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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
The before. Also, an answer to the question I get often: "Where is your fridge?"
cloisteredaway : Such a beautiful space! And a crazy amount of canning. So impressed.
living_a_simple_life : Funny, I was just going to say that I had never seen your kitchen from this perspective. It's so lovely! ☺️
niccatmat : Dream kitchen!
dwcasmith : such a beautiful space...repeat. but come on, so, so wonderful!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Finally finished painting the pantry and installing the remaining shelves. Feeling grateful for a more peaceful and efficient space. If only I had the energy to make some strawberry jam because we only have 1 jar left!
the_real_rebeccajane : They are beautiful and all the work sitting atop those shelves is amazing
stephaniellb : Love!
schuelerfarmstead : @agoldenafternoon this is such lovely color. what are some of your favorite canned produce? this is my second year canning on the farm and I would love to learn from someone who has been doing it for a while.
tumbleweedpress : Impressive!
artichokesandolives : This is so lovely. 🍓
emmorrice : @lonismits you'd love this
rachelreneereeves : ❤️
bigredep : @dmoffo
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
For years, I have enjoyed replicating the serendipity frozen hot chocolate that I was thrilled to try in NYC several years ago (One Fine Day, anyone?). Over the years, I've made the recipe a little "healthier". Here is my current version. Frozen Hot Chocolate: 12 oz. milk (I use coconut) Big handful of ice 3 TBSP unsweetened valrhona cocoa powder (any dark cocoa powder but standard won't do!) 3 TBSP honey syrup (made by combining 1/2 honey & half water) Dash of vanilla extract Combine all ingredients and blend with a hand or regular blender until ice is smooth. Sip slowly and be careful to drink closer to bedtime due to caffeine. 👍🏻
jesszwo : So scrumptious!! Thanks for sharing.
rdvelvet : @workingonmal
rachelreneereeves : @maryfaithlemon remember that one time when we were in NYC?! 😢
agoldenafternoon : @rachelreneereeves @maryfaithlemon I'm due for a trip back, too. Hopefully sometime in the next decade 😆
sadiegberg : I've been having a banana chocolate shake for breakfast every morning - banana adds enough sweet I can hide loads of healthy in it without noticing including chia seeds and oatmeal
sarahortega : Yum!! Will definitely be trying this!
maryfaithlemon : Oh, fun recipe!!! I have tried to replicate this, but never gone healthy. I will definitely try it!! And, um, yes to NYC!!! @agoldenafternoon @rachelreneereeves best time ever. a girl can dream 😍😍
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I always want to remember the way he walks on his toes, just like his mama used to do. 💛
babywearinmama : Love your kitchen!!!!
dearpomegranates : I love that
nerdyconnie : @stephstam this kitchen inspiration reminds me of you. Your pretty dishes could be on display this way!
artichokesandolives : Your kitchen is stunning! Love the open shelving! 😍
amyryland12 : Mine do too!
stephstam : @nerdyconnie I love this!! I'll have to have ein build it
touchofpink2012 : Those are the shelves I wanted to do in my kitchen @stylistadesignscarmina
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I love the extra light during summer that leaves room for lingering outside with peanut butter banana "sandwiches" covered in chocolate. So good.
fromoliveandhazel : love that chair! 👌🏻💗
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Anyone a huge list-maker? It's such a cleansing part of planning for me. I love lists and strategy. I'm enjoying every sip of this frozen hot chocolate as I am in the thick of school planning. I feel good about every subject except math for 1 kid. I've used math-u-see from the beginning and will continue using it for my two younger because I really like it. Faith (10) has really struggled with it and I TRULY want her to enjoy math as much as possible. I love math and enjoy manipulating numbers. So, I'm searching for another option. I'd love to hear what you guys and your kids LOVE and WHY (except Saxon math because I had it K-12 myself and am not a fan of their drill method). I'm ordering Life of Fred to supplement everyone because I've heard great things. Thanks for helping!
barbellenboone : I really like our Right Start but as stated above, it has heavy teacher involvement .. the thought of 6 children & that has about did me in.. so we're switching. I think to Math U See.. Have I heard correctly that it is less teacher involvement?
chrisellin : We like Teaching Textbooks so far.
angiekennedyprice : Really interested to see the responses listed here. We used Singapore Math last year. It moves very fast, has little teacher involvement, and has left my son extremely frustrated and overwhelmed at times. It seems a change needs to be made in our future, as well.
autumnbrandy : @agoldenafternoon We like it because it can be done independently. The only con is that it is lacking in drilling the basics, (multiplication and division) so we supplement with extra practice. 😄 Good luck!
jennifernaraki : We LOVE Christian Light Math. Love the mix of lessons. Love that they are inexpensive. Love that they are made by the Amish, so there is sweet focus in all of their word problems, love that the kids books come in 10 thin workbooks. It makes them easy to tote around. It makes them excited to finish a book and begin a fresh one. Teacher book had awesome guidance, but is seldom needed as the kids seem to be able to do the work on their own. 💕
acsertich : thanks for everyone's suggestions! I am hs 7 year old twin boys and I am getting lots of ideas from you guys.
acsertich : @jennifernaraki do you use Christian light reading?
jennifernaraki : @acsertich yes. And we love it too. 💕
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I'm so grateful for several days last week I got to spend with my littlest. We cleared the schedule of commitments and started putting his tinker lab area together together (he loves putting IKEA pieces together), watched a couple movies, went on a date, played Legos, listened to Justin Timberlake(s) ( his pronunciation and favorite because of the album cover with the optometry phoropter tool on it 😂) and RESTED. The more I rest with purpose, the more I am convinced we all need it more. I find my heart to be softer, my mind clearer, and patience increased. While I certainly make tons of mistakes, truly resting is a step in the right direction for me as a wife and parent. Try it and you'll be amazed. You need only take the opportunities, because they are always there when you are seeking them.
winningmedianj : Good advice
windyhill_cottage : Where did u get it flag from @agoldenafternoon
sundaypeach : So so good! Well done lovely Mama x
ashleysbrandt : These are very encouraging words!
boysteriousliving : Your striped floors!!!💗
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
We have puddles and it's still raining! What a gift!
tinygreenelephants : Such a gift!
jenlovesaqua : Yay for wonderful rain! 🙌🏼
smallfriendly : I sure hope it makes its way up north!! So wonderful!
brimoysa : We swam in it this kids thought it was so fun!
mommydesiree : 🙌🏻🙌🏻
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Rain in the summer would have been a myth in San Diego, until today. Just for a few hours, we got to feel what it's like to watch free water cover over our land and plants during what is usually 5 months of no rain. What a gift. Naturally, my kids thought hot cocoa was appropriate, even though its 84 degrees outside with abnormally high humidity. 😂
hsivilay : It was dreamy!!!!!
wineabit5 : My kids did the same. Rain=hot cocoa. I said no because I was already sweating. Your way better then me. Now if they wanted a margarita I would have been all over it.
smallfriendly : Cheers!
tntalcala : Same here. The hot cocoa thing.
amyryland12 : Mine did the same but you were a nice mama I refused, I was too hot!
cloisteredaway : How incredible! I know you guys need the water. I'm so grateful to hear this for you. Also, hot cocoa any day, I say!
mmhaima : Mmmmmm..... Anytime is a great time for some hot coco but, rain?! How delightful! This true Oregonian is longing for some rain already! Homemade marshmallows as well I presume?!?!? 🙌🏼👍🏼
laurabalentyne : They are saying El Nino is heading our way this winter. Here is hoping you get to drink lots of hot cocoa!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
We've managed to keep the house pretty clean all week. Yay! This never happens around here during the school year when kids are creating and cooking throughout the day. So thankful for the kids stepping up and really learning what it is to work together as a family!
emilydetering : Pretty kitchen!:)
yourfavoritehousewife : Your kitchen is my fave.
agoldenafternoon : @emilydetering @yourfavoritehousewife thanks so much, ladies!!!😉
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