Alex Gray

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a_gray - Alex Gray
Double your #pleasure, double your #fun. Pic: Andre Carvalho #turkeymelt #dry #reef
dry - onlyoneout - turkeymelt - reef - fun - pleasure -
francescolane : Burnout? @dtlaney
snyderryder : You watch your mouth when you're talkin to me . Lol but ya I suck at pool. I have been going to therapy and I'm slowly learning to come to terms with it
sammartinsurf : Looks like a blast
gonyzubizarreta : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @a_gray solo para divertir
kahibisho : @kyleumu this is the turkey melt guy!
o_andre_carvalho : @brunosmithphotos txs bro:)
skerrysurfboards : @straddie1
330photogallery : amazing
nealrlett - johnnnolen - joel_w - vdemoss -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Rounded out my last two talks this morning and afternoon with #hermosabeach #jrlifeguard 's. Some topics included the value in being yourself, understanding instinct, and using #fear positively. The best surfer is the person having the most fun. I hope to see all of you junior guards surfing soon! Thanks captain @kdlifeguard for having me. And thank you so much @bodyglove53 providing posters to sign for every kid! #forchrisandjimmy #southbay #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - jrlifeguard - southbay - forchrisandjimmy - fear - hermosabeach -
ethany00 : @bad_asstronaut
bad_asstronaut : We did an obstacle course today. It was long but fun. The SHARKTAPUS! @ethany00
ethany00 : Don't get eaten Carson @bad_asstronaut
bad_asstronaut : I saw a shark while we were doing the SHARKTAPUS obstacle course. Haha @ethany00
bad_asstronaut : And then jack decker went under water no I'm kidding
ethany00 : HAHAHA GAY BOY @bad_asstronaut
a_gray : @jennawing_ thanks!
a_gray : @betsball sounds good to me
happiestgirlinthisworld - madiglaser - beau01234 - jpdoherty64 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Can't believe this water color from a beach break. Loved my 5'8" @cisurfboards this session. Thanks for the photo @sacraficialamb in between showing us how it's done! U rule. #turkeymelt
southbay - turkeymelt - horchata -
gbcarpenter : Haha, yeah I like that better.
scottysgoingleft : Ya your pretty good @a_gray
ilikemylifehb : Great, I'll go with the early group then
cmgoodhart : Thanks so much for these amazing images, from those of us who only dream of riding wavesπŸ„
openeddoor : Yeah mon!!!
averysdaddydonttrip : @a_gray you in PR?
jennawing_ : Hiii alex!!!!πŸ’œ
hunter_moore_ : @a_gray if you could some how pull off doing the ice bucket challenge in a big puerto shack like Jamie did with the redbulls and you did with the sombrero...you could get such a viral clip going
creative__b - jpdoherty64 - willjandro - victornaval_ -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Part 2: who wants to win $1,000 worth of free stuff?! Like this and tag a friend who has reminded you of this amazing human. Best story about your friend wins. Only one winner will receive @volcom boardshorts, @bodyglove53 wetsuit, @spyoptic sunglasses, @mizulife bottle, @onamissionsurf grip pad. Let's hear it! #turkeymelt #truetothis
turkeymelt - truetothis -
bzmn_trinder : @grayson_a the time we went paddle boarding in sea shore park. Took us 3 hours of cursing, yelling, and falling until we got to one side haha. Miss you man.
rynopieterse3 : @leannewesson3 hoe herhinner hy jou enigsens aan my??
dtrum : Hahahahhah @gaanestad @moyer105
sophiasgutierrez : @decodamata kkkkkkkk😘
c_miller89 : @nick_523 us at kygo....
frankdiorsini : @brenna_i
frankdiorsini : @nicolevento17 pelease show stephen
euliasz : @bradatat2
rynopieterse3 - bzmn_trinder - masha1810 - zachariahazraq -
a_gray - Alex Gray
#liptickle photo @chrisburkard #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - liptickle -
viri_9 : @a_gray amazing.! πŸ„
shellhammer : #erasethelip
hockey_style_ : Surfung sweg
611y : πŸ†’ @evelynyezicupcake
surf_socal : Am I allowed to surf teahupoo?
dimetimee : πŸ’
fernituree : @dimetimee πŸ’ƒ
dimetimee : # @fernituree
kaylabrunick - misato231 - vyrge - building_the_revolution -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Really fun having one of my favorite websites @theinertia over to my house. We talked about the awesomeness of #adventure amongst other things. Head on over to their website for the first of a few webisodes from the interview. #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - adventure -
jenksshow : @a_gray nice shout out to an awesome group, @theinertia keep doin good things for the surf community, from a fellow editor u guys help remind people of the stoke
be_water_my_friend_ : @joeeb3
a_gray : @bigisleboy24 duh! Where u wanna go? The moon? I'm in
theinertia : Thanks @jenksshow !
mikerogers63 : πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ„πŸŒŽπŸ πŸ¬thanks for the go !!
surf_socal : @a_gray I think I may wanna become a big wave surfer, and suggestions?
danssurfreport : Check out DSR App in the App Store it's free and if your beach isn't added just let me know and I'll be glad to add it!
jennawing_ : I love you Alex and I hope you rember me I'm Jenna the girl who said she loved youπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
devon_fonseca - kaylabrunick - richienotrich13 - nicolette.murray -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Another great day speaking with two #jrlifeguard groups this morning and afternoon. It's never easy talking about my brother Chris, but very rewarding. My favorite part was answering the kids questions. So fun sharing surfing stories and advice. I hope you all try surfing tomorrow! Thanks for being so cool everyone. Thank you captain @kdlifeguard for having me. And a huge thanks to @bodyglove53 providing posters for me to sign to every junior lifeguard! #southbay #redondobeach #torrancebeach #turkeymelt
southbay - turkeymelt - torrancebeach - redondobeach - jrlifeguard -
tkvball_basket : Great meeting you, Alex! And thanks for signing my abs!!
a_gray : @little_bb23 no worries!
a_gray : @tkvball_basket haha
augustkensik : @k_r_parker
ilikemylifehb : We asked today and they said you might go to the pm but definite for the am
ilikemylifehb : Could you try to let me know soon, I want to know if my friend and I will go in the morning or just wait
nicolette.murray : Please post the one from today!!!!!!!!!!!!
surf_dama_dubstep : I was in the redondo pic
dbukewihge - jennawing_ - nicolette.murray -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Had a great time meeting and talking with #manhattanbeach and #torrancebeach junior lifeguards today. We discussed choices to make at life's forks in the road, the value of passion, and following your dreams. I started the junior lifeguard program at 9 years old. Surfing and ocean awareness was then introduced to me. I can remember being these kids so clearly. Keep up the good work everybody. Thank you @bodyglove53 for providing posters to sign for every junior lifeguard. Thanks Captain Kyle Daniels for having me. More to come tomorrow, can't wait! #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - manhattanbeach - torrancebeach -
a_gray : @christina.owen you too!
mokell_ : @ka1ea we are in it!
ka1ea : @mokell_ YASSS '
celia.foster : So fun meeting you! You are an amazing inspiration!
jkerster8 : U came to Redondo too. @a_gray I was there. πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰
tkspivey : Thanks for coming down! The kiddos loved it. Wishing you a speedy recovery. We'll both come back better, stronger, and with more fire 😊
a_gray : @tkspivey no problem! The kids were awesome. Thank you. Everything happens for a reason. Can't wait to see you kick butt when you're better :)
a_gray : @celia.foster thank u
ryan_luvs_pandas - surfskate4 - jennawing_ - dbukewihge -
a_gray - Alex Gray
#manhattabeach city council made a motion in regards to the recent shark incident at the pier. There will not be a ban on fishing. Here's the new regulations: No chumming, monofilament line only, 40lb test line max, no snag lines 2 hooks only, no (steel,medal, or braided lines), no fish cleaning, max hook size 3 inch long by 2 inch wide, and a motion to ask coastal commission to allow fishing only west of allocated signs basically meaning the end of the pier. Interesting enough, only fisherman were in attendance to speak publicly. If you'd like to be heard, the next meeting is august 19th. #southbay #turkeymelt
southbay - turkeymelt - manhattabeach -
camnelli : right on!!!!!!
jpcoghill : @keithsellison @the_bayhar
balzerphoto : Go Alex next thing you will want to shoot photos there!
a_gray : @balzerphoto I'm not as good as @gregsworld though
jdubward : Thanks @a_gray
timshootsthings : @petehalvorsen bring your pole to the meeting.
petehalvorsen : @timshootsthings 🎣
jzimp : Like every other ordinance; who's going to enforce it?
lexcantu - catherine_nguyennn - little_bb23 - jkerster8 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
@john_john_florence and I started a band. #happinessenvy @spyoptic #turkeymelt #soulbrothers
happinessenvy - soulbrothers - turkeymelt -
consolo__ : #turkeymelt
waveslidepirate : @_gpain_ lets do this
chris_rennie : @dylanlom
ccoralreef : πŸ˜‚
aidandunne__ : @lordkamish
davewassel : A_gray3000 and Little Juan are your new stage names. You're welcome
a_gray : @davewassel could u be nacho the manager?
jennawing_ : Remember me? The girl who u signed the shoes for and said u loved!!! Follow me?!? @a_gray I love uπŸ’œ ur favorite color is Fuchsia
davewassel - photogrady - ellievanwier - shanesuchocki26 -
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