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a_gray - Alex Gray
When not to exit stage left πŸ˜‚. @mattshuster πŸ“·
chrisblabac : @chrisgrafton @keenanklamer
jack_kirk91 : @chris_terrill mex!!!
mylz_berry : So sickkkkkk @traviishauk @matt__leblanc
richarddaly3 : @jjbot3000
onosurf : Hiiiiiiii yaaaaaaaaaaa @a_gray epic view
_emersonbrown_ : @tom_mcdade
kev_m0 : @ajlovelady
botsaaay : @dphodge @davegill_
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a_gray - Alex Gray
Happy #memorialday. That's my grandpa Dudley Gray on the top right. At this moment in time he was a 21 year old farmboy from Iowa. He joined the Navy as a signalman in 1943 on the minesweeper Oracle. The Oracle was in the Aleutian Islands before heading central pacific to Pearl Harbor, Marshall islands, Majuro, Kwajalein, Guam, Saipan, and Okinawa. Crazy to think decades later I'd be surfing in the same places he was minesweeping such as the #aleutianislands and P-pass near the Marshall Islands. I'm extremely grateful to have had a loving, badass grandpa who served so we can live this incredible life today. #dudleygrayisaboss @lgray54
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a_gray : Thanks! @teddyboyd
sustainsurf : You're the spitting image, no doubt.... Good story.
haole2themax : He is an attorney right?
mattmcmahon : My grandfather was lost in a sub off the Aleutians, island of Kiska. Not sure exactly where you surfed (saw the pics; epic) but Kiska was only US soil occupied by Japanese during the war. Sub was lost for almost 70 years, found by deep sea ROV a few years back. Google USS Grunion if curious. Cheers. #johnmertonmcmahonwasabosstoo
a_gray : @mattmcmahon fuck yes to u! Best comment I've ever had on Instagram. Thank u for sharing. This sub stated in atka. I'm so so so sorry your grandfather didn't return. He's a legend. And u know it. I was beyond lucky my grandpa came home and showed me the meaning of a grandparents love. U are an awesome human. Thank u for sharing! Long live ur grandpa !!!!
j__martino : @a_gray @mattmcmahon God bless both of your families for their sacrifices in keeping America the Land of the Free, and clearly Home of the Brave.
margaeux15 : @josephina4 hey..
mattmcmahon : Appreciate the kind words, Alex, stoked you read and respond. And stoked (and a bit jealous) you were able to check out the Aleutians. Seems like a nuts piece of sea.
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a_gray - Alex Gray
Couldn't have asked for a better day of celebrating #chrisgray. Today was a great reminder of the value of friendship. Thanks to all who came to continue his spirit. You all rule. #chrisgraylives #home
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a_gray : @surfeyes thank u
clauditaandreita : πŸ’™
etothelior : You guys were in my dream last night. You swooped some girl I liked and Chris was laughing at me
gringo_grego : I really admire how ur able to be so open about ur feelings about Chris. Ur the man!
neeneerants : @a_gray thanks so much that means the world. You gonna make it to the wedding ??!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
a_gray : @neeneerants crossing my fingers! So stoked on the invite :) and so happy for u
a_gray : @gringo_grego ur the man!
a_gray : @etothelior that's so cool. Thank u for sharing :)
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a_gray - Alex Gray
#happybirthday to the best big brother I could've ever asked for! Splitting a peak like this with you is something I will cherish forever. Thank you Chris for passing on everything that you are and always will be. You continue to be my biggest inspiration and motivator. It takes a special person's spirit to carry on and positively affect people's lives while not physically being with us anymore. I recognize that's exactly what you are doing, and realize that you are the greatest of all time. I know you didn't mean to leave us, but I want you to know it's okay and you will never be forgotten! I love you, miss you, and can't wait to ride a few waves with you today :) #chrisgraylives #brother #thankful
happybirthday - thankful - chrisgraylives - brother -
fairbro4 : Happy Bday Chris!
_madatat_ : Happy Birthday Chris xoxoxo
faith5giesler : Beautiful @chriscoetzeecv9 🎈
chasepansler : Great heart and wisdom from one of the sickest surfers I follow.
a_gray : @fairbro4 u rule. Let's go shoot
a_gray : @1avakind thank u so much for sharing!!!
a_gray : @_madatat_ miss u cousin
ocean_seed : Beautifully said @a_gray
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a_gray - Alex Gray
Dear #tahiti, thank you. pic: @bobridges @melllow_yellow #everyonesdoinit
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stephhaanniiee : Tahiti?! What?! Why didn't @sirena_el_why and I know about this?!
devon_howard : Air Tahiti
othochouf : U still here brother ?
melllow_yellow : #goldengod
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a_gray - Alex Gray
This is why I will stand up for the future generations the rest of my life. Magnus, a local 9 year old skateboarder, wore his heart on his sleeve in front of city council tonight. You are a gift to the world my little big man!!! That was the most courageous thing I've seen a young man do. #RanchoPalosVerdes will NOT be issuing a city wide skateboard ban. They will only be banning a couple very dangerous streets which I'm okay with. Thank you so much to everyone who supported tonight. Never been more proud of our community. #magnus4president #skateparkpv #southbay #palosverdes #courage @gurlif
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nataliebutorac : Best kid everrr
grahamgarner : @steveoralph I grew up in PV and my parents let me build a quarter pipe. There are numerous plans online you can follow. 4 ft would be a good starter height, It would be a great project for you to do with Magnus. By popular demand two more ramps and a few rails were eventually added. Also want to mention this didn't stop my friends and I from bombing "unsafe" hills pretty much every single day. When you're a kid nothing is unsafe nor can a parent watch over you 24/7 just make sure he has that helmet on as it saved my life a few times.
grahamgarner : Nothing feels* unsafe
steveoralph : @grahamgarner thanks for the advice. Looking forward to the time building the ramp together with Magnus as much as I am riding it with him.
turboted : @b_macadella
pistolpher : @tpandme
__natalie.s__ : Give Magnus a damn medal! :)
bornwilde : Magnus! This cousin is very proud of you, not just for standing up for skateboarding. I can't ride. But I'm proud of you for being an excellent person. We loved having you hang with us for a few days a year and a half ago. You're a great young man! Your belief in yourself, the love you have for your family, and your passion for life are inspiring!
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a_gray - Alex Gray
#politics: if it's not one thing, it's another! What was originally planned as a #skateparkpv council meeting, has now changed to a proposed city wide ban of skateboarding by #RanchoPalosVerdes city council! Are u kidding me?! Yes, that means skateboarding will become illegal at any public structure in #RPV. Please join me tomorrow night, May 19th, 6:30 pm at City council: Hesse Park 29301 Hawthorne Blvd Rancho Palos Verdes‎ CA‎ 90275. There will be one minute allocated per person to publicly speak. Let's be a positive help in changing the minds of the council!!!! #southbay #palosverdes @BlainBailey13 @maxmoilaren @molzzzzzz @brycelw @ccoralreef @barrett_w @jwendelc @kelseyuruburu @mayawillis_ @Jack_b_good_please @Jimmyvogel @jOnaragOn @coopersk8burrows @BriggsPeus @littleeinsteinsfan1 @BRNBOYZ @Ihatetables @sophiamo_nica @chrisvillaluz @__natalie.s__ @DannyB345 @dimetimee @keliamoniz @megzgodinez @Trudonz @surferrina @emily_ericson @RodneyBuck3 @kaydeecoco
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bettiebdangerousswim : @dusterscalifornia
grantacus69 : @wathan___
dimetimee : Heavy the city of PV / RPV have seen us in there a lot recently due to their inability to consider what the members of the community actually need around here! Maybe it's time to get these people off the council! #agrayformayor!
jhunzworldwide : @kakwa1977 Right on! πŸ™Œ
dbukewihge : @ahhhshooots wtf
eastondjones : @tikiwaterman thanks!
tcrista : Had no idea this was going on. Of all things to ban, they choose skateboarding??!! THE COUNSEL NEED TO BE BANNED! Way out of touch with their community.
tcrista : Council
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a_gray - Alex Gray
When the wave eats itself and then you haha #hungrywave #sograssy #turkeymelt #cabo @gopro #gopro
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salimdh93 : Putaaaaaa la otra iba mas enconchadaaa creoo yo primo yeahhhhhh que buena vacil primoooo!!!! @pipertubo
rexrulah : @eron.flores @jarrenyoro ho shit
jarrenyoro : @rexrulah candeh
jmaxwell23 : @jmeskin30 your boy getting pitted
dillon_mcclellan : So deep @kellenfreeman
jaredsnelson : @trout_boi
steelheadcinema : @jaredsnelson heavy!
tommydrisc : @jonah_allam_photography
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a_gray - Alex Gray
✌️out #cabo. Thank you @sima_surf for a great experience and looking after our surf industry. I can see my room at #barcelohotel from here haha :) filmed with @gopro #gopro #peace #party
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miguel.lifeguard : @rocio.10
happygreenmerchant : Even Richard Nixon has got soul
christopher_morehead : Pufferfish going down
aaronjfree : @jwaddachs
ajlovelady : @kev_m0, familiar view
________charlitos : @johnlane53 I got it
chriskinman : @jdublee
patrick_mro : @jake_inman
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a_gray - Alex Gray
Waves get like this in #cabo?! Couldn't believe it paddling out at the main beach in front of our hotel. Yes that's @gopro in my mouth haha. Thanks @jonsteelephoto. @pat_ecker u were rippin
cabo -
mj_izzy : @wheresjatoday
hectorrr11 : Nice!
cobbarazzi : Great hanging out in Cabo! @a_gray Thanks for all the CI love!!! TEQUILA :)
a_gray : @cobbarazzi u da man!
nickdep03 : @a_gray what hotel man? Been searching and cabo is tricky
jackburt0n : @mojomiller_ Cabo!!!!
tarneaomeara : @codieklein @nikkivandijk @paigehareb soooooo this was Cabo a week ago... πŸ™πŸΌ hope it's like this for the Comp! Hahah
thehostelgroup : Awesome!
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