Ed Templeton

See a new slide show and some words about the Wayward Cognitions photo book on Nowness.com
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
dailyhbpierphoto -
awoody13 : @wanderlust_less
twentyeleven : Adolescent Thing from Marvel comics .
michoyy : @dudeitsnotlouie
crude_comment : Brodie in mall rats wondered about the thing
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#dailyhbpiervideo #YOLOing hardcore #huntingtonbeach #surfcityusa
surfcityusa - huntingtonbeach - yoloing - dailyhbpiervideo -
mishmanac : @zacharycohen
seajaytee : @jessnaps3
usernamesaulito : I figured you would be there for the emerica wild in the streets
matchu80 : Those ads on the pier, smh
totes_kris10 : @usernamesaulito clearly he isn't in Mexico hashtagging "Huntington Beach" ...........
maggielandim : @cescocivita
little_debbie_dealer : Didn't stick the landing
nitesamtal : It's always weird when you post pictures of kids my daughter knows hahaha
_derickmurray_ - thomas_earl - eliamarie - davidsan43 -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
@jasonsimonrobertsdobrin and @rzzpotes have an exhibition opening tonight...
jacquelineelainegomez : Amazing! Thank you.
susannemelanieberry : crap, working. bestest to you!
donnybarf : @jacquelineelainegomez !!! Nice
degenerate_75 : @rzzpotes 👍
tommys4k - clintwoodside - hashtagjoshbrady - thegomz -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
You're invited to the @HuckMagazine 45 - The #EdTempleton Curated Issue Launch Party at @ArcanaBooks on Saturday, August 2. People in the issue: @TobinYelland #TobinYelland| #AshleyMacomber @ashsnowmac| #LeeKaplan of @ArcanaBooks | #KevinBarnett @Kevin__Barnett| #DanielArnold @arnold_daniel| #AshleyThayer @maricoloustextiles | @DeadbeatClub #DeadbeatClub | #RayPotes @rzzpotes | #DanMurphy | #UnaKim of @KeepCompany | #JosephAllenShea @galleryas | #KevinChristy @kevingchristy | #DeannaTempleton | #DennisMcGrath @Dennis_McGrath We’re celebrating its existence. JOIN US! ARCANA BOOKS August 2 – 4:00-6:00pm @ArcanaBooks on the Arts 8675 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 Supported by @Emerica
tobinyelland - danielarnold - deannatempleton - kevinchristy - josephallenshea - edtempleton - raypotes - unakim - ashleymacomber - danmurphy - dennismcgrath - ashleythayer - deadbeatclub - kevinbarnett - leekaplan -
no_ayeee : @betzzzyluna
seanlikesavocado : @mikeethebest @nategoestoskate let's goop
andydel : I subscribed to @HuckMagazine a while ago and only received 1 issue. Bummer, man.
brewpotthead : Do something cool in Arizona
lovebryan : Congrats. Can't wait to see the issue. I shot the portraits of Daniel Arnold.
tempster_returns : @lovebryan rad! I haven't even seen it yet!
huckmagazine : @andydel Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your subscription. Please drop us a line at hello@tcolondon.com so we can help you fix it
andydel : @huckmagazine awesome. thanks guys, you rock.
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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#photobookjousting: #MarcRiboud, Into the Orient published by #ÉditionsXavierBarral, 2012 - 5 slim editions slipcased together. Turkey, 1955 / Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, 1955, 56 / India, Nepal, 1956 / China, 1957 / Japan, 1958 (shown open above) each book is one years work in these various countries. The excellent street/documentary photography you would expect from a master. A nice little package. #edsphotobooks - purchased at @arcanabooks.
éditionsxavierbarral - photobookjousting - marcriboud - edsphotobooks -
damhave : Gorgeous.
benvenom : @mmgorham
rafajirafa : Awesome!!
fetlockman : @tempster_returns have you heard of finders keepers record label? It's obscure, mainly forgotten, always beautiful audible art from the last 50 years or so. In the artist's imperfections comes massive wonder, and fun. #finderskeepers one artist Selda Bagcan, a Turkish protest singer, imprisoned 3 times in the 70s by an oppressive government, yet made some cosmic genius, an inspiration. Finders keepers records. Peace. Joel.
fetlockman : You seem like the kinda chap that might appreciate it, I forgot to say. @tempster_returns
daladude : Got it and I love it!!!
hessam_gharib : How Can I see the review? @tempster_returns
nikoamon : Wow that looks so cool!
yattedigo - tempster07 - wrexmonger - danasaurusrawr -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
"Dudes, if I had my shred-stick - not to brag, but I'm pretty sure I could feeble this baby..."
teenwolfsdad : I would slowly backside noseslide to tick tack away the shit out of that spot. I mean, back when I used to skate...
joshbot5000 : Of course u can, u taught us all how to feeble on that 411vm how- to segment back in the day
mamashrimp : @omeee_omyyy
valex_valb : Your shoes don't even have laces....pffft
tempster_returns : @jonnya6 who's worked up?
swisskahnson : @k_t_5_a
jonnya6 : @tempster_returns THIS IS AWESOME! You have always been one of my favorite skaters and artists. Do you remember making a t-shirt design for a skate contest in Massachusetts called "the Swan fest" in the late 90s? It had a toy machine guy cutting the head off of a swan. (mine is stashed away in storage but I'll find a picture for you) I was the 15 year old kid you talked to on the phone and sent the design to. You were an inspiration then and an inspiration now. You opened my eyes to the worlds of Barry Mcgee and Margaret Kilgallen. The Golden Age of Neglect resides on my bookshelf. I didn't mean any disrespect by my comment, more like a playful ribbing. In all my years I've met lots of professional skateboarders. I've played pinball with Tony Hawk in Newport. Geoff Rowley told me what two fingers up meant at the "extreme games". My friends skated with Donny Barley and Brian Anderson at a Toy Machine Demo. (I caught a turtleboy "girls" deck and had them sign it.) My biggest regret is never having met you in person...I hope I get the opportunity someday. Sorry if this sounds stalkerish but you've been a major influence on me for over 15 years. Also, I was young and can't remember if I sent you a shirt that you designed...if I didn't, I'm sorry, and I will send you mine for your archives. Thank You for making my day.
gleblancstrong : No doubt @tempster_returns I saw you destroying Panama back in the day. All tricks on rails!!
zacanderson - yotagang4life2 - red_alien - m.t.m -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#ToyMachine schralper @matt_bennett__ getting warpy in the new @thrashermag - interview by @burnout - #MattBennett
mattbennett - toymachine -
jbradford_photo : So sick!
liltwerpbret : Best dude
hamrock999 : @matt_bennett__ that crazy fucking grind has been boggling my mind
mfishman27 : My favorite TM rider
jahwoofums : #MattBennetar
gzogustavo : Best style, him and Austin.
pushox : Gotta peep this, his Transworld interview last year was a good one.
monoblock_brian : @fp1287
raulsoto1562 - skateboardman2468 - doctor_green_thumb_ - sheenbing -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#suburbanscenes #scenesfromsuburbia #huntingtonbeach #surfcityusa
scenesfromsuburbia - surfcityusa - suburbanscenes - huntingtonbeach -
abstractrad : Epic
dimebagroberts : @_danii___ whhhhhaasaaatt
dimebagroberts : That's badass
lrg147 : @dagooch08 on edinger and...
ogidni47indigo : @nat_roca let's get cruisers
tedsiv_ : Haha that's rad @tempster_returns @_danii___
latinaspiice : Sick shoes
theogthuggmuffin : Everytime I'm in Huntington I never see you..
fckingdenver - rupaulsuterus - heartcondition - seabassnot420 -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Come to the @huckmagazine launch party at @arcanabooks this August 2nd! Get the magazine for sale and a FREE poster (generously provided by @emerica ) loads of the people featured in the issue will be on hand, and you can take selfies with them for your voluminous archives of selfies. Click @arcanabooks for the address.
galerieallen : And thanks got the shout out Ed!
galerieallen : ...for...
advand : @pericoly Tete encara no haurem arribat, estarem del 6 al 12 però mola investigarem!! Merci 👊
yaelpedroza : My favorite one. Love it
bigusla : Sweet so going to this!
_rosegallery_ : @shellseykel
paulm_art : Nice..........………🐌
jamespawlish : 🙌 going to try and make it down from SF!
strangerinastrangeworld - michealsbutt - zodiacsnowwolf - _ham_n_cheese -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Today's visitor: @dennis_mcgrath #DennisMcGrath - We are working on his upcoming photo book about #LennieKirk - gonna be good!
lenniekirk - dennismcgrath -
dicktanner101 : You dudes.....living the dream
eatshitdie : @animalsandchildren 👆👆Kirk book!
photojoebrook : Rad!!!!
hurryupdie : Lennie kirk SO needs a book about him
neontrotsky : @noahgundersen it's Micah haha
pbgurl04 : Please let ne know when its done! Would love one for the family! @dennis_mcgrath
dennis_mcgrath : Of course yeah! @pbgurl04
animalsandchildren : @eatshitdie yup been waiting on this! Hurry up @dennis_mcgrath :)
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