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A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€

Trying to be timeless, not trendy. Co-owner at The Wonder Jam. #the100DayProject - ing πŸ‘» snapchat: hi.allie
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
014/100 of #the100dayproject! Painted large again! Oil on 30x30 in canvas. Titled "Goodness Gracious." An ode to skydiving (which I will probably never do). Heights are my biggest fear besides going to jail for something I didn't do. #alliepalmakes
alliepalmakes - the100dayproject -
alliepal : @elisejoy πŸ’– thanks Elise!
alliepal : @jenniferbale thank you Jennifer!
alliepal : @wonderfilledmag ☺️☺️
liz_parkinson : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
013/100 of #the100dayproject - first day working LARGE AND IN CHARGE. Oil on 24x30in canvas. Titled "Pink Fields." Obsessed with aerial inspired shapes and views. #alliepalmakes
alliepalmakes - the100dayproject -
sarahharste : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
alliepal : @artistekaterina thank you!!
alliepal : @eliseburkhead aw thanks Elise!!
alliepal : @sarahharste 😘
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
012/100 of #the100dayproject. I actually painted two but this one dried the fastest! Titled "Flutter." Watercolor and acrylic. I also found scans of all my old work from high school! SO different than abstract. I wonder if it's like riding a bike. Have I forgotten how? This is a painting of my grandparents' lake house in watercolor. #alliepalmakes
alliepalmakes - the100dayproject -
alliepal : @bequestgiftingstudio thank you!
alliepal : @noirve haha many things. I'll send you the list
alliepal : @mnewsomphoto back atcha boo
alliepal : @jodialehman @judyklight thank you, you two! My support!
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
After 7 years, Desh finally let me vacuum without barking himself into a frenzy. IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #deshlyfe #sofluffy #cockapoo
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alliepal : @jodialehman he sure is!
alliepal : @mnewsomphoto hahah so true
alliepal : @carmelisse I loved it!
judyklight : He is just a peach!
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
011/100 of #the100dayproject! Oil on 6x6in canvas. Titled "A Hot Air Balloon Ride." Still inspired by those aerial views! Off to play with my new iPad Pro and pencil! #alliepalmakes
alliepalmakes - the100dayproject -
jodialehman : Love this one(too!)
longjenna : πŸ‘πŸΌ
judyklight : Love it!
readingbringsjoy : Are you going to sell any of your beautiful paitings? Each time you post one I just fall in love with it :)
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
010/100 of #the100dayproject! Double digits! I title this one "Pillow Talk Up Top" and it's inspired by airplane chats and aerial views. Oil on 6x6in canvas. #alliepalmakes
alliepalmakes - the100dayproject -
alliepal : @mnewsomphoto ☺️☺️😘
adamlehman : you're a terribly real thing
alliepal : @adamlehman love you
grantspanier : @adamlehman @alliepal u gushy punks ugh β™‘
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
When I was little, I wished I was blonde like all my Catholic school friends instead of half Filipino. I wore huge glasses and always felt like a dork. I wasn't into sports but still tried basketball. When I got fouled I argued with the ref because I didn't want to shoot a free throw. πŸ˜‚ I wish I could go back and pat my little head and tell myself "You're perfect just the way you are! And as you exit your 20's, you'll love that you're not blonde and that your nose isn't pointy and glasses are actually pretty dope. And you'll make art for a living and wake up whenever you want. I mean, it doesn't happen overnight. But it'll happen."
alisonrust : ❀️
candacevans : That's awesome!
immarockstarr : Gorge
virginiakrafttextiles : Beautiful all aroundπŸ˜„
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
009/100 of #the100dayproject - titled "Unadulterated Sunbeams" and measuring 4x6 in on canvas. Went back to oil today and I miss layering like I can with acrylic/watercolor. So instead of layers, I made blobs. Kind of like blubber. I consider this one a work in progress. Just like the rest of us. ✌🏽️#alliepalmakes
alliepalmakes - the100dayproject -
mnewsomphoto : Flubber
alliepal : @mnewsomphoto I loved that movie
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
I've been fighting some persistent health issues since January 9th by changing up my diet, sleep and water intake. I finally got my labs back from two months ago and guess what? Our bodies don't lie. Yesterday my doctor said, "You're too stressed. Focus on gratitude and joy." So now when I pry myself away from a computer every day to paint, I will list everything I'm grateful for. πŸ’–
alliepal : @mnewsomphoto you are so not negative!!!
alliepal : @beccarkt he's great!!
brownkids : Your doctor said that?! The future of healthcare.
alliepal : @brownkids I really think he is!
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
008/100 of #THE100DAYPROJECT! Sick of me yet? This one is teeny tiny (3.5x4inches) but still part of the family. I'll be changing up my color palette tomorrow! Envisioning a gallery wall already with this photo 😍 Oh and I titled this painting "It's Hysterical." #alliepalmakes
alliepalmakes - the100dayproject -
alliepal : @bethanyaleshire thanks lady! πŸ’–
alliepal : @dauria you inspired me ☺️
alliepal : @nicolereaves ahh I'm so glad!
alliepal : @ebeansmith that would be so fun!!
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