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Partner at Knack Factory, Director of Communications at Feast at Feast: I make ones and zeroes into pretty things.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
I want my subcategories to match Arthur Lee's subcategories in my Wikipedia entry.
briandre3000 : so good
misselise444 : This is beautiful, I think it to be true. #lovelovelove
misselise444 : Rereading this....
misselise444 : 'cept prison...thats no good.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Let's Figure It Out #portlandmaine
portlandmaine -
kimberconvery : #lucy
ijones9857 : I'm out of the loop, is this a promotion where we come find you? I recognize the spot for sure.
alexsteed : @ijones9857 This was from the other night, but I think I'm going to start doing it more regularly.
jlhychko : So, what are you doing?
ijones9857 : Read the article, love the concept.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
M'lady #pitbull #tattoo
tattoo - pitbull -
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
With no disrespect intended toward the great reporters who had to weigh in for one reason of another, @necntv is a very classy operation.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Come and find us Figuring It Out on Monument Square
slava_13 : No! Too cold
dullitdown : #citydrift !
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
That time I woke up to being named in a lie-filled press release issued by the GOP and was given the golden opportunity to talk with every press outlet about the party's dishonesty and hypocrisy.
alexsteed : From the blog: We removed the video because there was a line in the song we used on the audio track (a track by Maine rapper Spose, which can be heard here) that states “I got Susan Collins givin’ everyone brain,” which, unbeknownst to us when we released the video, is a euphemism for blow jobs. The aforementioned press release suggested this was done intentionally, that the video was a collaboration with Michaud, and that the message essentially comes from Michaud himself. None of this is true. Had they reached out to me before releasing it, their press release would not be so littered with errors. It is particularly confusing that they decided to not be in touch, as several people in party leadership knows how to find me. Ironically, Executive Director Jason Savage and I were joking back and forth about the video — the brain lyric in particular — yesterday via Twitter. We certainly didn’t mean to offend Sen. Collins with this line, and to her we sincerely apologize. The release suggested we apologize to all women, though my unintended employment of an offensive lyric has done substantially less harm to the sovereignty of all women than GOP ideology and policies, and so I extend the same invitation to the party.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Nugget has a new bestie.
erindelaneyjoyce : OMG. Too many favorites in one place! I can't wait to hear what nugget thinks of berna.
ballintine : What is nugget wearing and can I get one in my size?
alexsteed : @erindelaneyjoyce Bernadette, it should be no surprise, was a huge hit. Nugget was telling Bernadette that she loved her by the end. I think she was a out ready to pack her bindle and leave us forever.
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Morning coffee date.
bowline_co : Best date to have!
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
therodney : Awesome!
griffinclubmerv : This should be an album cover. Popular recording artists should be fighting over the rights to this photo.
ijones9857 : Griffinclubmerv is right.
therodney : @griffinclubmerv Word
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alexsteed - Alex Steed
Bye, Denver.
minnetrue : Lindo sdv
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