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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Theodore Roosevelt reminds us... "To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, and to live as a people, we must have trees." Thankful to strap on some hiking boots and connect with God's amazing creation. Today, we joined some homeschooling families and a local Mom, who shared her knowledge of local edible and medicinal plants. There's so much to learn. 🌿🌾🌳
ihearthomeschooling -
nataliecreates : That's amazing. I really want to spend time learning more about edible & medicinal plants. 💕
agoldenafternoon : @nataliecreates me too! 👍💛
agoldenafternoon : #ihearthomeschooling
rachelreneereeves : I do believe you are my favorite feed of all time. And you're one of my favorite people, also.
esthershokair : Wow that's awesome! I would have loved to learn and tagged along! 😉😘
emilie.ncls - loggans9 - inperfectbloom - joshplusnatalie -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
When life feels like it's starting to unravel a bit, I always find myself straightening, purging, or organizing things. Sometimes, I think I do this to control a little piece of life, in contrast to the part that feels out of control. Ultimately, I need to remind myself that much is not meant to be in my hands at all, but laid before Jesus. I'm so thankful for this reminder from friends this week. He desires to hold us close during these hard times. Only in these times of reflection can we actually listen to His direction. Isn't it silly how fast we forget to do this? I know I feel silly. It doesn't mean I'll stop cleaning though...😜
erinwakeman : ohh this is so good 🙌
desiraeross_ : ❤️
cloisteredaway : I meant to say, I so get YOU! 👯
clean_eating_journal : Thank you for the reminder! ❤️
rachelreneereeves : I love you, friend. ❤️
mybelles101 : Me! Yes, I totally do this, too! Good reminder to stop and remember WHO is in control
lovetopause : Aha! You nailed it. That's totally me too. A total control freak. Thanks for the reminder!
littlemumma2 : Me too! 💛
ktnewms - flowerpoweremma - joybrudolphblog - wakenedbysilence -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Fresh week. Fresh granola. (I shared the link for my current fave #grainfree granola on my FB page so you guys can try it too!)
grainfree -
stilize : I was just looking for stg like this, great😌
brebuskey : It sure looks pretty!
cnrutan : Have you tried her chocolate berry granola? It's so yummy!!
swichto : Love this!
baleinepoissonrouge - eugenehys - etsukoarie - xmaike -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Guinea pigs are getting their cage cleaned. The older 2 put Dean in charge of corralling, which means an escape into the bushes is inevitable. I can here faint little squeaks of "freedom!".
hollirob : 😂
thedaintywoods : Haha! 😂
nataliecreates : I can't get over that TREE. 😮😍
tweetpotatopie : @nataliecreates I just noticed theeeeeee same thing. #gimmeALLthecitrus #andsunshine
hfullerinteriors : Hilarious. Is that a kumquat tree I see?
coldmilefarmstead : Haha! 😂
auburnsoul : 😂 to good
lesleyzellers - flowerpoweremma - sarcasticcook - official_neee_2022 -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Hand washables day. Hasn't anyone invented a mail in hand wash/sweater de-pilling service yet. Wouldn't you sign up in 5 seconds? 👍
rachkincaid : What a pretty load of laundry! 😍
jennalouodegard : I'm terrible, I always just risk them in the machine.
living_a_simple_life : I have a 'hand wash' setting on my machine and it always does a great job!☺️ (and I don't have a fancy washer/dryer)
kim_inglee : Without hesitation. Great idea!
maegankeaton : The de-pilling service yes! I always take the risk with the washing machine on delicate and hang/lay flat to dry. 😬
petuniajean : Me too @jennalouodegard I'll line dry all day long, but I NEVER hand wash. I don't even sort. #rebel
wineabit5 : Large delicate bag! I put them in and then find a non agitator washing machine (like the new front loaders) and set it for gentle. I have a de-pilling machine thingy and it takes seconds to do.
frissyfranklin : #depillingsucks #soannoying #firstworldproblems #sighhhhhhh
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I loved catching up with my friend @dinexdesign. She was extra sweet to listen to the most recent dreams and ideas of Faith Rush, who could talk the ear off any adult or even a stranger. Kristin let me play stylist for her #dxd_yougotserved challenge. So fun to mix it up and try something outside my comfort zone!
dxd_yougotserved -
dinexdesign : What a sweet picture- and what a sweet young lady! Thank you so much for inviting me into your lovely home today. It's always such a treat to spend time with you 😘✨
bigredep : I want that stool!!
cascompton : that light fixture! 💛
coardcakes : I have that same yellow stool! 😊
jescahjoy : this space is ✨✨👌
joyfinderspath : Faith and my Felicity sound like they would get on mighty fine, Bonnie!
mommaj2sdl : I spy Leonard the pug. Makes me miss my little Leo!!
heather_bickel_stevenson : Needing some Faith time :)
zonefeelkim - caseylongfield - theyogiwannabe - dawnmarieklinge -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Ballerina & converse
raquellalily : I tried so hard to get into balboa park this weekend but traffic (parking) was a nightmare! I'm going to have to go back and try again :)
jennaferari - bananalee88 - inamnalin - chellie_pete -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Just finished eating some roasted tomato sauce on my meatballs and zucchini pasta. That's #WIDN @theflowerfades. Thanks for checking in. 😘 what's happening in your day, @avintagecloud @heatherbullard @housetweaking @erobyn?
widn -
joyfinderspath : Looks like goodness in the making!
heatherbullard : I'm in SLC for the week propping away. And now...wishing I was eating homemade roasted tomato sauce.😘
simplestepsnutrition : @agoldenafternoon meatballs huh???
agoldenafternoon : @simplestepsnutrition well, I've always made my family meat no matter what 😜
agoldenafternoon : @heatherbullard propping! Sounds so fun.😉 Enjoy the cold weather! I wouldn't mind a little snow. 👍
wineabit5 : Ok I did text you for a meatball recipe awhile ago but I got nuthin'. Are you holding out on me? I need a good meatball! @agoldenafternoon
avintagecloud : That looks absolutely delish! Thanks for the tag sweet momma
jordandiann : @tayspeier
jenniferannjahn - samzgirl - whiterabbitmomma - mistybell2 -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Lunch. Not quiiite a donut, but twas still a good sea bass.
happywife_happylife : Looks so good!
storehousecrafts : Yum!!!! What recipe did you use?
alexandra_e_golovac : Great meal! 💛💕❤️
nata_lake : That looks so good!
jefsamaroon : @ajibsam
omericou - ninaparksu - chellie_pete - agamalas25to_pebacyq -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
So excited for these sea salt chocolate tarts for Galentine's Day. Ready to party tonight with @atticseventeen @oodalollee and some other lovely ladies! 🎉 (grain free recipe from's in my most recent pins)
slimpalate : Gorgeous
jennifernaraki : 😂😭😭 nooooo. Everybody's galentines posts are too much. So sad to miss tonight. Enjoy friend. Xox
sugarandcloth : Please adopt me ✋
clean_eating_journal : They look so so delicious and beautiful!
gracelaced : A little jealous that you and @atticseventeen get to be together tonight...two lovely ladies I'd love to savor an evening with, @agoldenafternoon!
cascompton : Those look amazing!
apriljboyer : These look delicious. How did I miss trying them? It was great seeing you again!
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