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Allie Lehman

Trying to be timeless, not trendy. I spend time co-running @thewonderjam + @deathtostock. Co-author of Charge Up. Midbest//OH
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
I'm sorry but OMG SO CUTE. #cockapoo #deshlife
cockapoo - deshlife -
mnewsomphoto : He wishes that was my lap
vanessabeecauseimme : What kind of breed is he? So adorable!!
jenniferesnyder : Never apologize for this. So dang cute!!! 😍
thedorothydays : Super cute
kprosch : He's like a teddy bear 🐻
lizbonj : Such a cutie🐢
michelegoldman_ : Cuuuute!
judyklight : Love him! You two! Precious.
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
Someone sent us Glitter Pills and I'm cracking up. We aren't sure who sent them but looked up the Etsy shop to find their #1 FAQ is "Will these make my poop glittery?"
1 -
amykayclark : The answer to that from the etsy page is "these are not intended to be consumed" Lol!
well.aware : Only one way to find out πŸ™ŠπŸ’©
houseofphrase : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
larawbee : @katrinaball @amyturnsharp we need these.
katrinaball : @larawbee yes!!
amyturnsharp : @larawbee @katrinaball yessssss
kholaskloset : Hilar!
sierrarmcclain : Super love!!!
heathermaesla - im_all_american - nataliearianayu - thehungrybabushka -
alliepal - Allie Lehman
Our new place has amazing light. Outtake from a future @deathtostock pack...😍 #vsco #deathtostock
vsco - deathtostock -
marti_babcock : !!!!!
mnewsomphoto : I just did this 😭😭😭
becomingjolie : My mug made it πŸ™Œ
jcookdesign : Home tour blog post? Yah, yah?
alliepal : @jcookdesign ohhhhh right I have a blog. But yes- it's comin' if you continue to post photos of your offspring
jcookdesign : Deal! ... @thatchercook :)
sofiatravels : Natural light is the way to go!
deathtostock : Ohh lawd
jas_guy - girl_from_hungary - nikolina100 - kreminirem -
alliepal - Allie Lehman
This little dude has hardly left the guest room since @mnewsomphoto left. I swear he looks sad/pouty. #deshlife #cockapoo
cockapoo - deshlife -
jgambacurta : Desh looks like a bear in that photo!
mnewsomphoto : David and I both said "awwweeeeee" a million times. And then I 😒😒. Getting in the car now.
cherbourgbakery : Whaaaaa that's the cutest
jas_guy : Ah - so adorable!
amyabtaylor : How is he real? It's just so much cuteness.
futurelance : My wife and I are jealous of this dog. The cuteness is overwhelming. What kind of dog is Desh?
beth_sh87 : He's got some side-eye going on. Digging it.
judyklight : He's happy to have his own room! What a cute dog.
laurbergs - houseofphrase - baydiangirl - holesinmyeugenes -
alliepal - Allie Lehman
The first Facebook message that I ever sent to @adamlehman took place on June 10th of 2006. I said, "So you're single now, eh?" #nailedit
nailedit -
withwildlove : What a picture! ❀️
benjablake : In a dorm room at Taylor!?
belovednewo : Haha, adorable! I have a similar story with my husband. 😊
erikadellatorre : OMG I love this! All of it!
faithdwight : Baha! Get it girl.
zenobiapotg : That's awesome!
betherejess : Loooove this.
milkandhannah : I love me a forward woman.
timmyummy - betherejess - madeoverbymandy - samandkatedesign -
alliepal - Allie Lehman
Juice has landed in Grandview! Welcome to the neighborhood @zestjuiceco! #asseenincolumbus
asseenincolumbus -
zestjuiceco : I hope you love it!!
mnewsomphoto : I love that I know exactly where your sitting and that your little plants arm is being supported by a stick:)
bridgycolleen - clairktaylor - quirks_and_twists - lunatale -
alliepal - Allie Lehman
If you have a rough couple of days, I suggest seeing The Head and the Heart because then your head/heart will explode because they're so amazing. @headandtheheart #asseenincolumbus
asseenincolumbus -
lisy.jpg : Stopppppp ugh they are amazing! The night they're near me in SF is a weeknight so I can't go πŸ˜”
ianebaldwin : Abby and I wanted to go but she was working late. πŸ˜”
adamlehman : I had to go late because I couldn't find my wallet!!!!!
thenectarcollective : Ahh I saw them at coachella and they are definitely good-for-your-soul music ❀️
megancorwin : It was a terrific show πŸ™Œ
abbymariekey : I've been DYING for them to come. They aren't picking up on my hints when I tweet them on the reg begging to stop in indy. πŸ™Š
mnewsomphoto : @adamlehman it was in my pocket
mnewsomphoto : I'm so glad they were so good
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alliepal - Allie Lehman
Plant life, Pt. 2
ashlinixon : 😍🌱😍🌱😍🌱
mnewsomphoto : It should be noted that I was planting these plants
wholelivinglauren : Yes! πŸ’šπŸŒ΅πŸŒ±πŸŒΏ
sistersofnature : Ohhhh you're with @alliepal decorating @mnewsomphoto haha. I thought you were at your house!
mnewsomphoto : Hahahahaha @sistersofnature no wonder you were so confused earlier when I was sending you pictures
orangeprixya : Lovely
houseofphrase : ❀️
livingforthenowblog - wutmaddie - sofiaquintanao - currentlywell -
alliepal - Allie Lehman
Adding some life to our new place. Glad I have @mnewsomphoto as my guide.
alliepal : @sofiatravels yes!
alliepal : @myrealtorvinny sure was
alliepal : @marmaladebleue straders in Grandview!
myrealtorvinny : Love that place....almost as much as Oakland nursery off Oakland Park....you need to visit...especially during the holidays......old school and tge best place in town...
staciamomany : So glad Straders worked out for you! I work at Grandview Dental and sent that tweet to you yesterday!! πŸ‘Š
alliepal : @myrealtorvinny now I must visit!
alliepal : @staciamomany oh that's amazing!! So happy you tweeted me!!
jenlynn26 : I wanna see after pictures! Also I would forget to water all the plants. #dontworryicankeeplittlehumansalive
man0liva - nom_life - isabelle_conrad - sofiatravels -
alliepal - Allie Lehman
Chemex, @brimpapery mug and @cherbourgbakery goodies on a Sunday morning with @adamlehman and @mnewsomphoto!
becomingjolie : @mnewsomphoto I'm a little bit geeking out to meet you
mnewsomphoto : @becomingjolie ha! I'm not cool at all. Don't geek out. Allie prob makes me sound a lot neater than I am. But, I'm excited tooo:)
sofiatravels : There are conversations about this mug happening in DC
catherineoles : Love the backsplash! Is this your new humble abode? I need to visit!!!
kkrw : more pix!!
adamlehman : @mnewsomphoto you are both super cool..... When you're drunk. Bah!
cecerrider : Love the backsplash and the cup (especially since I would always tell Adam you were the boss birch) and @cherbourgbakery!
cecerrider : By birch I meant bitch but being the boss birch could work
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