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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
πŸ“· @tmeierphoto from my effort on the Grand Teton Triathlon. Hard to come up with a full description of the day. Starting at Jackson's town square you ride 21.5 miles to Jenny Lake, then swim 1.3 miles across the lake, then run/climb to the summit of the 13,776 Grand Teton and then reverse it running down, swimming back across the lake and ride back to the town square. The purist form is to start with all your gear and haul it on the bike and swim; thus the reason for the large pack. It was certainly a challenging day with less than ideal conditions on the Owen-Spalding route and brutal South winds for the return swim and ride and I was very happy to get it in this late in the season. 2:10 of biking; 1:21 of swimming; 7:15 of running/climbing and 39 minutes of transition time for a total time of 11 hours 27 minutes Town Square to Town Square. I do have a few questions for the #ICEHAA (International Committee for Extreme High Alpine Aquateering) and @treefighter I would like to consider this a self supported effort especially since I lugged all that sheet from town, across the lake and back but there are some potential infractions that I would like the committee to rule on. 1. I had my friends @tmeierphoto @albertsonbj and Brady Johnston as my handlers/safety crew throughout the day make sure I was safe. 2. With Todd and BJ driving I stashed my bike and riding stuff inside their vehicle versus locking my bike up. 3. The OS was very snowy and we soloed the route but a very nice group of climbers put in a fixed rope where the Catwalk and Owen Chimney meet and I grabbed on for a short distance (very helpful in #fullvalue conditions). 4. When we reached the Upper Saddle on the way down I was out of water and Brady and I found a 1/4 drank 32 Oz bottle of Gatorade Frost. I assumed it was trail booty and Brady and I drank just about the entire thing. We left about 1/4 just case someone had stashed it. Please provide a ruling on these potential self assessed penalties. @envecomposites @itsyoursole #gtnp
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adamewirth : I should apologize to the individual who had that Gatorade Frost if by chance they had stashed and came down to it finding most of it gone. You should understand that I largely stray away from Gatorade products but at this moment it was one of the more incredible things I have ever tasted. I pumped my fist and thanked you for it.
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Hey you guys taking selfies and posting them on the social medias is literally the next big thing. It is even better if you can capture a selfie and make it look like it isn't a selfie you guys. #selfie
selfie -
khkenny1 : Haha. "You guys"
r_adventurist : Solid look
kellieewirth : @paul_eide_14 I fee like @adamewirth is a terrible influence on you.
amyloucook : What is happening her?
amyloucook :!
amyloucook : Did your stylist flee the country, @adamewirth?
ingridmiddy : You are brilliant and speak only the truth AW!
jrambojohnston : Wow.
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Oh yeah check out the boy Mac Wirth just crushing it at Kelly's Whitewater Park. #riversurfing #prostyle #likeaboss @corridor_surf_shop
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craigmalone101 : Egggggcellent!
therickfloyd : He is so much cooler than we were at his age. #livingthedream
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
#knuckleheads hanging out in the '59 VW Ghia
knuckleheads -
tashhaus : Looking goodπŸ‘
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Lucy thinks summer is just flying by. Standing at the top of this jump the first time I told Lucy that it was pretty high and don't worry about it if you don't want to do it. Her response was, "dad of course I am going to do it, I just want to know how the cold water is and oh yeah, here is my shirt." #flyinggoose #gtnp #cliffjumping @kellieewirth
flyinggoose - cliffjumping - gtnp -
jamieleighmilan : I love Lucy. I want to steal her!! ❀️
kellieewirth : #wirthherd
tmeierphoto : #wirthherd = #powerfamily
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
I will not use the word "speed" attempt so as not to offend those who really go up and down it fast but Brady Johnston set out this morning in hopes to go up the Grand as quickly as possible. Incredible day climbing this amazing peak in the purest form; it was fun to see friends @zahan007 and @ad.climbandski up there. #13775 #gtnp @theadrenalinproject @itsyoursole @smithoptics @envecomposites
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
I don't know about you but Mac Wirth is jumping straight into the weekend. We might have a junior @o_leeps with this kid. #cliffjumping #phelpslake #gtnp
cliffjumping - phelpslake - staytunedfortheflyinggoose - gtnp -
adamewirth : I should mention his sister did it as well but I am restricted to one post a day. #staytunedfortheflyinggoose
cyamadaanderson : Your kids are bad ass!!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
kiwinidaho : Dudes got skills
themegfloyd : That is amazing!
amyloucook : How high is that?! Jesus!!
brigidkenny : Love your kids!
tmeierphoto : Yeah Mac!!!! Steez for dayz...
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
The Flying Goose doing a little sunset flying. #whywalkwhenyoucanrun @kellieewirth @organicoach
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
The flying Goose working on her Jr Hippie Badge. #hulahoop
hulahoop -
adamewirth : @tmeierphoto might want to mentor this one.
hipnotichoopla : βœŒπŸ’œπŸ˜Š
tmeierphoto : I will pack my travel patchouli and be over soon. I will bring a sepa and my rhythm stix! Keep it up Goose!!!!!!
kellieewirth : Embarrassed that I had to google a sepa @tmeierphoto Lucy might need a resident camp
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
#backyard #gtnp
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