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artist. letterer. designer. wife & mama. living for God, family, friends & loving others. Available designs click SHOP at:
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
One of my favorite spots in our home is this wall with photos of our five kids surrounded by family. We didn't use a certain method to hang them and we add to it here and there. I believe in creating a loved-in home, no matter the size. ❤️
fleamarketfab : Beautiful!!! So bright and comfortable!!
kimmoxley : Love that wall! ❤️
project_happy_gal : Gorgeous
jlen : This is lovely!
ocmammawellness : @aedriel Love your style!! Where can I find that white sheep skin on your chair?? 💙💙
coffeeandcashmeredreams : @ardriel what color paint is on your walls???
coffeeandcashmeredreams : @aedriel what color paint do you have on your walls???
parisbug : Beautiful.
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
I've heard it so many times ..."I'm not artistic" and my response is always the same - "yes you are!". Every single person is creative. Creativity can be the unexpected- the ability to tell an engaging story or cook a fabulous meal or gardening. Honoring your unique creativity starts with taking a little time to figure out where your passion is and it helps to have a space dedicated to that art. This is a little corner in our garage. Our house isn't big so we made do with this spot. It's not fancy but it serves the purpose of being a studio space where I can vent all the lettering and painting that helps fuel my soul. Read the rest at including how I think the roles we define ourselves by can completely mess up finding out what makes us creative and what I wish I could tell my younger self. #linkinprofile // Disclaimer: it's not always this tidy. 🙈
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aedriel : Awe thank you @merrijaneedie !!! I really appreciate it. Truly. ☺️ Thank YOU for taking the time to offer encouragement.
aedriel : Thank you so much @thedailynest !!
aedriel : You will cherish having your own spot @un_de_once 😘😘
aedriel : Thank you so much @kaudrajames!! 😘😘😘
aedriel : Yes it does. My husband Matt mounted wood to the wall first just and mounted the pegboard to that. We spray painted the pegboard white too. Super cheap project. I'll update the post with a how-to. @chrissychris1126
chrissychris1126 : Awesome thank u!! @aedriel
ptbdesign : Wonderful message!!!!!
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
I almost bought a magazine at the grocery store but opted for purple tulips instead. When in doubt- choose the flowers, right?? Treat yourself and a friend. 💜 A big CONGRATULATIONS to my bestie/sister @traceysays for a successfully completing her dossier. I don't know how you teachers do it!! You put up with our kids all day and then you write phenomenal dossiers with such under-appreciated pay. God bless our teachers!!! #SpringhasSprung
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aedriel : Awe thank you @krinteriors Krystal!! 😘😘😘
aedriel : Thank you do much @wicksnest Kristy!! How are you, friend? You've been on my heart. 😘
aedriel : Well Tracey, you are SUCH a blessing to me and our family. I cannot imagine life without my bestie. 😘😘😘 I am so proud of you!!! @traceysays YOU DID IT!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
aedriel : Yes!!! They sure do!! @un_de_once
terrgalvan : It's warm already. But AZ is lovely always! Come visit me! ☀️🌞
ifalc : I'm headed to TJ's later I hope. I love these!
jennpartyof10 : Love purple flowers
deannart : So so beautiful!
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Have you heard of the new bHome app? If Pinterest, Instagram, blog feeds and Twitter had a baby- this would be it. BUT my favorite part about it is how interactive it is with a 'be kind' theme. Because let's be honest, sometimes social media isn't kind. AND I'm so excited to be one of the contributors at @bhomeapp Whoop whoop! To be among such talented folks like @inspiredbycharm and @roomsforrent as well as my favorite magazines like @betterhomesandgardens and @dominomag is such an honor. To thank you all for your support, I'm offering a free hand-lettered printable. Simply download the bHome app (it's free), tap the little star next to You'll receive a message with a link to the printable. Print and frame! Easy. You'll also find each contributors playlist of songs that reflect their home which is pretty awesome. Music is my jam. 😆 Get more details and some 'how-to's' at today. Thanks again you guys. Your support and kindness means more than you know!!
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aedriel : Yay!!! I'm so glad!! @laurenraes @stephanietott @jbraystny @canonchick72 @kblake130
aedriel : Thank you so much @joelserrato !!! 😘😘
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aedriel : Thank you @freshandvintageliving !!!!
aedriel : Thank you so much @sitamontgomeryinteriors @jerseygirlerin!
aedriel : Awe thank you @hilarischaefer and I am so excited for your new forever adventure !!! 🎉🎉🎉
aedriel : Thank you so much @eclecvintage!!!! 😘😘😘
thisthatandlife : Awesome!!!
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Sometimes I get discouraged, different reasons but it's easy in this can't-keep-all-these-balls-in-the-air world we live in. But don't you think most people are doing the best they can? Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, it's a quality that hasn't always fared well for me. But I'm quick to stick up for the underdog, acknowledge there are two or three or a million sides to every story...however you want to say it, but I raise my hand proud that I don't have it figured out. I have a TON of work to do while I'm here, but in spite of that, I still want people to believe in me. I TRY to keep this assumption in the forefront of my mind- that we're all in different lanes going down the same broken road, learning as we go.
bhomeapp -
aedriel : Thank you so much @katiekit10 !! Yes, I totally agree. And sometimes it's hard not to take things personally, when others mistreat us, but I know I'm loved.
aedriel : Oh yay!! I love the #bhomeapp !!! @shabbyartboutique
aedriel : Thank you for your kindness @bargo47 and @cattygirl33 !! Not enough kindness in the world sometimes, huh?
aedriel : Yay! Thank you @kendylchamberlain @gcshadesofgrey !!😘😘
aedriel : You too @justaddglitterbymarla ?? Seriously! Sometimes it gets me in trouble. 😂
denisezzzz : @holagatita you're amazing!!!
wicksnest : Yes! 💖😘
mynotestoself : So true 💛💕✨
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Good morning!!! Spring comes right when we need it, doesn't it? // My good friend Susan at @kindredvintage has her GORGEOUS dining room tour of her 1920's bungalow over at her new blog. Here's a little peek at it. In love!! // COUPON code LMBPALLET15 to save 15% off any sign! Check out @houseofbelonging posts for more details. #aedrielandhouseofbelonging #hometours
aedrielandhouseofbelonging - hometours -
kindredvintage : Thank you for sharing and for creating such beautiful art! It's perfect in our home! 😍😍😘
kindredvintage : @amlynnz it's from @Kirklands, I found it in their store!
aedriel : Thank you @kindredvintage !!!! I adore you and your friendship and your home is gorgeous. 😘😘
michelleschroff : @toyakaplan
michelleschroff : @becca_kaplan
thesimplecottage : She's so awesome!!
laurenlcarnes : Lovely!
wicksnest : Yay!!! I love a little @kindredvintage in my life! 💖😘
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Oh sometimes I struggle with this one because I'm antsy to move but need the reminder that it's less do with WHERE we live and more to do with WHO welcomes us home. Home is the family I am so blessed to call mine. As a list maker and a planner I am quick to think comfort is narrowing down exactly what the next chapter looks like but really- 'home' isn't a five year plan, it's what's right now. Why waste precious time overthinking when I have all this beauty blooming smack dab in front of me? Besides, THE most fulfilling forever & eternal home will come & there'll be no need for a plan- hallelujah for that comfort! //Thank you so much for sharing our sign @environmentsofgrace ..I am on awe of your heart and your voice, Lori. #aedrielandhouseofbelonging #handcrafted #handlettered #wood
aedrielandhouseofbelonging - wood - handlettered - handcrafted -
morgan_barber : @jessicarodgers_
jessicarodgers_ : @morgan_barber ❤️
theshantyproject : This would be great in our master bedroom!!!
thesimplecottage : Sorry I'm so behind girl! Work has been so busy. I love this so much!
wicksnest : Yes! I agree with all and love this reminder. 😘
debpete48 : @danapete42
hannah.c.hall : these are the signs I was talking about, @debbieweisbruch !!
teamcorbin : I'm late to see this but this is exactly what I needed to hear. Maybe I need that print to remind me of that more often! 💗
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
This little flamingo I watercolored is now available as fabric and wallpaper called 'Flamingo Pop'! It's a staggered pattern with lots of little flamingos. // Click TEXTILES in the SHOP tab at
sbell30_ : Hey I am way ahead of the times I knew they'd be in style eventually @janaesuds @karigooch @snowski1 😉😉 #flamingoloverforlife
fuzebranding : Stunning! Love flamingos. 😍
modernpalm : Love this! Need this! 💕💕 @aedriel
deannart : Love!
sweet_sycamore : Good gravy, chickie mama! That is the. cutest. flamingo. EVAH.
wicksnest : This is SO good Aedriel! 😍😘
lizziefitz5 : @coco_906
ptbdesign : Love this!!!
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
Got all crazy this weekend and took the white slipcover off the sofa. 😆
aedriel : Thank you @naturalfarmgirl 😘😘
aedriel : I do love the white too but this is nice for change @ddotlib 😘
aedriel : Awe thank you so much @dorindawing ☺️😘
mrsmarke : @aedriel wow they looked like you planned it that way! :) still looks gorgeous!
thesimplecottage : Oh I love it girl!
jenniferrobinson : Your home is so stunning!
wicksnest : Love it! 😍
flyssa00 : @aedriel does your couch slide on your wood floors ? What did you use ? Love your posts !
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aedriel - Aedriel Moxley
The new minis including my "Little Boys" lettered sign TODAY ONLY on @houseofbelonging's INSTA post!! These are quick turnaround- shipping out next Friday and at 12" x 24" they're great for grouping together. #handcrafted #aedrielandhouseofbelonging
aedrielandhouseofbelonging - handcrafted -
ourhumblehive : @scottlalli I need the sign about little boys! Hint hint!!!😄
sarah__chase : That is SUCH a cute boy sign!!
sandahlyn : @laurentuggle they're $105 😬 but I actually ordered the print last week and it's on it's way here!!!!
bekiebabie77 : @joyfranke thought of you seeing the Peter Pan sign in this pic!
joyfranke : Nice @bekiebabie77 all the quotes are good!
ourvintagefarmhouse : I need this!!!!! More!
wicksnest : Sweet!
nicschumacher : I want them all!!
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