenery is always needed. We take less meetings (only virtual) and we spend time creating, reading and cooking. It's not glamorous or a vacation but it feels like a retreat. HAPPY FRIDAY!
kelli_ciola : Have fun!!!
sierrarmcclain : ENJOY!!!
mandimakes : Perfect! It will be good for the two of you as a couple too!
thewdcllc : Well deserved!
erin_writes : Have fun!
jenlynn26 : Mkay see you guys soon! #imsneakinginrightnow
mnewsomphoto : Desh is like, let me eat your face mom
becomingjolie : I like you guys.
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
One day a month our bathtub sparkles. I can never get it like my cleaning lady. How does she do it? It's the little pleasures in life.
alliepal : @wrenholland it's the best!
alliepal : @wonderfilledmag ahhh yes it's confirmed that it's amazing
savanna_hr : @alliepal the key is to use water AND cleaning solution. So you spray the tub, get a rag soaking wet, and scrub the whole thing. Fill up a cup with water and splash until suds are gone. Wipe down with a dry towel. SPARKLING OASIS
nadinewouldsay : @alliepal You two are just the loveliest pair!! :)
haleytaylorstephenson : I'm glad I'm not the only tub-cleaning challenged person alive!! I agonize over that darn thing!
mnewsomphoto : Ah! It's still there:) isn't it the best?
athenamariephotography : You should try Norwex because you can get things this sparkling clean (and remove bacteria from surfaces) with just a special microfiber cloth & water... less toxic chemicals means better for you & the environment! Trust me... once you try it, you won't go back!! :)
_littlecreative : That's the best! You should get her to clean your fridge. You've never experienced a small pleasure like that before!
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
I like to imagine that's another big pineapple hiding in the corner sitting below the pineapple picture. Is it only Wednesday? This week is trying to kill me.
alliepal : @thecommissary @kellylaine and we still have two more days 😢
alliepal : @themicroharvest @heatherwhaling thanks ladies :)
alliepal : @racheljoybaransi ☺️
alliepal : @jgambacurta @koderzz oh maaaan
alliepal : @rougeandwhimsy I'm ashamed I didn't bust out that emoji in my caption!
alliepal : @mnewsomphoto we're so far away!!! 😢
sarahledonne : This caption! 👌 And it's thursday already, hang in there!
sierrarmcclain : Did you take the pic of the pineapple, I love it!!!!
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
Fun announcement from us at @deathtostock today. We have the ability to give people the resources they need to do the work they dream to do. Adventure, equipment and travel costs. This is my favorite part of this business. Hope you'll join us. #deathtostock
deathtostock -
alliepal : @alohacrabs ☺️☺️
alliepal : @urbansirenllc amazing!!
alliepal : @bridgettcolling my handwriting!
alliepal : thanks lady!
alliepal : @jcookdesign makes ya scrolllllll
bridgettcolling : @alliepal awesome! Looks so good.
urbansirenllc : Thanks @alliepal! I reposted this and will share my blog when it's live ❤✏❤
kee_says : Couldn't thank you guys enough! It was nice working with you, Allie! :)
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Words of encouragement. On a Tuesday. <- that dumb song reference. Also chatting about being self-funded on the blog today. To all my fellow lady entrepreneurs: if you're working hard and being scrappy - I applaud you! You got this.
jachacko : @subi785
pommellane : Love love this quote 👌❤️
alliepal : @jess_costello 😘 thanks lovey
alliepal : @pommellane it's so good and real
pommellane : So freaking real!
chelatt : Was a good read this morning on your blog. Something that always crosses my mind these days.. 💸
jenleighclae : @jackhole_xoxo
ssscorvus : Love this quote
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Desh ruled today a snow day and so he's taking full advantage. #deshlife #cockapoo
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kellischaffter : So sweet! 😍
judyklight : I'm going to do the same thing when we get back to Indiana. Boohoo!
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I'm going to jump into beauty vlogging next month and I'm nervous. BUT my first three topics will include: General skincare, how to grow out and shape your eyebrows (I don't get mine waxed and rarely pluck) and foundation for ladies with a yellow/caramel skin tone. I can do this. Right? Right.
chelatt : Yea you can!! Very excited for this! x
margaretellenhess : Yay! You'll be amazing. I've been tossing around this idea too but it's sooooo daunting. Maybe I'll just start with beauty blogging. 😉
margaretellenhess : Also, you're flawless.
rebeccahelmke : Yayyyy!! Excited for you!
rzilart : Very exciting! Can't wait to see!
pommellane : I can't wait to watch!
courtnicole1123 : Pretty
nikki_810 : Oooh! Have you posted it yet?! Where can we view it?
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I'm 5 feet tall exactly. Every time I meet someone from the Internet, I hear the familiar "you're so small/short!" yep. It's true. Reading Amy Poehler's book and had to laugh at this spread. Sharing my January reads on the blog tomorrow. Also, congrats to Chelsea Long for winning my giveaway!
tabasilio : I just finished this book yesterday and laughed over that too (I'm barely 5'1")! Curious about your opinion on this book. I really wanted to love it but ended up struggling to finish it :-(
anndanger : I just read that too & felt the same way!
chelseakimlong : I'm 5' too!!
chelseakimlong : and congratulations to me!
ceebethblog : I read and loved this book!!
heatherwhaling : I'm reading this now and love it.
clairemdeane : We also hate to be patted on the head! Although I do like it when I can fit into kids shoes sometimes...
randeejostroud : It's like reading advice from a big sister you always wish you had!
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