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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
All I can say is thank goodness for a lens protector! Not a scratch on the lens itself!
wonderfullife26 : This has horned to me three times over the years! Best $10 ever spent!!
alexharalson08 : @wonderfullife26 totally. Now I have to remember where I got it. This one was transferred from my film camera from high school. Lol
wonderfullife26 : Amazon or Best Buy will have them for sure, or of course any camera shop!
katie_clark89 : I should probably get these ...
wonderfullife26 - realesteph - photog2mom - bsjohnson1303 -
alexharalson08 - Alexandra
@bonniedonahue you asked what my favorite Shaklee product is. That's like asking who my favorite kid is ;) I just can't do it! Lol but Scour Off is up there in the top! I love that I can scrub my oven, sinks, tubs, and showers with no harmful chemicals or fumes all while the kids are checking out what i'm doing and the baby crawls around! #ShakleeLove
shakleelove -
todaysthebestday : I think I need this!
alexharalson08 : It's amazing stuff @todaysthebestday ! Want me to message you with more info?
steph_sharing_a_to_z - lauraliz96 - bekahcrowell - carianne_hunter -
alexharalson08 - Alexandra
This little girl! Those curls, that kissy face, and the sass! :)
suehafen - 1melaerts - photog2mom - parentsofadozen -
alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Shout out to my team for an AMAZING January! You ladies are on fire and I have no doubt we'll all be sitting on the beach in Mexico courtesy of Shaklee! We welcomed new team members, helped families detox their homes, and got people started on their path to better health and I'm so excited to help all these women reach their goals! I am ready to accept and train 2 new partners this month, let's see if this is something for you! #lovewhatido #wahm #TheShakleeOpportunity
lovewhatido - theshakleeopportunity - wahm -
joannaskora : Great photo πŸ‘ πŸ˜ƒ
joannaskora - bsjohnson1303 - tensevendesigns - sarahluvsjoy -
alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Oops I may have added a little too much Basic H2! Although not an official use #BasicH2 is safe and natural enough that I use it to bathe my kids. Helps their dry skin and doesn't leave soap scum, in fact it cleans the tub while they bathe! #TheShakleeDifference #AlwaysSafe #AlwaysGreen#AlwaysWorks
alwaysworks - alwayssafe - basich2 - theshakleedifference - alwaysgreen -
heather_nhicks : Love it! And a little goes a long way!
jessicawise : My kids love this!!
francesca.elena : Loving this idea!
alexharalson08 : @heather_nhicks I know, I tried to squirt just a tiny bit but obviously got a little too much. Oh well it's so inexpensive and they had fun! @jessicawise they've been loving it as a fun indoor winter activity. @francesca.elena I've been using this bottle for cleaning and baths for a year already and only 1/3 of the way through!
photog2mom - bsjohnson1303 - crazy4kale - heidilynnthoo -
alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Ben calls this "Double Decker Dash" lol that boy cracks me up and sure loves his brother! :D
wonderfullife26 - jenlovesevan - mesmousa_arts - carianne_hunter -
alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Poor guy. I have been trying to keep him happy and awake until after lunch so he could nap at the same time as the big kids. No more of this the-big-kids-nap-and-Dash-wakes-up-so-mommy-gets-nothing-done business. Well he made it half way through nursing and couldn't hold out any longer!
photog2mom : I totally get this. Orchestrating nap time all together takes so much effort and sometimes baby just can't make it
alexharalson08 : @photog2mom yeah and don't get me started on school pick up and naptimes :p ugh.
photog2mom : @alexharalson08 I KNOW!!! Though I admit I lucked out and have a deal with my neighbor that I will take the kids to school if she can pick them up. Life has improved a great deal since we started that.
alexharalson08 : That makes me totally jealous! What a great arrangement @photog2mom
steph_sharing_a_to_z - bsjohnson1303 - carianne_hunter - blandy8 -
alexharalson08 - Alexandra
I always feel better when I start my day with these two! Just shook up a vanilla #LifeShake on the way to drop off Andrew and because #Vitalizer is in such a convenient pack, I can take it on the go too! #TheShakleeDifference more info available at
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1melaerts - steph_sharing_a_to_z - bekahcrowell - bsjohnson1303 -
alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Enjoying some steamed sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli (a huge hit, but a huge mess), and some small bits of grilled chicken. Yummers!
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alexharalson08 - Alexandra
Today is my 5 year Shaklee anniversary! 5 years ago I made the choice to start my Shaklee business and I'm so happy I did! I have met tons of amazing women from all across the country, I have grown personally, and it has become a passion to help others live healthier and wealthier! I love being a mom and it is my first and most important job, but my Shaklee business is something I do for me that helps me meet and have fun with other adults, get rewarded for helping others, and earn some extra money for the fun little 'extras'. I am so grateful for all those who have joined my team, supported my business, and cheered me on! It means the world to me to have you supporting me and something I'm passionate about! I wish I could have you all over to celebrate with me! :) #TheShakleeOpportunity #lovewhatido #wahm #bossbabe #LiveAmazing
liveamazing - lovewhatido - bossbabe - theshakleeopportunity - wahm -
nichoelleorganico : Happy Anniversary @alexharalson08 πŸ’š
alexharalson08 : Thanks girl! It has been such a pleasure working with you @nichoelleorganico !
bonniedonahue : I am so proud of you and the person you are becoming!!!!!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— congrats to you!!!!!!!
viktoriyavetter : Awesome!!!
alexharalson08 : Thank you @bonniedonahue it has been an awesome 5 years! Cheers to 50 more! ;)
alexharalson08 : Thanks @viktoriyavetter ! And thank you for your support and coming to my ladies night in AZ! It sure was fun catching up with you!
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