Ed Templeton

See Huck Magazine's video interview with me, parts 1 and 2 are up...
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#scenesfromeuropa #eurotempsters #köln
köln - scenesfromeuropa - eurotempsters -
pushox : Nice!
oye_manuel : Have fun at 4am. Raptor bag 4 life @cutetop
wesavesharks : Vampire squid
7dragonfire7 : 漂亮
themnpeacock : @tempster_returns have a train ride to Dudeldorf, meander around the best village ever, and grab a bite to eat at Törschanke. You will not be disappointed.
damaziojulio - _mattlacelle - abqlurk - ronnielotd -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
"No, I'm Inga from Sveden..."
nekruks : It's sWeden @tempster_returns... And our ol' traditional clothes is called knätofs or "whatever-u-buy-at-Ge-Kås". The lederhosen is all about Germany. Jawohl!
tempster_returns : @nekruks I understand both of those points perfectly, and that is the joke. If you have ever seen the movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy, you would get the reference.
taiwanees : @tempster_returns haha :) you know your classics :)
racheldaily : ❤️
gambajo : @tempster_returns You should now, that this are costumes for karneval (Kölle Alaaf!). In this part of germany nobody wears Lederhosen or Dirndl. You are at the wrong time in cologne. You should come here during Karneval. Whole cologne and the villages around it goes crazy for a week. Everybody is disguised, there are crazy parties everywhere and the chics are very offensive ;-)
_havanalaffitte : ❤️
kyuss1001 : Skate fashion.
nekruks : 🙉😄 @tempster_returns better watch it!
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#scenesfromeuropa #köln #eurotempsters
köln - scenesfromeuropa - eurotempsters -
faceofthemap : Perfect !! ☝️
shmelch : @brandaids
harrisonjedan : Wow deep
remotedt : Great fuckup!!
brandaids : @shmelch the mac and cheese fucking days are over
sustanciah : @tempster_returns Turtle boy
yungferb : @cboycboycboy
danyers : This is real @sleepdone
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
For the small percentage of you who aren't sick of seeing or hearing my sorry ass - @huckmagazine has put up some video interview segments on YouTube. (Clickable link in my profile page)
photobrando : Never enough Ed. Inspired every time. Thank you!
garrytrinh : 'Photography has helped train my brain about seeing where I live like I see other places' 👏
lewisroyden : 👌
adamsh_ : @matthewsainsbury
nowisonn : Wow even you're burns of side are works of art!
russcogdell : The Huntington Beach pier misses you @tempster_returns. I've been walking up and down, making sure things are right where you left it for when you get back.
myohmeah : @southportrigging note this, let's watch soon 😘
tempster_returns : @russcogdell thanks!
ilonabercha - davenaz - juliafischerfotografie - landberg -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#scenesfromeuropa #köln
köln - scenesfromeuropa - eurotempsters -
tempster_returns : @herolongboards @shithawk I back people who are nice, even rollerbladers. I have no beef with anyone. Long, short, plastic, wood, whatever floats your boat, do it, and fuck everyone else.
lemonade_shotgun : Longboards will remain cool as long as Gonz and Tempster back them.
n4skateboards : @tempster_returns you're a true inspiration ✊
joebobareno : Good outlook ⬆️
shithawk : Apparently trying to translate the teachings of ed templeton has proven to be as difficult as translating the "word of god". I'll crawl back into my ignorant hole now.
tempster_returns : @shithawk we can throw some longboarders into water, if they float like a duck, they're a witch, and we'll burn them at the stake.
mikellwebb : @muttface328 this is me
muttface328 : He looks wise
davidjrtaylor - samscoufos - donsimon2punkt0 - juliafischerfotografie -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#scenesfromeuropa #eurotempsters #köln
köln - scenesfromeuropa - eurotempsters -
connistunu : @alexaeloha @urbancreme 👏
bunnyjodorowsky : @ehricdeth typical
chuchupilot : @tempster_returns frickin europeeens
j_allday : @spankthatmonkey
uglychulo_ : An ad waitin to be tampered with
thelauraleef : @tanner_misono
spankthatmonkey : @lerapen
kyuss1001 : Karma sultra of shopping.
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#scenesfromeuropa #scenesfromthebible #köln - before the Internet, before most people were literate, painters created scenes to illustrate the bible and put fear and respect into the flock. The leaders of churches would commission paintings from artists with specific instructions to help teach the people. Even if you don't believe the stories, the paintings are unquestionably sensational.
köln - scenesfromthebible - scenesfromeuropa -
jesus_christ_himself : The kings would threaten the painters with death if they didn't paint it. And it would take days or weeks to make these paintings or even longer
nolliekickflip80 : @joshharmony lol
oliverseid : Dang, Jesus got some abs #mcm
cora_fcking_kay : @janettemartinez_ hahaha
ppconfleis : "yo wait up im refillin"
janettemartinez_ : Why is it that when we talk about stuff like this we see in on the internet! @cora_fcking_kay
jeremyraab : Propaganda is a powerful tool
kyuss1001 : Yeah true Edward that talent is unquestionably massive.
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#deannatempleton sitting on a panel judging the Kassel Fotobook Festival book dummy award at @thephotobookmuseum
markusschaden - fotobookfestivslkassel - thephotobookmuseum - köln - deannatempleton - eurotempsters - cristinademiddel -
tempster_returns : #eurotempsters #fotobookfestivslkassel #thephotobookmuseum #köln
tempster_returns : With @toddhido #cristinademiddel #markusschaden and many others!
robeswe : It's apparent someone loves their wife quite a bit. It's great. @tempster_returns you guys are talented.
jckpearce : @tempster_returns Yo Ed, hope the show is going swell! Drop us an email once you're home I've sent you some stuff..
madridguitars : @tempster_returns you know just "smoking cigarets wearing parrot shirts". Thanks for all the wonderful photos.
syslik47 : @tempster_returns how long are you gonna stay there?i wish to see your exposition
nickjojola : Ayeee with @toddhido too? Way sick
marcj_1 - jay138 - albertplfx - nunoy -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#scenesfromeuropa #köln #eurotempsters
köln - scenesfromeuropa - eurotempsters -
mcg304 : Nicer shoes and jeans than I have.
jochendek : It is chuck norris!
morefunthanaids : gonz's german cousin
morefunthanaids : Heinrich gonzälez
jgonz : Some things don't change
chooii : gonz lol
schmidt_57 : @tempster_returns he looks like a DIX painting that came to life.
kyuss1001 : Poverty is unfortunately global.
cryptcreeperr - beautiful_disaster74 - jasmineetluna - jiorloky -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#ottodix #scenesfromeuropa #eurotempsters #köln #museumludwig
köln - ottodix - museumludwig - eurotempsters - scenesfromeuropa -
bigjeki : Hippie Joel!
samdillon_ : Robert Baratheon whoa
jickenflex : You are like the buzzing of flies to him!
instafronck : My favorite thing when i was a footwear designer at sole was to get inspired in the museums of new york and europe so i feel you there.
briancraigen : King Robert!
flaskisdrunk : Reminds me of Rick Rubin.
chodeballs : @dfeeneymo I can only hope that's my future
snatchita : @tempster_returns don't know why this photo triggered this question, but have you seen Tim's Vermeer? If so, what did you think of it?
marcj_1 - lordlera - albertplfx - iacokitchen -
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