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a_gray - Alex Gray
A unanimous 5 out 5 YES vote to take the next step towards the #pvskatepark ! A remembrance of pride for ones community was instilled at last nights city council meeting. Speaking on behalf of the next generation is something very fulfilling for me. Thank you everyone for all of your support through social media and attendance. A big shoutout to @lobers123 for bringing his friends and speaking about the importance of his #passion. @millenniumfoam #turkeymelt #forthekids #bethechange
turkeymelt - bethechange - passion - pvskatepark - forthekids -
gurliif : Yes!!!!!! I'm so psyched!!! Hearing those words in person was amazing! Great job speaking @lobers123 πŸ‘
lobers123 : Thanks @gurliif
a_gray : @gurliif thanks for coming
loganriese : Awesome we are trying to get one in Topanga canyon
greencoast : πŸ‘πŸ‘
tommykirk12 : Good job
tiny.sunflower : YESSSSSSSSSSSS*fist pumps* you are the best!!! Thank you for your example! @a_gray
dimetimee : Amazing Alex!
maxsonsmith2 - sbedilion - timothy_mccauley - tspliff9932 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
#Skateboarding is not a crime. Skateboarding is a worldwide accepted sport which positively influences kids with a passion. Please join me TOMMORROW, July 29th, 7pm at Rancho Palos Verdes City Council: 29301 Hawthorne Blvd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. The last four years the #pvskskatepark idea has been voted no. This is a different year. Thanks to all of you, especially the kids, we are very close to a #skatepark finally happening. But, we aren't out of the woods yet. Presence at the meeting means everything. Hope to see you there. Let's build a fun, safe, and healthy environment for the future generations! #turkeymelt #bethechange #forthekids
turkeymelt - bethechange - skatepark - forthekids - pvskskatepark - skateboarding -
irubkids69 : @csoccergirl89
lost_sherpas : Thanks friend @lottery_lifestyleguy
tonyalak : Skateparks are healthier for kids than allowing them to play video games all day and sitting on a couch.
ncochran_ : @peteschwarzenbach @romanvern @d0nphilippe @nordy1045 shred or die
mayakahnke_ : Yeah @krystaljohnson_
taroxorat : Alva
gurliif : Its a little late, but I've been here since the start of the meeting! Hope it goes through! I would skate way more if we got a park! @a_gray
a_gray : @gurliif thank u so much for coming
daphnaeduenas - fatmabeyzayolcu - chillerwhaleco - d_mad1 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Dontcha know? #apparentlythebearsstillsuck #familyphotobomb #gopackers #wisconsin #shopko #cheesehead
familyphotobomb - wisconsin - gopackers - apparentlythebearsstillsuck - cheesehead - shopko -
jared_cassidy : Donkies
taylorrfletcher : @livinthedreambob
james_patek : @thedannymoore I was gonna say that! Go pack!
fureldummar : @statzstyle
jimmydavenport7 : @lukebroyles
travisbeege : @tzaumseil
dankhobo : Fuck yeah packers all the way!
trevdawg808 : @frothchronicles @yesodwilliams
jofesss7 - cindyuruburu - dyliminator131 - revdsurf -
a_gray - Alex Gray
#LakeMichigan #Sheboygan #wisconsin #sunrise #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - lakemichigan - wisconsin - sunrise - sheboygan -
mbusta305 : Looks knee to shine high...I'd be on it
lottery_lifestyleguy : @a_gray it's good to see you're home Alex. Now get some rest!
razhodg : Any waves? @a_gray
parisbrosnanphotos : Sick photo!! Hope you're have a sick time. @a_gray
a_gray : @parisbrosnanphotos thanks! Ur photos in Hawaii r ripping!
parisbrosnanphotos : Thanks so much Alex!! @a_gray
pbegalla : Sheboygan. The Thai delight is pretty good.
kloeesloth : I love living next to Lake Michigan. I live like 20 mins away from it in Michigan
team_bbs - rickthorne - gabialmeiida_ - mahteo_g -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Hellllloooooo #wisconsin ! Finally have the chance to see where my mom's side of the family is from. How's the surf? #fishoutofwater #cheese #turkeymelt #packers
cheese - turkeymelt - fishoutofwater - wisconsin - semiflatlanders - packers -
ryanboyes : @a_gray ride a bull or milk a cow!
longboarduuur : #greatlakessurfing does have it's days.
kjszymanski : gotta throw #milwaukee on the to do list!
mcyoungster : Come up to the other north shore sometime and surf the north shore of lake superior in MN, north of Duluth. Seriously though! @a_gray
building_the_revolution : Will you be able to shoot any delicious animals while your there? @a_gray
jakeschoens : #sheboygan
a_gray : @jakeschoens u know it!
sagehen29 : Gotta drink Michelob Golden Light, only available in 4 states and CA ain't one...
hahndo - travismanning7 - noworrybeefcurry - dbukewihge -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Brad smeele suffered a sever spinal cord injury a couple weeks ago pushing the sport of wakeboarding. He crushed his C4 vertebrate and has no feeling from his neck down. Please help him and his family by visiting Thebradsmeelefoundation.com . Thank you. #turkeymelt @parxxx
turkeymelt - batwing -
jdwebb87 : Thanks man!! Hope all is well!!
a_gray : @jdwebb87 I really hope this helps. #batwing for me
fantaeja : @a_gray - Get in touch with the @triumphfoundation - Andrew and his team are amazing in helping navigate this type of situation, getting the physical and emotional supports needed!
bruce_i_b : @dannymarg @mereborrell
melissa_marquardt : Thanks Duuude! Love your pics
a_gray : @melissa_marquardt of course. I hope it helps. And thanks ur photos are rad!
lindsparnell : #staystrongbrad πŸ™Œ we all love him❀️
crushiitfitness : Horrible to hear. All good thoughts.
_bailey____schuler - orkuntombul - valentinagiorgetti - chris_rennie -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Happy Birthday #AndyIrons. Andy's surfing stands alone on a pedestal that will never be matched. What I loved most was his cool factor. He always had the time to talk to anyone. Thank you for inspiring an entire sport and so many people. #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - andyirons -
adambossyi : Great words brother
so8cal5sunrise8 : Forever AI
maui2wowi : Best to ever do it!! Crazy how he would be today..sorry Kelly..but AI will always be king
kolbyholdsworth : Happy birthday, you will always be missed, a true rider of the sport
gstreetphotos : Legend
lottery_lifestyleguy : #legend #rip
haleyannehinds : Happy Birthday bra!
flemingo82 : @ryanvogels legend
camnelli - hahndo - andrezmolnar - tiagovinicius.dias -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Really proud of Richard Woolcott (Volcom owner) and @treckert (first Volcom team rider and former EVP of marketing). Tonight was the premiere of "VEECO". It's a great documentary about how Volcom films began and then evolved into the most influential of all time. During the documentary, I was reminded how much I love #volcom 's unique approach to thinking outside the box. And also what a privilege it is to be a team rider. Cheers boys! @rimmegart @_ryan_thomas #turkeymelt
volcom - turkeymelt - veeco - pantsparty - blewit -
mizulife : Solid crewπŸ‘Œ
whitenovemberjewellery : @nicolascann yeah! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
jpsummersta : Dem pants bro haha @a_gray
a_gray : @jpsummersta someone's gotta do it!
volcom_east : @a_gray tears!
gabzvdw : @davidcolinvanderwalt @jonochanning
jack_wolcott : I almost have the same last name as him
langerds : Epic well done!!
crystaljarv - dana_sivan - building_the_revolution - 7seventeen2012 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Where it all started for my brother and me: #skateboarding ! Thanks to all of your efforts and support, #pvskatepark has the opportunity to take another step forward. Please join me at RPV City Council 29301 Hawthorne Boulevard Rancho Palos Verdes on July 29th at 7 pm. There is no one more important for the city council to see than the youth of the next generation. To all of the kids and parents who would like this skatepark to happen, please tell and tag your friends. Let's make a safe, fun, and healthy environment for the future of our community! Thank you all again for your time. #turkeymelt #southbay #forthekids
southbay - turkeymelt - pvskatepark - forthekids - skateboarding -
emma__waldinger : @adam_lazarus
anthony_mallano : @alecmaisner
jimmydavenport7 : Hell ya!
lgray54 : I urge our community to rally together in support of youth and provide a healthy environment for them to socialize and recreate. I also must say I love this photo, it makes me smile😊❀️❀️ @a_gray
snowave6 : Dude you're a bad ass.
robersonbrothers : Cuties!!!
a_gray : @robersonbrothers those were the good ol' days
dimetimee : πŸ‘
allgroovy - dodger_dude22 - parisbrosnanphotos - gus_potter -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Had a #bucketlist opportunity last night: Sing "Bro Hymn" live on stage with #Pennywise ! Growing up, my brother and I listened to Pennywise everytime before we surfed. Bro Hymn was always our favorite song which we would scream loud as possible together. Considering the lyrics of the song, it's now even more dear to my heart with the loss of Chris. At this moment I was screaming "Chris, my brother, this one's for you!" :) I could feel Chris and how stoked he was. I wanna thank Pennywise for keeping it real and staying true to who they are. You guys have such a great influence on so many people. I've never felt more proud to be from the #southbay than after last nights show. @brozaphoto thanks for this amazing photo. @jimlindbergpw #turkeymelt
southbay - turkeymelt - bucketlist - pennywise -
samiilynnn_ : mental
ryanobieone : @sea_bear71 how awesome is this?
jehsee119 : @teegee5
dimetimee : Awesome!!!!
colin_scummy_morrison : So rad!!!!πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
teegee5 : This is dope @jesr_
teegee5 : Check your DM @a_gray
gonyzubizarreta : Thats awesome @a_gray !!! Sooo sick I remember that song too as a teenager! Epic ! Chris loved it for sure! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Alejandro
quantum_milk - gavingrom - flo_farnik - k_mex11 -
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