poetry of cloth | Portland, OR | brick/mortar spring 2015 | engaged to @ornhansen
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adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Heading to Salem tomorrow for @ponderosa_and_thyme Fall Foliage workshop! So excited! πŸπŸ‚ Here's more peeks at what's coming to the shop by Monday! (posting on website under coming soon tomorrow!) Also, learned a ton at #socalitypdx and can't wait to share what I learned about marketing, leadership, and community on the blog soon!
socalitypdx -
mydecoratedlife : Wish I was going! Have fun!
adoredvintage : @mydecoratedlife I'm super excited! Never taken a flower arranging workshop!
mydecoratedlife : I came to the very first one she did, last winter... They're a lot of fun, you'll love it!
ajclementine : It was lovely meeting you today, you are so wonderful! πŸ’•
love_over_time : β™‘β™‘β™‘
missjeanbug - nicolavasarhelyi - paolamicah - bristolstvintage -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Confession time. Last night I attended #socalitypdx and it made me realize a few things. One of them is I'm not a social person. Not that I CAN'T be social. But being in a big crowd of people where the premise is "OK, go meet people, say hi! Make friends!" Is very SCARY for me. I just wish I was more brave. I've always admired people who could just walk up to someone and strike up a conversation. Today is Day 2 and I'm very eager to learn from the speakers, I'm just praying I get a bit o courage to speak up today. It's so easy to write it out and share through this medium, but in person I'd probably just smile awkwardly at you. photo by @lanitrock from #acurrentaffair
socalitypdx - acurrentaffair -
littletricia1 : I know what you mean, it's easier if you have a friend with you
angiebradshaw : I laugh at this because I recognized you at Content last week but couldn't muster up the extroversion to say hi and that I've been following you online and love your work! Consider this a virtual πŸ‘‹. If you haven't read it already, I recommend Susan Cain's book 'Quiet.' I think it will resonate!
adoredvintage : @angiebradshaw Aww you should have said Hello! But I totally get what you mean :) Thank you for the virtual hello! ✨😁
angiebradshaw : @adoredvintage next time I will!
vintagebeautydetective : I appreciate the honesty, I can totally relate! Being in the beauty industry, it's a very social atmosphere & that can be intimidating for less extroverted people.
coupyclothes : I am one of those easily chatty people but I still have an anxiety disorder! Just know (this helped me) that if you seem goofy or awkward putting yourself out there, people will always respect or appreciate you being brave enough to do so. We are all nervous deep down. πŸ’ͺ
adoredvintage : @coupyclothes I love what you say about us all being nervous deep down! It's so absolutely true!
adoredvintage : @vintagebeautydetective Oh gosh I bet! Every hair stylist I know is basically someone's therapist with all the conversations that happen! 😁
sarahhhh_a - bunny27sc - sashok_17 - snakerbsnaked -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
This 60s mod coat has some really impeccable tailoring. Coming soon!
60smod - 60s - vintage - vintagecoat - vintageshop - 1960s -
gxkoh : Ah! What size?
gunillahartzell3 : @kulturkoftan !!!
cri_malk : @lellatrecordi
zaitken1 : Wow! She's a beauty
cindycountryhome : Love the coat! x
kulturkoftan : Oj vad fin! Jag får börja använda min gråa dubbelknäppta kappa igen πŸ˜„ @gunillahartzell3
crazycaitlinxoxo : Love it!
sarahmedjad : @mejda_m
surraija - thistleweeds - megan_collins - 19_hannah_99 -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
A few detail close ups of dresses arriving in the shop in the next few days! Previews will be up online tonight & tomorrow!
ashleylnesbitt : 😍😍
elspeth.jean : ^^what she said
martimarie : The prettiest! I will be looking for a wedding dress very soon and I'm crossing my fingers to find a perfect vintage one πŸ’“
happy_katie : Yes please
elvintage : πŸ’›
kix93 - - pj.vrgo - bridget_lapin -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
• new • Where Credit Is Due c.1950s | s/m |
vintageshop - vintagedress - 1950s - 50sdress -
cuppyycakes : Gorgeous
amandautah : 😍
jadoreevintage : πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’•
adoredvintage : #1950s #50sdress #vintageshop #vintagedress #vintagedress
stephanievania_ : @aileen_yap
mello_jello14 : CUTE!!!!!
janette_lajirafa : @babsvargas I like this one
babsvargas : @janette_lajirafa suuuper cute
faithnichellegrl - chrissyrturner - scantodisirene - lisatomka -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
• new • Hoxley Station dress c. 1950s | s/m |
unpunctured : Shit. That's fantastic.
adoredvintage : @unpunctured lol! πŸ‘
tallulahpearlsniper : @loucielynn I want this dress!!
elspeth.jean : oh my lanta
elvintage : πŸ’›
iloveyouvintage : πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
ponderosa_and_thyme : What! Come on!!!!! This is too fabulous.
adoredvintage : @ponderosa_and_thyme you would be cute in this, just guessin 😜
alicedistillata - dinah_gutierrez - thevintageflorist - shellikaaa -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
I would 200% wear these together! | Newly arrived in the shop! #prettypairings
prettypairings -
alinakolloge : Me too, yes!
warmothally : That blue is dreamy!
foundfineart : OMG that skirt!
raleighvintage : oh yeah, totally!
chloberries : what's the waist measurement on that delightful blue number, please?
kiersten_s : that skirt!😍
iloveyouvintage : πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
biancachan_ : Dreamy skirt @babykat_
hillyah - sdmccoy1688 - bless_her_heart - dinah_gutierrez -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
Another cute label on a 50s skirt photographed today. The little smile is so cute!
emmypricenski : AH! Soooo cute :')
kaydovevintage : I've never run into a Koret skirt I didn't love!
edithe123 : πŸ˜πŸ‘
biancajulandersen - setecores - cloudberryviolet - croatiavintage -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
• new • Rivage Croisiere dress c.1950s | m/l |
babsvargas : My next inspiration....what do you think? @janette_lajirafa
heidiapples : This makes me think of you. Probably because it's gorgeous @vicklespickles
vicklespickles : Haha, thank you Heidi love. It also looks like one of the hundreds of dresses I tried on at Anthropology in NY. Sigh. I miss it!
vicklespickles : @heidiapples
_rajalakshmi_ : This is the best one!
love_over_time : Perfect shade of blue.
janette_lajirafa : @babsvargas they're both so cute!!!
emilydiane : @karenkristian
kaylatheincredible - afraklc - lovingelpaso - chrissyrturner -
adoredvintage - ADORED VINTAGE
• new • Histoire de Bourdeilles dress c.1950s / m /
casdesswan : @aub_conway
gunillahartzell3 : @kulturkoftan och en till!
kulturkoftan : @gunillahartzell3 πŸ˜±πŸ‘πŸ˜
babsvargas : Ugh or this @janette_lajirafa
tamsienwest : @lilypondgeelong So beautiful!
squishymomo : @tiffany_v0 omg 😍
lilypondgeelong : Love this @tamsienwest think you should buy it xx
casademoda : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
aub_conway - baraziklova - vitoriarecchia - casademoda -
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