A Girl, A Style

The daydreams & whimsies of an Australian girl living in Cambridge. Political advisor by day, fashion writer by night, full time dreamer & adventurer.
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agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
Bespoke pear cocktails with my new Cambridge neighbour @styleonthecouch at my favourite little speakeasy
agirlastyle : @mrs_glennie it is in market square (upstairs through a little door you would never know was there otherwise; the best way!)
agirlastyle : @ritournelleblog we are taking you here next Friday evening 🍸🍸
mrs_glennie : Ooh, cool, thank you. I will look out for the door on my walk to work.
quaintrellebyab : Fancy pants.
lucysweeting94 : Lovely photo!! What app do you use to make that filter?
ritournelleblog : @agirlastyle @styleonthecouch 😊😊 I'm so excited to see you both very soon!
michelemuses : @agirlastyle @styleonthecouch would love to meet fellow London bloggers!
libertylndngirl : Haha I am NEVER going back there again #drunkenbadnaughtylatenightkebabshenanigans
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agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
Lazy Friday evenings beside the River Cam. Get the outfit details straight to your inbox each week by signing up at @liketkit #liketkit + clicking 'like' on my IG pictures
liketkit -
bespokepress : Looking lovely!!
tamaderqatar : @sh3a3_m stylich
mshgolightly : So pretty!!!!
reemkanj : 😍😍😍
ritournelleblog : Lovely! πŸ‘Œ
preppypostgrad : @agirlastyle πŸ˜€
nolacyndy : You hit a home run: Stylish, casual, chic yet effortless looking.
hilaryrushford : You look darling!!
albertoguzman25 - fieldofbuttercups - albertomelgar1 - vanessaointu -
agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
Our new place now features an entire wall of floor-ceiling bookshelves (this makes us very happy). P.S. Couples who can survive flatpack furniture-assembly can surely survive anything...!
_flowersandfashion_ : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
cavernfairy : A beautiful shelfie!!
thedigitaliris : We have the same (I think even the same shelving!) love it!
vintagebooksuk : Love your #shelfie @agirlastyle
house_of_evans : Wow this is the nicest styles bookcase I ever saw! Must have taken hours!
feelikeadoll : The TV series and manga comics in the top shelves make this the best bookshelf ever!
pinkolive : ❀️
azevedoelle : Adoro livros
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agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
What a glorious week it is here in London. Today's lunch break was spent outside in the sunshine on the parliament terrace with my friend @susannahcharbin
lovevicdesign : 😍
mhairi_j_fraser : snap, so did I!
keciamonteirotoso : @renatahabastos vou tirar uma foto ai e te dedicar kkkkk!
renatahabastos : πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ quero ir junto @keciamonteirotoso πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• kkk
jjabigail : @sophiefarnham
thelifbissue : Oh how wonderful, hi @susannahcharbin, I had no idea you were in the UK!xx
susannahcharbin : @thelifbissue I'm in NY but I used to live in London and miss my lovely friends like @agirlastyle! X
elainelearson : Love the picture
halies18 - vikalocsay - yesmissy - megsy_jane -
agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
aliblogging : So me!
camillapihlno : πŸ‘Œ
modernmermaidtales : This looks so yummy!!!
lil_miss_moi : So fresh and healthy!
mshgolightly : We should use perfect summer fruits to make preserves to be eaten in cold grey winter mornings...
labelsforlunch : Delish!!! That's one lovely snack!
alittleofmaria : Pretty
von_westie : Have them with Pimms, B.
l__brooks - dianasimao9 - prepavenue - polilla_kitabevi_verity -
agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
The upside to not having found the right dining table yet: every meal is taken on our balcony table & feels like a lazy afternoon at a cafe
mshgolightly : Never mind, of course you tagged it! Sorry for being one of those silly people asking before tapping! ;)
laurenzo_mzo : @agirlastyle where is the plate from? 😍
cocoandvera : So lovely! That plate is fabulous.
kitt_noir : Fabulous shades!
sophosborne : Alfresco is the way to go! We got our dining room table but still need the perfect chairs so been doing the same xx
amazingyear : Pretty
fashionknitsta : Amazing, will look out for them!
lucy_lu_gleeson : These plates @amberjcross
imanitynes - natlovesstripes - hilalberbr - bigcitytyro -
agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
We're still settling in to our new place + making it ours, but I am grateful for sun-drenched bedrooms, giant beds & lazy Sunday mornings at home.
v_valdovinos : @ilsemarianaa Bedroom decor goals.
masoma.b.zaidi : I need my room to look like this😜
masoma.b.zaidi : 😍😍
ladyferr : 😍fabulous
caitlin_byrd : @jessilaurenb show mom!!
amazingyear : Pretty
livelearnluxeit : Feels so peaceful πŸ’€ @agirlastyle
edwards125 : Post more photos of your new place
aninditaicha - polilla_kitabevi_verity - sophysan - spayne0620 -
agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
Sunny evenings + rooftop mojitos. Saturday, you're alright!
patriciagoijens : love the mulberry!
gailleyy : @robinyaa
theelegantblogger : Love those sunnies!! 😍
dearjennyprintshop : The drink looks yummy
mshgolightly : Looks like Summer weather is being kinder to England than it is to Italy this year. Hope it will stay like this when I'm in London for my traditional birthday break next month!
emmawarboys : Where is this?
mrssarahrichards : Love the Varsity roof-top bar. It's my fave summer evening out location.
candypopimages : Perfect! ❀️
diva_vb - imanitynes - loafersoflondon - tania_vlv -
agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
Sunny weekends lazing in college gardens are the best. Happy Saturday lovelies!
fennysetiadi : @felindagunawan
modernelegant : beautiful hydrangeas!
lindanacc : Need tons in my gardens
paulagracewhite : Beautiful. Spring freezes hurt my hydrangeas this year on Long Island . Yours are beautiful. 🌸🌺 : Adoro le ortensie!!
cailfoy : @hunzie reminds me of your backyard. Pretty sure you have the same flowers.
sweet_bobos : 😍
monikavenancio : beauty!!
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agirlastyle - A Girl, A Style
The perfect way to end a gloriously sunny weekend: a sunset picnic + Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in the Kings College garden with wonderful company
sophosborne : Hope you had a magical evening @agirlastyle ! Takes me back to when I played Titania in my school productionπŸ΄πŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸ„β­οΈπŸŒ›
designpurchaser : YUM!!!
robyn_mizrach : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
mamatoso : @fabianadamata fafa esse insta me lembra vc, ela mora em cambridge e posta fotos lindas de lá.
annabel_caroline : 😍
hilaryrushford : Eep! That sounds heavenly!!
dorothyisdotty : Saw it last week- soo much fun!
fabianadamata : @mamatoso Valeu Ma!! Parece ser bem legal! Vou seguir! πŸ‘πŸ‘
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