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Jesus follower • dating my husband • homeschooling mom • DIY home creator • gardener • local farming advocate • San Diego born
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Don't think this will stay clean very long but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I try to remember that when it's messy, that means people are being filled to the brim with the love in all of those home cooked meals. 🍴
anissakz : I just love all the pics of your kitchen! So beautiful...clean or messy:)
kajckson : That's exactly what I have to tell myself about our kitchen ;)
joyfinderspath : All that love, living, and work we do for one another is represented there in that mess... And yet, SO rewarding when we can see it at its ideal for at least a moment now and then, huh?
kristendouglass : My thoughts exactly.
clean_eating_journal : 💙💙💙
thebeautyhive : Looks great. Are your counters marble? If so, curious how they are holding up for you and all the cooking you do on them? Im so torn on getting marble or not!
eriquita : @aidashaw counters & backsplash!
wineabit5 : How funny...someone else I know that you follow. @eriquita @aidashaw
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I told them we were going to a pool with a slide where Daddy's working this week and suddenly they became the cleaning dream team. 😂
rebeccakurber : Haha!
kayla_sampson : So great! Bribery is magic ✨✨
fivechicksandafarmer : Oh yes girl! You know how to work it! I've mine after it over here with the county fair lurking in their near future. 😘
wineabit5 : I call that the dangling carrot syndrome. Love it! @agoldenafternoon
my_hippie_heart : Positive motivation works wonders.
kybrowneyedgirl : @agoldenafternoon would you share the wall color here? Have fun!
dawnsing : Lol! Love it!
jaracosima : @saralunatale
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Summer isn't leaving anytime soon, here in San Diego. Flowers will continue to bloom and baby veggies will grow up. Funny how school starting brings about a change in perspective on the seasons. Whether it's cold where you are or 100 degrees, enjoy the season you are in right now, friends. The next one will come soon enough. Same is true for life.
grammy_yanara : Wise words :)
alison_winter : Yes!! Good truth
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Painting everything white is totally acceptable, right? Refraining.
jodimockabee : Always.
stacgampon : We are about to do this too! Which white did you choose?
artinthefind : Totally!! 🌟
candacerachele : totally is
life_made_lovely : Paint all the things white. 😍
melaniemauer : Sounds good to me!
cnrutan : The house we moved into had all white walls. While it looks nice, the major problem was it gets so dirty. Especially with 6 grimy hands + dog + all the little friends. I was washing walls constantly!
wineabit5 : Three cheers for white!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
"Housekeeping ain't no joke" Jo March (Little Women)
agoldenafternoon : @messmakerbaker love that movie! Do you watch the old or new?
agoldenafternoon : @contentedsparrowmegan 👊
agoldenafternoon : @kelseyarrowood @lindsaybrackeen yes! It's marble. It does get opaque white "stains" from citrus or acidic things in general but we just cut those things on the butcher block. Overall, I would get marvel all@over again in a heartbeat! Love it! The kids don't hurt it any more than the rest of us 😜👍
messmakerbaker : Hmmm, I'm guessing the new with Winona Ryder. Is there an older version?
agoldenafternoon : @messmakerbaker yes!!! The older one is with a young Elizabeth Taylor. I watch both every Christmas 👍👌💛
jennbeal : thank you!!
messmakerbaker : Now I must find the old version, thanks!
jaracosima : @saralunatale
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
We may have left her little girl pink room behind, but her stuffed animals still have a place on her bed. Included is one rabbit that my Grandma gave me, as well as one she gave Faith when she was born. I feel her smiling every time I look in their eyes.
faithsroomproject -
alpinebabyco : Beautiful.
jordanlistermann : So cute! @agoldenafternoon you inspire me so much! You're awesome!
sharidiane : So adorable!
kaybaybay2 : Sweetest!
ktschiltz : So stinking cute!
chantelklassen : Ooh, love the look!
amberthrane : So cute!
gallamorewest : 💗 So sweet!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Use up the contents of the fridge dinner.
agoldenafternoon : @suziesfarm indigo rose tomatoes...some of my fave!
clean_eating_journal : Some if the most delicious meals are born that way! 😍
lynds_young : You're standing on your island ;). I like it.
laurannelindsay : Is faith back?!
itsybitsyindulgences : Had one of those too!!
seventhandstone : @clean_eating_journal I couldn't agree more!!
agoldenafternoon : @lynds_young ha! I just hold my phone up an blindly snap a pic 😉
agoldenafternoon : @laurannelindsay she is! She got back Sunday 😉
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I call this: defense against the dark arts. #harrypotteronthebrain (Juiced 2 golden beets, 6 oranges, and 4 turmeric knobs)
healingmyguts - harrypotteronthebrain -
cloisteredaway : Haha! Love it.
summerharms : 💥genius!
sanlynet : I watched Pt 2 last night ⚡️
ahoynative : Watching part 1 currently, after a marathon weekend!
mary.krause : golden beets are my favorite! 😍😍😍
dearpomegranates : Mmmm and yes! ⚡️❤️
clean_eating_journal : 💛
threelittlevikings : yum! #harrypotterforever
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
He asked me to sing our bedtime songs twice and to lay down next to him "foreber". I know this season will end one day, so I'm soaking it all in right now.
thehappygoose : So beautiful 💛
thestrawberryjamshop : ♡♡
sarahnade_ : ❤️
maxineblu : What a room!
messmakerbaker : Foreber is my favorite❤️
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Kentucky Mule without the Kentucky. Another mocktail for my pregnant and Mormon friends out there. We will return to our normally scheduled cocktails soon. #healingmyguts 1 bottle of ginger beer (I prefer Maine root or fever tree) 1-2 limes, juiced Fresh ginger root slice A few dashes of bitters (optional) Add big square ice cubes to a large glass, add juice, then pour the ginger beer over. Add bitters if acceptable and fresh ginger. Don't forget to leave out the bourbon. 😏
healingmyguts -
pen_and_paint : I'm serious. Be in touch! 🍺🍸🍹🍷
atticseventeen : Allow this emoji to be my answer to your question: 😑
nicschumacher : @brittanywestphoto yum! 😉
cb4mayo : Thought of you @mollyryan5 xoxo
atticseventeen : @agoldenafternoon @pen_and_paint I like where this is headed. Allow me to host the book release party. And remit payment in cocktails, please and thank you.
livefreemiranda : Thank you, thank you! I love a good mocktail and have to always try to invent them on my own! 👌
agoldenafternoon : @atticseventeen sounds pretty dreamy.
agoldenafternoon : @livefreemiranda 😘
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