Aedriel Moxley

Artist, ceramist, letterer, wife & mama. Designer of textiles, tabletop & home decor. Lover of worn boots, daily grace & old-school manners.
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
$549 million- the amount Americans spend every year on self-help books. I'm not against these books (I have my share πŸ˜†) but this book right here, The Bible, is my only real self-help book and the only book that has changed my life. I'm hesitant to use the term "believer" because in my mind, it almost equates God to Santa Claus. I'm a Christian but that can easily be misconstrued as being in some sort of a club, a sorority of sorts. What I am is a Christ follower. And I sin. And I'm not better than anyone. I don't judge the neighbors because they don't go to church. I believe that True Love only comes from Above. I believe we're called to love everyone, no matter what. Not always an easy task. And I'm not always successful at this. But can you imagine how different the world would be if everyone loved one another? #TrueLove #graceoverhate
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candyandcake : Amen!
babs927 : Awesome !! He is the way the truth and the life !!!
yuptheyreallmine : Well said! @aedriel
donamar10 : PREACH, SISTA! @aedriel
lauraisfrench : Amen! So much wisdom in the Bible!
alohakuhr89 : @rebalover28
rebalover28 : @emily_shea13
ehauter : Love, love, love thisπŸ™‹β€οΈ
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
*Read on for a sale! πŸŽ‰ Thank you so much @whimsygirldesign for sending all these new friends over! Hello everyone & nice to meet you! And thank you @saraduckett for this amazing photo. Head over to @houseofbelonging to find this 'Aedriel for House of Belonging' hand-lettered & painted sign (and lots more!) using coupon code HALFOFF at checkout for 1/2 price will take 20.00 off ANY SIGN now thru this weekend!! We are just so grateful for ya'll .. XO!! Make SEPARATE ORDERS if you want more than one sign to use code more than once. Happy Friday!! (Find the temporary link below my profile.)
athoughtfulplace : I need this in my home!
kassie82diaz : @jddd3
juliaryancreates : πŸ’—
shesavors : So pretty πŸ’—πŸ’—
seattlejessica : So lovely! I couldn't find this particular sign though.
aedriel : We'll get it listed right away for you @seattlejessica !! Thanks for letting me know.
seattlejessica : Yay! Thanks!
orderly_design : Love this sign.
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
This is one of the many parenting books on my shelf. Can I get an amen?! πŸ™‹ It's also a #tbt- For the record, I think I'm a good mom. BUT I also know that the image I had of motherhood before I had kids is very different than the reality. I pictured lazy days of holiday baking & all of the pins on Pinterest executed joyfully with precision & grace (of course this is before we had the ability to let's get old-school & say magazines which are what I call 'Amish Pinterest' & still my favorite) with smiling joy-filled children always eager to help. I think one of the things that makes me a good mom is the permission I give myself to be okay with mediocre attempts at all the things I was thought good moms were supposed to do. If we can make it out of the house with clothes on & our kids know they are really & truly loved, I think that's a success! I am so SO blessed to get to be a mom!!!( Oh & this book is sure to make you laugh.)
tbt -
cupcake_becky : @amychandlee
okbarb : Amen from this Grandma.
sammensuriumet : πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
amber.stephens : @carmen_marie16 ...this is me if I ever have kids
avionm : @camandjonas Lol thought this would be funny for you today! Sounds about right for too?
amesullivan : @daisychainllc haha! Yes!!
daisychainllc : Love that @amesullivan!! I'm learning just how true my friend Alison's statement was. Sometimes if everyone is still alive at the end of the day, it's a success! ;)
camandjonas : @avionm this is too cute.
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
And just like that, everything got better. πŸ˜† And would someone tell me the difference between grey hairs and white hairs? #gettingcloseto40problems #ihavealotofthem
gettingcloseto40problems - ihavealotofthem -
tawshaconnell : Just bleach it and pretend it's not happening. Okay? Thanks!
aedriel : Thank you @kittycocoa2 . That hair poking out is my mostly natural color. The good thing about the white hairs is is makes the grow out seem more blonde than I used to be. πŸ˜†
lauraisfrench : Um... I'm really just happy to have HAIR on my head! I love every strand of my silver fact I earned every one of them too! Lol!
belleannee : Cheaper to go blond?
jennyleighryan : White hair is no longer producing melanin while grey hair still is. If you lighten melanin producing hair it will turn a slight yellow color while white just stays white. Embrace them. I call them your "Wisdom-lites". Proverbs 16:31 ✨
eliza.lou : Ha I love your posts
afranz5 : The bible says grey hair is a sign of wisdom. I however, like to be humble & not flaunt all my wisdom. So I cover it ALL up ;) #45&humblywise;)
sweethomesweet_ : Lol @afranz5 #42 #alsohumble love this!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
I believe most of us have the desire to wake up and take on the day with gusto, positivity and enthusiasm- though it doesn't always mean we are successful. Often something gets in the way (like a flat tire or forgetting snacks on snack day...) but I still want to believe the desire to take it all on with grace goes a long way. 'Let her sleep' sign, an Aedriel for House of Belonging collab, available at @houseofbelonging 's link below profile. (Thanks for the image @kindredvintage) #aedrielandhouseofbelonging #handlettered #handpainted
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juliaryancreates : πŸ’—
idoinvitationsbymichelle : beautiful, aedriel! just love your work. so pretty!
lanieelizabethp : @cariplatt painting this😍
iwillbesailing_faster : @e_m_13 my next quote for ya!? πŸ˜‰
e_m_13 : Ah love it!!! @iwillbesailing_faster
kindredvintage : You are so talented! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! πŸ’›
whimsygirldesign : I adore this!!! My baby girl needs this!!
ahappygirl : Love this one. Yesterday my grace went out the window as I finally broke down into tears after a morning of phone calls & emails trying to get my insurance to cover $800 a week eye drops (which i need every day) that keep me from going blind. Tomorrow is a new day and I will possess gusto & positivity to boot! πŸ’›
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Can you imagine staring at this beauty every day?! Transformation is so much better than buying new. New doesn't have the story like this gem does! And to celebrate the transformation of Susan's beloved new (old) home, she decided now is the best time to take the leap. Introducing @kindredvintage!! I'm so excited & humbled be a part of this new chapter (more like a new book!) for Susan (formerly Ruby & Rosemary) in creating the logo & offering advice. She'll continue to share befores & afters in the spirit of finding beauty in making old treasures new again. (Find her home tour when I launch a new in a few weeks!!)
tevenire : OMG!!! I have very similar to this. I removed the doors on mine. Love this!!
our_cottage_farmhouse : Still in awe. Y'all are awesome @kindredvintage @aedriel!
3cribsandamitersaw : Stunning!!!!
kindredvintage : You are a heaven sent sweet friend. Thank you for everything. πŸ’›
angsalinas : Wow! πŸ’•
wicksnest : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
kellyannecoleman : @ncoleman83
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Lovin' buffalo check right now. It pairs well with our ticking stripe dining chair cushions AND it makes me think of a picnic or staying in a cozy cabin somewhere. Finally dusted off the ol' staple gun & covered these Craigalist arm chairs we've had for years. Bah-bye brown ikat at the dining table and hello big bold plaid. Still on the hunt for a mirror for above the entry table. "On the hunt" is code for "I kind of forgot I was looking to replace it". πŸ˜†
aedriel : Oh girl, you save me every time!! I'll go ahead and pick up the wine. Red, right? Since it's kind of fall-ish out. Or are we doing margaritas? Or are you sick of those because we've had them so many Fridays?
aedriel : @sweet_sycamore πŸ‘† got too excited.
sweet_sycamore : Would NEVAH get sick of our Friday margaritas! {Can't say I'd turn down a Malbec in the fall, tho...} Let's switch it up with the season? And the mirror is a big ole chunky antique, shy and quiet, but with a slightly arrogant presence. Painted French blue...yes? 😘
wicksnest : Love the plaid! 😍😍😍
tinabreit : I love your heart, your gallery and your writings. Thank you for sharing.
aedriel : Awe!!!! Thank you so very much @tinabreit !!! 😘😘😘 That means so much.
tinabreit : It's nice to have inspirational women in my life. I need more gals like you.... Blessings ❀️ @aedriel
finishingtouchdecorbyjenny : Pretty!
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
For those hot cocoa days right around the corner, a sneak peek of an #aedrielandhouseofbelonging design coming soon!!
aedrielandhouseofbelonging -
kassie82diaz : @sarabuckler3
sarabuckler3 : @kassie82diaz Love that!! We should do a Christmas party this year
kassie82diaz : @sarabuckler3 that'd be so fun!!
houseofbelonging : Can't wait for hot chocolate days....❀️
miss_nla : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
angsalinas : 😍
lisamccracken1 : Love this. One of my all time favorite sayings. I sing this phrase all through winter! Can't wait to see!!
cammiehines : @chloerhines
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Enjoying a much needed little overnight with the hunkband. #newmexico
newmexico -
aedriel : We're in ABQ @turquoisela πŸ’™
aedriel : Thank you so much @fivechicksandafarmer !! 😘
aedriel : So so grateful for you @traceysays for your heart. I am so blessed you're our family. Because you are, you know. 😘
aedriel : Thank you so much @wicksnest 😘😘
lauraisfrench : @aedriel by any chance are you attending the fall workshop that Joanna Gaines is having on October 30? I am going and would love to meet you just to say hello!
aedriel : Oh girl, you have no idea how much I want to go!! I'm trying to figure out if I can swing it though I'm assuming it's already sold out. It would be amazing to learn from @joannagaines!! You're so sweet to ask @lauraisfrench ...I would LOVE to meet you!!!
lauraisfrench : Well...I don't need to tell you that she is the real deal! I'm excited to go. On a complete whim I bought 2 tickets and asked my sister to go. I hope she can go! I hope you can go too! Keep me posted?
turquoisela : Awesome! I have been looking for more bloggers/ interior designers in NM. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I have a great design project I am working on soon. Perhaps we can meet soon. Most of my fam is in SF and downtown / country club area. Lived in Alb for 5 years back in the late 80's early 90's. :)
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Let's talk about @our_cottage_farmhouse 's bedroom. It's dreamy & relaxing & the perfect example of less is more, don't you think? (Use the link below my profile to get free shipping right now on everything including the 'love grows best in little houses' pillow shown here. Hooray for free shipping!!) #aedriel
aedriel -
our_cottage_farmhouse : Oh girl, you make me blush! 😚
whimsygirldesign : Love everything in this picture!
sorellamy : Yes!! Love this!
lindakfinley : ohhh love everything!
mindy_creativejuice : Oh! How pretty!!
hugsandpunches : So crisp & clean #love
kellyboswell1 : Placed order but free shipping didn't work. Maybe I did it wrong!
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