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tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Remaking this was a travesty.
alba_a_a : @blackberryly
aaberto23 : @mvtthewlugoo
idave1010 : I was watching this tonight too, with my nephew.
hatchetatch : Primus performs an awesome rendition..
ladwall : @hatchetatch I saw it in concert. It was amazing
onahighway : I just talked about how amazing this part was with my father
mike__ali : @izmburnner favorite part of the movie
tyler_mahoonsters : #freemiles
o4sholy - erhnesto - gcatman - bevchurchillcurtis -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
84 degrees today (29 Celsius) sunbathing, volleyball, surfing, pier lurking. #dailyhbpierphoto #huntingtonbeach #surfcityusa
surfcityusa - dailyhbpierphoto - huntingtonbeach -
goe_kidd : And in n out duh
vivischultze : I Love HB!!!
artbojan : @arma1010 yeah brah!
jsstiles : @ckiesa
andrew_baranello : HB is so gnarly, San Diego has no smog :)
bibopbibop : Was surf good ?
andysustillan : @indieemurray
rrrigel : Thank you for saying the temperature in Celsius.
parttimepirate - 10helens - burundangato - deenco -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#dailyhbpierphoto #bubble
dailyhbpierphoto - bubble -
yourgirl__a : @jackxlame OMG it's beautiful 😍
zaner210 : Bubble buddy!!!!
jessegiglio : @mikecushing
maxripo : @jbizzo_
etothelior : @rachelsladder11 πŸ’˜
rachelsladder11 : Perfect baby @etothelior wait for a day... I'm headed now to Sedona to make BIG ones
lexluxon : @andiii311
opticalinclusion : Reflected beach world afloat
serenanastasia - geniusggm - brandonexplores - drewbacca -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Today in pelican news: "I'm gonna send this photo, along with all the photos I shot of bikini girls playing volleyball to the poor bastards back east covered in snow." -red hat guy (if you wanna see me getting this #hbpierpelican shot then see @clintwoodside's feed) (so meta bro) #dailyhbpierphoto
dailyhbpierphoto - hbpierpelican -
jakeizdead : Ft plus of snow here in nw montana i guess u can say ima poor bastard lol
fresh.ponce : @xx.chelsearose.x we saw that
nick__187 : @tempster_returns no you don't
calbert310 : @tempster_returns you would've killed it with a pelican p.o.v! (super meta man)... and a pelican insta i guess..
tempster_returns : @nick__187 just once for the fun of it.
nick__187 : @tempster_returns yea it just sucks when you got 5 months of it like in Chicago and can't skate haha
shaboombot : I'm in Lowell ma with my wood stove roaring listening to the plow trucks and dreaming of spring
chronald711 : Hss
radshots - locograph - greenbeaan - vampiratesreno -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
Today's studio visitor: @clintwoodside of the @deadbeatclub
joshagran : Hey @clintwoodside !
insta_grant : Ol' no smile Woodside
nicolascespedes : @chelo.gagliano es ian en unos años?
clintwoodside : @insta_grant come on... I'm kind of smiling... Right?
eggsmcmanus : Smirk at best
bgo_xo : Hi @clintwoodside πŸ™‹
dustinperry : I know him
nishat : @clintwoodside the water is rising above your shoulders!!!
sophie_et_nous - berlinbrrr - _ham_n_cheese - _maddiegrimm -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
This group of photos is on display at the #TriPostal in #Lille, France ( Regram from @ju_c_l ) - if you are in the area, check it out.
tripostal - lille -
solardiamond : This is the presentation I'm talking about. Very interested... Same groups I saw at ICP A while back!
vadiparty : @nappy_nina
matthildebeast : The kissing cloud
eoinmcl : @simonerocha_
tempster_returns : @abarosiba just simple square white wooden frames.
joseph_allen_shea : What's going in in Lille @tempster_returns ?
tempster_returns : @joseph_allen_shea I emailed you...
tempster_returns : @joseph_allen_shea just a show of work from Belgian collectors...
a_leblanc_ca - noah.key.can.see - nightowlcoholic - lorrricar -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#selfie games. #dailyhbpierphoto
selfie - dailyhbpierphoto -
seanharve : I'll look thin next to this piling
ocdboy : Haha, I don't know why but this pic is dope for some reason. Pigeon toes?
w_i_d_k_ : People are so dumb.
andreasana_art : πŸ‘
cody__smack : Is she gonna b at the#SBBQ? @tempster_returns
citydove : @trueguerrero
luthipher : @cody__smack I sure hope so
layadip : @joshcatmendoza
selinrandy - harley2gnarly - yolotonybrowntown - hugo_corn -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#dailyhbpierphoto #huntingtonbeach #surfcityusa
surfcityusa - dailyhbpierphoto - huntingtonbeach -
i8z : Do you have a Fuji 670? I am thinking about buying one.
tempster_returns : @i8z yeah, love it. They are fragile. If you drop it, it's gonna break.
i8z : Thank you sir. I guessed they stopped making them because the price has gone up. I will seriously start researching them. Thank you sir.
tex_n_toronto : Dad? You said you were dead!
seanharve : This guy suuuckkkks
seanharve : I was just listening to this guy last weekend as he rasped out Feliz Navidad - the bastardized version. I pondered why the buskers in Ireland are so good and we have guys like this.
erin_elizaaa : @wakerash
__shellyy : Hey Ed out of curiosity will you be at the light a light of love event on Sunday 12/7?
mrjacob98__ - eggybred - elliotknows - figan8r -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
"Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
berlin - ferguson - scenesfromeuropa -
fede_martinika : Siiii @paoligia_ 😍😍
destroy_everthing : Berlin !!! Jahh shit
rodent516 : Santayana is a wise man. #fordays
tempster_returns : @picturesofrobots whatever the evidence, whoever is truly at fault, let's not repeat this. Can you agree with that? Are you FOR having this happen again? Let's not be doomed to repeat this history.
turtled_neck : @tempster_returns πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† so important. Human life is so much more precious than most people really seem to realize. It amazes me everyday.
picturesofrobots : @tempster_returns The best way to avoid this is not to steal or take sides. Now mike brown is dead and a community is destroyed.
seanharve : Beware of the military-industrial complex
tempster_returns : @futurehippy
nilokrama - svetobes - figan8r - jarleak80 -
tempster_returns - Ed Templeton
#regram from @jasonsimonrobertsdobrin #chrisrock #ferguson
regram - chrisrock - ferguson -
zandorhoncho : @realgeorgeclark Is that the best reasoned argument you have? I've got to shut up and take your shit because you're a right wing American? That's the crux of it isn't it? Anything you don't like you just shout down or use violence. I bet you get really mad when I burn your flag.
realgeorgeclark : @zandorhoncho that's the spirit
andy0drew : Man I love Canada...
tempster_returns : @futurehippy
eyeballofdeath : @deanaferal
eyeballofdeath : @tempster_returns hey ed you had a post of the Oakland protest, why'd you take it down?
hey_daralon : @shredfodays1 I think you are one of the few individuals that really understands this: stupid people do stupid shit, and stupid shit happens to them. Stupidity doesn't limit itself to one race, shape or size. Thank you for your service.
paranormaltraptivity : @realgeorgeclark blind nationalism is the root to most of our problems throughout history.
cooldadz - n.a.t.a.n - ericcacorvera - dirtbaggdann -
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