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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Scenes from today's lovely #artwithjoanna. I'm not usually aching for the weekend, but this week I am. 💛 Happy Friday, people!
artwithjoanna -
gracelaced : 💕💕
withlovedc : 😍👌
joannaposey : 😘🎨
lisaaawrr - natalievallon - maisongrise - _leore_ -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
If I accomplished nothing else in the kitchen this week, I made ginger beer! I tried it with coconut sugar and although it worked great, I'm anxious to try again with regular sugar for better ginger flavor and liquid clarity. 🍺 Has anyone made it before and have a favorite recipe?
healingmyguts -
alison_winter : I loooove ginger beer. Rachel's Ginger Beer in Seattle is the best I e ever had!! Total game changer. You have to try it somehow 😉
alison_winter : #rachelsgingerbeer if you want to browse her flavors. She started it just brewing on her own and selling at the farmers market
oleanderandpalm : My mom used to make it when I was a kid.
dinexdesign : 💃💃
nobigdillkaty : My sister made it once, but it was so spicy it made us cry...and cry. 😂
odddaughterco : I love ginger beer SO MUCH. We'll have to talk.
gracelaced : When my hubby went to Zimbabwe, his face was a "Milawi shandy" juice and ginger beer!
arkidd : Oh, please share the recipe.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
A new "simple moments" on the blog filled with links to recipes from the past week or so, along with what we've been up to (link in profile). Also, I put a link in there for because you'll want to sign up for their free newsletter. I'll be in next months GARDEN issue, sharing a special recipe for the kids to cook, along with tips for cooking with kiddos from the garden! The current issue and the next are jam packed full of ladies I'm honored to have my name next to: @kirstenrickert @kristinrogers @jodimockabee @cloisteredaway @auburnsoul @joyprouty @ainsl3y and others!
nataliecreates : LOVE this space.
yarn_bombed_antlers : I love seeing your antlers pop up in my feed :) they were one of the first ones I ever did when I wrapped all the way to the tip! It's awesome seeing them all over your beautiful house! I'd love to share this if it's ok with you?
yarn_bombed_antlers : @agoldenafternoon 👆
agoldenafternoon : @yarn_bombed_antlers of course, lady! You can repost that fella whenever you want! I just moved it to a new spot 😉
agoldenafternoon : @homeeducator yay!!!🎉
agoldenafternoon : @nataliecreates thanks, lady! I love it, too! 😘
yarn_bombed_antlers : Looks beautiful!
clean_eating_journal : This photo really inspired me to get our homeschool area organized. Thank you!
troebelok - flowhrr_cat - vinamonologues - ediemohn -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I've been experimenting with some new board balm recipes. Has anyone had success with something other than mineral oil? I just want to stay away from something that isn't naturally safe for food. I'm currently using coconut oil and beeswax because coconut oil is the least likely to go rancid on my board. Thoughts?
agoldenafternoon : @jeri_h so true! That's why I tried it first! Thanks 😉👍
heatherbullard : @agoldenafternoon Completely understand. 😊 @danielledriscoll Maybe I'll try using your suggestion but add my own lemon and orange oils. Thanks!
agoldenafternoon : @heatherbullard yes, I love using those oils!
kristincita : Sea salt and lemon juice
candywrappers5309 : @jeepmom66 @justfrostit @kly
iam_thebodyelectric : @agoldenafternoon coconut oil has been the best I've found thus far. A light rinse between uses is fine but to REALLY clean it safely and effectively i go with the old school method, cut a lemon in half and pour salt on the board. Scrub the salt all over the board with the cut open surface of the lemon. (I go in small circles, wax on wax off ;)) The salt/lemon combo cleans and sanitizes and the oil from the skin of the lemon keeps the wood conditioned and doesn't go rancid that I've experienced. Hope that helps.
clean_eating_journal : @iam_thebodyelectric thank you!!!
iam_thebodyelectric : @clean_eating_journal you're welcome!!! Salt and lemon cleans many a surface. I think it works on shining up copper bottom pots as well.....but I do NOT have time to shine my pots and pans, it's an accomplishment to just keep them washed and out of the sink. Ha! 😜
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Today is the ballet equivalent of hot yoga, except accidental. #historicbuildingproblems
historicbuildingproblems -
jennifernaraki : Oh, a hot dance studio... That brings back lots of memories.
acnhansen : Very pretty though
jacquelinnealtom : Lovely!!
thishouseofjoy : You'd never know it from the lovely photo ❤️
angelavictory : @oursparrownest reminds me of your her
maddiemermaid13 : @bbybaze
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Your move.
ihearthomeschooling -
happyhappynester : So cute! I love the rug!
hitchcrew : Your feed is one of my favs❤️
agoldenafternoon : @hitchcrew you are too sweet! 😉
agoldenafternoon : #ihearthomeschooling
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Some of us clean and some of us watch people clean.
theleonardthepug -
nobigdillkaty : I prefer the latter.
living_a_simple_life : What a beautiful sight ☺️
lauram_t : I love this! Adorable.
housetweaking : Who are these "cleaning people" you watch? 😁
aussie_paussie : I love your sink!
meandhimwearehis : Lovely little apron!
jaawselynn : @recklessrunner14 me on the floor and you clean haha
agoldenafternoon : @housetweaking I like to think of them as my Rosie robots...ode to the Jetsons. 😆
kaileymarieeee - sezinmico - madlynj - cbrink47 -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Thanks for making reading time a little more lovely, @annariflebond.
raquellalily : Her work is amazing on those book covers! ❤️
jessicaltaylor1 : They do make reading prettier @kristenmchambers 😉🌸🌿🌼✨
castro.amelia : @baubleandtwig there's more?!
harringtonfamily5 : These are wonderful! Where are they from?
carrierowe : Yes! Mine arrive Tuesday and I'm so excited.
snailsandponytails : Beautiful!
dottidee : They are so beautiful!
kathydsimpkins : @ksueb these are works of art!
rozahlee - artcreatiu_ - clairbutler - eamcinerney -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Sometimes change brings unexpected joys. I would have looked at huevos rancheros before and chosen waffles every time. Now, I see it as food that makes my body feel good and even tastes EXTRA satisfying. Don't worry, I'll still eat waffles every once in a while.
gracelaced : We love making huevos. Do you like it with green chile sauce and corn tortilla?
aprilkennedy : I feel the same way!!
wifeysinger : yes. yum.
eloiseandme : Yummy
kilikia : That looks amazing bon
albaserrato : @domfasano perfect protein breakfast
lifeofaloaf : I love waffles! @agoldenafternoon
sfilly03 : That looks amazing!!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
May these weirdos never forget the gift of freedom.
jennifersmitch : Amen
wifeysinger : ❤
x2frsgirl : Fo sure!!!
jamiebltn : Love this picture.....but it really bothers me that the flag is touching the ground...
kdwalters89 : Was going to say the same thing @jamiebltn
agoldenafternoon : @jamiebltn thought the same thing but alas...not my flag. Talk to Stone Brewery 👌😉
agoldenafternoon : @kdwalters89 👆
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