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Jesus follower • dating my husband • homeschooling mom • DIY home creator • gardener • local farming advocate • San Diego born
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
It has been so much on my heart to simplify our activities. I feel like God is teaching me lessons in this season that I needed and am so grateful for. These words are such a good reminder of what childhood is for and what we, as parents, are responsible to uphold for their lives.: "Love childhood, indulge its sports, its pleasures, its delightful instincts. Who has not sometimes regretted that age when laughter was ever on the lips, and when the heart was ever at peace?" Jean Jacques Rousseau
joannaposey : Don't let me forget to tell you some funny stories when I get home! You will love it!
agoldenafternoon : @joannaposey oh! You know I love a good funny story. We will need to go out at least twice before you the wine and packing night.😘
joannaposey : Yup! And beach sunset night too.
agoldenafternoon : @joannaposey naturally 👌
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Pie from Julian for breakfast with a side of Julian apple.
charissharpe : Ohhh I love your dishes!
marjorietellez : Me, too! : Beautiful!
oppningshop : I love these cabbage leaves dishes! They contribute to the pleasure to eat yummy food. I've got some too :-)
agoldenafternoon : @oppningshop I love them too! We've had a few chip so I'm disappointed I didn't buy the second set I found. Now, every time I see them they're expensive! 😁
oppningshop : We actually also have some more in our etsy shop, if you want to have a look
letsallbreastfeed : We'll be heading to Julian soon. Craving their apple pie fabulousness!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
A lovely family day in Julian. We needed this time of slowness and to feel a little crispness in the air. I even got to wear plaid, which is a big deal in San Diego. 💛
aboothby90 : Gorgeous - glad you had fun
gracelaced : Slowness is hard to find sometimes. Glad you got a piece of it...
x2frsgirl : I have lived we four years now and have yet to see Julian!! 😡
joyfinderspath : "Autumn carries more gold in its pockets than all the other seasons."
hstarrphotography : Ahh!!! This is gorgeous! I need to get up there!
triciarighetti : Though the seasons in CA are on the mild side, you can definitely feel fall in the air once it's here!
flaxandtwine : So lovely!
stefkafitness : What a great picture!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
It's fun for our little ones to feel grown up for a day and do exciting things. The @libraryshopsd and I created a special few hours of exploring the library and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". One 8 year-old attendee came to the library for the FIRST time a week ago and heard about our event! So much fun. We are excited to see this kid's book club grow every month!
suchsmallsteps : Thank you so much for working on this with us!!
dinexdesign : I love this partnership!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Cheers! Have a lovely weekend, friends! Will I see any of you at the kid's book club tomorrow with @libraryshopsd? Noon to 2:30. Drop-off your kiddos with us while we explore "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". There will be book discussion, fun activities, and even something fun with chocolate. Hope to see you there! (Event info on blog-link in profile)
cnrutan : Sounds like a great program Bon'
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Linocutting shapes and stamping for #artwithjoanna
artwithjoanna -
atticseventeen : Let's plan my November/December visit around Joanna coming to your house. Mmmkay, thanks.
agoldenafternoon : @atticseventeen dude. She's moving in a month 😭😭😭. Don't even get me started.
gracelaced : Lino and woodcutting was my emphasis in college. :)
angelavictory : Like our new kitchen but reversed @michaelvictory
agoldenafternoon : @gracelaced that's cool. So fun!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
The sun is setting. Our aspiring "piano man" awakens.
kirstenalana : Wow this is stunning!!
kristinrogers : Your pup ❤️👴
lifestyleofvin : Nice photo!!
hannebruun66 : I agree! Great photo, something special about if!
digthischick : So good
cnrutan : Leonard is looking more like Grandpa Leonard. Sweet dog is hanging in :)
forlittlevikings : ✨
dottidee : Beautiful
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Sifting ingredients together. Making a well. Electric hand mixers. Salad oil. So fun to explore the past. These methods are mostly in the past. I don't even know what "eels water" is. 😂
recipesfoundintheattic -
mommastinkyface : I am waiting on mine to come out of the oven now too. Umm eels water is new to me too and I dont believe it should be in any recipe for cake...... lol!
x2frsgirl : I have an old Fannie Mae Boston cooking school cookbook from 18... Something? I haven't even tried to cook anything from it but it's handy for old recipe reference. I'll have to look up eels water. 😏
atticseventeen : I thought you might enjoy this recipe....❤️👵
splendidmissm : I have Googled and Googled and can't find a darn thing about eels water! I even searched Peels Water in case it was a typo, but nothing. I'm super curious now!
agoldenafternoon : @heatherglasby so fun! I got a few at an estate sale 👍
agoldenafternoon : @mommastinkyface @x2frsgirl @splendidmissm it could be cels water? I googled that too. I thought maybe it was short for a certain temp. Maybe she knew what she meant and it didn't matter to her 😂
agoldenafternoon : @atticseventeen totally did. I used gluten free flour and I may have discovered the best way to make gf cake...whipped egg whites! Best gf cake I've ever had. 🎉
bonnieeckstadt : Love home made noodles! They are the best!!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Listening to "The Wizard Da Hoz" (Faith said it 6 years ago and it stuck) and weeding out the puzzles they have outgrown or are missing too many pieces. We are making room for our new 1000 piece puzzles. I am a secret puzzle lover. Guess my secret is out. //#WIDN @cloisteredaway 😘
widn -
agoldenafternoon : @letsallbreastfeed we use the librovox app if you have an iPhone. It's free 😉
agoldenafternoon : @letsallbreastfeed actually, you could use it on your computer as well. Sooo many choices.
katiesahid : I didn't know they had an app! Very exciting!
snailsandponytails : Puzzles are the best!
studio_kirkland : I love puzzles so much.
cfast17 : Thanks for sharing Librovox, just downloaded the app & can't wait to share with the kids.
agoldenafternoon : @katiesahid @cfast17 so amazing to still find wonderful free things, right?!
cnrutan : Oohh...good tip on the Librivox!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Wherein, I try to enjoy this activity that I've said no to for the last 2 years and pretend I didn't see all of the families taking selfies through the ENTIRE hayride and ENTIRE maze. Hashtag Americans can be ridiculous. Hashtag I am the Scrooge of pumpkin patches.
scroogesunite -
agoldenafternoon : @christinedionese the off days are a good idea. We used to love doing the tours with our homeschool group. It was so quiet. I didn't know they let people wander on the farm stand days! I'll have to go then 😉👍
nataliecreates : @agoldenafternoon I totally understand that reasoning. Let me know if you ever make it to Arkansas around pumpkin patch time. Our dear farmer friends own the local patch & it's the sweetest southern experience. Xo.
housetweaking : I am the Scrooge of all holidays. Too much consumerism!
agoldenafternoon : @housetweaking a few years ago I wrote and IG post about Easter candy, TOYS (!), and why this is a problem. You wouldn't believe how many people got upset that I took their gift giving love language away. People are crazy! I now keep my mouth shut about it around here but sometimes I can't contain myself! 🙊 I'm pretty bad. I give my kids a few little things in their stockings for Christmas and that's all. No presents. My husband likes give/get gifts at Christmas, so I try not to smash his spirit. Although, I could make an exception for a handmade gift any day. 😉 #scroogesunite
agoldenafternoon : @nataliecreates I wish I could come visit! 😘 my friend @joannaposey is actually from your little town. She noticed the connection because she's friends with the shin dig papery people and saw your name on my feed and theirs too. Small world. 😉
aprilynn11 : I find the Northern California pumpkin experience totally opposite to SoCal. In sonoma co the dairy farms are open every day of the week to pick pumpkins off the vine. Sometimes certain farms can get crowded and experience driven, but I look at it in a way that it could be exposing people to a farm to table aspect of life that they never thought of before, and starts the conversation at home about fresh local produce and dairy. That is the hope I guess for me at least.
bike2muse : Love this.
agoldenafternoon : @aprilynn11 totally! Like I said above, I just long for the country sometimes and this time of year is one of them. 🍂🍁. I am glad that people get to experience farms in large groups, I just don't want to be with them 🙈. Similarly, I don't visit the zoo in October when it's free for kids but it's an amazing opportunity for many who don't normally have the option. Some days I just feel a little less hopeful for our culture, and yesterday was one of them. In general, I would love for many people to experience farm life, even if it meant one person changed their life and habits. We have a long way to go but small steps are better than none. 😘
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