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Jesus follower • dating my husband • homeschooling mom • DIY home creator • gardener • local farming advocate • San Diego born
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Woke up on my birthday to find a gorgeous @joannaposey original waiting for me! She painted this after she hosted my super-special 30th birthday colors/flowers/confetti last year. So happy to have a little piece of that lovely day and a little piece of Jo to keep with me always. Makes her moving a little less sad...only a little, though. 💛
nataliecreates : SO beautiful!
mississippifireflies : Happy birthday! I'm 29 today too ❤ @agoldenafternoon
leafylady : That painting is beautiful. The colours : )
atticseventeen : Love you friend. Happy birthday to you!!!
studio_kirkland : That @joannaposey is a damn genius. Glad she made your day special! 😊
jennifernaraki : Happiest of birthdays to you friend.
mama2a : That's gorgeous!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I just love being with much. Such a great birthday and it's not even my birthday. Still, I'm missing those sweet friends who have moved away and couldn't be here tonight. 💛
wifeysinger : happy birthday, pretty lady!
cnrutan : Love you friend! You are a treasure! You offer those around so much love and friendship. Hope you were lavished yesterday!
cnrutan : Lavished on your "fake" bday and today on your real bday 😉😉
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Portrait of my last day as a 30 year old. Now, off for ramen and drinks with my lady friends! 🎉
oodalollee : You look gorgeous!!! Such a good color on you!
nataliecreates : Hello, beautiful!!!
housetweaking : Happy birthday Bonnie! 🎉🎉🎉 Enjoy your clean house 😉
wineabit5 : Happy Birthday pretty lady!
hannebruun66 : 💐💐Happy B-Day 💐💐
joannaposey : Beauty!!! Ramen was the jam!!! HBD sister friend!
flaxandtwine : Beauty!
cnrutan : You are even more gorgeous than last year. You are glowing!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
All I asked for my birthday was a clean house and yard. My husband is on his way home to check off the list I made. This truly means more to me than any shopping spree, spa day, piece of jewelry, or other gift. Just give me a clean house and I'll do a happy dance!
hitchcrew : 💙Happy Birthday!!!
heatherbullard : Yay! Happy, Happy Birthday!
cloisteredaway : Oh happy birthday, lovely! 😘
hstarrphotography : Amen!!! I'm the same way!
_jojie_ : Dream dapur @fdzelyzabah if like this i'll cook for you anytime 😜😍
meemasett : I have to total agree!!!
elatides : züm Geburstag viel glück!!!! :)
fdzelyzabah : @_jojie_ boleh pegang ke kata2 tu. Hmmm still jew 👄
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
San Diego Symphony "Stories, Myths, & Legends" performance followed by donuts with matcha and orange zest, as well as skulls filled with frosting. I asked the kids which instrument they would pick, if they could choose any: Faith-violin Jack-the organ so he could play at a baseball game Dean- the conductor or play the piccolo 😂
raisingmissmatilda : The donut bar could quite possible be the most delicious donuts in all of sd!!!!!!
jenna_norto : @t_al02
cnrutan : Love! Tell Dean I played the piccolo for 5 years! It's the instrument for fairy tales!
agoldenafternoon : @cnrutan crazy! I had no idea! How long did you play?
cnrutan : @agoldenafternoon -I started with the flute when I was 9 and then by 12 I was playing flute and piccolo. I played many years but when I was an adult I sold them. One of many regrets. Maybe someday I will buy them again.
agoldenafternoon : @cnrutan you should! I'm sure that would be such great inspiration for your kiddos 😘
inperfectbloom : Do they still have the Harry potter donuts?? We almost went to that symphony one.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Love curry but I've never made one that tastes the way I like it. Does anyone know a trick or a specific/special red or yellow paste source? (Anything but THAI brand which tastes like soap to me 😆)
agoldenafternoon : @danielledriscoll I feel ya. Sometimes it never quite tastes the same but then again, I guess it wouldn't be as special when you go out to eat 😉
agoldenafternoon : @environmentsofgrace yes! Ask the mother in law and report back! Ask her if she will be in San Diego anytime soon 😉
candacerachele : I miss that place
agoldenafternoon : @candacerachele leaving restaurants I love would definitely be the difficult side of moving. Sorry, friend 😏
hsivilay : I think the key is kafir lime leaves, super district flavor, but when you taste it you know it, it's in tons of Thai and Laos cooking. The fruit on the tree is almost inedible, but the leaves are great. Also lemongrass and ginger. My husband is Laos and can mix up some mean panang curry!
loveria : Most of the time you can buy a tub of paste from your favorite restaurant. (:
environmentsofgrace : Ok...MIL says she uses Patak's curry when she's not cooking from scratch - not sure if it's a sauce or paste. If you send me your email, I'll send the family curry recipe that her mother made in Singapore :)
emferg : Sent you a direct pic of the curry paste I use and the recipe.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Date with my lady. We ate deviled eggs that were made of a meringue mold and upon being eaten, they melted into the perfect flavors of deviled egg. We chatted about a girl in ballet who is unkind. I shared my own relationships and how unkindness is something we will have to face for our whole lives. We do have a choice: what we focus on. Do we stare to find the bad or fight to see the good? I told her this lesson God taught me well the last few years but I'm only beginning to see glimmers of understanding. #joyinthemess
joyinthemess -
jamiebltn : This is a good reminder for adults too! Fight to see the good! Thanks for the reminder!
mustikasaliss : Oh i love what u said! Thats true! Unkindness will always be exist wherever and whenever.. regards ^^
agoldenafternoon : @candacerachele @stevensonkatie5 @shannonmercado @mamaesh @jamiebltn @mustikasaliss I love that kids can remind us of the realities we all face. Thanks for the sweet words, friends. I'll be sure to let her know kindness came from all of you ☺️💛
agoldenafternoon : @shannonmercado kind people share secret donut recipes, ya know. 😜 Just kidding...I wouldn't sink that low. ☺️
shannonmercado : Hahaha! TOUCHÉ! 😹😹😹😹
lesleyzellers : Love that, fight to see the good.
sanlynet : Such great mommy! 👌
fivechicksandafarmer : Yes. Yes. Yes. Letting this sink in.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Today, the gentleman who made me my coffee said, "Here's your coffee, Dottie. Then, I imagined what my life would be like to be Dottie instead of Bonnie. Immediately, I realized it would be pretty much the same because both names are usually only given to women of my Grandma's era. This week, I also decided to change my birthday from Halloween. I've never actually had a real birthday on my actual birthday. So, feel free to call me Dottie, who's new birthday is either October 30th or November 1st. 😂
agoldenafternoon : @dottidee so funny! Glad you approve. Where does dottidee come from?
agoldenafternoon : @petuniajean @mrs.blackett cute! I like Dot, too 😉
agoldenafternoon : @studio_kirkland I like your reasoning, woman! So sorry about the thanksgiving thing. Bummer! 😳
agoldenafternoon : @runningmom5 thanks😉
agoldenafternoon : @bonnierenee how funny! I've NEVER met a young Bonnie that I can remember. Hi, Bonnie!!!👋
agoldenafternoon : @nataliecreates you know we would! Well, we are! 😘
lynds_young : Aww, Dot, I vote for Nov 1. My bday falls on Easter sometimes. Who can compete with Easter? Still, it's not every year. Nov 1st it is, then.
agoldenafternoon : @lynds_young that's a toughy! Another holiday surrounded by candy 😆
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
It's the pug life.
theleonardthepug -
loriannlovinlife : @jennaplummer puggie
mulotb : 😍😍😍
joannaposey : It's a doggy dog world.#snoopdog4evs 😉😊
miriamfavela : @agoldenafternoon What is that wall paint color?! So beautiful!
ayyemon : @frias_nicole
lindylou4u1 : @lilianevedesigns Awwww this looks like Gladdy!! ❤️❤️
pngshihui : @xiangs my goal after work tomorrow.
mommaj2sdl : This makes me miss our sweet little Leo!! He was the best dog ever!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I told her she needed to put the books away (50 more scattered and not pictured). She replied, "I'm reading them." I said to put the ones away she wasn't reading. She said, "I'm reading them all." Also, if anyone in San Diego is looking for any Marguerite Henry books, we might have a few/all of them. Sorry. 😳
threeblondeboys : How wonderful! I was the same as a child and still am. There's nothing better than seeing a child enjoying reading!👌📖📚📖
sheeney72 : We are a lot alike lol I have books scattered all over the house. My hubby asks "when are you gonna put them away?" But I'm reading them ! He just doesn't understand
jodimockabee : Love!!
rosemaryminer : This is perhaps the cutest thing ever!! Go girl!!
erindotsmith : That's a wonderful problem to have : ).
sfilly03 : Marguerite Henry is my fave!!
eringuthrie : Sweet thing.
joannaposey : Cute girl:)
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