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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
If you are going to make a mess at least it should be yummy. That one on the top right I was testing to be sure it isn't #poison. What can I say, bold flavors are my #passion.
passion - poison -
tashhaus : Yummy!
amyloucook : Were they cooked on the egg?
pruebel - therickfloyd - fsmithiv - tashhaus -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Finished up the big mountain safety and advanced snow science course with @zahan007 @timmycohn @mtncorn @exumguides. The information was mind blowing and our crew was fantastic. I am excited to take my mountain experiences to the next level. Before leaving we couldn't resist a dawn patrol lap on Glory. Thanks again to @simonskis @treylikes2play @t.flynn @itsyoursole @tecnicablizzard @smithoptics #livetoski #skiuphill
skiuphill - livetoski -
jakepantone : #safetyfirst
hortie52 : Stunning photo! @exumguides is on my list!
zahan007 : Top 10 mountain instagram photo of all time...ya adam!
khkenny1 : WOW!!
therickfloyd : earning badges
timmycohn : Sick photo Adam! Crushing the Instagram contest!
katelynbutton : #isthatreallife ? 👍
emba_jue - trimom208 - jfscarborough - intonarnia -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Our big mountain safety course went next level again today with @zahan007 @jacksonhole Ski Patrol/Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center and while I want this knowledge for myself, I can't help to think how it will improve my experiences in the mountains with this little man and Lucy Bird. #livetoski @t.flynn @timmycohn @simonskis @treylikes2play @exumguides
livetoski -
kellieewirth : What do I have to stay home? #whowouldbringthesnacks?
adamewirth : Of course you are in @kellieewirth you are the glue.
mfrodahl - roybtz - n_anastas - scottbiehl -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Getting our advanced #snowscience learn on with an incredible crew in one of the greatest classrooms in the world. #livetoski #skiuphill @zahan007 @simonskis @t.flynn @timmycohn
skiuphill - livetoski - snowscience -
zahan007 : That's a good one Adam!
tashhaus : Wow that looks amazing!
kp_donovan : Skiing uphill. Pfft.
calvermc : #takethatgravity
elvis_city - nunataktravels - mfrodahl - _jan.ove_ -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Very cool sunset from above the clouds.
therickfloyd : Sparkling day for a snowshoe :)
heidialbertson - craigdavis7 - khkenny1 - tashhaus -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Ok you stick your tongue out and I will stick my tongue out and then I will give you a piece of Romaine.
kellieewirth : Lunch out with dad
brigidkenny : Love Goose's earmuffs!!
paul_eide_14 - minatheadventurepup - tashhaus - craigdavis7 -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Oh yeah, get some! Happy Monday @tecnicablizzard #DeepWinter15 #livetoski
livetoski - deepwinter15 -
kellieewirth : #greatskillstopassondad
treylikes2play : Did you stick it??
hortie52 : Is that Mac or Adam? I can't tell because of the short legs :)
kellieewirth : @hortie52 haha its Mac, he has inherited the super quads!
guswathen : I remember his determined practice of that move off the high dive. Glad to see its flawless execution where it counts!
doit208style : Michael Jackson skis?
jesscerra - angelcschneider - tashhaus - khkenny1 -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
@arcteryx my little people want to know if they can get in on this #DeepWinter15 business?
deepwinter15 -
ofpnal - johannapa79 - maximgoryachev - kellyjohnstonlawson -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
I go out on a run today at lunch and as I am getting back to the house I check the mail and find this gift to Lucy. At that moment @michaelfranti "Anytime You Need Me" is playing on my headphones and I get a funny email from one of my best friends. One of life's great moments and important for me to say how grateful I am for all of my friends and how important they are to me. #weallneedabff
weallneedabff -
kellieewirth : Wait? @warhorse25 why didn't I get copied in on the funny email? And who knew @adamewirth had such a soft side?
warhorse25 : @kellieewirth u like funny emails? also, I had no idea @adamewirth had more than 1 best friend
adamewirth : @warhorse25 and @kellieewirth you guys are up there as BFF's. Please don't feel left out of the love.
kellieewirth - intonarnia - jkadlick - wallcr -
adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Fun to be with my Grandma Bev for her 84 birthday today. Kellie, the kids, my aunt and uncle all had a wonderful dinner at Dornan's. We sang Han Skal Leve at dinner and wished the Danish Queen many more.
daniela_sassysanchez - aoscarborough - dhooks5330 - craigdavis7 -
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