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Welcome on board! Share your Air France photos with us using the #airfrance and join our community! For service, contact us on Twitter (@Airfrance)
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airfrance - Air France
Say hello to #AntoineDeSaintExupery and his friend ;) #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #picoftheday #AirFrance #AVgeek #LePetitPrince
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jaumito : Heeeeelloooooooo
asperandiojr : @heleninhaas
nicolas_dave : @ecars_tlr c'est le fokker de 10h
alanng529 : @airfrance is probably the best airline company ever☺
airfrance : @alanng529 Thanks a lot for this very nice comment!
triandrinovi : @airfrance Please Direct To Jakarta No transit at Singapore
airfrance : @triandrinovi Suggestion taken. Thanks!
airport_cdg : Air France, meilleure compagnie ! βœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Thanks @airfrance
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airfrance - Air France
Explore inside our planes, and discover our new cabins for your next trip :) #AirFranceTips #FranceIsInTheAir
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airfrance : @simonliu893 
airfrance : @rosarina10 
elyar_jj : ❀️❀️❀️
chetan.deshpande2 : Welcome!!
max__pinto : C'est qui qui s'occupe du insta d'air France? C'est pas Frédéric gagey?πŸ˜‚
patricklannay : Vous savez qui est World most improved airline in 2015: Air France. SURPRENANT . Je suis abonné , carte platinum. Un vol prévu aujourd'hui Paris Amsterdam a 18h00 retarde à 19h20 et un vol que je peux prendre avant 16h45 ou il reste une place. Elle m est refusée par ce que la responsable du vol l a décidé. Je repars au salon air France pour comprendre et eux même me disent qu ils ne peuvent rien faire.
patricklannay : Et tout cela pour un dîner d affaires que je ne pourrais assurer comme c était prévu. Vous y croyez vous quand on vous annonce qu Air France est la compagnie qui a le plus progressée depuis un an. C est une BLAGUE.....
airfrance : @patricklannay Bonjour Patrick, nous sommes désolés d'apprendre que vous n'avez pas pû voyager comme prévu! Pour plus d'assistance, nous vous conseillons de rentrer en contact avec notre équipe Twitter sur @airfrance, ou Facebook Merci
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airfrance - Air France
With Air France Press app, download your favorite magazines & newspapers for free #AirFranceTips #FranceIsInTheAir
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lizahills23 : I want follow stuardess guys help.
airfrance : @cutie_candy5 Can you please clarify your request? Thank you
lizahills23 : I want follow stewardess how hard is it work?
airfrance : @cutie_candy5 We need to kindly ask you to contact us directly on our Facebook or Twitter page at the following links : Thank you
lizahills23 : Thank you.
bahadirkaraorman : I don't use twitter. You contact your customer when they are not happy with your service. You can't rip off people like that.
andreaairplaneslovers : @airfrance Love you ❀️❀️❀️
airfrance : @bahadirkaraorman Dear customer, we would like to serve you better, please submit your claim in the following link: Thank you!
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airfrance - Air France
Buy all Air France branded articles online, earn Miles or use them to pay #AirFranceTips #FranceisintheAir
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goan250487 : @_came2game_ nothing to be excited about...
goan250487 : Sorry @airfrance but is not tooo much of a coincidence? Same issue twice in a week? 2 of 4 flights? Your twitter team told me it will be "a couple of weeks" for you to come back to me...what kind of date and time are you in?
airfrance : @g_gemita Hi! Thank you for visiting our Instagram. We can assist you on our Facebook page or on Twitter @airfrance. Thank you
airfrance : @goan250487 Hi, we are sorry to read that. We can assist you on twitter or on our Facebook page. Thank you
goan250487 : @airfrance #airfrance I have but..They do not provide a solution. The only answer is that they will come back to me in "a couple of weeks"...
mariellejade : @hey_manolito these are so cute
hey_manolito : Follow @mariellejade follow for follow 😍😍😍
mariellejade : @hey_manolito marking you as spam
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airfrance - Air France
Did you know? You may now use your phones and other portable electronic devices just after landing! #AirFrance #PED #travel #Avgeek #aircraft #hyperlapse
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airfrance : @french_aviation We will French Aviation 
airfrance : @aviation35 You are welcome, will see you soon again 
airfrance : @warrenkd Sorry to hear this. Please feel free to contact us @airfrance
french_aviation : Yes @airfrance please Like
french_aviation : Like my pic @airfrance
the_world_we_click : Mi favorite destination is Paris πŸ˜€
airfrance : @french_aviation Done! And following you now. Have a nice day!
airfrance : @the_world_we_click Hope to see you on board our flight to Paris soon then 
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airfrance - Air France
To ensure you have more legroom throughout your flight, choose a Seat Plus #AirFranceTips #FranceisintheAir
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janinnebarboza : I tried contact by calling them but nothing was solved. I would like some position from company!!! My ship leaves 4 pm!
airfrance : @janinnebarboza We apologize for the inconveniences incurred. Please send a private message of passenger's info via Facebook or Twitter to us to follow up. Thank you for your understanding.
janinnebarboza : @airfrance very bad internet service on my mobile. I can't use Facebook. Please, send me an email so I can explain to you and maybe you help me. The Genova airport is very small and they are not helping me either 😒 I just would like to have my luggage back to go on my cruise in a few hours. Thank you for your attention
mg93 : @airfrance someone cares ?
airfrance : @janinnebarboza We understand Janinne. However we do not provide assistance via Instagram. Can we kindly ask you to contact us directly via Facebook or Twitter when you can. Thank you
airfrance : @mg93 We do care but we do not offer assistance via Instagram. Could you send us a tweet @airfrance or a post on Thank you very much
mg93 : @airfrance Thanks i will πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
mariellejade : @victopat chaise lounge haha
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airfrance - Air France
Which one will you choose? ;) #AirFranceTips #FranceisintheAir #Video #Alacarte #Menu #meal
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weixiaoqinu018 : ✨nice @lin_ja🚬nice!!
_aviationspotter_90 : Thank you so much for liking my pictures I really appreciate and I really love your airline and I would love it if you followed me.❀️😊✈️
airfrance : @_aviationspotter_90 Thank you! We are now following you! 
airfrance : @drkeyllonplinio Esperamos ver-te novamente a bordo em breve! 
planespotterkevdog : I love you're airline @airfrance would you mind following me back it would be a huge honor
i.marci : Flying from Paris last week, I accidentally ordered a "special meal" in the process of checking in and it was quite the treat... Real silverware, gourmet delights, and it was served right away in Economy which was great as I was hungry. #happy accident #loveAirFrance
airfrance : @jeannebret We are sorry you feel this way. If you need any assistance please contact us on our Facebook or Twitter page at following links: Thank you.
airfrance : @i.marci We are happy to learn that you enjoyed our special meal and look forward to have you on board again soon ! 
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airfrance - Air France
Happy #BastilleDay #πŸ‡«πŸ‡· to everyone ! #Paris #France #14juillet #nationalday #avgeek #fireworks #instagood
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melodupuis : #Photoshop
k45h_23 : @dizad02
agustinf21 : 😍
powerfulshamz : @airfrance do you offer flights to Islamabad?
airfrance : @shamz32 hi, we don't have a direct flight. You can connect at other airports, for example Beijing, Bangkok or Abu Dhabi. For assistance, please tweet us! Thanks 
powerfulshamz : @airfrance thank you for your help! :) On a different note, the above photo is beautiful 😊
xflyingnow : πŸ‘πŸ‘
_vnln : Airfrance please, 😭 save our national compagny 😭 please alexandre de juniac'
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airfrance - Air France
Make tomorrow lighter #AirFranceTips #Franceisintheair
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airfrance : @katherine_jack101 We are sorry to read this, assistance is available on our Facebook wall or on Twitter @airfrance. Thank you
katherine_jack101 : You are welcome. Thanks for reply πŸ’˜ @airfrance
airfrance : @katherine_jack101   
purrfektly : We are so excited for le Petit Prince trip! Crossing fingers βœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ˜‰ such a wonderful contest!
airfrance : @purrfektly Thank you! 
georg_marya : @afrobougee
clemenschf : @airfrance is making my tomorrow so lighter loosing my suitcase somewhere between Paris and Moscow. Light in terms of service, light in terms of information, but heavy in prices. @jeannebret #avoidAirFrance
airfrance : @clemenschf We're sorry to hear that your baggage is delayed. However we do not provide assistance via Instagram. Can we kindly ask you to contact us on our Facebook or Twitter page at following links: Thank you.
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airfrance - Air France
Would it be the World Kiss Landing today ? #WorldKissDay #KissLanding #AVgeek #picoftheday #AirFrance #Landing #A380 #AirBus #flight #AirPlane #airport
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paulcastelazo : Next Stop ... México City πŸ‡²πŸ‡½
goan250487 : Very poor customer service from @airfrance twice the entertainment system was not working in the same week for 2 long haul flights BOG-CDG and CDG-SIN. Not acceptable!!! Customer Service is also very poor, takes weeks to respond.
david_dian_axel : Air France vous pouvez pas faire conqurance avec émirats hein
speedbird253 : @goan250487 what aircraft were you on. Sometimes it's not the airlines fault. Do not blame them. Also there customer service is quite good to me and everyone else
goan250487 : @speedbird253 "everyone else"? Hahaha it was with 2 aircrafts 777-300ER and A340 in two different routes, both within a week. This is far from acceptable.
treyluve : J'adore AirFrance
lucascavatoni : @airfrance Et maintenant dans un ciel de vacances... Parfait, parfait... Air France !
love_forever1d_ : ΠšΡ€Π°ΡΠΈΠ²ΠΎ
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