is the original medicated cbd syrup. All inquiries email The #healthypoupmovement is here-join #actablissfam #nomethazine #cbdmeds
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actabliss - ActaBliss
We will b doing some nomethazine cases at below wholesale if u order it today.. Will be heading north again mon/tues.. Let us know if u want some... #healthypourup
healthypourup -
khushdreamin : @actabliss how do I buy a case for wholesale i wanna buy it today
dyl_edwards : @actabliss northern Ohio
actabliss : @khushdreamin where u at?
actabliss : @oakpark24 hit up @tonyboy_diamond
actabliss : @seejslim where u located?
actabliss : @based_manny this is
trevordelta9 : What up Lake Elsinore, riverside county,CA
seejslim : @actabliss wherever you're going to be. Dead serious.
kushdawg710 - calikushyo - polopierrre - rolandmoore89 -
actabliss - ActaBliss
@coolcalmcollective420 got u on the bliss! #actablissfam #healthypourupmovement
actablissfam - healthypourupmovement -
k_stay_rude : Thy took yo idea @joeyangelodr
wwoodworks : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
phenomenonn91 : @rooftopthe3th_
actabliss : @georgie_ce what was the first time patient gift?
actabliss : Nice. That's the kinda stuff u gotta do to cut through the competition these days. @georgie_ce
actabliss : @b0_jackson boom. Here ya go boss.
actabliss : To anyone else that doesn't already know this spot is in Bakersfield!
b0_jackson : I looked it up, says it's in LA @actabliss @actabliss @actabliss
jojo_ross40 - mr_atx_realtor - tharik401 - thereal_la_wray -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Check out @grandorganics for ur bliss needs b some fire oil! #actablissfam #healthypourupmovement
actablissfam - healthypourupmovement -
dzrktheplug : Check kik
officialag619 : My city
thedanks714 - bashin12345 - big_boss_208 - pipe -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Orange County bliss retailer! #actablissfam #healthypourupmovement
actablissfam - healthypourupmovement -
actabliss : @elevateddreamscollective
dzrktheplug : Check kik
onezeroneseven : I need a shipment to ny
klier - bashin12345 - big_boss_208 - pipe -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Sac hit up tony for ur bliss! #actablissfam #healthypourupmovement
actablissfam - healthypourupmovement -
thatboiimartin_ : Does actabliss contain thc ?
thatboiimartin_ : Or just cbd's?
doj72 : Dmts
actabliss : @thatboiimartin_ yes it contains both
fms_j3r3my : I need a case #actablissfam @actabliss
klier - msseedless - bashin12345 - pipe -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Vallejo has it! #actablissfam
actablissfam -
mcwomahan : First
teamburris : I need it
theytookourderbz : Where can you buy?
oceangrownkush : @teamgreenlean
ivanz707 : Fat drop or nah?
trisha_710_anne - poopymoe - marijuanamike420 - msseedless -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Restock @apothecarycollective #actablissfam
actablissfam -
smokethafinest420 : Any New Mexico dispensaries caring? @actabliss
23elvish : Do you know if your product is available to patients in Ontario? @actabliss 😐😐😐
actabliss : @23elvish u mean in ie?
23elvish : In Canada aha I'm not sure what's available up here. Right now I'm just working on getting the medical marijuana prescription.
b0_jackson : any Kern County dispensaries? Bakersfield, CA ???? @actabliss @actabliss @actabliss
b0_jackson : I've fucked around with codeine for years I'm trying to get my hands on some actabliss Fam, #HealthyPoUp
actabliss : Yep! I do believe there was a drop a lil while back in bfield,. @b0_jackson
b0_jackson : if you could let me know which dispensary? ? It would be greatly appreciated!!! @actabliss @actabliss @actabliss
b0_jackson - trisha_710_anne - traplawd_blaze - msseedless -
actabliss - ActaBliss
made with only AAA indoor flowers, this medication will be designed to be a more balanced THC to CBD ratio vs the 2:1 we usually shoot #healthypourupmovement
healthypourupmovement -
actabliss : @lucci1017 yes send a direct message
actabliss : @stickedandstoned apologies I'll look through the DM list it gets really long sometimes and Messages slipped through the cracks.. Where are you located
actabliss : @devahprincess we will see it's just been bottled right now so only a few clubs will be able to get it at first..
stickedandstoned : Ill send a new one. @actabliss
actabliss : Word thnx @stickedandstoned
stickedandstoned : πŸ™Œ
710carrot : @actabliss I want that 2oz bottle in your hands then seems like a fair price haha
actabliss : Ha
jatt_kahlon1 - 5nakafof - marcoorlandi - pipe -
actabliss - ActaBliss
@sjpatientsgrp @sjpatientsgrp restocked and ready to go! They've got half pints and pints! #actablissfam #healthypourupmovement if your in San Jose or close and need bliss hit em up!
actablissfam - healthypourupmovement -
tacma95 : I need some in vegas asap please
kush__couture : What places carry your cbd products? @actabliss
jon_jameson710 : Haha text me @juliovascodegamarodriguez
jefe813 : @sunsetextract
drodat : @hurtboy_ag wtf
bluntstoashes : can I place a order
actabliss : @bluntstoashes where u from
bluntstoashes : tx
twalters87 - bashin12345 - lousyright - theskyskraper -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Bottling cases of Nomethazine.. Taking orders for local so cal.. La,ie,sd #healthypourupmovement #cbd #cbdsyrup
healthypourupmovement - cbdsyrup - cbd -
whoodie864 : @actabliss sneek and send me one to SC lol
satanicxspermh818 : @h818_ @mydadcooksbase
mannyshallperish : @maxaveli420 I second this!
flatblacklung : Where in the IE? @actabliss
actabliss : @csfaded all g no hate.. I don't understand ur question? They all have cbd and thc. When we first dropped actabliss it was called cbd lean. This is essentially the same thing just always made with aaa flowers whereas actabliss is made w smalls,larf,lite dep etc... So nomethazine is gonna b like actabliss v2. I think ur getting confused because we are coming out with a pure cbd version that will be devoid of any thc.. That's a diff thing than this, and that one isn't ready yet... Hopefully that clears up any confusion.
actabliss : @flatblacklung peoples choice has it or highland wellness I think it's called in upland. If u peep @actablissfam there should b retailer lists posted.
actabliss : @maxaveli420 yes we will be doing a concentrate version collab. That one will b elevated thc.
purextractions : @csfaded @maxaveli420 if you enjoy the product drink it. Were no longer to the pint of arguing wether thc or CBD's hold medicinal value. It's now common sense. once cannabis is finally federally legal. Their are major players in the pharmaceutical industry that already hold patents on processes that are used to identify and exactly extract that targeted cannabinoid. So many people are on the hunt for high CBD meds as if the processes being used to create these products are from Pfizer and will actually produce a pure cbd cure. Until that day comes and you start using each Cannabinoid for it's individual benefit (explained to you by a doctor, scientist, or degreed professional, You should only expect THC to get you the spiritual high many people "who sip" think they feel. You shouldn't be searching for CBD if you expect to replace Lean as a drug. Your goal should be to replace your addiction to Lean. And get as high as possible off Mary in the sip syrup form. My point isn't CBDs aren't good it is just CBDs are not worth the hunt, they've been found. Just not federally legal for the big boys to act. Not to mention. You hear bcd and "THINK" you know what it helps. It's bound to be a cure. But not from any of our holistic health companies. Will be Pharmacys
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