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adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Mark your calendars! This Saturday We are hosting a HUGE moving studio sale at the AV studio! 8-4PM. Racks of vintage for sale! Also will have vintage catalogs, craft supplies, accessories, and lots of costume jewelry! Come by!!
adoredvintage : @roxnlb hehe y'all are moving too! 😘
sanajra : @aubadaub thought you might be interested!
meagababe : @adoredvintage there will be no clothing being sold correct?
meagababe : @adoredvintage also anything wedding related being aold ♥
piapoy : @ifrancesca6 thought you might be interested in this. 😊
kittykatefarley : @cobizzz yes please!!! Let's do it
roxnlb : @adoredvintage 😘😘😘 I'm happy for you guys. Can't wait to hear the story. And to visit!!!!
ifrancesca6 : @piapoy thanks! :) R u going?
christianwo_o - kon_desu - fromaudreywithlove - dpstk -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Pretty cream palette up on deck! My absolute favorite!
vintage - adoredvintage - thatsdarling - vintagestore - vintageshop -
vintagetype26 : When will these be available?
touslestemps : That blouse is amazing!
mildblendsupplyco : Simply beautiful.
newdarlings : Love these!!
amichuno : Number still my heart
fromaudreywithlove : Ah, heartbreaking beautiful dresses!
oneoffboutiquevintage : Love the second one from the right! Lacey <3
r._h._b : That 60s mod coat .something jackie o would wear
umara_ - kiavibe - versaillesvintage - rockyvelez -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Shooting some very pretty #vintage for the shop today!
vintagestore - vintageshop - vintage - adoredvintage - thatsdarling -
silversagas : I am interested in that kimono!
trinitysage : @ladystrat theeeeeeseeee!
bukipeters : Mint dress!!!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’ƒ
fromaudreywithlove : Oh wow, lovely dresses!
nettydiaz : Absolutely gorgeous!!! @lallysaurus
nicolarothmann : @blkstar12 and @melamoses05, how gorgeous???
blkstar12 : @nicolarothmann want the green number three from the left xxxx
michelleluanne : I would love to wear all three on the left!
kiavibe - tashasladkaya - ashraebrooks - versaillesvintage -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Another corner from the antique shop this afternoon. Getting ideas for the new house!
ashleysophiaclark : ✨
dethrosevintage : @adoredvintage when do set off for Portland?!
adoredvintage : @dethrosevintage in just a couple of weeks!!
7bbchloe : @sumaya80
wednesdaypack : 🌟🌟🌟
scarf.revolution - yan.leon - donnadagostinodippolito - meowiie -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Pretty things for bedtime (in the lingerie section) and 30% off with code ROSE30! My favorite things to sleep in are cotton slip dresses, so comfy! How about you?
stinadiane : @mama_sugs πŸ˜πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ™Š
solatio : @mrepnevska
akoniton : that floral robe is to die for 😭
annabridget : @mjhaims maybe one for naomi? And then we can get it embroidered?
nyaknyak : Love all the them, but prefer sleep nakedπŸ˜ƒ
malisa93 : @bellanawagner πŸ’˜
alisajane5 : Fyi...have you heard of the vintage clothing store in SLC Utah called "Decades" would love's a big shop with great prices. ITS Like walking into Lucille Ball and Bette Davis closets. ..worth the trip.
donnadagostinodippolito : cotton slip dresses are the best... so feminine and beautiful
sgvintage - scarf.revolution - donnadagostinodippolito - shieb92 -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Currently obsessing over vintage Victoria magazines from the 80s-90s. Obsessed!
adoredvintage : @theredvelvetshoe oh yes please!!
adoredvintage : @tenterhoofs that is amazing!
mrs_singer : I love that issue... Yes to the 80s & 90s!!
squid_pictures : Oh dear. I just threw out at least six years worth. Why didn't I think to ask you?! Why didn't I know they were collectibles? I was in a get rid of everything and I can't ever figure out how to get my hair like that anyway binge. Grrrrr.
adoredvintage : @squid_pictures oh man!!! I'd go dumpster diving to get those! Well, maybe not in Long Beach
picketandoak : @hellobluebird I'm pretty sure I was too. ;)
gypsygal9 : That's me on the cover with my back to the camera...Gatsby picnic, on the porch of the Dunsmuir Mansion...
adoredvintage : @gypsygal9 amazing!!! I love this shoot I bet it was so much fun!! πŸ’•πŸŒΈ
glopiaya - adele3381 - alicemonottoli - eldahinoj -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Running around doing errands and stopped at my favorite antique mall and quite possibly found my wedding dress! Sweet!!
adoredvintage : @laurenschwinn Old Town Orange
themediocrityproject : What camera are you using?
adoredvintage : @themediocrityproject it's my iPhone case! 😁
kelseumchloride : What's the name of the store??
evyle_gal : Aww I miss Old Town! 🍊
lanesomedove : What era dress?
adoredvintage : @lanesomedove Probably 1908-1918 thereabouts
gretchen_jones : You're lucky enough to be vintage sized!
glopiaya - amysysaath - milley.cyrs - scantodisirene -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
I quite adore today's outfit colors and this Irish linen jacket from @ornhansen is seriously my favorite thing ever!
fedahmohammed : in loveeee😻
dethrosevintage : It looks like the perfect cool weather jacket
glittteria : this reminded me of you @peachylilbun idk why. πŸ’•
peachylilbun : this outfit is so cute! thank you sweetie! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’˜ @glittteria
glittteria : i knew you would say that! you're welcome! πŸ’— @peachylilbun
ornhansen : Let's get you one then. :) @local_milk
littlefrannie : @janwilding @mrs_meers
m_tseng : @_gracechuang
eldahinoj - quemeeshop - ajeungs - scarf.revolution -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
I've spent the past hour going through dozens and dozens of #countryliving and #marthastewart magazines to save only my favorite articles and inspiration photos so I don't have to pack all these magazines up.
marthastewart - countryliving -
mingleandrubbish : Love doing that!
foundandformerly : I did this thinking I'd save all kinds of space but now I have a giant plastic tub I can't lift because its so full of magazine pullouts!
samyacha : oh I'm so happy I'm not the only one who hoards magazines. tearing out only the pages I love is my very last resort.
adoredvintage : @samyacha same here! but I either could tear out pages or have several boxes of magazines to pack... lol
zebiepaige : I've decided that Martha Stewart is going to plan my wedding. And I couldn't be happier
agnes_in_disguise : I've had to do that! I figured out a system for my magazines. I tear favorite pages from the previous month's issue when the current one comes out, and at the end of the year I go through those 12 or 4 issues from the year once more, then throw them all away. That way I only ever accumulate one year's worth of magazines! ☺️ #organizingfreak
shopretro : Just a about photographing the magazine pull out and saving it to your phone gallery or album or download to your computer files. Would weight alot less. I've done this and is very lightweight. Lol @agnes_in_disguise @samyacha @adoredvintage
agnes_in_disguise : @shopretro have you ever subscribed digitally then? Better quality than photographs! If you subscribe to a print magazine they'll often give you the digital code for free. πŸ‘ I'm just a die-hard print freak.
louisa__mae - ritasoley - artlessfreak - 19_hannah_99 -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Packing isn't so bad when you get to look at pretty things! I'm so glad I saved all my grey paint chips!
beyourpet : Gorgeous
ce_mi_a - miyukihamano - tininarjona - luisawan -
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