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airfrance - Air France
A dream come true#pilot #avgeek #airfrance #picoftheday Our #coupdecoeur of the week for the #affamily contest ☺️Participate on our site to try and win a VIP tour of Boeing factory and several planes tickets!
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airfrance : @ophelvdnb Faites nous parvenir vos histoires pour avoir une chance de gagner  Nous adorons toutes les lire!  
kmille_valenti : Chez @airfrance j'ai très peur bientôt je prend l'avion de chez vous car je prend tout le temps votre compagnie c la meilleur o monde je pense mais bon... Donc vu la série de crash aérien qu il y a eu j'ai peur (je part à Los angeles ) même si sa doit faire. 100 fois que je prend l'avion j'ai toujours très peur pouvez vous m'aidez @airfrance
kmille_valenti : Suivez moi au passage @airfrance
ophelvdnb : @airfrance j'ai partagé mon histoire ! Mon premier vol et également mon premier voyage en amoureux! C'était simplement magique avec une équipe et en particulier un Stewart aux petits soins avec nous! Je suis bonne joueuse mais certains votes augmentent de façon inhabituelle ...
airbus_fans : @airfrance cest bon, vous pouvez me suivre
airbus_fans : @airfrance jadore airfrance( je veux devenu pilote ou PNC d'air france!!! Je vous le jure!! Jadore airfrance, jai meme regarder plein de video
flagship_twa : Can you follow me?
airbus_fans : @airfrance suivez moi svp! Jadore votre compagnie
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airfrance - Air France
How do we call him ? #airfrance #avgeek #instaviation #planesspotters #aviation #aviationlovers #picoftheday
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airfrance : @drkeyllonplinio Thanks!! 
airfrance : @ganesh2v   
riomorelli : 🙏 @airfrance
airline_spotter : Great pic! I love Air France! I flew with you before to Paris. I love aviation. Please please follow me!
airline_spotter : Marshaller
bintangadhs : Follback please? @airfrance
i_fly_737 : Horray <3
viennaspotter : Can you post some pics of the 747 pls
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airfrance - Air France
Off the starting block #airfrance#avgeek#travel#destination #instaviation #picoftheday #instamood
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airfrance : @gfdaniel Olá Daniel, haviam planos de voarmos com o A380 para GRU, mas infelizmente não foi possível devido a problemas na pista do aeroporto!
hussainspage : Awww thx! ☺️ @airfrance
sacha_france_albertini : Magnifique appareille c ete A380!!!!!!!;)
nats_hockey32 : Hey can u guys follow me
airfrance : @nats_hockey32 Following you! 
viajaromundo : @airfrance Belle photo!
airfrance : @sacha_france_albertini  
airfrance : @viajaromundo Merci 
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airfrance - Air France
Welcome to #jakarta #indonesia ! Selamat Datang 😊 #airfrance #inaugural #afnewroute #travel #destination #avgeek #picoftheday
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airfrance : @rkrdg65 Thanks, see you soon! 
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airfrance : @rkrdg65 Thanks, looking to visit a few more places?   
ian_ainun : Welcome to jakarta, This is My home 😁
airfrance : @ian_ainun Happy to see you! Thanks 
boomrang2 : Je vous promet que je voyagerais sur @airfrance pour ce vol que je ferrais bientot.
airfrance : @boomrang2 On vous attends avec impatience  
hilmancaesar_ : Welcome to jakartaaaaa! This is my country! 😚😚😚
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airfrance - Air France
Tell us your stories and try and win a VIP tour of #boeing factories and #planes tickets.Join us on #airfrance #avgeek #aviation #picofthedays
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airfrance : @xskyfullx Le vol AF008 (Boeing 777-200) sera equippé de notre nouvelle cabine  N'hésitez pas à nour donner vos impressions  
xskyfullx : Aaah trop Bien ‼️ Air France vous êtes les Meilleurs ‼️ j'aime La France j'aime Air France 😄
xskyfullx : Aucun soucis
airfrance :  @xskyfullx  
ahmedfahmy74 : @airfrance you are by far the worst airline ever. Rude is an understatement!
grenelle_cka : Air France, fazendo do ceu o melhor lugar do mundo. Air France, qui fair du ciel la meulleur Place du Monde.
howardcnz : Air France is one of my favourite airlines along with KLM. Best airline my dad and I have taken, from our experience with Air France two days ago. We took a flight from LHR-CDG, in which the service was really good and the seats were really comfortable, on the A319, with great legroom compared to many other airlines' short haul flights. Later, we took the Air France flight from CDG-HKG on the airbus a380 which came out of the factory just a while ago on June 26th as the crew said to us. This flight was the most pleasant flight we have been on. The seats were extremely comfortable with great legroom and a really well designed seat. The food was absolutely amazingly delicious with a great layout and service while giving the food to us. Normally I couldn't sleep on flights, or only a tiny little bit, but on this flight I slept extremely well for around 6-7 hours. The cabin crew were also really friendly and nice to talk to. The flight went by so fast that it didn't feel like 11 hours. Overall, this is the best flight I have ever been on, and Merci Beaucoup @airfrance for giving my Dad and I such an amazing flight. :)
airfrance : @howardcnz Hi Howard, we are pleased to hear that you enjoyed flying with us. We're looking forward to welcome u on board soon 
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airfrance - Air France
Is it a sign ? #franceisintheair #cpm #allezlesbleus #soccer #france#airfrance#avgeek
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airfrance : @ig_aviation_rush_25_ Hi, we are following u now 
ig_aviation_rush_25_ : Still glitching. I need a bug fix. So I can see, can you go on my profile, and press follow, so I can see?
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ig_aviation_rush_25_ : Okay! I got it! Thanks! @airfrance
airfrance : @ig_aviation_rush_25_ You are welcome! Have a great day!   
ig_aviation_rush_25_ : Thanks! @airfrance
ig_aviation_rush_25_ : Bonjour! @airfrance Une belle nouvelle journée! Comment ca va?
airfrance : @ig_aviation_rush_25_ Pleasure 
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airfrance - Air France
This month #AFMag takes you to #Recife and tells you how to make your own #AirFrance space rocket #AVGeek #EpicPic #PicOfTheDay
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airplanelovers101 : Many thanks to you @airfrance !!
kiramalysheva : @airfrance I have been trying to reach someone for 5 days, as our colleague's luggage has been lost since Monday and no one has been able to even give is any proper information and even find it! Sorry @airfrance, this is the worst service ever
nico_of_the_underworld : Please follow me @airfrance :) if not itsokbut it would be greatif youdid
airfrance : @kiramalysheva Hello, we regret to hear about this, for assistance, please contact us on Twitter @airfrance
sigbergamin : I need a SOLUTION for my BIG PROBLEM !!!!! @airfrance
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aircraft_news : ✈️👏👏👏👏👏✈️
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Spot the #airport ! 😉#airfrance #avgeek #skyview#intheair #destination #travel #aircraft #instamood #picoftheday
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airfrance : @abbie.mari 
zuerichspotter : SFO ❤️❤️❤️❤️
nickflightx : Thats an interesting approach into SFO. I know where that is and he's headed out over the sea, not the usual path I see them go. Must have been congested.
sigbergamin : I need a SOLUTION for my BIG Problem !!!!! @airfrance
airfrance : @sigbergamin Hi Sigbergamin, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter @airfrance, we will be happy to help! Thanks
airfrance : @nickflightx Another picture would have made it too easy to recognise 
kidrauhltoinfinity : STOP SHIPPING PRIMATES
clara_stev : Wow perfect ! 😍 @airfrance
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airfrance - Air France
#AirFranceExpo #FranceIsInTheAir in #NYC soon in #Paris and all the new cabins soon in our #Boeing777 and then #A380 #A330 all around the #World #AVGeek : how cool is that?
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michaelgillespie_ : @airfrance I got on a flight to Paris, and there was escargot in my chicken soup. You guys screwed up. I will never fly with you guys again. You lost my luggage that contained my prized knives.
elianpatron : Looks like London bus
airfrance : @michaelgillespie_ Hello, assistance is available on twitter @airfrance or on our facebook page. Thank you
airfrance : @elian_justin_patron 
mariamacaron : Coool
sigbergamin : I need a SOLUTION for my BIG Problem !!!!! @airfrance
airfrance : @sigbergamin Hi Sigbergamin, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter @airfrance, we will be happy to help! Thanks
karlhab : @romaincolin ✈️
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airfrance - Air France
How do you like the brandnew business cabin ? #airfrance #takeoff #JFK #avgeek #behindthescene
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moralmoda : Super¡ vous avez maintenant aussie le "couture class"¿
ge90man : Swag!
ganesh2v : Can t wait @turoleti
turoleti : Never too late!@ganesh2v@a2tav
ganesh2v : @airfrance we love you with @turoleti and @a2tav
turoleti : Pouvez nous follow?Je suis Platinum et vous suis extrêmement fidèle?Flyingblue 2003563552@airfrance@a2tav@ganesh2v
viajaromundo : @airfrance J'espère voyager à nouveau dans votre classe Affaires!
viajaromundo : @airfrance Je vais faire mon Rapport de Voyage bientôt (en portugais)!
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