is the original medicated cbd syrup. All inquiries email The #healthypoupmovement is here-join #actablissfam #nomethazine #cbdmeds
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actabliss - ActaBliss
Fools on Ali baba tryin to scam people for big bucks. Saying 100 pints at. 50 each..lunacy.. And if u send someone thousands of dollars, E
rinsed -
waxdabber209 : I herd its better.
socleanvisuals : SCAM!!!! FAKE!!!! LMAO
dapper_dabber : @brothers710
abelikescolors : @rob_c415
trevordelta9 : The most obvious giveaway that this is a scam ....Berlin is land locked....there isn't a PORT In berlin? Maybe I'm wrong
13miked : Lab tested Edibles is a FAKE , they have been EXPOSED
actabliss : @chukkelstheproducer ah gagagaga. Right on dude, duh uh huh huh..keep believing the haters! And whatever u do DONT, by any means. Think for ur self...just keep regurgitating bullshit u heard some other nacc spew. #rinsed
chukkelstheproducer : @actabliss damn I was talking about the full sail in the fake stuff online but anyway the more I see you defend your product the more of an admission of guilt it is that it is fake if you sell good stuff good words will spread itself if you sell fake medicine well guess what the community will eventually find out besides who needs to buy your product when someone could make it themselves and will actually be beneficial
mr_atx_realtor - spaceman_extracts - youngcheifs - julie_sandoval48 -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Also available now in Valejo! @ releaf.. Only retailer in Valejo at the moment! They are not on Instagram but if you know where releaf is they have it!! #actablissfam #healthypourupmovement
actablissfam - healthypourupmovement -
armyofnugz : Get to AZ already! 🌡
trevordelta9 : Southern California? Which clinic has it? Since u can't get real actavis anymore???
ikonla : When are you announcing the cup winner?
actabliss : @ikonla just waiting on a choice from tha man.Hes lookin at em picked what he likes..I'm sure it'll be tom..
ikonla : Good sheit thanks bro
actabliss : @itzzhbk try @tonyboy_diamond
actabliss : @masoli74 maybe @harbor_solution_center?
actabliss : Not the best w la freeways..
renegade_gal - steffmack - mr_atx_realtor - twalters87 -
actabliss - ActaBliss
First bliss in Sacramento! You asked for it now finally it is there for you! It is also our strongest yet! #actablissfam #healthypourupmovement spreads.. #cbdsyrup @tonyboy_diamond hit em up!!
actablissfam - healthypourupmovement - cbdsyrup -
rollomodelo619 : @steve_ignacio
actabliss : @mycandy84 were workin on bein out there shortly
g_money625 : @90805radio
tonyboy_diamond : @fatman27
furbyfurbss : @rum
hmoneybagz2290 : @actabliss can't wait to try
jon_jameson710 : Come to Tahoe -_- @actabliss
tblottii : U ship to jersey
jay_cheif_one - kokayne__ - partida32 - californiataaylor -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Hmmm interesting. Food for thought no doubt. For the whole article to go the weed activist page shown at top of pic and search hack lab tested edibles. I think it's funny how some people think there's just nooooo way anything like this could ever happen in their beloved mmj industry.. Surely no one would ever commit industrial sabotage or try n be mr monopoly of the edible and testing world. Lol. U must have been sheltered. #actabliss #cbdsyrup #realmeds #healthypourup
realmeds - healthypourup - actabliss - cbdsyrup -
errldiamond : Interesting!!!
jnova925 : @casiglio
pixzle : @sirfrank_ that's what they should do. Instead they debate it... I had a bottle an to be honest I'm spectacle on it... A lot my side effects as if I took melatonin... πŸ˜• not trying to stir anything up but I'd probably not purchase again.
actabliss : No, for the 1455th time there NO MELATONIN in it. That's just dumb. @kc_concentrates @_shade @pixzle yes and as we've said a grip of times now, here, on ig, we will post them when we get them back. And no it hasn't been a priority cuz were tryin to fill orders and bottle product for the people that love and want it, rather than stressin ourselves out to the max to try and appease a few people who are buying into this "were fake" crap.
pyg5280 : U guys have product in any dispensaries in the I.E.?
actabliss : @pyg5280 yes there's a couple Highland and People's choice
actabliss : look through the feed for the retailer list!
allisononfire : @my_vibrations
alfredos_gunnin - pinchechiquillo - luggageboy - consciousalvin -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Riff fan cake. #neonnation
neonnation -
actabliss : @legalize420herb ya dude. We're fake. Totally. That's why people keep saying they love it and shops keep buying it. Cuz it's so fake. Lmao. Don't believe everything that you read on Instagram.
actabliss : @fxckswxg I don't know maybe you got one that was not from the newer batch maybe your tolerance is kind of high but we have gotten nothing but good reviews on the new stuff.. What town are you located? I would be happy to hook you up with one of the bottles of the new stock.. Just depends on where you are as far as getting it to you
actabliss : @13miked should be today have not chosen it yet
fxckswxg : @actabliss that would be awesome .. I bought it at harbor solutions center. Live in the Los Angeles area
13miked : I deserve to get hooked up also @actabliss I stood up for actabliss when green lean was talking trash about actabliss . I would get u proof but they erased the post off their page after getting lab tested πŸ˜βœŒοΈπŸ˜—πŸ’¨
actabliss : All g man.. Gotchu! Thnx for the support!! @13miked
actabliss : @fxckswxg oh ya man, they haven't reordered in a min, so they don't have the new stuff yet. New batch is prob twice as strong...
fxckswxg : Niice .. I also stay by og empire in compton . I've seen ur product there as well .
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actabliss - ActaBliss
Leave an email or # and well hit u up
actabliss : @bigchuck916 yA did u dm me?
isaiahhngm : Can you guys ship it to me ?
tonyboy_diamond : @actabliss I sent you a DM
heedtime : @actabliss I want it am in Oakland
actabliss : @heedtime try @blumoakland
aimeemguy : Call the emerald triangle at (530)521-8176, we are interested in vending your product at my dispensary. @actabliss
yourcaliconnect : @actabliss that would be great!
tubbs_beenbussn : @daniela_blanco
dan_rios13 - mc_thc_ - jetpackjohnny - msseedless -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Love hearing these kind reports. This is the kinda thing cbd can do for u. Shoot I'd go crazy wakin up at 430 for a week let alone 5 years!! #cbdsyrup #cbd #unlockitspower lmao @ placebo
unlockitspower - cbd - cbdsyrup -
richierich1017 : Where can I cop some?
og_seabeard : Keep me posted as to when you can ship me a case of the cbd syrup!!
skyhighflyguy : Yo I'm very interested in you product, was wondering if you would be able to inform me on a shop I would be able to purchase this at in the Los Angeles Area ? Thank you
actabliss : @concentratedcalvin fortunately one random Instagram account posting some suppose it to us to results is not proof. I would consider hundreds of happy patients and shops continuing to reorder much better proof that the syrup works fine
actabliss : @skyhighflyguy it's at the apothecary and strain collective
actabliss : @strain30capcollective @apothecarycollective
skyhighflyguy : Gracias !!!
killacam_710 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯β›½β›½πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
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actabliss - ActaBliss
Fully stocked. @bristolpharms come try the new formula! #actablissfam #healthypourup #cbdsyrup
actablissfam - healthypourup - cbdsyrup - weluvhaters -
d3mon1 : Hey I saw some of your product in the Moreno Valley area was wondering if this is your actual product or maybe a counterfeit how do I know if its actually your product and price range? Thanks :)
actabliss : @d3mon1 they're fine I'm sure
onezeroneseven : I been wanted to try this for a while noW, ship to ny?
bababazorg : @actabliss I live in LA where can I cop some of this?
s4ley : @_slimwilliams_ Whaaat #Leanin
actabliss : @bababazorg try @apothecarycollective or @strain30capcollective or @harbor_solution_center
onezeroneseven : Ship to Colorado? @shmal101 @actabliss
playa_black : U ship to Michigan @actabliss
eastcoastscarface - humlan040 - curtman3000 - imhighhowareyou_ -
actabliss - ActaBliss
Another addition to the @actablissfam #healthypourup #cbd #cbdsyrup hit em up!
healthypourup - cbdsyrup - cbd -
actabliss : @highmileageoc
actabliss : 24/7 deliveries!!!
juicemaneeee : Word ? I'm in OC
frontyardfunk - slickdarula_333 - centralvalleyxtractions - berto_cuhh -
actabliss - ActaBliss
@greenworkssd Just reloaded w a buncha flavors with the new fomula! #actablissfam #healthypourup if ur in sd and have not became a member of this collective, DO IT! From flowers (some of the best ogs around) to the edibles to the cons they are on beast mode! Hit them up for ALL your mmj needs! #cbdmeds
cbdmeds - actablissfam - healthypourup - hatersgonnahate -
ashemout : @thriftjunkie69
geesend87 : @actabliss so Cal but come from . Phoenix and got alot of mmj patients out there too
sirgrasselot : Hahhahahha #eathaterzforbreakfast #thetruthreplysback keep it up @actabliss
ls2goatgino : You on this @stannkykush
stannkykush : @ls2goatgino na, I had a sample of that green lean but shits hella expensive lol but its bomb as fuck
trippinballzb : @gc8_rhd_coupe
eyl_radio : @gold__blooded87
_youngscoot : Send me a sample @actabliss
twalters87 - lallipopextract - centralvalleyxtractions - sir_stonedalot -
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