24 2062
10 1301
19 2705
21 2361
375 4144
16 1669
34 1413
44 1669
29 1495
63 2431
67 2423
29 2237
310 5042
14 1039
15 2165
13 1585
28 1940
37 1322
48 1420
33 1801
46 1856
14 2357
18 2186
12 2420
20 1658
49 1848
8 2076
20 1479
11 1972
30 1772
31 2581
49 3308
37 2077
a_gray - Alex Gray
Thanks @surfer_magazine for this shot by @sacraficialamb in #mexico. Me gusta mucho :) #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - covertime - mexico -
itsallswell : @a_gray do you remember if you made this one? When I opened the mag and saw that I was like damn I hope he made that one haha. Sick shot!!
borisrules : @_alex.bradbury_
damienhobgood : Nugget
chadkcampbell : People were psyched on the @theinertia Icon piece !! #KSFF11 went off!! Tonight again! Where u @ht_vision ?
nikkiwintersreed : Saw this, so amazing!!! 🌈🌊
a_gray : @chadkcampbell awesome!!! Wish I could be there
a_gray : @itsallswell I sure hope I did too haha
williehva : Good job J @sacraficialamb
emicadolce - zack_floressss - maxhirsh1 - volcomindonesia -
a_gray - Alex Gray
It's a "lei day" today at the #volcompipepro. Morale always high with my island family @kanaka_solutions. Love u guys! #turkeymelt #kimoistheman
volcompipepro - kimoistheman - turkeymelt -
a_gray : @leileismile @mary_meheula I'm moving in that community one day!
a_gray : @timmyreyes thanks
kc2_2 : unreal camo slacks @a_gray
lifeofaformerbeerrep : Classic @kanaka_solutions
dafinhi : @a_gray @kanaka_solutions Sweet!!!! @a_gray what your size? & where u stay???
jeepedson : Keep it up brother.
a_gray : @dafinhi epic! Size 9 at the Gerry Volcom house
mary_meheula : You'll fit right in! #hawaiian
josh_huff11 - janewalshee - mynameis_jaime - martial_rodpix -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Thank you @volcom @volcomsurf for the opportunity to wear a #volcompipepro jersey with the heavy hitters. Incredible first day. @brianbielmann photo @gavinbeschen808 @jdirons @surf.or.die #kawailindo #derekho #bruceirons #makuarothman
bruceirons - derekho - volcompipepro - makuarothman - kawailindo -
sunshinetotte : πŸ‘
sir_tip_alot : @stephenkwong steeeeez haha. South Bay boy!
inglarsen : Niiiiccee!! Lovin it @a_gray Matt&Ing
calstrats : @bobbyenquist speed bumping
gurliif : So great!! #inspirationbyalex101
owenu : That was a rad heat to watch! Stoke tank full
c_rollison : @marissa_balducci
alexgray21 : @a_gray @lukehedberg Haha dawg this name breeds success
begodwilling - oskar_hotel - silvioaugustomunhoz - andremop -
a_gray - Alex Gray
The #volcompipepro is on!!! Boom Shaka Laka #turkeymelt @volcom @volcomsurf
volcompipepro - turkeymelt -
piggy_laurafulchycatalan2 : Wow
damo04 : @cantfindaspareusername
eiljoy : So cool!!πŸŒŠπŸ„
daniel_mendwin : @xsay_
asher_pacey : Wowzers πŸ™Œ
trevortautolo : Yewww
mykure1 : @bororourke
ucscsurfteam : Good luck man! Would be watching but I have midterms! @a_gray
street_surfer_skater - b_lishus - billy.19 - leannacriswell -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Here's a wave from the adventure to #ppass #micronesia last week. Thanks @nuttynulty for dropping everything in ur life last minute to film one of the most memorable sessions of my life :) #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - micronesia - ppass -
akinsela1 : @gavinloaring siiiiik
christophurious : @blackmarzen
lgunsonpve : Kind of beats Torrance Beach a bit, huh?! LOL
blackmarzen : Damn @christophurious I thought he was DONE FOR....
mckretsch : @danktropolis
jacksanchez7 : @mikey_ingelido this is my favorite wave ever
nacho_boracho : @tyler_reason @joshgoodman1 dad?
icebergamini : @sslaughing tell me how this works
daniel_slash - alexia.cabrera - _yummy_21 - nestor222 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Good morning #pipeline. Best view from bed ever. #volcomhouse #volcom @volcom @volcomsurf
volcom - pipeline - volcomhouse -
nowornunca : Oh la la heaven on earth
chloerouxel : πŸ‘Œ
pitmove : Out with the old @vanillathegorilla
spanishlordoftherings : Fotón @a_gray :)
oceanfilmtour : #oveanlover!!!
meatface_ : Don't let that kid block your view.
patrickmoen : Dude you live the life!!
pvhs_seakings : Living the life!
ludotarraga - mayadxx - tzkcare - margauxvid25 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
And the fun don't stop won't stop :) off to #hawaii for the greatest event ever #volcompipepro. Best feeling in the world knowing my brother #chrisgray always has my back!!! #favoriteshirt #tyedye #turkeymelt
turkeymelt - volcompipepro - chrisgray - tyedye - favoriteshirt - hawaii -
almichelle : Came out great!
millenniumfoam : Yew
robersonbrothers : Nice
carebro4 : Parlay!!
lgray54 : @a_gray #chrisgraylives #alexgraygives I love you both with allI have❀️❀️
kbrown511 : Go Bro
jwendelc : Sick WOD at PPass! Right on.
jwendelc : All the best😊
julioskater0204 - the_beng - covadonga97 - ulzzangeyes -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Got invited by my local middle school video class to be interviewed for their weekly bulletin. So rad! I actually went here for pre-school, but it's now a middle school. Crazy memories walking around the campus. My how time flies. We spoke about pursuing your dreams, believing in yourself, and the importance of a local skatepark ;) That was super fun and thanks for having me back. #lovewhereilive #pvskatepark #southbay
southbay - lovewhereilive - pvskatepark -
lucalangella1 : thanks for contributing to local skatepark input @a_gray
adamboyd77 : Pretty rad man. Can't wait to show it in my class at PVIS. My 2 students interviewing you were pretty stoked on it today... Way to keep it local
a_gray : @adamboyd77 right on! They're great kids
a_gray : @lauraleelurie hope all is well and you're still surfin!!!
adamboyd77 : @a_gray yup. Great is an understatement bro... The little grahaaams will be talking about today the rest of their lives.
watmauka : I've been looking for that πŸ—no where in sight I think it has your name on it we need to get him on your wall πŸ‘πŸ—πŸŽ―and yeah super stoked on that ram when my Aarow flew and seen it hit the sweet spot I was like πŸ˜…he's πŸ‘‡πŸπŸŽ―πŸ’
sarah.fairbro : can't wait to see it πŸ˜‰
mattob6 : @_ob3__
miguel_barretto - james_conroyy - seashell_11 - irkut74 -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Made it home in time to hang with at @jimlindbergpw for a #keephermosahermosa rally. For those of you who don't know my hometown is #southbay, California. An oil company wants to drill just a quarter mile off the beach in the middle of one of our communities. For me it's truly heart wrenching to think this could happen in our day and age. But, we have is a voice and a chance to vote! So please if you're a #hermosabeach resident over the age of 18, vote NO on O March 3rd 2015. Together let's help protect and preserve a place that has given us so much. I want the future generations to enjoy what we have been so fortunate to :) #turkeymelt #pennywise
southbay - hermosabeach - keephermosahermosa - turkeymelt - pennywise -
ronnyhinkle : Last thing I want to see when I lookout to a Southbay sunset is some fucking oil rig.... Drill elsewhere!!!
poguey_22 : I live in Hermosa
seabasskuhr : I filmed a PSA for them too and just missed you. Check out my insta @a_gray we don't need oil in our surf! #keephermosahermosa #nooildrilling #noonO
nowornunca : Ouch! Lots of opinions on this one @a_gray. You have a platform that reaches and influences a lot of people and you're using it positively, keep doing what you're doing and stand up for what you believe in. We can't be perfect, but we can make changes through small actions and rise above the chatter πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
00donmiguel : Stop the Madness
theinertia : πŸ‘Š thank you @a_gray for fighting the good fight
juan_magnifico : @jc_hawaii_surf try surfing on the Gulf Coast. Tar balls are a way of life.
juan_magnifico : @ronnyhinkle no gas for you.
miguel_barretto - mr.and.mrs_right - 971130_ - insta_greem -
a_gray - Alex Gray
Thank you @bodyglove53 for the fun #mexico mission trying out the new wetsuit. Stoked to enjoy the rare all day offshore winds. Video @gregsworld #tubesandtacos #micronesiatomexico #bodyglove
micronesiatomexico - tubesandtacos - bodyglove - mexico -
razhodg : Epic
a_gray : @devon_howard miss u bro!!! Let's surf please
jacksonodonnell : @samuelbulll @coreyandersen
rpaluso : @ashaeps @barrettseymour @klafteez
aimeenolte : Amazing!
holymigato : @tbib bms
alrefae2 : @essakalessa @andresarraiz @youseftarazi
luiis__soto : Sooo epic !!!!!
heeey_itz_alex - tdog_a_tdog - raphinhalins - e90_kid23 -
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