Adam Wirth

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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
BJ's truck came into the driveway talking junk but he quickly realized that the VW van is a pacifist and they chilled.
kellieewirth : It's a lifestyle man.
warhorse25 : I'm trying but I can't keep up with all the lifestyles
adamewirth : @warhorse25 don't play coy, you know the lifestyle. Long live the "with" folks
khkenny1 : Nice leather bra. Is the van into S&M?
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Our new-money-incredible-awesome-groovy '93 Eurovan is really opening up the Wirth adventure possibilities. Be warned @kellieewirth and I might be planning a trip near you for a little #type1fun or #type2fun #sorrynotsorry. @mrsmichalak What do you think?
type1fun - type2fun - sorrynotsorry -
mrsmichalak : Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it! You can park that adventure-mobile in our driveway anytime!!!
warhorse25 : #seemsreasonable but I don't understand
warhorse25 : Memo me ASAP regarding the aforementioned!
adamewirth : @warhorse25 how are you accepting memos these days (fax, email, mail, etc...)?
warhorse25 : Hi. I googled your pound signs and it took me to my uncle Wilford's ads for Liberty Medical #diabeetus
hortie52 : Have you ever watched the movie Drift? It s on netflix. Check It out, you might get inspired i.e the guy in his decked out van.
adamewirth : @warhorse25 type 1 fun is defined as an activity or an event that is fun at the moment. Type 2 fun is fun in retrospect
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Talk of extra fuzzy caterpillars and bees more aggressive than normal this summer has all signs pointing towards a big winter. In hopes that the omens are true we are redefining #drylandtraining #livetoski #reallyearningtheturns #type1fun
type1fun - reallyearningtheturns - drylandtraining - livetoski -
mrsmichalak : Love this!!! Now where is the van picture???
khkenny1 : Great picture...maybe pretty fun...terrible idea! @kellieewirth if you care about your knees, please don't do this anymore.
kellieewirth : @khkenny1 I was SO bad at this it exposed all my bad habits #stillliftingtheuphillski
adamewirth : There @khkenny1 goes with the safety patrol talk. I am surprised that your jurisdiction covers the Bruneau Dunes Ski area. It wasn't us but I saw tons of potential safety violations in that joint. You need to get up there with your yellow ticket book stat.
calvermc : This is my first ever time to read instantgrams, but Megan #mywife, thought I would have a laugh at this #motherf*ckingthread, which I did. @crossingguardkoby had brought up some good points on safety to @skeerdycatkellie. Be #selfi
calvermc : #safe everyone and don't stop Gra
calvermc : Oops. Thing keeps posting. I think my @name is @fjvilece.
craigdavis7 : Great pic-bad idea. Stay on'em@crossingguardkoby#wintercomestoosoon
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
If you follow @brodyleven you would have seen his Seasonally Confused adventures; we channeled some of it today for good old fashion #type1fun skiing some of Idaho's finest deep untracked #brownpow. Romeo would have gone to the Southern Hemisphere to get it but we are doing all we can around to teach these kids to #livetoski #skiuphill #reallyearningtheturns #tightloose @blizzimages @tecnicablizzard @suuntonorthamerica @smithoptics
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adamewirth : "Your Grandma took a spill today at the sand dunes.... She broke her coccyx."
brodyleven : I love this so much. Thank you for sharing it.
kellieewirth : He left me out of the shot b/c of my horrible sand-skiing form.
craigdavis7 : Wtheck?
hortie52 : This is truly awesome!
ingridmiddy : Coolest parents ever!
jwm_84 : Awesome!! Good stuff
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Everybody is getting in on the action up hard guy today!
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
Rolling out the pasta. #heavilyfiltered
heavilyfiltered -
warhorse25 : #dinnerfortwo
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
@kellieewirth making her way through the tunnel of color.
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
We said good bye to Fred today. She was one of my oldest friends and for the last 16 years we had a lot of fun memories. She was a such a sweet dog and family member. Over the years she has met so many of you and I am sure many of you have a good memory of Fred. On to greener pastures my friend and hopefully endless frisbee catching.
khkenny1 : Sorry brother. She was one I the good ones. #throckmorton
mfeg : Aw, thanks for being such a great companion, Fred. 😌
jrambojohnston : Very sad to read this Adam. I'm so sorry. :(
nique2222 : Oh Adam, I am sooooo sorry to hear this. Thinking of you guys.
bghart10 : Sorry to hear Adam and K Wirth, the Harts loved our time with her.
johannapa79 : So, so sorry for your loss, Adam.
craigdavis7 : Fred was one awesome companion and cool as hell!
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
@guswathen is somewhere down there as we rappel from this massive wall of granite. Epic adventure for sure!
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adamewirth - Adam Wirth
The sky is on fire!
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