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Partner at Knack Factory, Director of Communications at Feast at Feast: I make ones and zeroes into pretty things.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Hey! I am assembling my yearly Maine made/sourced gift guide for the BDN. What should I include on that list? Also, feel free to weigh in over on Facebook, where there is already a long and vibrant thread. Wherever you make your suggestion, I appreciate it!
grittymaine : CSA farm share for your favorite relative!
jamiemercuriophoto : I'm always happy to create gift certificates for family photography sessions :)
lizinmaine : This kid and her adorable face. ❤️
_.marbled.rye._ : @mallorysophronia, @mizubrand those are my votes!
mallorysophronia : Aw! Thank you @_.marbled.rye._! We love and appreciate the support so very much! ☺️💕
spacekasebacon : Alex, I nominate my talented friend Ebenezer at @akakpojewelry. A native of Ghana, a MECA grad and now a Mainer, he makes beautiful jewelry and incredible Maine designs on textiles and metals. Maine is lucky to have him and you'd love him. He's one of the best 💗
frompinetopalm : @44northcoffee gear and beans!
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
onbradstreet : NOPE.
megplease : Candy took Freya up for both of their first ferris wheel rides this summer. They wouldn't let prego mom go along, but he handled it awesomely. She had no idea he was terriffied!
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Side Note: I'm terrified of heights.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Nugget: "I like this song. Who is it?" Me: "Iggy Pop." Nugget: "Can you please stop talking so I can hear it?"
mrkenison : HAHA I want to ask her if she'll be my besty
filthygorgeoustruth : Rad!! Love when my boy silences me so he can hear good tunes #kidsdoitbetter
vermeghan : She channeled Claire Huxtable on that one.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
I got to use this gem in my blog post about the Fryeburg Fair. "Common Ground represents the Maine that out-of-staters hold in their imagination, the idealistic cobstruct that a lot of metropolitan Mainers envision one day inserting themselves into, whereas Fryeburg is the Maine I actually grew up in—rich in attitude, gun racks, cattle and brightly dyed feathers affixed to roach clips."
bellbleheen8 : Awesome
jillsady : Baby steed! So cute...and spot on!
summerinmaine12 : Perfect. Fryeburg forever. Taking my newborn there a couple years ago was a huge milestone in my life. I can wait to read your new post on my lunch break.
onbradstreet : Ugh. No thanks. I couldn't deal with all the noise, cigarette smoke, and racism. Common Ground isn't idealistic or fake, it represents my actual life and values.
megplease : First year we DIDNT go to Common Ground, as it less and less represents what we value and feels uncomfortably crowded, expensive, and showy. The elements that hold true are still a part of our daily life, and even the extras are at arms reach. If I wasn't 8 months preg, I'd choose Fryeburg over Unity. It represents another aspect of gritty, real Maine culture, and is the largest agricultural fair in the state. I wish it were more apparent that attendees at both fairs have many common values and are similarly compelled to present and share knowledge for fun and the benefit of all our great state's residents.
summerinmaine12 : @megplease well said. So many common values.
laurieoneil : Ditto @megplease.
d_s_edwards : Yeah, but which one hired my wife to play a set? Point: Common Ground!
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
I love you, Saugus Salvation Army.
jackielovell : Never not worth the Rt1 traffic.
laurieoneil : This is one of the best Sal's around.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
I'd say this is a fairly accurate reading.
actorbenrow : Haha that's my mom.
alexsteed : @actorbenrow! AMAZING. She lobs about 2 or 3 Internet bombs at me a day. Tell her I say hi!
patrixbanx : Has the noway90 of angry eagle avatar-fame chimed in yet.
actorbenrow : 👍👍
rarar4chel : Wait, but how is she going to make the determination final? Is there like a second stage of judging you involving a talent competition?
emersorcha : New age? Where are your power crystals, dude?
alexsteed : @emersorcha In my vagina.
emersorcha : Oooh. That explains the sparkles.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
So... Considering the past week, hanging out at the Blaine House was not how I thought it'd end. It was a huge honor to be @kyle_katalyst's guest at the Maine Sucicide Prevention Program's annual event.
emersorcha : Remind me to talk you about your experience meeting that woman...
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
I want my subcategories to match Arthur Lee's subcategories in my Wikipedia entry.
briandre3000 : so good
misselise444 : This is beautiful, I think it to be true. #lovelovelove
misselise444 : Rereading this....
misselise444 : 'cept prison...thats no good.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Let's Figure It Out #portlandmaine
portlandmaine -
kimberconvery : #lucy
ijones9857 : I'm out of the loop, is this a promotion where we come find you? I recognize the spot for sure.
alexsteed : @ijones9857 This was from the other night, but I think I'm going to start doing it more regularly.
jlhychko : So, what are you doing?
ijones9857 : Read the article, love the concept.
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