Ali Spagnola

A drinking composer with a music problem. My live concert doubles as a drinking game! I also invented the Shot Glass USB
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Ew, is that sweat? I dunno, maybe I just put on running shorts, took this pic and went back to my couch. Well I can at least guarantee the mismatched shoes are not fake.
elstevolafiesta : Cuteness.
nathaniel.steenkamp : Lets drink and forget that we are not from the same country
matthewforster305 : @alispagnola What the hell is up with the matching shoes?
matthewforster305 : @alispagnola upon further review they do not match. Well played.
thetonyshow : BUFF
awesomeagain1 : Did you do your nails? Lookin like an eagle claw
devinl68 : Wish I could look that good sitting on my couch
papadoc5656 : Rockin it little Woman!!!!!
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Now been rejected from the app store 3 TIMES!! Next step is to take out any reference to the term "Power Hour" which totally sucks because I fought a freakin' 3-year legal battle in order to free it for everyone to use. Now I can't. I'm even taking it off of my album art. But my album is already in iTunes anyway! So frustrating. But I'm still trying. Thanks for following the stupid saga. You guys rock!! Stay tuned
rolotoast : Do it on Apple AFTER you've satisfied the diehard Android fans patiently waiting.
sdotbailey : Don't listen to the peasants using android, if you're trying to make any money on the app, stick to the iPhone. Good luck!
stiles408 : Keep fighting the good fight!!
robotic_nerve : It'll be worth the wait! πŸ‘Š
milsmarijuano : Keep fighting the good fight Ali!
ayelienne_ : I shake my fist at Cupertino on your behalf!
paupol51 : I'm sorry
waltribeiro : You should just called it Power 60 or something cryptic
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Sunday Funday must start out with a water the size of my torso
wangtothechung : Must be a B cup then.
thaysleall : 😊😊
zsteele3 : The rally is real
beccacanote : Gotta down that H2O before you H2Go
paupol51 : Chug it
ray_fool : Put some ice in it and do some ALS donating ;)
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
This elevator has an EARTHQUAKE button. Should I feel more or less safe?
frenchifrenchfrench : I'd hope for giant airbags.
pixygyrl : Push it!!! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆβ˜οΈ
sal_labarbera : Haha WTF you in japan
thomaspaz : It's an indicator light, not a button. If the seismic sensors are triggered, the elevator stops at the nearest floor and the doors stay open, and that light comes on. You don't want to be in a box hanging from a cable during an earthquake.
stevefeinstein : Push it and based on what happens your answer will be obvious.
krayzworld : Wrong Coast
paupol51 : Safe
6strings402 : The unspeakable word whenever I'm in Cali
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
At Funny or Die's summer party. No joke, I made them fill my coconut with beer cause I'm a class act. Also, wearing my own lame band shirt in public cause I'm a class act.
dan78204 : Class act at it's finest @alispagnola
thebigcatshow : Sweet drink, spags
shepherd_0f_fire : The "own band shirt" is a good one ;)!
paupol51 : You rock
snowball_33 : That mold came from somewhere
strike_williams : Its ok because only hipsters wear the bands shirt to the concert
antigonerising : No shame in wearing your own band shirt no shame at all....
leighalexandrascott : #CoconutBeer
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Hung out with this talented cutie last night. Say hey to Mr. @DaveDays! Also you can say hey to me too if you want :)
sonofjah420 : Awesome shirt #HailSagan
seth_isaiah : Babes, the two of ya.
bambam_roger : ;)
operator1975 : You look smitten Ali......oh boy
sailor819 : So "hey" to you Ali!!!!
jeancarlotaveras : Aw yur cute
cowgirlcurtis : no clue who he is, but y'all are both adorable.
jennyaverly : Very cute together.
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Holycrap I'm at the YouTube space! Private screening of my own stupid vids... why's no one else here?
beccacanote : Whoops...too lazy to walk downstairs! :p
jaysonge : nice kicks
zhardbit : You did not invite me.yo
thisismypasswd : Wait where is this?
every_bastard : No invites ali? Sheesh!!! I was even going to bring the homebrew beer!
hubblefrenchie : I see you found Play, but where was Kid?
steve4nj : 15 minutes are up
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
WAT. Podcasting at 4am with @eddieifft. How did this happen? Go watch us live now on his site
every_bastard : Jesus! Always when I'm out Ali!!!!
paupol51 : Give me a drink
gatsby1 : Where can I find your podcast?
steve4nj : pregnant podcast!!!
awesomeagain1 : i woke up at 4am, this morning
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
paupol51 : No humps here
steve4nj : baby bump ahoy!
jgrimm08 : My humps, my humps my humps my humps
papadoc5656 : Damn at first I thought that was an offer!!!!!
aaronymelendez : Nice!
krayzworld : LOVE the shoe-catur !!!
rux : Lovely lady lumps!
awesomeagain1 : Hummers and MP's
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
From the stage into the crowd during my Vegas show. Of course I'm gonna selfie in the middle of my concert.
owlcore : Black shirt dude seems stoked about it!
snubs : O hey, that's me in the hot tub waaaaaaaay in the back.
alispagnola : @snubs Hot tub Power Hour is best Power Hour
paupol51 : I think you are a ray of sunshine in my life. You are always happy and smiling. Thank you for bringing joy to people with your smile
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