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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Our other visitor today. She obviously knows where she's going and how to handle a handbag. I miss these toddler days! 😂 @eringuthrie
littlehomereloved : Adorable!
sarahlibby : Omg. Too cute!
odddaughterco : Oh my word!!! 💛 @eringuthrie
marissaramsland : Too cute @eringuthrie!!!
eringuthrie : This is perfect.
wifeysinger : what a sweetheart.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
We had a wee house guest today, then he went on his merry way.
greatlakesandrustbelts : @hurdygurdy4 Terry!
katsinthecradlecaliforniagirl : 😄
thisisrege : @bertina1611
petuniajean : We had one lose a couple days ago. I took the kids and hid upstairs with the door closed while my husband caught it. Lol. Birds scare the 💩 out of me!
dearpomegranates : 😃
angporras : Oh! I want to hold a hummingbird! I have a little friend who visits my flowers, I always dream of holding him.
gracegrits : Wow!
stevensonkatie5 : @aprillyn13 Look!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Leonard is pretty thrilled with the vintage wool rug I scored for $40. (Tips for cleaning anyone?) Also, not even a week after my friend Dana, @housetweaking, posted that she found old bistro chairs for a steal, I found some too. So, 3 cheers for scouring Craigslist and winning! Get out there and hunt, people! 🎉
theleonardthepug -
sfilly03 : Will do!!
agoldenafternoon : @joannaposey I'm working on it, slowly! The amazing painting sure sped up the process. It's supposed to be a special spot for me...homework from my therapist. 😜
joannaposey : That's some great therapy if I do say so myself! That spot was MEANT to be something great like that:) best light and best views.
katycatton : What a calming space, and great finds!!!
martaciufo : @paolomottadelli
dottidee : What a steal!!
maisongrise : A lot of baking soda powdered on the carpet - leave it a morning and wacuum 😄
maisongrise : Try on a small part just to check 😉
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Love that golden light. ✨
pui.mp3 : Wonderful!
farmgirlpaints : Your vine😍😍 Can I ask what it is? We need to get something started on our pergola. @agoldenafternoon
livinglifesmoments : that light. what a beautiful evening!
wifeysinger : 😍✨
maria_drummond : @whitneynharper
whitneynharper : @maria_drummond gotta get that golden light.
mooreaseal : Bonnie, I just love your instagram and your kind heart. I hope we get to hangout again sometime in the next year  You're really a treasure.
agoldenafternoon : @mooreaseal you are the sweetest. You gave me so much hope for the world that strangers can meet and encourage each other in life and purpose. You are an amazing lady and I've been so excited to see you manage your brand with such grace. If I could see you in the next year, that would be a dream! 😘💛 - peggie.t - latitudesphoto - midnight.sparks -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Freshening up the house with garden clippings.
nikolesarvay : Tell me about those snips!
alison_winter : Mexican sage? It's my favorite!!
jennifernaraki : So pretty.
bethanybierema : All natural air fresheners!💜
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Happy Friday! Sharing some weekend cocktail inspiration on the blog. I posted the link to the interview my friend Kristin, of @dinexdesign, did with me for her #dxd_yougotserved challenge! Head on over and you can see some shots of me concentrating super hard. Haha. (Direct link in profile).
dxd_yougotserved -
clean_eating_journal : Love items with special memories! I suspected it wasn't going to be an easy find. Thank you for the answer.
serial.creative : The jar is available on Amazon (something that makes me pretty happy)
caseyleighwiegand : I can't stop coming back to this photo to just stare at it
dinexdesign : 🙌🏻💕you are the sweetest
ejhedges : @agoldenafternoon thanks! I wondered if it might be one of a kind. :)
nellie_dolls : Thanks for answering:) the hunt is always a part of the fun!
agoldenafternoon : @caseyleighwiegand thanks, lady! Makes me wish it was Friday again! 😘
agoldenafternoon : @nellie_dolls true! Although, @serial.creative just mentioned above where you can find a remake! 🎉
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
It would appear that he's hooked up to an iPod or something, but it's a Playaway. Have you guys tried these? I'm almost afraid to share and have them scooped off the shelves. They are little audio books you can check out from the library that you simply plug headphones into. We've been using them for the last few months. So cool, plus the kids love feeling a bit more grown up. They check out for the same amount of time as a book and are found in the kid's audio section. Most selections, so far, are popular options (Magic Tree House, Lemony Snicket, Kate Di Camillo), but I see more and more each time we go! 👍
graceinmagnolias : So cool!!!
clean_eating_journal : We love them! Our old town library carried such a large selection. Hope the other libraries will catch up and start carrying them as well.
faithrphotog : How awesome!! I would definitely get that if they were offered at my library
theladybird : Our library has them, and they are so awesome!!!! It sounds like your library offers more titles. They make for the best rest times; then, my girls stay in their beds for 'just one more chapter, mom'
colok : Im going to check our library!
mommy_haze : We LOVE them!
petuniajean : The library where we used to live had those.
ggoeringer : We use play away for quiet time!make sure you KNOW the book you are getting.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Ever since Faith turned 9, she and I have been working on her learning some basic main course recipes. Tonight was salmon and she killed it with this recipe! She started with a "salmon baked in cream with sweet bay, thyme, and dill" recipe from @NourishedKitchen cookbook and just replaced cream with a can of coconut milk and added s & p and parsley. 👌 Don't be afraid to give your kiddos some freedom in the kitchen...they might surprise you.
pheebswadick : Very inspiring!
thegildedwick : What an amazing gift you are giving her. My mom and I cooked together all the time when i was little and I still think it was the most practical and useful skill I have ever learned!
wildersatheart : Still trying to learn how to cook fish. I will have to try this!
melissa__eve : Bonnie when did you start really letting Faith be in the kitchen with you? Eliana helps me bake and prep but she's not even five yet. Should I be giving her more freedom now so she develops a passion for it?
wineabit5 : She seems to have knack for this cooking thing.
meow.chevelle : I didn't learn to cook from my parents, but I cook all the time and it's one of my only talents. I think it's great that you're teaching them a forever skill.
kyliem94 : @mcwhorter1517
travelphotolady : This is so wonderful! My kids are working up to this.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I blinked and now she dares to call herself "nearly 10". 😢
agoldenafternoonfarm -
agoldenafternoon : #agoldenafternoonfarm
kristineham : Lovely. Babes grow all to quickly some days.
christinesunflower : Little beauty
joyprouty : Glorious
_pali__ : magnificent
river_of_peace : My sweet girl is "nearly 10" as well. Makes me heart hurt and swell at the same time!
dinexdesign : Well she is nearly in 5th grade after all 😊
agalbraithgrant : So adorable
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
“Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” ― L.M. Montgomery These last 2 days have felt rushed, forced, whine-y, scheduled to the brim, and atypical. So thankful for new tomorrows and being back to our regularly scheduled programming. 🙌
wifeysinger : 🙌
errsuz : Love that quote. Thanks for sharing❤️
mary.pellie : That Anne with an "e", her story sure has had a positive impact on a lot of us women 💛
bethanybierema : Love this quote, and those blooms 😍
alilittle28 : One of my favorite quotes 😊
berrypatchlife : What is that tree? @agoldenafternoon
stimama : I feel you! The last week and a half have been rushed and filled to the brim. Not exactly how I like to live life. After today's full schedule, I'm hoping for some relief over the next couple of days. This homebody mama needs some at home time!
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