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Jesus follower • dating my husband • homeschooling mom • DIY home creator • gardener • local farming advocate • San Diego born
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Talking about little boy type things. 😆
theleonardthepug -
mizmcgrath : The dog though!! 😆
agoldenafternoon : #theleonardthepug
agoldenafternoon : @mizmcgrath he's a funny guy!
iheartballard : @agoldenafternoon I love your table! Where is it from? I looked on your blog to see if you made it?
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Enjoying gluten free pancakes that don't taste like buckwheat, bananas, or sponges. They were actually enjoyable. (Recipe from @minimalistbaker) #thankGodbutterisglutenfree
thankgodbutterisglutenfree -
klizgill : Newly gluten free here & lots to learn!
angytowns : Sponges - haha! 😂 #truestory
lesleywgraham : I love these "adventures in gluten free baking" pics. :)
minimalistbaker : Yay!!!
caleychristine : @thejustin27 show this to your wifey!
vickithechicky : Well done!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I'm doing so much less bathing of my children because of the "outdoor bathing" they've been doing. That means I finally had the chance to give this fella a much needed bath.
mikasasucasa : That laundry basket is gorgeous!!!! We had one at the antique shop I used to work at - used it in the window display all the time ☺️
dinsha : Is it a chicken in the pot?
vintagerubia : Love that laundry basket! ❤❤❤
deewags : Want. Your. Basket. But glad you have it 😉
gracelaced : I've always wanted a staghorn fern (isn't that what they're called?) but I'm thinking NM climate too dry....
joannaposey : But remember that's how they get fleas😉
joannaposey : The kids that is😜
ninelle : Saw that vintage hamper for $5 at the flea market. Now I regret not getting it.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I shared brunch menu options and a baby shower with my favorite party decor from @minted on the blog. I love making decorations, but sometimes I love showering my friends with decor more beautiful than I can make...and the less work part is nice too. 🎈 (Direct link in profile)
pen_and_paint : So pretty!
clairehloy : Baby name: Aoife Rie?!? LOVE IT!
theurbanbarnhouse : 💚👒❤💚👒❤💚👒❤
lexixd : I want to know how to pronounce that name 😍
caileda : @lexixd "ee-FAH", it's also my daughter's name. It means "beautiful and radiantly joyful" in Gaelic.
salma_pink : @shurooog_k كانها ماصات المدرسة 👀😂
eringuthrie : 😘 absolutely beautiful.
shurooog_k : @salma_pink الا شكلها 😳😂😂 واللي بالنص اطول من البقية شكلها حق الابلة 👏😂
hbi0205 - rosmarygf - madeleine_grace - anitagarciaq -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Another failed gluten free bread. Again, not blaming the recipe makers, but gluten free bread is spongy, often sunken, lacking in texture, and blech. Going to try a GF Boule that my friend recommended from "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes". Thanks for your help with recipe sources. I'll keep trying. I'm determined. : Gluten free baking makes me cry. Pre-celiac diagnosis, I was an epic baker. Now I avoid it at all costs. 😪
terricajoy : What @gabby_ferguson said ^^^ I call it cashew bread--but it can't be beat! My only suggestion is to use really really good quality cashew butter.
ahappyholly : I sell Tastefully Simple and some of my gfers love our new gf beer bread. Idk if that is helpful or not. Sorry it's so difficult. I have heard many rave about the king Arthur gf flour.
chrystalsmith : After hundreds of variations and disappointing loaves of GF bread I eventually got it right (but unfortunately I can't share the recipe 😩 because I sold it along with my bakery) but I will say that I found flour blends (ones that include tapioca flour, rice flour, and potato starch are great for baking) to be key and I prefer guar gum to xanthan gum. I agree with folks above who recommended Gluten Free Goddess, Against All Grain, and I'll add Easy Eats to the bunch. Don't give up hope... 'Real' GF bread is possible ;) Also, an awesome store-bought GF bread is The Essential Baking Co Super Seeded multi-grain. Nothing quite compares to a homemade loaf, though ;) (@threelittlevikings 😘)
faithrphotog : It's crazy tough!! I felt like when I was trying to do this the most important difference was getting a good flour mix.
jennifernaraki : Story of my life.
raechel_ferguson : @kaitlinjoy do you mix all of those? Ooooh I LOVE crepes!!!
amandamaebird : 👆 I agree that @againstallgrain 's sandwich bread is good.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Today we made lots of snacks for our week. I was getting bored with the same foods. We made: sunflower seed butter, @thesmitten 's granola bars, tapioca pudding with coconut milk, and Jack and I made borek from a kid's cookbook. Things are looking yummy again.
messylittlesmilesorganics : How fun💚
alexismaesharp : Yummy! I love the shelving in your kitchen.
butterlc : Made @thesmitten granola bars yesterday!
christinesunflower : Yummy. Hope you post that tapioca recipe!!
frissyfranklin : That's adorable!
audrina_julia : Lovely teacups you have there.💛
afterdinnerdesigns : My youngest sits on tables and countertops just like that! ♡
sarahnade_ : He looks like a little nugget❤️
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I'm of the opinion that if something is gross, I'm not going to force myself to eat it. Gluten free bread is that food for me. Gross. I worked up enough desire to try a new recipe but my expectations are low. I just basically want my bread to taste like bread and not buckwheat or rice. Too much to ask? 😆
yourfavoritehousewife : I had such high hopes for a recipe claiming to be THE BEST. It called for coconut flour and lots of eggs. And it tasted like egg. With the texture of spongy sand :-/
thebigrevealblog : The worst is gluten free pizza crust. Why bother!
jodimockabee : King author recipe with bobs red mill gf baking mix=delish!!
theindiehomestead : What @mrslufreeman said! 👆 gf King Arthur bread mix is divine!! It ain't cheap, but it's good. There are soooo many good gf breads out there now. Were do you live?
homeeducator : The worst! It's expensive and spongy. Fortunately, my taste buds have adapted.
shadrachs_joy : Danielle Walker's Against All Grain bread is made with cashew butter and tastes the closest to grain bread that I've tried. So delicious!!
jenlac4 : Yes King Arthur bread! Best we had but thick slices so great with chili or a meal. I have been very happy with their flour as well
jenlac4 : If you buy the box of King Arthur bread it comes with the yeast pack and everything. My kids and husband love it! It really is moist and delish! I am trying the pizza crust and cake mix this week and will let you know. But as fall is approaching in New England I really want a good pie crust recipe.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Pretty rice noodles waiting to be dinner. Longing for a Pad Thai but alas, peanuts and my body are at a standoff at the moment. Has anyone tried a different nut?
mybelles101 : I love cashews instead! Or sunflower seed butter is a good stand-in for pb, too.
rockthatgem : Tahini (sesame seeds) works great as a non-peanut option, super tasty on noodles, especially when you add a little spicy kick :)
ellafran : Toasted cashews @agoldenafternoon 👌 side bar: your kitchen is beautiful. 😍
frissyfranklin : Cashewwwwwws mmmmmm
turningithome : Could you just leave the peanuts out? Tamarind is the real super hero of pad thai. Mmm...
yesiwantcake : Sunflower seed butter works pretty well!
mrsleitner : Beautiful kitchenware! I love these blue ones 💙
shewhowalks : Try @meljoulwan paleo pad Thai...that sunshine sauce is to DIE for
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Goodnight, San Diego. 🌙
caiacaldeira : I miss you, SD
itskatiehess : Sigh...
purlaround : @cmprobasco actually I wish we were both here!
cmprobasco : @purlaround me too!!!
x2frsgirl : We do have a lovely city. @agoldenafternoon
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Roasted peach salsa being preserved. I enjoyed having a sister around today. @ewinton😘
ekwetzel : Mmm
lexibridges : Oh yes--recipe!
oliveandotto : recipe?!
dearpomegranates : Yum!!
eringuthrie : Oohh I was going to try a peach salsa too.
dottidee : That sounds amazing!
petuniajean : Yum! I think I have that towel. Actually, I have about 15 of them because they are less than a dollar at ikea.
ediemcarney : looks amazing! 🍑🍅 will you be putting the recipe up on your blog? @agoldenafternoon
petuniajean - realfoodwithkids - bentemy - southfloridadistillers -
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