Artist, writer, ceramist, letterer, wife & mama. Lover of worn boots, daily grace & old-school manners. βœ‰οΈ
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aedriel - Aedriel
I always start strong in the wrapping department but by package number...maybe eight πŸ™ˆ I'm over it!! And this was my attempt at a baker's twine Pom Pom. Need to make the next one a little beefier. (@tomkatstudio's twine is my case you were wondering..πŸ˜†) #tartanplaid #alsomyfavorite
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palmbeachparties : Loving the tartan plaid this year!
prettygirldesigns : Love the paper!!
kokoluv24 : @miggies_wifey
kimklassen : This is lovely.
allstripesallthetime : Haha! Me too! The first 8 are looking good though! 😊
saraduckett : Love!!!
progressoverperfection : I feel the same! Love this classic plaid!
rorypie : Cute!!
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aedriel - Aedriel
I haven't had quiet mornings lately so before I get all New Years resolutiony (can you believe it's almost that time!?) I thought I'd get back to it. When your days start crazy does the crazy stay all day? Seems to be the case around here. @valmariepaper's prayer journal helps me focus & candles are always a good idea. It's like lighting a little bit of luxury. And when there's a sink full of dishes, πŸ™‹ I'll take a little luxury. Oh and the concrete counter facelift is complete! Whoop whoop! Because I know y'all were losing sleep over that.
aedriel : Doesn't it? I want to be better at taking that time bc you're right, it makes a huge difference. @deniseross71
aedriel : Yes!!! Mellows out the crazies doesn't it? @jbraystny
aedriel : Bahahahaha! Your comment cracked me up @thecanfields πŸ˜†
aedriel : Me too @our_cottage_farmhouse !!
aedriel : You bet @sereed !! 😘
luxurystyleoflife : πŸ‘
deniseross71 : @aedriel I do an online bible study and find if I get up earlier say 1/2 hour I get to have quiet time and it sets me up so well for the day. I always feel like I've missed an Important part of my day if I get up late and rush it or miss it entirely
jaleephoto : @janierebecca
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aedriel - Aedriel
This question came up on Sunday and for some reason it's been on repeat in my head since. Joy does not come from STUFF but from relationships- with each other and with God. Working to make people's lives better doesn't mean we're giving something up- it means we're gaining everything. So as I fold the umpteenth load of laundry today, I'm working (because it doesn't always come naturally) to see it as a joy knowing it's these little things that make life better for the ones I cherish.
agirlfromthemitten : Very well said!!
astoriedstyle : I ask my husband this every few months. It usually leads to very meaningful conversation. It is lovely to see it written out so beautifully! @aedriel
donna_gibson : Amen, sister!
un_de_once : Amen
thinkfulinc : Well said!
aedriel : Thank you so much you guys!! @thinkfulinc @un_de_once @donna_gibson @agirlfromthemitten @lisdunn @clearlysmitten @bestillclothingcompany @jennycollier @gracelaced @theceoffice 😘😘 Have a great day!!
aedriel : Awe! You are so so sweet @rorypie and thank you for your support. How crazy! I haven't thought about the grateful plates in a long time but those were one of my favorites. 😘😘
aedriel : Thank you so much @restorationhouse @faithandpearl @kindredvintage @shabbybird_ @maryjwild1 @jennycollier @suthnheart 😘😘 Have a great day.
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aedriel - Aedriel
If you haven't already discovered @heatherbullard...prepare yourself...because holy mother of all things fabulous you are in for a treat!! This is her studio should see her kitchen. I know! 😍 This is where Heather wraps gifts, and does other crafty things. If I had this space I'd be like "hey kids, I'm STILL wrapping presents". πŸ˜† I love finding talented people, like Heather, that give us inspiration to dream.
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un_de_once : Thank you... I discovered her earlier... So glad... She's fantastic!
kindredvintage : I agree! Her feed is so inspirational!!! ❀️ @heatherbullard and her stunning home!
darbystar : Heather is the best ! Love her feed and her blog , -totally amazing @aedriel
thepinkorange : I follow her and can't get enough! Gorgeous feed.
eventuallyvintage : A few years ago Heather took the time to patiently answer questions about photography for my daughter. A mother never forgets this kindness.❀
celebratinglovebymarcie : I want her job!!! Beautiful! Never, ever does my creativity look this neat though! More like "creative chaos"!!! Lol
pnpflowers : Very much love everything @heatherbullard does! And I feel the same about you @aedriel πŸ’•
heatherbullard : @jillmariemckee πŸ˜˜πŸ’• Thanks so much for your kindness. @kindredvintage @darbystar @thepinkorange @eventuallyvintage @celebratinglovebymarcie Merry Christmas! 🌲❀️
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aedriel - Aedriel
Good morning!!! Lots of sales & dates so I thought I'd list it all in one place: Can you believe it's almost Christmas!?! πŸŽ„ Click SHOP (upper right at & then... β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € GIFTS: Use direct link on for $5 EACH item and FREE SHIPPING through 12/14 midnight PST (making this mug $10) β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € WOOD SIGNS: Use coupon code GRATEFUL2014 for 15% off. Christmas delivery deadline has passed but wrap a photo up instead! (Link in @houseofbelonging 's) profile. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € EARTHENWARE: Last day to order is 12/15 for Christmas delivery. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $65 (Link in @palomasnest profile)
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lm_4_bn : Yes you give good instructions can't wait! πŸ’›
reneerichellodesign : This is perfect. πŸ’›
dmiller1982 : Beautiful 🌟🌟
wicksnest : πŸ™Œβ€οΈπŸ˜˜
aedriel : #calligraphy #christmas #celebrate #counters #concrete #script #handlettered #handletter #love #instalove #inspire
givenbyg0d : Amazing!
kmic8 : Darn I missed this deadline for $off and free shipping on gifts! Will you be Doug any more sales soon @aedriel ??
kmic8 : Doing*
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aedriel - Aedriel
Shopping small and local this afternoon, not to be confused with shopping loco- which is also a good thing. πŸ˜† #newmexico #shoploco
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kbencivengo : Adorable!!!! Love this 😍❀️
jennbauer : OHMYGOSH I really need a ristra!
wicksnest : πŸ’–
deannart : Me likey!
aedriel : Thank you @deannart ☺️
aedriel : Yeah @jennbauer ? Maybe Santa will hook you up? πŸ™ˆ
aedriel : #shopsmall #smallbusiness #newmexico #love #furniture #style #home #house #style #love #instalove #dsstyle #christmas
jennbauer : I forgot to tell him! I'll put it on my list for next year for sure. πŸ˜‰
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aedriel - Aedriel
We scored a table right near the fire which is always a treat, especially on a cloudy day. This spot is charming and the people here are so friendly- if you ever get a chance to visit. Tasty food, my honey and a glass of wine. Can every day be Friday? πŸ˜†
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fancynancyjo : We love Corralles and that's such a fun restaurant ❀️
kindredvintage : Sounds lovely! Enjoy beautiful!
bunchesolunches : One of my favorites!
colette913 : One of my favorites!!!
houseofbelonging : It doesn't get much better and I love that sign!!😊
mandylinnp : Where is this @adrovelli
aedriel : It's in Corrales @mandylinnp ☺️
aedriel : #eat #shopsmall #newmexico #love #date #tgif #adore #instalove #sign #decor #dsstyle #rustic #charm #smallbusiness
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aedriel - Aedriel
How can I say "thank you!" for your support? With a free hand-lettered printable of course. Find it (sans signature) and more at under the 'printables' section. #grateful #merryCHRISTmas #linkinprofile
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creolegyrl6645 : @_jta18 See you Saturday!
aedriel : Thank YOU!! @cheyang09 @marciaanne11 @g8rmaria @cindylitwin @thevintagehomestudio @mrsfaithwilson 😘😘😘
aedriel : Thank you so much!! @inspiredart4you @pinkandprada @1maree1 @joanschnig @pattymessner !! 😘😘
aedriel : Thank you @wicksnest 😘😘
pinkandprada : I already have ur "grateful" print as my desktop, now I can update!😽😽😽
aedriel : Hooray!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ @pinkandprada
aedriel : #free #printable #script #style #calligraphy #calligraphy #dsstyle #decor #devotion #home #house #handletter #handlettered #typography #diy #devotion #advent
annienguyen : Wonderful!
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aedriel - Aedriel
As promised!! Is this not THE cutest hot cocoa bar?! Check out @sweetlittlepeanut's link in profile for more and find all the peppermint inspired recipes at @potterybarnkids blog. Handcrafted wood sign in the 'Aedriel for House of Belonging Collection' is ideal for winter decor (meaning leave it up 'till Spring!!) and the felt ball garland (obsessed!) is courtesy of the fabulous @hellomaypole. Images by @_beckykimball. ❀️
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vintagehomeok : Super cute!
wicksnest : This is so cute! @sweetlittlepeanut Thanks for sharing Aedriel! 😘
aedriel : Thank you @wicksnest 😘😘
aedriel : Awe!! Thank you @lesnels8 !! 😘😘
aedriel : Thank you so much!! Definitely a favorite design. ☺️ @lydialovesmarcus @winnievirginia @rusticandchic @ginghamcherry @tatertotsandjello @our_cottage_farmhouse @fleaingfrance
aedriel : I love it @laci_davis !!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Your comment made me LOL...for real. Do I sound 13? Haha! Seriously though, I really appreciate it. 😘😘
aedriel : #handlettered #handletter #aedriel #advent #adore #calligraphy #christmas #coffee #cocoa #kids #script #style #shopsmall #diy #love #instalove #dsstyle #dslooking #decor #candy #sweets #dessert #photography #party #celebrate
aedriel : #whimsycheer
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aedriel - Aedriel
Not everyone will agree, but these words really hit home. We see a lot of "do whatever it takes to be happy" quotes and I guess I disagree with that focus. I spent many years trying that method & you know what? I wasn't all that happy. Focusing strictly on our own happiness & making decisions based on our needs means we could miss opportunities to do for others- and it leaves us feeling let down. Besides, I would not trade my sorrow and pain for anything. And trust me, there's all KINDS of yuck there. But it is in the dark that I've seen light. Happiness is so temporary. Joy is everlasting. (Thank you @sweethomesweet_ for pointing out Hugh Mackay's work)
un_de_once : I agree with you... In order to see true joy, we must experience pain. We become more grateful and therefore more joyous.
pilbarapink : @anzak83 this is so wise
pilbarapink : I agree, happiness is fleeting and shouldn't be expected all the time. I strive to be contented in all my life brings. Without hard times I would never have grown or changed for good. I fear people are becoming less resilient as they do anything to avoid discomfort or effort. Bad things will always come along and how do you cope if you have no experience to fall back on? How do you know this too will pass and you will carry on until you have actually done it or seen it modeled by your parents?
whimsygirldesign : Totally agree with this!! As a mom of a 17 year old, I see that kids these days don't know how to cope with disappointment, sadness and failure because their parents try and sheild them from all those things. It leaves them as very vulnerable adults. I've worked very hard to teach her how to deal with not so great things but I certainly expose her to them and teach her that she is the only one that can pick herself back up...and be stronger from the experience! It's all part of our journey...our stories and who we are!
quiet.blessings : May I repost this with your caption quoted?
aedriel : Absolutely @quiet.blessings !! Thank you! 😘
quiet.blessings : Thank YOU
letgodedit : Oh my goodness! Amen.
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