Alex Gray

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a_gray - Alex Gray
Caught the coolest guy ever in action today @barkboards. If you're looking for a good story or paddleboard, joe's your man. #turkeymelt
turkeymelt -
gbpac03 : I'm scared
markwazza : Yeah @a_gray Joe @barkboards is such a humble craftsman & athlete. The entire Bark Family are incredible ! @slader_bark @brycebark @danikabark
a_gray : @jackbark haha you'd know ;)
marindempsey : The Joe Bark Show is a living legendπŸ‘πŸŠπŸŒŠ
charlie9gar : Legend.
daniel_pirie : @fakebudge is this where u get yours from?
courtneyconlogue : @a_gray joe is the man! πŸ˜ƒ
takingmatime : What is the difference between knee and prone? Which is faster? Which is more efficient? What are the pros and cons? @barkboards @jackbark
takingmatime - ross_moore_ - jaja_c - _o_w_e_n -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Self-caught #tuna and #lobster: it's what's for dinner! #turkeymelt
tuna - lobster - turkeymelt -
markkozuki : Epic!
monteirojulian : @maifaria ... Aviiisa
maifaria : @monteirojulian 😱😱 isso deve ser muito deli πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
noahstauch : Yep that's why it's my favorite recipe
ryan_schoenbaum : @rykrousey
jacksmith2990 : @loudoggaroo imagine taking this to the face after funbags instead of noodles
hbdolphinstephanie : U can open a restaurant!
adji2 : πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜› wow can't be better than that πŸ‘
martiqlemke - slimeysurfer051 - parasto10 - adji2 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
So, this happened!!!! @craola and I had an idea to collaborate with his art and my surfing. I told him I'd love a red tail hawk holding and "A". Since my brother Chris passed we have seen him as a #redtailhawk in the most surreal instances. So this means so much to me. I'm so honored to have Gregs legendary art on my board. But I'm more stoked to be "craolas" friend. Greg is the most humble, down to earth guy I've ever met. Problem is now I just want to hang the board on my wall haha! Plan is to get a photo surfing it with @brozaphoto and bring the collaboration full circle. Thank you so much Greg!!! I'm blown away. #craola #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - craola - redtailhawk -
prestonselby : Stoked**
surfing_vidz : Hey Alex did you get the video you asked for
viri_9 : @a_gray that's dope braa πŸ‘
djmabile : @thekandykid
thekandykid : @djmabile that's awesome I think I saw a post a while ago when he was getting the blank board, that turned out really sick!
beej25 : beautiful
shaun310 : Both good dudes.
nathanfrenchphotography : Wow that's epic and I dig the CA Bear logo @cisurfboards
alexanecaillaud - maximum__18_07_14 - climatedesigner - saracl97 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Well that was a #fishing emotional roller coaster. Highs to lows, lows to highs in a second. One of the best experiences of my life. No other feeling in the world than line flying off your rod with a #tuna on the hook. #thanksgiving came early as #sushi is on! Thank you @barkboards @samhbark @jackbark for everything. And thanks Fria for lending me your gear. #bluefin #yellowfin #smilesfordays #turkeymelt #californiaprovides
sushi - bluefin - thanksgiving - californiaprovides - turkeymelt - smilesfordays - fishing - tuna - yellowfin -
richnortier : @a_gray it was a super fun trip dude we scored some good quality tuna!! I'm guessing you caught the fishing bug after that trip!
a_gray : @richnortier good times
jazzzyjass : @dsr_team
richnortier : @a_gray yessir good times!! And btw nice fish for the first time out!!
jorge_lowpez : Very strong fish but such a fun fight!! 🎣
carebro4 : We Miss you too! @a_gray - Mean it!😊
fishthefreedom : Awesome having you on the boat! Glad you had a great time!
catchfishcabo : Great tuna @a_gray
jimle - ratay_nik - natulya.natusik - temacherenkov -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Headed 100 miles out to #cortesbank with fishing poles instead of 11' guns. Here's a pic from the last time I was out there. Safe to say my heart isn't pounding out of my chest wondering how big the waves are going to be haha. Hope the fish are biting! #turkeymelt @barkboards @jackbark @samhbark
cortesbank - turkeymelt -
_sethgosin_ : Tight lines !!! @a_gray
instagrant74 : Hope you brought your dive gear? Shit ton of lobsters out there along with them bluefin.
dwybie : @a_gray when will you be back out there charging big surf?
seanharve : Water mountain
ebombard : BFT are wide right now the past couple weeks....should be killer. Quite a few other boats heading out to the Tanner and Cortes tonight as well before this wind comes in. Go Gettem!
dafinhi : Yeah You!!!
razhodg : Safe travel!
moped_mafia666 : Bluefin nigga?
surfyo_chris - forr_funn - franny__pants - jnklimis -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Had a fun time taking over @surflines #socialabsorption with my Instagram. A look into what and who inspires me in #cyberspace. Did my best to throw in a few laughs of course also ;) #turkeymelt
cyberspace - socialabsorption - turkeymelt - southbay -
a_gray : @lottery_lifestyleguy Toni from jersey?
dimetimee : #putrosswilliamsinawctcomp
lottery_lifestyleguy : @a_gray no jersey tyes. You merried? -Toni
maurersmundo : Well done, refreshing to hear from a humble and down to earth pro, I'm a fan
thebraintoasters : Thanks for the shoutout ❀️❀️❀️ @a_gray
kealakennelly : Feel so honored you included me @a_gray πŸ™ and what u wrote put a huge smile on my face😎. The pick of u and @davewassel posing on the red car made me piss my pants laughing πŸ˜‚
bigtonyalvarez : Same here little buddy, so stoked and honored to be a part of your Social Absorption takeover of Surfline. Pillow talk fo' life @a_gray
fairbro4 : Nice piece @a_gray - some very cool shots!
philmalget - rogzanardi - brookieb16 - mini___jj -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Home is where the heart is. #southbay #turkeymelt #catalinaisland
southbay - turkeymelt - catalinaisland -
teddyboyd : @a_gray hahaha I just read the whole thing. You are correct. I was going for joe dirt and the home is where you make it
a_gray : @teddyboyd come home and surf tomorrow
lfloureiro : @pingo_632
kesleyodonnell : Miss this place!!
marshallcon : Missing the 310 right about now
spark_310 : Three ten life
shopchick : Tough to beat riding along paradise
cindysue1970 : Absolutely agree
goreillapro - p_stadler69 - carolinaechenique_ - shane_hawaii -
a_gray - Alex Gray
When @chrisburkard @arctic_surf invited me on a trip to #alaska, I never thought we'd find a new un-surfed wave like this! This was towards the end of our 18 day trip. At this moment my friends @petedevries @joshmulcoy had gone in after a hail storm had passed through two hours into the session. Even though I couldn't feel my body due to the cold water and winds, I just kept paddling back out after every wave saying "don't go in". This was my dream wave and there was no one out and no one coming. Finally after 5 hours of surfing I couldn't take it anymore and headed in. Josh and Pete had gone back to the cabin, and luckily Chris and Ben stayed to shoot. A session that will standout forever with me. If the wave wasn't enough, the snow-covered volcano and reindeer backdrops were! The most surreal, unexpecting, and surprising place I've ever been. #turkeymelt @surfer_magazine
turkeymelt - alaska -
calicowboyup : @whale_dolphin
one4la : πŸŒŠπŸ„
pvhs_seakings : Yeeew
lukehumphrey15 : Siiiiick
yonasty14 : I got you this for your birthday @dylant
flyingparks : Turkeyfingmelt
bajabreeze : @p_gorman Got that Steezy Pete
james_fath : @scottmcbroom
sfsunshine - mundocid - heynicepants - _maddiesigler -
a_gray - Alex Gray
I joined a band. We are booked through the rest of the year. Let us know if you want something spicy at your next party. #turkeymelt video @bangbangboogie @josecuervotequila #cuervo #fundayanyday
turkeymelt - cuervo - fundayanyday -
doksurf : So funny lmao @a_gray love these skits
flyingparks : Chilan
othochouf : Miss u @a_gray seeeeee u soon ?!
drewman069 : @vinpaa @pustinjascone we need to go back to costa maya
isaac_zoller : Legend
cindysue1970 : Funny
calirado303 : @poseidonsbeard69 @drwissler
code__b : @sl8r_
top_vidz - drake_mather - isaac_zoller - oahsurfboards_noahshelton -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Tis' the season. Epic first dive of the year for me. Family and friends be eatin goooooood ;) #turkeymelt
turkeymelt -
fairbro4 : Nice batch @a_gray
xlilcub : @ryan1488
pitbully1 : Love the bugs!!
dan_imal9 : @a_gray babies
lukehumphrey15 : Freedive or bubble blowing
cptdank : Why have I not been having this luck! So many undersized!
visubie : Caribbean Spiney lobsters are bigger.
nscheelc : @cfscheel
renatapedrosa - goreillapro - wsgsru - jeepedson -
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