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46 3059
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58 2451
a_gray - Alex Gray
And the winner of the #agraygiveaway is....... @mattbelden! His best day ever was passing on his passion by pushing his 7 year old Brayden into his first wave(pictured here). A parents love and support is more important than anything as kids grow up. I think parents need to support and encourage their child's healthy passions whichever path they take them. I sure hope to one day share my passion of surfing with my kid(this isn't happening anytime soon mom @lgray54!) I'd have to imagine this was the best feeling ever Matt. So I say we have your kid win all the prizes! Please direct message me Brayden's sizes. Thank you all for entering. I loved all of your photos and stories. And again, thank you all for supporting me :) #turkeymelt
agraygiveaway - turkeymelt -
chris_sheldon78 : @dirty_martyni @younglopez1 @andyolive @lewissamuels
__jmv__ : Congrats! @mattbelden
dbuckaloo : Sushi!
jrdubdad : Best feeling on earth ;)
mattbelden : Thanks @mikebelljr @joelprestonphotography grom was smiling ear to ear and did the grom glory dance !
mattbelden : @buddylittles soon your little girl will be steep and deep making daddy proud :)
a_gray : @mattbelden :)
1travelkat : Awesome @a_gray
redidom - andrew_sutton149_ - harry_huffmon - thetreywhitaker -
a_gray - Alex Gray
A huge thank you to everyone for the 50k following! I read all of your comments and try my best to get back to them. It's really fun to get to know all of you without actually knowing each other. As a thank you for all of your support, I want you to win all of these free goodies from my amazing sponsors! Only one will win and here's how: post a picture of the best day of your life and tell me the story of it. Make sure to hashtag #AGrayGiveaway so I can check it out. I couldn't live this incredible life without your love and support.... So again THANK YOU! @volcomsurf @bodyglove53 @spyoptic @mizulife @revdsurf @onamissionsurf
agraygiveaway -
henrysw.46 : #AGrayGiveaway please choose me I would do anything for you to choose me because you are such a great guy please choose me and I broke my last pair on some oysters on a pier
a_gray : @aaajay_ cheers!
a_gray : @bcran531 thank u
b_so_low : I wana b sponsored too!!!
tylerheroux6 : #agraygiveaway
gibsonmcculloh : #agraygiveaway
beachchickmz : Score! What a big heart you haveπŸ˜‰
beachchickmz : Rad shades!!
braaadical - _brigitte____ - live_aloha__ - austin_is_totally_boss -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Checkout @volcom's new edit from #hawaii. Link in my bio :) @VolcomSurf @LosGrowlers #Volcom #TrueToThis #VolcomHawaii
volcom - volcomhawaii - hawaii - truetothis -
a_gray : Photo by the best human ever @brianbielmann !
zyx_barbi : πŸ‘
rusty_buckets : πŸ‘Œ
sol_surfr : πŸ‘KILLER πŸ“·πŸŒŠ
marciogliosci : πŸŒŠπŸ’¨
jared_the_carrot : the best day of my life was meeting you at the harbor in oceanside. can't wait to post about it
gracefulcaptures - theresa.srch - eastcoastcollections - isaac_zoller -
a_gray - Alex Gray
So happy to have this footage of my brother Chris surfing. It's been years since I've seen footage of him surfing. The footage made my heart stop and gave me goosebumps of pure joy to see! Brings back so many incredible memories. The music you hear is also my brother playing guitar. He was an incredible guitar player with a music scholarship to #boiseuniversity before he passed. Sure do miss surfing with Chris and his #smoothoperator style. The surf sessions we had together will always be the best times of my life. We used to go to #maui every summer for family vacation. @lgray54 would sit and film us with a tasty beverage and book for in between waves :) thank you @chaywon for transferring this footage and editing this. Made my day. #chrisgraylives #favoritesurfer
maui - favoritesurfer - smoothoperator - boiseuniversity - chrisgraylives -
tlanemayne : Feel your pain man, just had a childhood friend pass away that was practically a brother to my family and I. Although their bodies are not amongst us anymore their energy still lives on within us and through others. That's probably why you got killer style haha! @a_gray I'm stoked you keep posting stuff on your brother, makes me feel I should do the same.
a_gray : @tlanemayne sorry about your lost. I have so much fun posting stuff on my bro. I hope you start posting favorite moments and stories of ur friend :)
tlanemayne : Thanks for the inspiration dawg! Cheers!
georgiawasden : So fabπŸ„
chris.connor : πŸ™
fillwoard : @blakeruby4
connorlxmartin : Hey man I don't know you but your story was especially touching/inspiring to me when I read an article a while back. Pulling for you! Keep your head up brudda and keep on doin it for the family #chrisgraylives
a_gray : @connorlxmartin thank u!
alexbouwmeester - ivan858 - connorlxmartin - austin_is_totally_boss -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Went to #mexico with @josecuervotequila and an epic crew. It was #fundayanyday #tradicional #cuervo con mucho sabor! #turkeymelt photo Dane Peterson
turkeymelt - fundayanyday - tradicional - cuervo - mexico -
mona_vegas : we juuuust missed each other! πŸ’ƒ
lilchubs06 : Great pic @a_gray
merritt_studio : @d_peto what an amazing shot. Way to capture the sunset vibes. Cheers "clink". @a_gray still reeling from your ride at La Lancha con pajaro.
jkswans1 : Amazing
dimetimee : Orale
jasonbuck72 : Salud
kavinlindgren : Rad shot!
krisztifederer : Wow! Amazing!
jarciniega87 - gracefulcaptures - paulmiyake - kdonovan05 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Got to hang with Professor Gray (aka my dad) in his law class at #LMU. I have so much respect for this man. Practiced law for 12 years, a municipal to superior court judge for 22 years, and now using his retirement to teach law. Meanwhile, his son went surfing hahaha. #studley #turkeymelt @lgray54
turkeymelt - lmu - studley -
tomroche2412 : @a_gray what clip is he playing on the screen there? Pretty sure that's the Cliffs!
jordan_mpalmer : Must have been cool to let you go surf and not keep you in the books
jordan_mpalmer : #tunamelt
doorknob59 : Dud The Stud
scottseasmith : #almamater!!!
pops_silva_fox : @altipon I know his son Alex who is sponsored by Volcom.
mister_brennan : @natalieeebacon
mister_brennan : @champagneprius
msoutofthisworld - kortapounder - loganriese - jacki_attacki -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Wow beyond stoked to make the cover of this months @tracksmag! Thank you so much, especially to @swillpics for capturing the image from #ppass. Funny thing is the only reason I'm on this wave is because one of these legends inspired me to go @lauraenever @chris_enever @mikeywright1 @asher_pacey @jaydavies @daveycathels @mattbanting @millenniumfoam @nuttynulty @andrewshields. The 5 hours during which this photo was taken will go down as the best waves I've ever seen. Everyone was charging. But watching people fly out of barrels screaming their brains out was the best part. It's a rare thing these days to fly halfway around the world and score perfect surf with a great crew. Saying I'm a lucky human is an understatement :) #turkeymelt #micronesia #pinchme
pinchme - turkeymelt - micronesia - ppass -
a_gray : @someplaceoutside only thanks to out psychiatrist
a_gray : @lgray54 love u mama
jonas_draws : wow! such a good cover πŸ‘
a_gray : @jonas_draws yew!
tommykirk12 : You have my style Alex .What we do out of the water for others is most important. Bless you !
a_gray : @tommykirk12 thank u for the inspiration out of the water!
kalanifoster : Awesome blessed@a_gray
1travelkat : #dreamlife
yogaisyin - cbrennie - mayaaske - thinmint21 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Celebrating the life of a man who inspired an entire community and everyone throughout his travels. #kirkmcnulty was, and always will be, a great friend and mentor. One of the most genuine souls ever. Miss you, but know you and Chris are having a good time looking over us :)
kirkmcnulty -
nic.k : RIP πŸ™πŸ™Œ
etothelior : ❀️
ryan.lindahl : πŸ™
rhettmcnulty : Thanks Alex. Appreciate your presence and positivity + stories of hunting wild-things on the islands.
yannigiannakopoulos : @andrew.e.kirk
cripsauce : rip kirk
a_gray : @rhettmcnulty we love your family. Great sharing stories with u today :)
millerb_2020 - therelaxationstation - chris.connor - cali_kidd_z -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Seemed like a hat kind of a day. Loving being home. #lobster #dive #turkeymelt #southbay @divensurf @bodyglove53
southbay - dive - lobster - turkeymelt -
sha66y : Don't play with your food;)
emilykleinnn : Me @sanam.e
cmpinel : Crazy hat day !!!
koaryan : @parsl3y
gus_potter : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
notchancebaldauf : Turd @donkyle_
luke__humphrey : Sick!! Follow back?
poseidons_punch : #bugged
lubuskialex - fzshad - chris.connor - cali_kidd_z -
a_gray - Alex Gray
This one goes out to @markmantis. After what I would consider a very mature conversation, he came around to voting #NoOnO. Thanks Mark so stoked to have you on board!!!Just a positive reminder that we all have a voice, and can make a difference by standing up for what we feel is right. Every vote counts. Remember on March 3rd to vote NO on O! #keepkermosahermosa #turkeymelt #southbay
noono - southbay - turkeymelt - tless - keepkermosahermosa -
colinericw : One vote at a time!
watermans_door : πŸ‘!!
justinholdsworth : Fer sure !
chrisgarciahb : @ryan__ramos contact the Hb city clerk ASAP, my sister did, she's voting from Darwin, Australia
911hb : I'm voting No on O!
timponehawaii : Ya @a_gray stoked to see guys like you exerting their influence where it mattersπŸ‘βœŒοΈ
markkozuki : You da man! @a_gray πŸ™Œ
a_gray : @timponehawaii ya legend! Hope All is well
merrick_potato - jakeschoens - brunonssurf - jeffrey_thehallmonitor -
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