Alex Gray

Professional kayaker here for the cookies
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a_gray - Alex Gray
Laid down on the job today 😭😭 fun testing out the @bodyglove53 line! @gregsworld thanks for the video and I wish I could do this turn like you... Please teach me how #bodyglove @cisurfboards #newflyer #larrylaidlongtime
larrylaidlongtime - newflyer - bodyglove -
lobers123 : That was hot @a_gray
jgalaaade : @my_name_mikey oside today
chynna_cochran : Sick to surf with you today! maybe @chapmanliu can see u out there sometime!
sustainsurf : You make lazy days look fun @a_gray :). Is that your latest CI #ECOBOARD under your feet? Paint job looks familiar...
sujeet01 : @corrally24
robersonbrothers : This is Justin's new favorite move so he's psyching on your drop da wallet!!! πŸ’Έ
j.lenaig : Amazing
enekoacero : @a_gray love those Larry laybacks!!!euuuuuuπŸ˜„πŸ’ŽπŸ„πŸ™
alejandro.gilces - roffym - oxmartynaxo - bradley.crowley -
a_gray - Alex Gray
I just left my signature #LA #Kings inspired @onamissionsurf grip pad in the rocks on the north side of the pier. First one to find it takes it! Please take a photo of u with it and #agraygiveaway so I know someone is ripping and gripping!!!
agraygiveaway - kings - la -
robertparucha : @cbrown10890 haha saw this on the drive home. Waves were soooo goood
t0rch_ : @sparkhurst_jr86 @driftaponimous
t0rch_ : @codybeee
codybeee : Saw this earlier! Already gone by the time I checked @t0rch_
wingnutt111 : Cool! Pay it forward!
brandons_goods : @tim_rusch fuck I surfed Cassidy steeet this morning it was firing I could have gonne and grabed this
preached_ : @donovancrook
aquajedi : @kylestock10 don't need a grip pad tho...
vanessa_sensual - cbf_0122 - lukedesj - perla_dmm1 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Headed to #oceanside pier with my favorite surfer/filmmaker @gregsworld and @bodyglove53! Amped to try out the new line of wetsuits :) @scottseasmith @nickmeistrell
oceanside -
gregoabad : Get one for @mrchrisabad
sofa_king305 : @a_gray hey man do you know if the industry (from board makers to wetsuit makers) are heading towards the use of Ultra-Ever Dry? Check it out on YouTube ... Saw the video and first thoughts I had were immediately surf related
mrchrisabad : Oside!?
mrchrisabad : I heard its good
yeeeeeeeeeew : Yaa guy
chapmanliu : @chynna_cochran
lakersurfer : Surfed north side so fun @a_gray sure you were getting tubed!!!
davewassel : A-Team. You're B A Baracus and @gregsworld is FaceMan
carlotacabis - ainsbasic - ___kelliott___ - catfrade -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Seemed fitting to celebrate the fireman himself @whoisjob with some #ghostrider! And Frank the ram :)
ghostrider -
davewassel : Hot Tub
mikegatt_ : Hopefully i'll see you guys at Burnout this week. @a_gray
dmogram : Poopies fire water ski lolololol
bigisleboy24 : Sick ram!!!!!!! @a_gray
bruh44 : Hey Alex whatsup man, im a big fan and have been working hard and created an app called hoot. It's a free live streaming app that works on your iPhone or MacBook. It's at onhoot.com I would love if you streamed yourself, you can tweet the link out to your fans anyone can view for free. It would help me tons in trying to get more eyes on it! Thanks brotha!
watmauka : πŸ‘€ some curls up there πŸ‘†πŸ πŸ’πŸŽ―nice buddy @a_gray
captain_weird_beard : Wow, talk about Full Curl! Franks got a Double Curl goin on!
robersonbrothers : Boys were tripping on that!!!!! They didn't know whether they wanted to watch it or do it!!! 😬πŸ”₯😬πŸ”₯😬 @a_gray
polebenda69_ - logan_hale14 - perla_dmm1 - lukedesj -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Winnnerrrrrr: @cadebruno congrats on winning my new #LA #kings inspired @onamissionsurf grip pad! Thanks for the πŸ’ƒ @divensurf girls @alexhixson18 @caylahailonwood @raeannadams @carlieuszler #divensurf
divensurf - kings - la -
nater_dawg115 : Man I wish I was there @a_gray
frickersahn : @charlesosborne3 I need this pad!
jomohardeman : @fakebudge u need one!
sureitsgonnarain : @a_gray when you coming back nssss? 😊
kolbyholdsworth : Congrats you wanker!! @cadebruno
erickaluger : @war_fighter_
erickaluger : @cody_kaeo
supermanube : So Cal Rocks!Love your Go Bore Attitude πŸŽ₯πŸ„β€οΈ
nick_marcus2488 - ___kelliott___ - ash_k_02 - thomtom13x -
a_gray - Alex Gray
My new #LA #kings inspired @onamissionsurf grip pad is in stores! The @divensurf girls and I are so excited we want to give one away right now!!! First person to find us at the #divensurf store and say "I'm on a mission, Los Angeles floats my boat, grip it and rip it, purple monkey dishwasher" wins this new pad :) come and get it!
divensurf - kings - la -
a_gray : @albertschmiederroth get one for that step up to shred while @mikeholeroyak hangs on the beach with the babes
albertschmiederroth : @a_gray yeah will do. Been a kings fan my whole life @mikeholeroyak you're stoked on that beach
markkozuki : Haha @a_gray that is awesome! Gkg
zreed06 : @zach_mag so rad, gkg!
erickaluger : Yeww!! GKG!
ajlovelady : @kev_m0 going your wedding present haha
maddieehoye : @raeannadams super cute
surfandspear : πŸ˜‚
nick_marcus2488 - hiiibrent - ___kelliott___ - keahi_meyers -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Goin up... On a #monday!!!! #thishillwillbethedeathorbirthofme
monday - thishillwillbethedeathorbirthofme -
candeeo : #lifebehindbars
a_gray : @teddyboyd it's not funny but kinda funny
adam_masson_the_ripper : Sick bro! How are u doing? Can u please give me ur phone number and email address? I would like to keep in touch with u bro
adam_masson_the_ripper : I hope u remember me dude
splitmindgraphix_c4c : You need to swap that stem out to a 50mm. Tighten up that front end!
andericbahor : Del Cerro?
captkookdog : Tampa Florida has some great mtb parks!
willsandyberg : He needs to come to Idaho @jack_griesemer
kenneth_enrique2102_may - yildirim_sulakci - ash_k_02 - leejstewart1 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
double -
maui_nicolee11 : Big island beauty πŸ™πŸΌ
leileismile : 😍
miles_echoplanet : @findnoe @becks808
becks808 : @miles_echoplanet 😍
charlie_surfer : Nice!🌈🌈
alana_lanaa : That looks familiar
mattgallagher805 : Ohh my God! It's a double rainbow! What does it mean? Do those keep coming to you too?
adam_masson_the_ripper : Can u please text me ur email address and phone number please?
lukedesj - journeyswithjanellexo - carveboss - y_muncher -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Best wedding ever!!! So lucky to have an amazing friend marry my sister :) and to have dad as the officiant was so good!!! Congrats and love you Megan and Oliver. Welcome to the fam. Love on :) @lgray54 @chrisdelmoro111 @kelseyuruburu @tommykirk12 @brycelw
naomi_omi : That's awesome ,congratulations to your sister !!!!
mimirezi : Aww yay! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β€οΈ
lbuwalda : Yeah Megs and Oliver! Such a sweet moment captured. They are adorable, so happy for them!!
getme2thewater : Of course it was at PBC, so stoked for them!!! Love is the best :)
lisajohenrich : meghan and Oliver sending you love health happiness...celebrate!!!
brycelw : A-grade !! many more good times to come !!
__eodonnell__ : #saltandnutmeg
lemirepoo : Epic
321_surf - ainsbasic - fernandopaschoalini15 - thomtom13x -
a_gray - Alex Gray
A reminder to keep the tip up this weekend! 😭 #byealex #mavericks @powerlineproductions πŸ“·
mavericks - byealex -
dimetimee : #justthetips?
a_gray : @dimetimee all of them
nuttynulty : Just stick it in there
chancellorpalpatine : Your my favorite surfer. You have inspired me to be just like you I thank you for that.
itsbonemarrow : Bad ass, when was this? Mavericks break mid-fall?
thelobster5 : @masonjrothman soo many lobsters
sethmcgaha : @matix17 Mavericks
ericlock1981 - aj_glasstomouth - inessantamariaf - maxchas_gopro -
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