daughter of God, wife,mother, blogger and business builder.I write about all things Happy, Healthy, & Domestic!
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
I had a good chuckle at the saying on my Vitalizer this morning. We're still running on AZ time so "Rise and Shine" comes around 9am or so. Lol hoping to adjust soon since we'll be in this timezone now. :) #vitalizer #canyougetjetlagfromaroadtrip
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
My sleeping beauty, then and now. :) love the little personality she's developing.
nichoelleorganico : I loved getting to know this little cutie this summer! So sweet & funny :)
emilyleyland : Hope the drive went well! I chilled out with your parents by the fire tonight ❤️
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Yay for Shaklee delivery days!!! Just in time, I got my Vitalizer and Energy chews for the epic family road trip! So excited the baby wash is available again and I got plenty of #protein for our Summertime Smoothie Workshop! #Shaklee #loveit #healthyfamily #naturalenergy
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Probably my last In-N-Out for a while... :(
quiltingmom2 : And that is where we are taking Austin today before entering the MTC.....for the same reason!
alexharalson08 : @quiltingmom2 tell him we'll be in the Naperville 4th ward. :D and enjoy the In n Out!
quiltingmom2 : He will keep an eye open! Wouldn't that be wonderful?
emilyleyland : Enjoy, boo!
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Dr.Ben giving his patient a check up. :)
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Found the cutest little cowgirl boots at Target on clearance plus an extra 20% off...but they were too small...arg! #boo
boo -
steph_sharing_a_to_z : What size do you need? We have them in brown with pink hearts and a different pair of pink cowboy boots.
alexharalson08 : Probably a size 6 @steph_sharing_a_to_z . my parents have a pair of mine when I was like 10 and she loves to walk around in them but they're so big she usually just falls down lol
steph_sharing_a_to_z : Ours are a 9. I'll save them for you :) I love little girls in boots!
alexharalson08 : Oh thanks so much @steph_sharing_a_to_z we appreciate it! I love little girls in boots too! So adorable!
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
:D he's smiling, my heart melts! #DashWilliamH
dashwilliamh -
emilyleyland : ❤️
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
I'm really excited for this! Between feeding the kids and nursing the baby, I sometimes forget to feed myself for several hours after waking up. Which isn't good for my milk supply or my patience. ;) so i'm really excited to put together these ready to go smoothies that I can just drop in the blender. The recipes sound so yummy! Who wants to come with me? #healthyeating #quickandeasy #freezermeal #freezermealsmoothies #yum
healthyenergy - breastfeedingfriendly - fillmeup - breastfeedingmom - healthychoices - yum - freezermealsmoothies - freezermeal - healthyeating - healthybreakfast - quickandeasy -
alexharalson08 : #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedingfriendly #healthybreakfast #healthychoices #healthyenergy #fillmeup
fitmom_fromhome : Get it!
nichoelleorganico : How fun! What a great idea!
alexharalson08 : @thatcrunchymama this one?
thatcrunchymama : @alexharalson08 yes
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
I don't know...I guess she could be my kid. What do you think, does she look like me? :)
fickfamilyfun : She is so stinking cute!
alexharalson08 : @fickfamilyfun which one, me or her? Hehe ;)
fickfamilyfun : Both!!! :)
alexharalson08 : I love my stylish fringe bangs. This was before they became the early 90's big poofy bangs. Lol @fickfamilyfun
emilyleyland : I'd say she's yours 😍
alexharalson08 : Yeah @emilyleyland I kept looking at this picture of me and had to put it side by side with her. Now I gotta find some of my old dresses and recreate some pictures. :D
cassann6 : Totally see it! Lol, I was just thinking the same thing about finding some of your old outfits!
alexharalson08 : @cassann6 the hard part will be finding the photos to recreate. If they aren't in a frame on the wall, they're in any number of boxes at my mom's. But I think it would be well worth it to dig them up. :)
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
For those not following along on Facebook ;) Last month I had my best month ever and was promoted to director in my Shaklee business, the same month I had baby Dash! To celebrate my promotion and because I want to help someone else duplicate what I have done, i'm giving a scholarship/discount to someone to start their own Shaklee business. message me or comment below for the details! #wahm #myShakleeEffect #theshakleeEffect #workathomemom #workathome #projectdreamintl #workhardplayharder
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naturalnursemary : Congratulations!!
naturallyborncbs : Gorgeous! Love it!
thatcrunchymama : @alexharalson08 so happy,excited, proud and inspired for and by you! You are an amazing person and I am so thankful to be on your team!!
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