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a_gray - Alex Gray
Recieved the best news ever: #ranchopalosverdes city council has APPROVED our wish for a skatepark in their masterplan!!! Myself, along with hundreds of community members, have been fighting for a "first ever" skatepark in our local city for over a year. It's been an incredible journey which brought many like minded people together, and even changed a few we didn't think possible :) A huge thank you to everyone who took the extra time and effort to explain the need and positive benefits of a skatepark to the council. Massive props to all the kids who voiced their opinion and stood up for their passion. And more than anyone, thank you to our amazing city council for the opportunity. We are a self-funded project, so the next phase will be raising money. Congrats everyone!!! #southbay #palosverdes #skateparkpv @Huddady @BlainBailey13 @maxmoilaren @molzzzzzz @brycelw @ccoralreef @barrett_w @jwendelc @kelseyuruburu @mayawillis_ @Jack_b_good_please @Jimmyvogel @jOnaragOn @coopersk8burrows @BriggsPeus @littleeinsteinsfan1 @BRNBOYZ @Ihatetables @sophiamo_nica @chrisvillaluz @__natalie.s__ @DannyB345 @dimetimee @keliamoniz @megzgodinez @Trudonz @surferrina @emily_ericson @RodneyBuck3 @kaydeecoco @millenniumfoam @craola @dimetimee @lobers123 @wilreid
southbay - ranchopalosverdes - palosverdes - skateparkpv -
leonardude : Great news!! I am just regaining my strength and starting to skate and surf againπŸ‘
a_gray : @leonardude great to here!!! Stay strong bud
jofretomaselli : πŸ‘ you a great human bro πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
michellehwallace : oh my god @domo23000
sophiam_808 : Finally!! Yay, way to persevere @a_gray πŸ’™πŸ‘ #teachbyexample
tikiwaterman : @eastondjones @hunterjoness yippieeeee!!!!!
blessgoya : fuk yea
lexiireneee__ : HELL YES
6f6g6gggg - taj_gartrell - stewart714 - s_a_m_mmm -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Happy #america day!!! #southbay #4thofjuly
4thofjuly - southbay - america -
felix_padilla_ : @_stevenmolina
dontoine : Keep an eye out for sharks.
a_gray : @dontoine they're everywhere
clsmooth92 : @a_gray seriously.
j.d.bell : You do the iron man? @a_gray
dontoine : Yeppers, saw one this morning.
beckygilger : Did you have to take down your photo booth post?
a_gray : @beckygilger yea hahahaha
dean_laubser_ - olivesurfcraft - bobcarr808 - takeiteasyhandplanes -
a_gray - Alex Gray
✌️out #nias. Taking the long way home: nias➑️medan➑️singapore➑️ tokyo➑️los angeles πŸ’©πŸ”« photo @nuttynulty
nias -
wanderingmoses : scenic route, always good for the soul
miltinhouba : @thiagobrunooo andamos por ali
ctrippy : @cj_tripp at least your itinerary doesn't look like this
shipsandcalsa : You could be stuck in michigan...
brezzon : Sombatu bound
beaubrown7 : Medan is gnarly
mrpaulterry : Shot some great footage of you at Nias Alex you put on an amazing show. Great to watch a masterclass in barrel riding!
a_gray : @mrpaulterry thank u!
jou_net - leehextall81 - pereira_romer - ali_cia27.09 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
50 hours of travel ahead back to #losangeles. @brianbielmann @nuttynulty couldn't explain current emotions better πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
losangeles -
dayyoof : @muzzsa
shahaflevi9 : @danielaltovsky
wrapbullys : Nice!
__unerousse_ : @camille_percheron πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fairbro4 : #pigface
gdnalu55 : @a_gray we still surfing sandbars tomorrow.?
a_gray : @gdnalu55 yes!!!! Been waiting a week for this!
camille_percheron : @oxean_xrnt #pauline @axoullb
daleyimage - mitchell.caulfield - thomtom13x - phannysredondo -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Can't help but smile on the #foamball 😬 #happyplace πŸ“· @jake_of_all_trades
happyplace - foamball -
heets7 : Yeah bois!!! @a_gray @jake_of_all_trades
anthonycook44 : Great shot mate @jake_of_all_trades
1travelkat : Epic
mexicano_restaurant : Hey bra, are u going thru #bali ?
crystalline09 : Superb
duncanscottsurfing : @kemblewhitfield Alex is already at Nias getting barrelled. .you in an airport....
chicoduartec : @renatogomess @patriotapaulo
bryanbaker : That you @bcbaker
adventuretravelelsalvador - rosichun - lounaplas - adrienuet -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Sounds good to me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #advertisinggenius #indoenglishatitsfinest
advertisinggenius - indoenglishatitsfinest -
andrewpchristy : @art_vandelayindustries @toddchristy @ezekielgoldstein
beaubrown7 : @a_gray is that owned by Timmy that used to work on san souci boat in ments?
carrozza_surfboards : Genius marketing @timebenson
brezzon : @alex_ersa21 #moonrocks
fritzzz_ : @benjamino_barone
bryanhawaiian : @lexxiileonn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
getme2thewater : Rad
h.sutton : @craigtcummins
theycallmeitson - daleyimage - mitchell.caulfield - _placeipostthings -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Had an un-expected chance to see the oldest village and culture toady in #nias. Turns out jumping a six foot stone is the right of passage to becoming a warrior. Well, I wasn't badass enough for the right of passage haha, but figured I should at least be jumped over πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚. Coolest experience ever thanks to @mastersindo !!!! Love what you can stumble upon while travelling with a surfboard πŸ‘ #airjordan
airjordan - nias -
matt_erb : 😲 he's not human clearly @digdugx23
tommykirk12 : Nice T shirt Alex
kayashmaya : @bfkgeebz
nillyvanilly : @_patnuon @_nhek @llvmelo @gerdurdur
beaubrown7 : Rad I did that 30 years Ago fuck I'm old.
duncanscottsurfing : @a_gray hope there's some follow on swell for you guys. If you stick around Nias, keep an eye out for my south African friend @kemblewhitfield he's flying over way tomorrow. Whoop whoop duncan.
david.gerner : @danny_melling
snowave6 : @swankadoodledoo @kingsambones
victorlucas9.2 - bballel - ar_riyantii - lucasmendes_o -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Held the moon tonight, no big deal πŸŒ™ Might part the sea tomorrow.... Not sure if I'll have enough time though 😳#moderndaymoses #indomirror @nuttynulty πŸ“·
indomirror - moderndaymoses -
heardinthemusic : Epic shot
lovepuerto : Neat photo!
1arethrumble : @lostinlargo @aaronlynton @rossboss782 #upsidedowntrickshot, #brilliantphotographers
ursuchabeach : Epic! Love you!
muauro_comes : Wow
surfandspear : Alex almighty haha
gerglong : @a_gray @nuttynulty this is truly an epic photo!! πŸ™. But I would expect nothing less from such quality humans.
nuttynulty : Ruve u rong time Greg Wong @gerglong
theycallmeitson - eliotves.surfpics - beaconmarine - leehextall81 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Yes @davewassel surfing makes me #horny πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΄πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦πŸ‘Ά
horny -
leopoldojesus26 : Perfect
coreyjameswalker : @staytruebeyou @dfaphil
haydenalbertblair : @kippcaddy1 @chaynoin @dylanhayllar nias
courtneyconlogue : @a_gray great seeing you again! Let me know when you come home and we can have a lil BBQ! Hope you're getting tons of barrels!
a_gray : @courtneyconlogue rasta said u got a bomb yesterday. So stoked to hear that!!! Yes BBQ is onπŸ˜€ hope the ribs heal up and have fun in New York
davewassel : Keg Party @a_gray
a_gray : @davewassel can u tap it for us? 😭
davewassel : Si Gracias @a_gray πŸŽ‰
brookiebbz - joaosousasurf - cody_mckenna23 - rockviewcubby -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Everyone knows @spyoptic makes rad glasses, but what you don't know is that they're actually happiness wizards! Thanks for cloning me so that I could #SEEHAPPY with me, myself and I. This clip seemed like a good way to celebrate #NationalSunglassesDay, but I can't help to think how many tubes I'd be scoring if there were 6 of me in Indo right now! #instantcrowdofmyself #somanybarrels
seehappy - nationalsunglassesday - instantcrowdofmyself - somanybarrels -
domicat1 : You Photoshop your face to make it look like that.?
ignadeu : @pepesciaraffia ta la 🐺
bfagrell : @n_powers @depowerss @kevinshopp
matthahn03 : Sick @a_gray
morris_rodri : @yamyleth96 @portiillo @kevinvega26_ @aleeceren un video así πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
maitoza11 : @samdemac1
alainserna : @borjaortuzar
thomtom13x : You dork
e_tyler_ - dean_laubser_ - kiefer_surf - paul__stagoski -
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