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Trying to be timeless, not trendy. Designer and photographer in Columbus, OH. πŸ‘» snapchat: hi.allie
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
I read and shared this article on Twitter. I resonate with it. I tend to rock the RBF (resting bitch face) in public. Men don't harass me as much when I look irritable. Plus, why do I have to smile if my natural expression isn't that? Thoughts? Is this applicable to men, too? If I'm in line at a store, how should I feel when a man says, "smile, beautiful!" Or "why isn't a pretty girl like you smiling?"
themicroharvest : @cbotic & I get SO pissed when guys tell us to "smile"
twixlen : It's men trying to control even the emotional output of women - of women they don't know. It's not ok. If someone says "Smile" or some version of to me, they get a heavy dose of my Hate Stare. It's not a compliment. It's control. And it's bullshit.
sianricho : YAH!
jacmaries : I wholeheartedly agree with this - it's not natural to stand in line just smiling at nothing. And when I get the "smile" from a random stranger I kinda have the urge to punch said person in the nose.
tammydeanphotos : I'm going to play the other side, just a smidge. I tend to be a negative person. It's a lot easier to think positive thoughts with the ends of your mouth slightly upturned then a bitch face....and believe me...I have resting bitch face, too. So for me, doesn't even cross my mind that a man would say I look better with a smile....more that it's easier to feel better and positive with a smile then not....not impossible....just easier for me.
ssscorvus : Why can't some dudes mind their own goddamn business? Women aren't here to entertain your every whim.
jwklau : I personally HAAAATE it when a guy tells me to smile. It's just my face, deal with it!
pizzainvader : I've never seen a guy (or a woman) tell another guy that he should smile more or that smiling would make him more attractive. Giving a stranger your unsolicited opinion about how they should look is weird and irritating.
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
Feelin' myself (Bey and Nicki style) in these @quayaustralia shades and my @thesearethings introvert pin. HAPPY FRIDAY!
alliepal : @kelli_ciola 😘
alliepal : @vintagesoul425 yassssss πŸ˜›
alliepal : @clairemdeane I'm going to send you one!
alliepal : @marissaephoto @champsandfries @rougeandwhimsy 😘😘😘
alliepal : @kellmarcel yeah ya do!
alliepal : @hallecmurray thaaaaaanx gurl
alliepal : @jacmaries my fav brand!
alliepal : @becomingjolie oh yeah oh yeah
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Taking a chill moment before an afternoon of shooting portraits and podcasting. Speaking of podcasting, I was featured on @wellaware_'s and it went live last night. On it we talk about introversion. Specifically: the duality of introversion, overcoming fatigue and feeling "overflow" with energy to give to others, friction in relationships and more. Plus, you can listen to my sexy voice. πŸ˜‚ Link in my profile!
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Local shopping and some live music at the Columbus Commons tonight! Literally what I wear every day: black tee and jeans. Snagged a vodka lemonade and bought goodies from @GlitteracyART and @cheeruppress! #columbuscommons
columbuscommons -
alliepal : @cheeruppress @jrjpics @glitteracyart πŸ’–
alliepal : @rajovilla Franco Sarto at Nordstrom Rack :)
alliepal : @snyliz all day every day
emilybcreates : Great meeting you tonight @alliepal !
alliepal : @emilybcreates I was already following you! I love this!! Hope to see you around soon :)
rajovilla : @alliepal awesome thanks!
emilybcreates : @alliepal love when virtual acquaintances become real !! Yes, def see you around I'm sure!
danielleandben : Gorgeous! Love your shoes too!
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Adding to my growing mug collection. This one seems fitting since I'm sharing some tips on hiring interns today on my blog!
saffronavenue : Love! 😘
urbansirenllc : Adorable!
lexsmi : I need onee
champsandfries : We need these @allieballey
thefunkymonkey : need to read.
napwarden : Must have this!
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He will sit on me like this for a full hour. Looking intensely at me. Licking my hand. All because he can't say "I HAVE TO PEE." Just talk already, Desh. We know you can.
thenectarcollective : @paultreng 😍
themelholmes : Ahhhh so precious
andreamontgomerydesigns : Too. Cute.
taylorcatherine6 : Omg @gabbygirard is this Maggie's cousin?
korymae : Lol this is what Zoey does, but she just sits in front of us, staring and whining a little.
hellokellybrito : Oh, poor thing! Time to learn how to speak dog, you guys. πŸ˜„
chiefchepke : this pup. this looks like a good pup! did you find him in the columbus area?
jnthrsole : @haylzneth
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Sharing what's in my bag over on my blog. Also, I've featured the current book I'm reading and it's pretty dark. Not for the faint of heart. Also also, backpacks for life.
thefunkymonkey : all about that pack, bout that pack.
hellokellybrito : Cool bag. 😎
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Sharing about our six year wedding anniversary today on my blog! We usually pick out a new watch for @adamlehman every time we visit a new city but forgot during our last travels. We snagged some from @woodwatches_com to celebrate and love them!
marmaladebleue : Happy anniversary guys! #πŸ’Žlife
grantspanier : u guys ☺️
jesi.lee : Happy anniversary! πŸ’•
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My life in a nutshell. #introvert #regram from @jessicavwalsh
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comeonirene : @crvelation πŸ™ŒπŸ»
jackiefowler : @sammiefowler
tyn_m00re : Tickles your laugh!...❀️
rubyandsass : Here here!
_littlecreative : YES! YES! YES!
ssscorvus : Lovely 😊
hfalberstadt : I love this. And it made me think of you, @jazzzieeeee.
jazzzieeeee : Gahhhh, you know how much I love this!! @hfalberstadt
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Today's blog post is all about a neutral wardrobe capsule based on fabric/blends. Rayon, cotton, spandex and Technical Cashmere by @kitandace are featured. Hopefully it will help those of you wanting to be comfortable (and are short like me). Plus, there are eight photos of me posing like a dork. #theblankcanvas #ootd #capsulewardobe
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themicroharvest : Love this!!
thechemama : Loved the post Allie. I've always admired your style. Enjoyed the sneak peek into your closet. Next, favorite accessories!
alliepal : @themicroharvest thanks sim!!
alliepal : @thechemama aww thanks lady. Miss you! And accessories can be next!
pertyyy : Totally inspired by this post. Planning my fall capsule now. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
alliepal : @pertyyy yay!!
jacmaries : Hey! I was just thinking about the capsule wardrobe / wasn't there a book you read awhile back that talked more about it? I'm heavily considering this for fall - it's a little intimidating but I'm intrigued.
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