Aedriel Moxley

[ā-dree-elle] Artist, ceramist, letterer, wife & mama. Lover of worn boots, daily grace & old-school manners.
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
I used to dread going to this space to work because I would literally have to clear a spot at the workbench, pushing all the junk we didn't know what else to do with out of the way. At some point I decided to view every square inch of our little home as precious real estate- including this space. This means every six months or so the hubs & I sort & purge. It doesn't mean we don't have scary spots, like behind that chalkboard closet door you'll find all the stuff we feel like we have to keep (family mementos...keepsakes) but have no clue how to organize- meaning something is going to fall on your head if you're brave enough to crack the door open. But hanging on to things you don't love (minus the keepsakes...I have some of those I don't love..ha!) means someone else doesn't have the chance to love them. Celebrate your space- whether it's your dream home or your in-between home. Adding a little vase of flowers or lighting a candle makes a space feel intentional, it'll make your work space feel less like work too. Light the darn candle πŸ˜†- make yourself some tea- cut a few flowers!! Life is too short not to. #preachintomyself #wahm #celebrateYOU
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kozykountrykottage : I know what you mean about a messy space. For me, it's our office! I said today that I'm getting a plan for this room! I get overwhelmed every time I walk in there. And that's just crazy to feel like that lol It needs some organization in a bad way! I'm gonna fix this situation! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„
tkightrn : @chkight
houseofbelonging : πŸ‘Štrue! You inspired me to keep@going forward in simplicity...xo
wittersgarden : This is something we have embraced in the past year. Loving our space now, tiny and humble but we love every inch!
franofree : Thank you
jenmigonis : I feel the same way about our small space!
sweet_sycamore : I loop the same cycle in our little home...and each time I learn more about letting it go. We don't have an attic, which stopped my mother in her tracks, but I was excited to know I wouldn't have a dump zone. Now I make the decision while it's there in my hands. At the moment, though, my creative space is pushing me out, full to the brim again...time for my own little candle and a happy freshening! πŸ’•
lisamccracken1 : Great advice.
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Welcome to my little studio space! Tap for sources & see more photos, including my old-school kiln, at The pegboard & workbench (built by my handy hubby) are super inexpensive DIY's keeping just about everything within arm's reach. I tend to feel more focused when my stuff is simplified & organized, don't you? It's nothing fancy but it's a spot I love. #studio (Link in profile)
studio -
kindredvintage : Oh what a great space to create!! And obviously it serves it purpose since you're one of the most creatively talented people I know!! Love this.
libbys_lifestyle : @redagape It's a peg board revolution. But it looks great.
allstripesallthetime : I love it!
cuddlesandchaos : So gorgeous and somehow calming--- perfect for a workspace! πŸ™Œ
pnpflowers : I love the peek into your creative space!! Love it!! πŸ’•
oh_splendid : Love this!
tomkatstudio : ❀️❀️❀️
sweet_sycamore : Hang ON one cotton-pickin' arm for your iPad?! THAT'S it! Trying to decide tv or no in studio! Then do you stream? {No clue how to do that but it sounded all tech-y like...}
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
One of the reasons I love our home is all the sweat and tears we put into it. It's been a process. It's still a process. Almost time to start over again. #kitchen Ha! But nearly seven years ago we saw something in it (obviously we were the only ones...that green carpet was hard to see past!) and we got to work. Did every square inch ourselves. Busted our butts on this place! So here's a little before and after (again..for my new friends here!) Be sure to check back. New chandelier for the dining room coming next week!! #handyhunkband #beforeandafter #bahbye80's #home
handyhunkband - home - bahbye80 - beforeandafter - kitchen -
aedriel : If I could have a playlist of YOU singing, that'd be great. Then my kids wouldn't have to suffer. πŸ˜‚ @jenniferrobinson
jenniferrobinson : Hahaha! You are so sweet! Did you hear me this past Sunday at second service?!?! I jumbled up the lyrics pretty bad on the song I was leading and I sounded like I was drunk! 😳 😣
aedriel : Oh I'm sure it was still fabulous!! We were home with David. He's sick. 😞 And now this mama has it. I'm bummed I missed you!! @jenniferrobinson
sonia316 : Inspiring!
jaci_casey : @nick_a_c Watch this... Fixed up home and looks amazing, we can do this!!
bonniejowens : @aedriel love it!! So worth the energy and hassle of remodeling. So peaceful and beautiful!
jenniferrobinson : Oh man!! I am so sorry you all are sick πŸ˜” will pray for you all to feel better ASAP! πŸ™
treewashappy12 : Wow, what a transformation!
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Another peek into our home today showing you one of my favorite spots- that wall of photos with our five kids surrounded by our family. We didn't use some exact method to hang the frames and we add to it when we feel like it. Decorate without rules, right? #newmexico #familywall (tap for sources)
newmexico - familywall - potterybarn -
aedriel : Thank you so much @monikahibbs !! You have such an eye so that means a lot. 😘
yousmuzyoulose : @AsiaWishart I am so so so in love with this!!!
rosietil : @aedriel thank you! Trying to paint white in my house now but too afraid to use wrong color. Want a warm white..
paperparade : @calebsteer
marciaanne11 : @aafischer2
mimiandmommyus : Loving this!
aedriel : Thank you @mimiandmommyus !!
aedriel : #potterybarn
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Sometimes in moments of discontent I dream about coming home to a bigger house, where we have more room for the kids...and an actual laundry room would be nice too. But then I walk into our home & I'm reminded that this is right where we're supposed to be. And of all the homes I've lived in, this one is my favorite. Because it's not always about where you live, but who you share a home with. #welcomehome #entry #lovegrowshere #family #newmexico
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sweet_sycamore : We live little-house-style, too and I love it! πŸ’™
kindredvintage : You are so right!! (And my laundry room is in a scary basement, so after I toss it down the chute, welp... I guess that means no laundry for me! 😘)
hastobepretty : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
definedspacesstudio : πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’š
jenwidner : πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ‘
wicksnest : Beautifully said. 😘
dmiller1982 : πŸ™ŒπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
mrs_laurenmcmullen : Love this. So encouraging😘Learning to love where you are in life with the people you love ❀️
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
I have found the older I get, the LESS I understand day-to-day life and the MORE I realize I cannot go at it alone. As I rely less and less on what I think I know, I rely more and more on the trust that only He really knows. The weaker I become, the stronger God can be in my life. Prayer is an exhale, a peek into an understanding that no verbal explanation can offer & a chance at sight... because there are no coincidences in life. If we're not relying on something Bigger and looking for the Better- we'll likely never see it. #trust #lookforHIM #everywhere (Thank you @kindredvintage for the backdrop- perfect for this quote!)
trust - everywhere - lookforhim -
kelleybrowndesigns : Amen and Amen. Thank you! @aedriel
afterword : @accordingtoalice
accordingtoalice : Love this @afterword
robinbella1 : Yes amen!
jenniferrobinson : Oh how I love this so very much!!!
sweet_sycamore : I love love it and totally understand you, friend. πŸ’•
atfirstblushandco : πŸ™
meganrunionmcr : @aedriel love this so much! Quick question- are you still selling your Christmas plates anymore? I looked on your site but didn't see them. Thanks!
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Happy Saturday from our family mascot, Jack Fox. Love this little pup more than I thought possible. He's officially made me a dog person. Never say never, right? #rescued #adored
adored - rescued -
aedriel : He's a mutt but we're thinking papillon, corgi and maybe chihuahua? Whatever he is he's the sweetest dog and just wants to be in someone's lap. 😍 @prlovesjr
glitterglosshg : He's too cute!
krbritt : We just rescued a mutt, the sweetest pup!!! He has my heart totally wrapped around his paw.
finishingtouchdecorbyjenny : Too cute!
prlovesjr : @aedriel Well he is just the cutest!!! ;-)
ladyjgray : @cittykittyabc
midwest_diy : What a cutie!! Dogs are the best! ❀️them!
wicksnest : So sweet! Cal sends lots of love Jack! πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸΆ
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
"And hearts will be glowing When love ones are near It's the most wonderful time of the year!" New design added!! Purchase either the gold or black lettering option by THIS weekend-and this design only will ship to arrive BEFORE Thanksgiving!! Signs are hand-lettered by me & handcrafted & painted by @houseofbelonging making each a one-of-a-kind. Link in House of Belonging's profile & under the 'shop' section at #aedrielandhouseofbelonging #gold #CHRISTmas
aedrielandhouseofbelonging - christmas - gold -
konderlalala : @cococreed I want this for our house!
sweet_sycamore : Absolutely LOVE!!! ❄️
pnpflowers : Beautimeous!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
rebeli7 : Love this!!!!! @rosiesmurf
missd_6581 : @sfeagins make me this
aspots : no doubt about it sweet @margaridapaes !!!
kindredvintage : So beautiful!
glitterglosshg : Hey friend! Just sent you a direct message on here ☺️
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
I believe the most beautiful women radiate a quiet & grace-filled confidence that isn't arrogant & doesn't try too hard. Beauty isn't about the perfect nose, makeup or a magic number on the scale- it's that fire we get when we know what we are capable of. If you're struggling, you deserve to see yourself in a new light. Tackle each step with that fire! The light will guide your path. "You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you." (Song of Solomon 4:7) #tbtquote
tbtquote -
jemofthesouth : ❀️
jennsprinkle : πŸ’—
owens914 : Love!
lnsphoto : This is so timely! I feel like God really gave me a glimpse of that today - I literally just posted about feeling something like this in my most recent IG. πŸ’•
un_de_once : 🌸Amen🌸
aedriel : Really!?! That so odd...though not really right? God does that. πŸ˜‰ I'll check it out. Thank you!! 😘 @lnsphoto
lakecountryhouse : @tmtews yep😍
pnpflowers : πŸ‘ŒLove it friend!! πŸ’•
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
As promised, one more #DIY by Susan at @kindredvintage. I know, right? It's gorgeous! Rose garland details & a little peek into Susan's restored 1920's bungalow at (Linky link in profile)
love - garland - shabbychic - vintage - create - instalove - diy - flowers - dream -
sportbodyhealth : πŸ’•
restorationhouse : Simply beautiful!
jenwidner : She's so amazing, love her!! Heading over now! βœ¨πŸ™Œβœ¨
our_cottage_farmhouse : Le sigh, Susan you never seem to amaze me. 😘 (@kindredvintage )
mishelleyb : @theivoryhouse I could totally see you doing this garland!
kindredvintage : You are the sweetest. xx thank you!
wicksnest : Love this Aedriel... Susan is so talented! 🌸Love you @kindredvintage... And I agree Angela! 😘 @our_cottage_farmhouse
aedriel : #diy #flowers #garland #shabbychic #vintage #love #instalove #create #dream
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