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Jesus follower • dating my husband • homeschooling mom • DIY home creator • gardener • local farming advocate • San Diego born
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Gone are the pink walls of a little girl and onward to the white walls and wallpaper of a young lady.
faithsroomproject - thediyhome -
wildboho : Looks fab! 😍
agoldenafternoon : @gracelaced @wildboho this is the pink so you'll see the white soon! 😉
gracelaced : @agoldenafternoon well, in the world of pinks, that is so subtle and not cloyingly girly and sweet. I can't wait to see what the new partners will be.
gracelaced : Patterns*
anaxtna : Ohhh this is pretty awesome 😍💛
wildboho : Oh, got it.
agoldenafternoon : @gracelaced haha. It's probably my filter 😆
kristinschmucker : ❤️
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Rearranging and contemplating more white walls.
mamarazzi_3 : @angkirkpatrick this would look awesome somewhere incorporated into Kailey's wedding???
petuniajean : Looks great! And yes to white walls! I've been thinking of painting my entire house white.
eringuthrie : Love it!
wanderlustgo : Perfection!
_daughteroftheking_ : ooohhhh I like this!!!
sfilly03 : I've been painting more and more walls white!! 😂
wineabit5 : I have a friend that has a house in all white and it is so crisp and fresh. It is very beachy too! I love earth tones but the more I want clean having kids I am starting to get why people like white.
v_taheri : @leymandd @elatides
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Went on the roof to investigate our rat issue and was blessed with this view. So thankful that we have a home, despite the fact that the previous owner forgot to put plywood under the metal roof whereby, it is currently able to be invaded with rats who host midnight raves in the attic. Homeownership is hard. Still, lots to be thankful for. 🐁
kateortiz55 : Our previous house had them. For a while I just pretended they were squirrels dancing around up there. (Not sure if that's actually better but it sounds better.) Things reached the tipping point when one decided to waltz on into my bedroom while I was in there. Clearly not a squirrel ;)
dahnya : 🐀🔫
smallfriendly : We have the occasional rat raves as well! But my my what a view!
lizlangley : The clouds are really beautiful today.
palmlife : AMEN!
maisongrise : Time to have some cats ? 😺
wifeysinger : yikes, but cheers to that sweet view! press on 😊😘
madewithmap : We love your perspective of the world! Your beautifully captured photos would be a great addition to Map. Use the code FinditLiveit0821 on to jump the line.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Another edition of my friends have adorable houses. Ridiculously cute right?
livefreemiranda : The house is charming. And the xeriscaped yard is so terrific! I'm collecting ideas and love this!
mo_pumpkin : 😍
kmb___ : @philbernard
philbernard : Maison de revvveeee! @kmb___
clean_eating_journal : Yes, absolutely beautiful! 💛
bespokeoccasions : And, in the best neighborhood, too!
beksmcleod : Wow 😍😍
thread_arrow : Thanks for coming to the hood @agoldenafternoon!
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I've been staring at this space (channeling my inner Dana @housetweaking since she can't come over and help), trying to figure out how to use things in my own house to create a new seating area. Also, I should probably go through that school stuff soon so that we can actually sit down.😁
joymiller26 : @jeanettekauffman whatttt?? It even has my name on the wall??!
housetweaking : LOVE that sofa! These things take time ;)
goldpresspaper : @mybelles101 @undiamas thanks!
agoldenafternoon : @housetweaking because home doesn't happen overnight...😆
meganmareek : Where is the rug from? @agoldenafternoon
agoldenafternoon : @kristinrogers she is! I asked @brebuskey to help me with my room when she was here last but alas...I don't get to see her as much as I'd like. 😘
agoldenafternoon : @goldpresspaper yes! It's a fiddle leaf fig tree. You can buy them at Ikea for a good price but the trees are small. You can also find them at @homedepot, although they are larger and more expensive 👍😉
brebuskey : Oh yeah, we never got around to talking about your room. I think I just need I come over more often. ;)
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Spontaneous pickling from an unexpected load of cucumbers. Trying a new fermented dill pickle recipe that seems too good to be true for how easy it was.
atticseventeen : 😳
20rej13 : Are you sharing the recipe?
cnrutan : So...are you going to report back? If it's good, please share 😘
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
We were all giddy to find Nepenthes/Pitcher Plants. The boys are watching it constantly to catch a glimpse of the first fly getting "eaten". God has some funny creations out there, doesn't he? Well, not funny for the fly...
bespokeoccasions : My mom keeps hers outdoors in the shade, and mists it a couple times a week. She's had it for years. Now, can we talk about your plant hanger?! Did you make it? Love the copper detailing.
denzienofthepines : @brebrap I want one
joyefuljourney : Whoa. My boys wld love this!!
esthershokair : Wait it catches flies?! @melissa__eve we need this!!
mattallison : Have fun! I used to collect them and at one stage had about 40 species. The one you have there looks like Nepenthes Ventricosa, it's one of the more hardy ones. They prefer being watered with distilled water, don't like fertilizers. And yes, God is good! You do know that California has it's own indigenous carnivorous plant right? Darlingtonia Californica, the Cobra Plant, also beautiful & very hardy.
lilianevedesigns : Love!
agoldenafternoon : @mattallison I didn't know that we had a native kind! They must grow in northern CA because we are a desert down here in San Diego. We have a reverse osmosis system, would that work instead of distilled water? We have the main RO system then an alternate tap for drinking with an alkaline filter.
mattallison : Yip, Northern Cali up into Oregon, but try look it up, it's beautiful and the only one of it's kind. Yes, the RO is a good choice, it strips the heavy metals which build up in the soil overtime. The plants can't handle it, it's also why they don't like fertilizers, they've adapted over time to get their nitrogen from their food sources.
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Thankful to have friends who come to swim and bring homemade fruit syrups. Thanks, @thread_arrow 😘
kristincita : Sweet set up!!
almslittlenest : Cute!! And looks yummy
studio_kirkland : Awesome! Bet that was tons of fun! @thread_arrow
tammy_callis : Love that bar Bonnie!
littlegreenlife : Yummm
elizatelg : @sparkyburrito
timdanajoshpey : 😋
thread_arrow : Loved hanging out with you all! Tell faith my boys keep talking about her cookies 😊🍪
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
Cutest chicken pictures on the blog, along with many other #teacollection shots of our favorite clothes for back-to-school. I wrote this post as a Mom who purchases and LOVES @tea_collection and wants to share their overall amazing was with the rest of you! They are truly a great company, starting with their lovely founder, Emily.
teacollection -
sarahjaneholland : @meganvxo she even has ur mocs
meganvxo : @sarahjaneholland 😍😍😍
sarahnade_ : I've noticed that my kids can wear their clothes for a few years without outgrowing them. I don't know how they do it. It's magic.
tea_collection : Beautiful post! We sure do love our @emilyattea!
araer81 : Agreed! Very sweet post and lovely pic.
emilyattea : Thank you Bonnie!
anastasiaawijaya : So lovelyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️👆
redwagonbaby : 😄
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agoldenafternoon - Bonnie Rush
I'm learning to capture childhood all over again. I am a believer in continuing to learn skills. Creativity can get lost in the midst of our busy lives. So thankful for photographers and friends like @themorquechos who are willing to share their skills with the rest of us. Don't give up on your creativity, friends! If you are in San Diego and want to sharpen your photography skills( or start learning), make a small investment and do a workshop with @themorquechos! The helped me so much! (Workshop info in their profile)
simplestepsnutrition : He looks so much like his mommy.
thedaintywoods : @themorquechos are pretty much the greatest.
taylorabeel : @thedaintywoods you know the Morquechos!? What a small world. Love those two!
thedaintywoods : @taylorabeel Jesse and I have been friends for over 10 years now. And I feel like I've known Becky for just as long 😊
themorquechos : Party up in here! @thedaintywoods @taylorabeel @agoldenafternoon
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