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Trying to be timeless, not trendy. Co-owner at The Wonder Jam. πŸ‘» snapchat: hi.allie
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
This weekend we bought a car, got to see Adam's awesome parents, brunched and shopped with @becomingjolie and watched Jurassic World/Avengers. Now I'm trying to figure out how to decorate our house AND our studio for Christmas without spending all the money. Time to cut out snowflakes. ❄️❄️
marmaladebleue : @alliepal If you want, I've got upwards of 200 flakes from former tree endeavors.
alliepal : @marmaladebleue what?! Gimme!!
who_jennjones : Oh that puppy!!! 😍😍
ecobrien22 : Ooooh! Paper snowflakes! That's a great idea!
alainabuzas : I've seen a bunch of great paper ideas other than snowflakes, too!
catherineoles : Dollar store or IKEA for decorations πŸ‘πŸ» - zoeyandginger - eventshelddear - eexrllionof375rlmlleu -
alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
My parents (and lots of other people) invested time and money into my painting interest as a kid. I took private lessons, painted in an extremely realistic style and won lots of awards. I dabbled in abstract in college. Then I stopped in order to pursue my (then) new love - design. But the time has come. Happy to be back at the easel. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
rajovilla : Love! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒΏ
judyklight : Awesome! Sweetie.
flowerfarmette : Nice! Enjoy getting back to painting!
willyppr : Here's to hoping we'll see some of your work in the future. Wanted to say thanks for all the super helpful articles on your blog which helped me to get my business started! πŸ‘Š
teasall : This is awesome @alliepal !!
_mgnhgn : 😍
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
charissadot : Mmmhmmm
thefunkymonkey : God, this is as true as ever right now.
oliviajocson : This.
alliepal : @thefunkymonkey thought of you when I posted it 😘
alliepal : @kelsjanda I needed it tonight too. Glad I could share :)
alliepal : @oliviajocson right?!
sleepbanditsandco : I came across this at exactly the right moment ❀️
adamlehman : That's my girl!
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
We've lived here for almost a year and we still haven't bought or installed curtains. Sometimes you just don't have time to do all the adult things. Plus,πŸ€‘.
_emilyoneal : Meh, curtains are overrated.
cocorinawray : But all the light 😍 @alliepal
alliepal : @jodialehman ☺️
alliepal : @thebexabody soooo expensive.
alliepal : @lashleyschultz @megwehrle @ecobrien22 @_emilyoneal i like the way we think
alliepal : @wellaware_ πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
alliepal : @cocorinawray it's true. Can't deny that light.
juneandpenny : Ahhh this is amazingπŸ’—
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
See that whiteboard? It's filled with timelines, phases, due dates and site transfers. I stare it all day while I'm at my desk. We will launch 11 client sites between now and the end of January. And that includes 2.5 weeks off for holidays. Eek! But it's all good. I know this because my @brimpapery mugs tells me so. ✌🏽️
alliepal : @brimpapery πŸ™ŒπŸΌ as are YOU
randeejostroud : Maybe you and @adamlehman should rename your biz to MurderJam....cause your killin' it !!
adamlehman : @randeejostroud BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! We'll explore it.
stateofmindstudio : You can do it! β€οΈπŸ¦„
judyklight : You two are the bomb!
kkrw : Once and always - overachiever @adamlehman amiright?
adamlehman : @kkrw we both know dis KK. BTW, your art is still up in our apartment.
kkrw : 😁 miss you guys!!! @alliepal @adamlehman
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
Tonight I got dinner with @adriahhh and finalized our holiday workshop. I'm obsessed with Christmas so I couldn't wait to share. There will be boozy drinks and Mariah Carey's Christmas album playing on vinyl. All materials provided. You can snag tickets by visiting @thewonderjam site:
auburnandivorycreative : @aaklein want to?!
amandacartergomes : Ummm, flying in for this one πŸ˜‰
alliepal : @mollyrwicker I haven't 100% decided but I will decide by the weekend 😁
alliepal : @evansavage remember that Christmas party we hosted together
alliepal : @amandacartergomes I'd pop champagne 🍾🍾
alliepal : @jrjpics πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
savannahneeley : @alliepal I want to come!
kelseyshumaker : Sounds so fun!!! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
In the studio today!
realsharpe : Where do y'all shoot from?
mundermonster : πŸ‘Œ
alliepal : @realsharpe our office/studio! We have a warehouse connected to our main area
alliepal : @mundermonster I still want to get you in here!
realsharpe : You guys are ✌🏻️legit ✌🏻️quit
mundermonster : Yeahhhh I'm down! πŸ‘― @alliepal
kkrw : JM would be proud!
atcolumbus : think about shopping! such a fun day!! ❀️
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
Sick day calls for blurry selfies with my dog. I said "ok now a goofy one!" and he stuck his tongue out. Made me LOL.
lilporchmouse : Feel better!
kasuallife : Feel better! You need pho πŸ˜‹
alliepal : @lilporchmouse thank you :)
alliepal : @kasuallife I sure do!!!!
glitteracyart : Hey lady! I'm doing a photoshoot soon for my tees and was wondering what the place you said had cameras/lens to rent? Shoot me an email at! Thanks ;)
alliepal : @glitteracyart midwest photo exchange in clintonville!
glitteracyart : Thank you!!
glitteracyart : Should I rent a camera or just a lens? I can't remember the advice you gave haha :(
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
Stepping up my winter wardrobe even though it's November and 75 degrees. Also, I blogged again. It's about my irrational fear of quality film and literature.
dauria : It's not irrational!!!!!
kellischaffter : Love this photo!
alliepal : @dauria true. Maybe a better word is "odd" ? πŸ˜›
alliepal : @kellischaffter thanks lady!
theimaginarybeast : I can relate to that post so intensely! My "guilty pleasure shows" have become the norm because quality media takes too many brain waves after a long work day. Aaand I tend to watch / read things over and over (Harry Potter for the 50th time? Don't mind if I do!). For me, I think it's about needing a mental break at the end of the day. After stressful and busy workdays, I completely crave fluff.
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alliepal - A L L I E L E H M A N πŸ‘€
Happy Taco Tuesday. Thanks for the reminder, keys.
pjfeinstein : How do you type with those (awesome) nails?
alliepal : @pjfeinstein it honestly took a month to get used to but I weirdly don't notice it anymore. Haha so unpractical but πŸ’…πŸ½
thekitchencolumbus : We couldn't agree more! #tacotuesday
emogden : @alliepal I just moved in above @thekitchencolumbus !! I am excited to try Taco Tuesday!!
alliepal : @emogden ah you're here!!! Let's get tacos at @thekitchencolumbus ASAP
emogden : @alliepal That would be lovely! Once I get settled I will message you! Can't wait!
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