Alex Gray

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a_gray - Alex Gray
That "I immediately regret this decision" moment. Complete with a #tapout. Video by @lilikoi012 #backflop #turkeymelt If you have a funny video of your friends or family send it to me alexgraysurf@gmail.com
backflop - tapout - turkeymelt -
a_gray : @curiousclementine awesome!
instonw.c : That's hard core parkour
_kylejohnson_ : Sent you one!
jhento : Haha
frank_alsamman : @otree97 @brandonalsamman02 @ryanlynch17
__lukiinhaaa : Kkkk
lucid.wanderer : @_jasonfuller
buffalosurf : @bryanthull your house soon
ted32 - taliasommer19 - floriandorigny - mcarne9 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
When all else fails, laugh it off. Everything happens for a reason. There's a positive within every hard day or time. If everyday was perfect, we would have no appreciation for those "best of times" moments. It's up to us to be open minded and know everything will be okay :) @spyoptic #turkeymelt
turkeymelt -
a_gray : @tommykirk12 love u
a_gray : @el_gringo_pedro hope all is well bro
a_gray : @dimetimee I will be burning u soon
shellhammer : Im leaving maui for sf tomorrow and i need a board and wetsuit!! U know any turkey bagels up there that can hook me up? Waves are going to be pizzzzzummmmping!!
gvallim : Teu irmao mais velho @marianoarreyes
wallpeelers : World needs more like ya
dimetimee : @a_gray πŸ˜’
cindyuruburu : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
melissaxcheng - lvinabella - estherlischtp - nbdmike -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Thingy #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - doublebladespedro -
brian_pieratt : First like
ccoralreef : πŸ™Œ
ellencpr : @a_gray beautiful πŸ’™βœŒ
megurooboo : #314like
a_gray : @megurooboo #doublebladespedro
a_gray : @ellencpr cheers
cindysue1970 : Gorgeous!
humanustravel : Stunning
futurescapes - emm_ds - _nickys_ - seashell_11 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
'Twas a nice ride on my new mountain bike in my hometown. The #game is back on.... #turkeymelt
game - turkeymelt -
kifiers : Yeah I need a riding partner who can crush it day in
a_gray : @loveksf @kifiers I couldn't beg any of my friends to go today. I'm going everyday this week if u wanna go?
a_gray : @carebro4 gears!!!! Haha. Thank u and @fairbro4 for the good time last night
a_gray : @damienhobgood owwwww
raceprovenmotors : Strap one of our electric motors in that haas! You'll bombing up and down the trails. So much fun!
eddieifft : Come up to Malibu. Just moved up here and have acres and acres of trails. I'll be riding all week.
a_gray : @raceprovenmotors sounds rad but trying to turn my legs into motors haha
raceprovenmotors : @a_gray can't argue with that. Keep it going!
chanceswan - spencerlillywhite - claudiopaselli - mundocid -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Went for a walk along the peninsula at home, looked down and saw my brother :) #chrisgrayvibes #palosverdes #ptvicente
palosverdes - ptvicente - chrisgrayvibes -
t_vert : Sendin love to you @a_gray
tommykirk12 : So love that you keep your love so alive for ur brother.
beach_mz : πŸ’™πŸŒΉπŸ’™
graysurf : @summerlove11
loumm44 : Beautiful moment ... Sending Peace to you my friend πŸ™πŸ’›
a_gray : @catherinejclark thanks :) hope all is well with u.
tomcon_ : πŸ™
cindyuruburu : πŸ’—
mundocid - 20garciemi - mr.j0nes - skandarrdw -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Looking back at where I wish I was haha. #stayinthemoment #shoulderhopper #turkeymelt photo @jonsteelephoto
shoulderhopper - turkeymelt - stayinthemoment - brownstar -
a_gray : @e90_kid23 thanks!
nuttynulty : @a_gray @lukedavisthegrey all you have to do is turn around....
e90_kid23 : @a_gray noo doubt brotha
a_gray : @nuttynulty u win
lancegruver : Waves are good...just thought id rub it in...
a_gray : @lancegruver get some!
roystafarian : @txviciousbender
lancegruver : Can i say tunnels &cannons on kauait.. @a_gray going home 2maro...see u soon brotha... Big Rock piles is calling uuu
sulaksanadede - sammy2sick - mck_elena - rem_pr -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Saw the best cover band #pretzellogic playing my favorite #steelydan songs with my aunt and uncle tonight. I look forward to these nights more than Oprah and bonbons. See you at St. Rocke November 16th. #spaghettini #turkeymelt
spaghettini - turkeymelt - woolymanwithoutaface - pretzellogic - whalesvagina - steelydan -
etothelior : @aggie33 @4d4mb0mb I hope you guys went too
tikiwaterman : Love steely dan-- seen um few times
flyingparks : Before the fall when they wrote it on the wall when there wasn't even any Hollywood...damn
christian_k_666 : @harlocalareanetwork
megurooboo : Yay!!!
lgray54 : 🎢🎢🎢❀️
clarkbiggs : Lookie lookie, you must be a huey now with all this oprah talk
4d4mb0mb : Sweet
westan_lubin - acg_dillon - justin_olynick - 7seventeen2012 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
#tbt to this memorable moment of my life this year. Best choice I made that day was to split my 1st place prize money with the other finalists. I mean, they're all my heroes anyways. So I went home with $2,000 instead of $12,000, and second place made $9,000. Couldn't have been happier. It's not about the money, but the experience of the journey. A great day of sharing waves with my friends and favorite surfers. #chrisgrayvibes #turkeymelt #divensurforegonpro #BWWT
turkeymelt - divensurforegonpro - bwwt - tbt - chrisgrayvibes -
clarkbiggs : Legend, fun partyin' with ya that night at ur pad, stay humble lex
seanpowellphoto : I like the story more than the photo.
tommykirk12 : Giving back! That is what its all about. Pay it forward. So you Alex. Bless you my brother.
a_gray : @tommykirk12 just trying to be like you!
a_gray : @seanpowellphoto my f-stop was a little off. I need new batteries for my light meter too
howy_7950 : πŸ‘Œ
toddwbrooks : πŸ‘
seanpowellphoto : Haha, @a_gray I just meant that it's awesome that you respect & know the grind that your fellow competitors go through to do what they love and are humble enough to share in the experience/$
cindyuruburu - _tsherm_ - kaijmhabs - 7seventeen2012 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Two of my favorite surfers @mattmeola @hipstersurfer808 made this crazy surf movie. Easily the best one of the year. Go check it out tonight in #losangeles ! #2footto20foot #turkeymelt #attractivedistractions
2footto20foot - losangeles - turkeymelt - attractivedistractions -
mogeeza : @eddie_daroza tonight?
kyle_alarid : @tristenlopezz @beneful616 @troy_snakenborg
lewismschulz : @lagente_thepeople cancel the dirty session?
chiinacatsunflower : @brendanohaire
kevman2 : I'm in!
cavotu : @a_gray are they showing the film at the after party too? Or just at ZJ?
sethvb : Great movie. Saw this wavehouse mission beach
sharksareneat : @a_gray is there a way to purchase?
mgr0d - timmijandro - jennawing_ - ximeruizr -
a_gray - Alex Gray
#flawlessvictory. Style and technique at their best. @nikkivandijk handing out tube lessons. #smilefordays #mortalkombat #turkeymelt
smilefordays - turkeymelt - flawlessvictory - mortalkombat -
kinanalhajali : @miguelibarra8
fvcknmarc : @jp_r this is you right?
jp_r : You're a funny guy @fvcknmarc
jugjugheadhead : Soooo gooood!
abreu_photo : @mandaroou you next πŸ˜€
clay_pollioni : @caseykwiecinski @jessicakwiecinski
jessicakwiecinski : @clay_pollioni I need to perfect this
victor_done : @nikkivandijk Take this one from @harry_mann s textbook?
aidan_hay26 - fjcarrero - julian13valencia - darohm -
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