Ali Spagnola

A drinking composer with a music problem. My live concert doubles as a drinking game! I also invented the Shot Glass USB
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Did you know tomorrow is statistically the BIGGEST DRINKING NIGHT OF THE YEAR?! So DUH I'm playing a show. (Here's the weird poster they made to represent it haha) If you're near Pittsburgh, you MUST join this mess. Get all the info at
paupol51 : I wish
steve4nj : yay alcoholism!!
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
@itswilwheaton gave me a beer. It is darn good.
beardandblazer : I heard on the internet that @itswilwheaton likes beer so this must be valid.
jayrinstg : Stone brewery is the best! Hope you enjoyed it!
bki_winchester176 : So jealous! I can't wait to try this one!
winsto_heckroth : The Vanilla Smoked Porter is awesome as well #DrinkGoodBeer
evlfeather : Love Stone Brewery
troypedersen : @beerselfie
paupol51 : You need a come to Indiana
yoseue : Those glasses suggest that you are performing an analysis of this fine substance in a Lab of some sort; Maybe the mythical "CRIME LAB" as suggested by a one J. Lebowski...
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Throwback to when I had dreads in high school. Had to get rid of them because everyone new that I met asked me where they could find drugs. Ugh. I'm a drunk, not a pothead.
mikeasiegler : Korn fan? Lol
sdotbailey : Oh, no...
imusic12 : U look sooooo cute, sooooo amazing, sweet Ali ... Mmmoah 😍😍💖
papadoc5656 : Could have gave them a Red Stripe!
katytanis : Woah
peopleschamp1980 : I feel as though you use the word "dunk" over-liberally. You wouldn't stay conscious an hour in Wisco.
doriantwp : Ras Trent state of mind
glenlmoyer : Emm, think I like today's look better.
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
If the forest wasn't so dirty and analog.
gropious3 : Zapped by a shrink ray, and running through the bristles of a toothbrush?
steve4nj : getting ready for your inevitable jail time?
awesomeagain1 : Lovin thozs shoes
papadoc5656 : This one of those Tron Things!!!!
gerberzorro : @anicb513
_joshrichard_ : Nerdy, creative, musically talented, ice skating, independent woman doing what you want and enjoying life in the process. You are my idol.
paupol51 : You rock
mod1965 : Fab baby
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Pulling my best Michael Jackson dance move.
tricajean72 : This trips me out
thisismypasswd : where is this?
therealrobn : Did you know MJ had a patent on his shoes that allowed him to do that move live on stage #uselessmusicfacts
trotnixon : Captured the moment right before you fell?
gerberzorro : Children's museum
awestin1 : Carnegie Mellon: a fine institution <>
stevefeinstein : Must be a crooked room. Gravity not pulling hair sideways is the giveaway.
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
As a Penguin, I had the privilege of meeting other penguins.
steve4nj : open wide!!
mugs128 : Penguino!!
paupol51 : Thanks for the birthday wishes. My wish was for you to follow me on twitter
genveeruiz : You're adorable, Ali.
scurvypiano5150 : Kowalski; report!
americanmotors59 : Have you mated with any of the penguins?
professorgregor : The resemblance is uncanny :D
old_yeller_dog_democrat : You have #ReallyNiceTeeth
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
When @bertkreischer is in your city, you day drink
geekjesus : a unicorn selfie, you so lucky...
steve4nj : he wants your bodacious boobs
pavi_d_best1 : The Machine!
johnnybratwurst : 👆 hahaha yes. "I AM THE MACHINE"
paupol51 : My birthday is tomorrow
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Watching @bertkreischer drop the C word with no shirt on because MAGIC
the_hott_spot : Lol "Candy"?
steve4nj : Crabs?!?!
krayzworld : REALLY ?!!
pollyyuke : I ran into him at the Science Center last time I was in town, weird.
tstevenson58 : No like on this one!
pshearer : The Machine!
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Editing my upcoming music video is reminding me I'm a crazy person
steve4nj : Is that your " I just got home from the Viper room" look?
paupol51 : You rock
flaviocobain : You super crazy awesome amazing!
gibsonsk8s : I like it!
mdkaller : Yeah... Crazy Genius!! #ThumbsUp
robertjorona : If you weren't so dang cute, you might pass for crazy
sarahpopejoy : Craza
amtrekker : I love that sentiment almost as much as this picture.
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alispagnola - Ali Spagnola
Thanks to @briancohenphotography for invading my apartment to steal my soul with his photograph machine
awesomeagain1 : Yes!! A photo with an Happy Ending, Happy V-Day :-)
pcant : Huh. I wonder what Steve means? Subtle, man, very subtle.
mkloos71 : Oh, look. Some chunky middle-aged dude from Jersey leaving unsolicited lewd comments on the Instagram feeds of attractive women. HOW VERY SEXY.
steve4nj : oh look, a total loser who can't see subtle comedy when it slaps him on the face like I did to his mom last night.
mkloos71 : LOL at "subtle". And the only thing you did last night was a pint of store brand cookie dough ice cream, Guido.
geekjesus : Thread swipe ali-oop and she smiles, so fine...
bberg88 : @elliotgerson @robdobb @kevindolezal
paupol51 : Very pretty Ali
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