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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Sometimes I think about fencing them to keep the cleanup (or lack of clean up) more manageable. Then, I see this and it makes my heart happy. 💛
agoldenafternoonfarm -
agoldenafternoon : #agoldenafternoonfarm
candacedee : I bet they are really happy too!
kristiannebryant : I would always let ours free if they would just quit coming on the porch!
saraseaward : @suzihopper
3wildandfree : Love this, all of it! We want chicken so bad!
therustedarrow : One of my favorite things when we had ours free in the yard, the second we opened the back door they would ruuuun right over to us. Running chickens is the absolute funniest!
emilyhair : @melissaandtucker
jesgrant : @mamatif33
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
When Mama says all the bites, it means all the bites. Good thing this doesn't happen very often, Dean-o. 😁
petuniajean : I feel your pain. My stepdaughter is crazy picky. It is so frustrating!
leafittolexi : I feel your/his pain, this was me every night growing up! The good news is now I love my veggies! ;-)
mommy_haze : Oh my, when my 14 year old was about 5 he was served the same food, on the same plate, straight out of the fridge, morning...noon...and night for THREE days. He finally ate it😳. I won't have picky eaters! Too many starving people near and far for me to play that game😁.
agoldenafternoon : @wwvalleygirl @picketandoak it's a tough road but I'm thankful these moments have created ease for their later years. It's worth it and keep pushing through!
agoldenafternoon : @erobyn I will totally bring up scurvy next time 😂 haha. I don't want my teef to fall owt! So cute.💛
agoldenafternoon : @leafittolexi me too! The only thing I can't handle is lettuce/salad. The texture still makes me gag. 😂
agoldenafternoon : @mommy_haze haha. I completely agree! There is so much waste and so much to be thankful for. I only have one secret rule about food and that is a no gag rule. If they gag on their food, I don't make them eat it. I gagged a lot as a kid and recognize that some of us have sensitive gag reflexes. I don't tell them that rule and then I reintroduce the foods again soon. Haven't had any problems with all three except my daughter who doesn't like carrots. She still has to eat one when I serve them and she doesn't gag 😉 One food is not a huge deal to me 👍
picketandoak : Thank you for the encouragement!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I love the ways they get to experience childhood. 🐓
agoldenafternoonfarm -
aliceminatteli : Great pic
theflowerfades : Oh @agoldenafternoon! Just discovered your feed. So lovely! I grew up in a homeschool family. You are giving your children such a gift!
rinaliddell : She looks so like Pollyanna for me! Adorable!
rebdema : @chiarapattarini ammiriamo questa coraggiosa bambina
chiarapattarini : Oh mio dio questa mi finisce all'ospedale @rebdema
hanein2013 : Tabona Belize
agoldenafternoon : @theflowerfades that is so lovely to hear! What were your favorite things about homeschooling? Do you have anything you wished you had done more of?
agoldenafternoon : @kristenkhoff @joyfinderspath @thislittleport @aliceminatteli @rinaliddell thanks everyone! 😉 She is a special lady!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
There's something wonderful in taking a bite of food you know is nourishing your body. Would I rather have a chocolate chip cookie? Totally! I'm sad to say that sugar and my body are in an argument right now. Learning to appreciate these less sugar-laden foods, when I haven't had a choice, feels like growing up. We had our fun, sugar, but now it's time to keep steady on this marathon of life and not just for a few months. Does anyone make their own raw milk or coconut yogurt? I'd love a tip for helping with thickness. Anyone?
stacyhartsew : The gelatin is a great idea, I usually just let it incubate longer. But, I don't mind when a batch isn't as thick, I just use cheesecloth to strain out some whey to thicken it up and then use the whey to lacto-ferment some veggies. Salsa is my favorite.
mary.krause : @sincerelybea wow!!! Thank you so much!!! Do you use the red container of Great Lakes? I usually drink the green can powder.
sincerelybea : No problem! And yep, the red one! The green one dissolves, the red one sets!
cnrutan : I make yogurt for 15 hours to achieve the thickness we like. The longer the thicker is the word around town 😘
iam_thebodyelectric : @simplestepsnutrition how long do you incubate and at what temperature?
simplestepsnutrition : @iam_thebodyelectric since I use raw milk I use a lamp dimmer on my crock pot (classy) and keep it at 110* for about 8 hours. You can go longer to culture off more lactose. A 24 hour yogurt has almost no sugars, and will be very tangy.
iam_thebodyelectric : @simplestepsnutrition I would be using raw milk as well. I tried it a couple times way back when and it did not turn out. But I have a new stove that I can control the warming setting better. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the help!
little_ella_bug : Since I started a clean eating/detox program, I've never felt better! Nourishing your body makes such a difference when you fuel it with what it needs. I was highly addicted to sugar and when I started this program I had no idea how much better I would feel getting off of sugar. Clean eating is where it's at. 👍
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Never short on helpers around these parts.
kiddosinthekitchen -
agoldenafternoon : #kiddosinthekitchen
joyfinderspath : Such a great teacher you are, mama!
greenofthecountryside : May I ask the brand of sink? It's beautiful! I tried to explain this type to my husband...glad to have a visual now!
greenorchid5 : Love your kitchen!!!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
San Diego may not get much free water from the sky to grow things with, but we get citrus up the wazoo without even trying. 🙌
agoldenafternoonfarm -
3wildandfree : Our tree is full, just picked 8 bags full
agoldenafternoon : #agoldenafternoonfarm
agoldenafternoon : @nataliecreates but you have the FREE rain!!! 😜
agoldenafternoon : @mrsminer you have more rain! 😉
agoldenafternoon : @elleaiche kumquats 😉
agoldenafternoon : @3wildandfree yay! Love that feeling!
agoldenafternoon : @brebuskey anything for you 😘
mrsminer : Very true! Wish I could share with you :)
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
School in bed today. Friends, we only see little glimpses of each other's lives. I love beautiful and uplifting pictures as much as the next person. I find wonderful encouragement in choosing the perspective of joy. Still, I believe we need to share the broken and ugly parts of our lives too. This picture has been a lot of my life the last 6 months, especially the last month. I share this hoping that it encourages you in your own brokenness, whether physical or spiritual. God sees you and holds you close. You are Beloved. I was encouraged by Henri Nouwen in his book, "Life of the Beloved": • "Our brokenness is truly ours. Nobody else's. Our brokenness is as unique as our chosenness and our blessedness. The way we are broken is as much an expression of our individuality as the way we are taken and blessed. Yes, fearsome as it may sound, as the Beloved ones, we are called to claim our unique brokenness, just as we have to claim our unique chosenness and our unique blessedness."
katysol124 : Thanks for sharing. Bless you.
beatriceandfinch : Thank you for sharing these lovely words of wisdom 💛
sfilly03 : Wonderful! So true and timely for me. ❤️❤️
lindsay_stark : Beautifully articulated and beautifully timed. Thank you for sharing your heart!
loveeverydayphoto : #shamoftheperfect
marinobambinos : ❤️
hannahessex303 : Maybe its shows very unique and personalised ways God is at work in our lives.
joannaposey : Sweet friend😔
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I love the way the light settles in our little valley. It always makes me smile, take a deep breath, and look around at any other glimmers God is using to gather my attention towards Him. So thankful for all of the small improvements my fellas have been making lately. We bought the house 6 years ago and the front post lights recently went up. So thankful. 🙌.
thediyhome -
agoldenafternoon : #thediyhome
joannaposey : Love this house and the people who live there. Dreaming of sitting in your kitchen and drinking iced coffee:(
sara_williams3 : Beautiful!
agoldenafternoon : @joannaposey 😩😭😢 Love you too! 😘
tivasmom : We bought our house 5 years ago and just put up house numbers this week... At least it's done, right? 😜
sfilly03 : Hmm - it looks like a golden afternoon!! 😊🙌💛
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Scented playdough & "Wind in the Willows" audiobook. We use the Librovox app on my phone and lean towards the books read by librovox volunteers instead of just one person. It's FREE! ✨
alenavikser : Thanks just got the app!
franchesca.wetter : Just downloaded the app..thanks for sharing!!
hsivilay : Love that app!
stephaniellb : So good!
emilie_2013 : Love Wind in the Willows on audio! I'll have to look up that app - thanks!
maegankeaton : We LOVE the librivox app! And scented playdough!
wherethewildeysare : So excited to try this with my kids. I just started using the Audible app. My first book, "Quiet--the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking" by Susan Cain. So so good. Understanding myself and my oldest son in amazing new ways. 💞
coldmilefarmstead : Love your cookie cutters!
amir_klash - manishp_01 - miss_tanzi - asssya -
agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Excited to FINALLY share how I prepped and painted the boy's concrete floor. It's SUPER detailed and includes my color choices from @sherwinwilliams (including the best white that is on the wall too!). Also, this project was chosen to be featured on @porchdotcom! 🎉 ( direct link in profile)
underthesycamore : Looks so great!!!
katiesahid : Love the green beds💚💚
alisonehrl : Beautiful! I saw you were being featured on Porch. Awesome!
catiatome : 😍😍
bluemoonbedding : Adorable!!
joannaposey : So cute. Labor of love.
osterbyerica : Love the green beds! 💚
whiteonthewalldotcom : That's a fabulous room!
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