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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
It's been a long journey to this Disneyland churro. I was grateful for every bite, even if I have to go back to reality tomorrow. 👌🏻
healingmyguts -
agoldenafternoon : #healingmyguts
amyrenenewman : Enjoy it!
erindotsmith : Always worth it! Have a great day there!
kristinrogers : Oh my goodness, that's a huge thing for your guts!!!!!!
itcouldbesweet : 😱 How?!
brebuskey : It sure has been a long journey. Enjoy it!!!
melissa__eve : No Mickey Beignets?!
maandpamodern : Wow girl! Grateful for all this picture means. Happy for you!! ❤️
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Operation "fence the chickens in" began yesterday. I will miss them running and flapping by the window when they're let out in the morning, but I will not miss their extremely messy habits around the property. They believe fresh mulch is meant to be scattered as much as possible, especially on walkways. Rude.🐓
agoldenafternoonfarm - thediyhome -
agoldenafternoon : #agoldenafternoonfarm #thediyhome
zedoeee : So cool!
environmentsofgrace : I hear ya! I love when they're free ranging but the cost is too big most days.
fivechicksandafarmer : They are sooooo rude! Ha!
jennifernaraki : You will be so pleased. It was life changing when we did that. No regrets. Keep that 💩 to yourself 🐓s!
smallfriendly : We finally fenced I. Our little buggers too! They get to come out in the afternoons while I water. It's worked out much better.
lynds_young : Oh 😌. Ella is going to miss the nice chocolate snacks they always left for her 😢!
jenphethean - torikathrynfox - adnored - jisunsee -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Two kids are at camp until Friday and the only things on my list today were drinking iced coffee and re-caulking the kitchen sink. ✔️✔️
thediyhome -
errsuz : I love your kitchen!
lilianevedesigns : Now that's a kitchen sink! 💃🏼
thedaintywoods : Nice! ... It looks like you're playing race car. 😉
tabithalathan3 : Love your sink! 😍
maybesocial : This cracks me up with all the baby-bathing-in-the-sink pictures I see! 😂
lmillard : @surfingslo
nobigdillkaty : Your to do list sounds an awful lot like mine. 🙊
lindsaybrackeen : Ha! You just need some bubbles and a rubber ducky!
kaylamarieruby - bellazoopuppytales - jessmrauck - marco_5531 -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
We went back to the beginning. 12 years ago, Ed and I lived at a condo in Pacific Beach for 1 week before moving to this house in Yuma, AZ, where Ed taught at the Marine Corp's Top Gun (he was a Marine F-18 pilot). We needed to check on the house, which is now a rental. Faith was born here, so she was excited to see the town where life started for her. It's in the middle of nowhere and was 110 degrees yesterday, so there wasn't much to show her. Let's just say, I will never live in Yuma again. Many used to say that there wasn't anything to do there, so people had lots of babies. 😂
mouseketeermommy : @agoldenafternoon oh my god! I'm from Yuma!! What a small world it is. It's hot, it's boring, but it's home!
_mommarazzi_ : My dad's was also a Marine so Yuma become my "hometown" and after graduating from my third high school, I moved back!
wineabit5 : I've been to Yuma and there is nothing to do.
hopepalmer21 : I love Yuma.
uclanita : My brother was a Marine F-18 pilot... No stops in Yuma though ☺️
cultivatedlives : One of my favorite children's books is set in Yuma.
jennymarie_p - bohemiantapestry - torikathrynfox - adnored -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Smashed beet salad with lemon and dill vinaigrette on the way.
healingmyguts -
agoldenafternoon : #healingmyguts
chic_boston_mama : Mmmm sounds so perfect!
mamalagace : Do you have a recipe?
chrisellin : Sounds amazing! Recipe? 😋
ange.boiko - lettyporcadilla - torikathrynfox - figandbleu -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
They aren't allowed in the house, but sometimes they sneak in. They know that kids leave crumbs so they risk it. Sneaky ladies. (Sidenote: friends, if you have chickens, don't let them in your living space! I have an overload of bad bacteria on my recent labs that is specifically carried from chickens, so it's not an empty warning. ✌🏻️)
hfullerinteriors : Oh my goodness 12 chickens in the house would be a sight to see! Mine wait at the door with a similar crumb-eating plan I'm sure. Hens are funny gals!
chic_boston_mama : Ok so the bacteria is bad but this picture is pretty great mama!
rebornandrestored : Ewe.....lab test....icky!
agoldenafternoon : @hfullerinteriors so funny!
agoldenafternoon : @chic_boston_mama thanks! 😉
agoldenafternoon : @rebornandrestored I should have said my own personal labs from my body, as opposed to swabs of the floor and Petri dishes. Not that it's that much different 😉
lovetatum2 : 😚✨🐓
gmcmatos : @sandradeefreitas love my 🐓🐓girls!!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
This girl blows my mind. I told her I was so proud of her just for THINKING of making ravioli (filling is ricotta with peaches and prosciutto 👌🏻), making a list, shopping for her own groceries (which she does every week and it gives me tremendous relief from her constant question asking/ideas 😂), and then taking the time to make this ravioli for the kid's dinner. All of those years I taught her and let her make messes (sometimes cringing and sometimes with ease). I'm so grateful I did.
dinexdesign : You know I'm a fan of hers xoxo
eatongirls : I love cooking and teaching my girls how to cook, but I have to admit I get a little impatient at times.. so this is very encouraging.😊
carolmooner : This is fabulous! What is the cookbook @agoldenafternoon?
pnwbetty : Kids dinner?!! I'll take a seat at the kid's table in that case!
liferooted : Do tell us about this cookbook! Your an amazing momma, I need to work on this.
liferooted : @kateortiz55 what is the name of the cookbook?
kateortiz55 : @liferooted I believe it's the Silver Spoon for Children. So good!
lovetatum2 : @agoldenafternoon rockin it in the kitchen girl 🙏🏻✨
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I would have never read this book, especially considering the suicide of a friend last year, had it not been a book club pick. There is so much to learn for other people's experiences, perspective, and even their hurt, so I'm glad I read it. Excited to relive this narrative with the #assembly04 ladies tonight! Have you guys read Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar"?
assembly04 -
agoldenafternoon : @ztastylife I'd love to hear more 😉
shadrachs_joy : @agoldenafternoon your insight here within your comment 👆 is just so good. so much truth and wisdom in approaching life, especially in weary and lonely days. 👌
oftenwander : 💛💛💛💛💛
kellylapadula : This is one of my favorite books. I got a little wrapped up in her self doubt because that's something I struggle with, but once I was through with it, it made me realize how little we can depend on ourselves for success and happiness. She was constantly looking inward at her self worth and trying to figure out who she was in this world and who valued her existence -- something we're all incessantly trying to figure out. But from a Christian perspective, it was comforting knowing that our purpose is pre ordained and we are valued by the only thing that matters in this life. We don't have to look inward and search our souls for the answers. If we did, many of us would go mad like she did.
kellylapadula : Not the only thing that matters, I should say, but the greatest thing that matters. *
tntalcala : My favorite ever!
sophielizabethb : It's my all time favourite. I have the version you have and we also have the front cover hanging above our fireplace. I think it's a beautifully articulated book of someone struggling with depression.
lunamoooona : I read it a few years back, when I was 18 or 19. It was an interesting read for sure. What really spoke to me, especially at that point in my life was the passage about the fig tree (
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
WARNING: CAN BE ENJOYED ALL THE DAY LONG. Thankful for my @vitamix because it gave me this minty grapefruit slush deliciousness. I think I've found my summer staple which can be a delicious mocktail or cocktail. Everyone wins (even the kids!) Minty Grapefruit Slush: 1 cup fresh organic grapefruit juice 2 cups ice 4 fresh organic mint leaves 4 tablespoons raw honey (Optional, but sadly not in mine: 4-5 oz. gin, white rum, or tequila) This makes 2 large drinks. Blend all in your #vitamix until it hits "slushy" status and the mint is blended. (Not an ad 😂)
healingmyguts - vitamix - agoldenafternoondrinks -
anewdesign : @reneedelano @reneemicheli
oleanderandpalm : Yum yum
theorangemoon : Lovely!
mitnollam : @foodloves 👍
wineabit5 : Yes!!!
beccalapp : wow this sounds amazing!!
maisongrise : I have to try
agoldenafternoon : #healingmyguts
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Faith is on a sleepover, so Jack is today's pizza maker. It's nice for another member of the family to learn the tradition. Tonight's movie is the first Star Wars and both boys are sharing all of their movie "data" with mommy. 😂
joyfinderspath : Such a sweet, homey memory in the making. :-)
aliedwards : ❤️
erinlauray : I love this! So sweet!! 👬 and your shelves 😍😍
yarn_salwa : اتخرفن ع هالمطابخ @girlsm0 @n_o_n1408
n_o_n1408 : يفتح النفس 😍
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