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zozeebo - Zoe
Halloween makeup for #AsDarknessFalls party! By the talented @franhounsom
asdarknessfalls -
keira_morton : Yepp πŸ˜‰@x.erinhoughton.x
theahelenfoxwell : @beckymercerxo this is amazing but so scary!
xoshakirioosxo : I know right but it's good isent it @libby_ferenczyxx 😘
laurathwxites.xo : TUTORIAL PLEASE😘
anadegaga : @mariaborrett 😱
smritimakad : @sharanya311
_nia_elizab3th_03 : Wow, this is soo creepy! X
majla_0604 : @saranga_tamil 😍
sweetcupcake1609 - idaglaab - sorvetedear - cassandra_alina -
zozeebo - Zoe
I can safely say that @cherylofficial is too beautiful 😍 plus she was absolutely lovely x
alexrubyx : πŸ‘­πŸ’• @mollybirkett_ 😍😍😍
zamxn__ : My two favourites @dom_peaceyyy
craycrayzebra123 : IM A REALLY BIG FAN OMG !!!!!!#zalfie
relationshiplikezalfie : ZALFIE ACCOUNT 😍
imogenmaeve : NO YOU ARE ZOE X
ariana_biggest_fan : Omg
amelia__03 : She has the same earrings like @tanyaburr !!!:)))
_there.is.no.end.darling_ : Omg u have more followers than Cheryl ;))) hehe
imfindingmyway - ellie.deyes - _alicewilding - loveing_life11 -
zozeebo - Zoe
Found one of my faves @fearnecotton4 at the @BBCRadio1 Teen Awards ❀️
absinclair22 : Pretty people
youtuberedits___ : Both ugly as shit
indiemetria : @youtuberedits___ fuck off
lilyrose.blog : New teen blogger 🌸
planettfashion : πŸ’ŽFASHION ACCOUNT HERE πŸ’Ž
joe____sugg : Who's Your Youtuber Account About Then?? @youtuberedits___
youtuberedits___ : It's a hate account @joe____sugg lol
relationshiplikezalfie : ZALFIE ACCOUNT 😍
samosborn010 - teomi6smythxx - dark_moon_angel_ - bellaamilliee -
zozeebo - Zoe
Had the pleasure of hanging out with @jamieoliver last night at BrandCast! Can honestly say he is the most genuine and humble guy I have ever met. A true example of someone who is so successful and still has his feet firmly on the ground. BIG LOVE TO J! X
ellie_xx_hull : Look on Your Direct Messages Zoe x
_.edennn : @celebs.snapchat has your snapchat account...
cheyenne_chey03 : Do u think you and Alfie will ever get married you guys would looj
cheyenne_chey03 : Look like a super cute cupple x πŸ˜„πŸ˜
_yasminvictoria : go over and tag zoe in my recent photo, thanks! πŸ’•βœ‹ (@zozeebo)
crazycakelady221 : Hey! Please checkout and FOLLOW my CUTE CAKES PAGE! β˜ΊοΈπŸ°πŸŽ‰
sujataghosh2143 : I am a big fan of Jamie. Me and my daughter watch his show on tv in india
beccagraham_ : Hiya Zoe (or viewers) please look at my blog, it'd be so appreciated :) http://beccagrahamm.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1
pipsicle260 - holly_doodle123 - xjessica_chavesx - derpingsense2011 -
zozeebo - Zoe
Sat in a cafe, discussing new video ideas, or pretending to. @joe_sugg @caspar_lee
smilypops__123 : @celebs.snapchat has your snapchat account
saffronnchapman : @celebs.snapchat has your snapchat account!!!!
jacintamoonbeamfanclub : @celebs.snapchat has your snapchat account.
_.edennn : @celebs.snapchat has your snapchat account.
dansamazingdimples : i just wish everybody would shut up self advertising and actually comment a nice thing showing support to zoe for once :(
crazycakelady221 : Hey! Please checkout and FOLLOW my CUTE CAKES PAGE! β˜ΊοΈπŸ°πŸŽ‰
nanc_n_soph : Haha
kayleighpayne_x : Joe looks very seriousπŸ˜‚
cjfosterr - sophie.may.2014 - danielle_mariex3 - elleyana0901 -
zozeebo - Zoe
Well this is slightly crazy! Hahah a GIANT picture of me.
saffronnchapman : @celebs.snapchat has your snapchat account!!!
jacintamoonbeamfanclub : @celebs.snapchat has your snapchat account.
_.edennn : @celebs.snapchat has your snapchat account...?
ellezeebo : Hi
_._.j.e.s.s._._ : It's not crazy, it's amazing!! You deserve to be famous and loved by everyone xx you are brilliant at what you do πŸ’• No matter what people say, you are the best ❀️ you inspire so many people like me πŸ’˜ love you so much Zoe πŸ’“
roxanne562 : @celeb.snapchat has your snapchat account
crazycakelady221 : Hey! Please checkout and FOLLOW my CUTE CAKES PAGE! β˜ΊοΈπŸ°πŸŽ‰
m.imsterme : I saw ur advert twice in Waterloo!
__rasxo - doto499 - elleyana0901 - leah_velez -
zozeebo - Zoe
Good Afternoon you bunch of lovely people!
a.sort.of.youtube.obsession : A very pretty, talented, young individual.
a.sort.of.youtube.obsession : @youtuberedits___
youtuberedits___ : Sorry to break it to you but no @a.sort.of.youtube.obsession
betsy_cohen : No joke I love zoe and her vids but she says be happy with your body etc but then wear wear a lot of makeup NO HATE I am just wondering
a.sort.of.youtube.obsession : Yeah I get everyone has a opinion so let's stop like arguing @youtuberedits___ and that's my opinion and that's your opinion. Okaym
kayleighpayne_x : @evabywater__x this looks like youπŸ’‹
lola.ruby : Oh my goodness @youtuberedits___ wthhhh you are ridiculous
youtubes._.fangirl : @betsy_cohen she says she does it for fun and to feel better about herself
zaymazing__21 - eleanorwarren12 - vdr.xo - elleyana0901 -
zozeebo - Zoe
Take as much love as you need ❀️
_yasminvictoria : go over and tag zoe in my recent photo, thanks! πŸ’•βœ‹ (@zozeebo)
georgia_lilymae : Aw cute πŸ’•
xx_kayla_x_finley_xx : Lol look at Alfie in the corner
yara.meqdad : @heyitsclaudie it's officialzoella ...
crazycakelady221 : Hey! Please checkout and FOLLOW my CUTE CAKES PAGE! β˜ΊοΈπŸ°πŸŽ‰
millieslittlelife_xo : ALFE IN THE BACK GROUND LOL
_zoellaforever_ : ❀ Zoella fan page ❀
lilyrose.blog : 🌸 New teen blogger
berra.caldemir - zaymazing__21 - rubyellen___ - libby218 -
zozeebo - Zoe
graciemaeelton : Hi zoella!!! I always watch your videos and vlogs they are amazing and so are you! @zozeebo
kitty_karyssa_ : Hey it's Maria's friend karyssa you are so pretty
alicehobbsx : U look a bit like TulisaπŸ’–. Love your u tube 😘
moniowens : Hi I'm a big fan πŸ’œ
alicia20031dfan : So pretty 😍😘😘😘😘
shatonaturtle : @sqrls21
epicrobotrainbow : Beautiful
a_l_e_x_o_t_a_y_l_o_r_x_ : Zooooo beautiful @zozeebo
eleanorwarren12 - thacrazy_lovatics - rubyellen___ - doto499 -
zozeebo - Zoe
Emilia SacconeJoly is already better at posing for Polaroids than me and she is only 2 years old. #littlebeauty (gorgeous parents @annasaccone & @jonathanjoly)
littlebeauty -
marijones13 : This is the cutest thing EVERπŸ˜±πŸ’•
tinkertayx : Aw I hope I see her in one of your vids Zoe
lovemesomezoella : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• fan account for Zoe and Alfie πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• i post cute little zalfie clips! F4F? β˜ΊοΈπŸ™‹
idekasdfghjkll : πŸŽƒ @dresslikezoellaa posts zoes clothes πŸŽƒ
colorlover_molly : @linphoebee this is so cute❀️
muguetto3 : I like you. Emilia and Zoella
aileekxox : @celeb.snapchat has your snap
crazycakelady221 : Hey! Please checkout and FOLLOW my CUTE CAKES PAGE! β˜ΊοΈπŸ°πŸŽ‰
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