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Boston Bruins

Official Instagram of the Boston Bruins. #NHLBruins
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Dougie Hamilton checks Jim Slater into the boards during tonight's game in Winnipeg. #NHLBruins #BOSvsWPG
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sbeattie45 : @andrew16grayson are you drunk or just retarded?
de4dbyd4wn : @scott.Farley.92 lol I like your passion bro. But there are too many Rask lovers here.
c4m3r0n_m4th3rs : XD
jman1183 : so I guess rasks Venezia last year was rigged too? @sbeattie45 @scott.farley.92
hadji._ : Get him dougie
nate.schultz : @gsmith7845 Yea you're right, straight A student and varsity athlete I'm an idiot! How about you shut your mouth
nate.schultz : @xsryanx I see where you're coming from. I'll be honest I don't agree with a lot of the trades that they've made. But the Bruins have a future. Look at some of the young players that're are showing amazing potential. Seth Griffith, Niklas Svedberg, Craig Cunningham, Garret Hamilton. And yes, Chara is getting old; but we still have a few years out of everyone else. We should trade Chara now to get someone good while we can. We just want him because he's big. But I don't know if you watch the problem or not. Another problem is our playing style. Most teams are fast and move quick recently, but we're slow and hard hitting. We need to adapt and so does our player selection
nate.schultz : And like you said Morrow has promises @xsryanx
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
National anthems in Winnipeg! #NHLBruins facing Jets now on NESN, 98.5 The Sports Hub. #BOSvsWPG
bosvswpg - nhlbruins -
ajkpeck : Right sorry better dumb that down so that you can understand, YOU ARE STUPID @lowregs_10
ajkpeck : And @a7xfan66 they are dependent on winning to sustain themselves I think they would like to win
a7xfan66 : What I meant to say saw they're playing like it doesn't matter
lowregs_10 : Y r u talking to ur self @ajkpeck
ajkpeck : I can assure you if I was talking to myself I would be talking at a much more sophisticated level. And that comeback is one of a ten year old kid uneducated prick.
ajkpeck : @a7xfan66 fair enough I'm just being annoying to @lowregs_10 I understood what you meant I was just being confrontational.
mattmuerto : @lowregs_10 lol we may not be doin very well, but we don't have cry baby birches like subban on our team. And our fans are fucking awesome. No wonder why the rest of Canada hates the habs and it's fan base... You guys cry so much!
veganbruin : Failed failed failed you fucking failed. I'll always watch the Bruins no matter how bad we are but what other means do I have to protest Peter Chiarelli and his poor asset management than to boycott the games?
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Carl Soderberg watching an advanced screening earlier today of #BehindTheB presented by Alex and Ani. The newest episode airs tonight at 6:30 ET on NESN!
behindtheb -
izzabellevc : #playlikecarl @mattcoster37
bruins.problems__ : @kbarnsley fuck you.
flodgrodan : @kbarnsley sure, trade the player who's tied for most points on the team, while playing 2nd/3rd line minutes. Oh and by the way, he only makes $1M a year.
flodgrodan : So yeah, the logical thing must be to trade him.
kbarnsley : @flodgrodan so yeah the logical thing is to lick my fucking taint you stat pushing fag. i think he PLAYS like shit and isnt really a true bruin. the guy plays like a vagina. who cares what he makes a year. i know people that have desk jobs that make more than that.
kbarnsley : @flodgrodan your grandma called by the way...she said "fuck you"
flodgrodan : @kbarnsley You lost the argument when you started calling names, but i'll go with it this time. The fact is that he produces better than everyone except Bergeron, thats what the B's need right now. The salary matters because there is a thing called a salary cap, if you have cheap players that produces, you can get more better players and still fit under it. It is a math game, you can't just go out there and point on a player you want. Trading Carl would accomplish nothing, except maybe missing the playoffs, cause of the loss in production. Good Luck finding someone as good for the same money.
daillvolvo : @flodgrodan 🙌🙌
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
#BOSvsWPG matchup tonight at 8PM. Live on NESN & 98.5 The Sports Hub.
bosvswpg -
dan_geoffrion : @c_strittmatter Thank you, you are so kind. Your parents must be so proud of you :*
bluesky8130 : Go Bruins, sitting in the stands in Winnipeg and hoping you get the win
__zacharyy21 : #LetsGo #BostonPride #Marchand #Bergeron #Chara
tydudley34 : L
tydudley34 : J
mikayla74 : 😭
b_catania30 : We really suck we can't even win vs a shit team
bostontosanfran : We blow
da_gugu - marcuslundgrenn - olsson.17 - mattivanska -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
#TBT pres. by @friendlys to this week in 1974 when Phil Esposito tied a club record for points in a game & the #NHLBruins set a club record for fastest five goals scored.
nhlbruins - tbt -
brendo_t_mcd : BOBBY ORR
collinsec : Sideburn days
shawnfitzy29 : Could use Phil's scoring touch around the net these days that's for sure.
bsherman42wallaby : @whaaatthekell tell @seanpaulsherm17 to regram this
mattbrooks978 : @haverland11
whaaatthekell : @bsherman42wallaby ok I'll let him know
_jack_._shea_ : I need to score more
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
#NHLBruins win 3-2 over Wild in OT! Carl Soderberg adds a goal & sets up Loui Eriksson for the winner.
nhlbruins -
bruins_fan_37 : @keator19 how? Marchy always misses the net and takes a lot of penalties.
mattcoster37 : @izzabellevc
keator19 : @bruins_fan_37 exactly that's why the oilers would never agree to that deal
bruins_fan_37 : @keator19 true
cam.goslin : Who wants Oshie?
mac.6 : @skelly_18
aliwatz_ : @esoderberg Your dad is catching all of the rave!
esoderberg : @aliwatz_ hahahahah SO proud
jameshockey1 - daillvolvo - darraghtosullivan - lisasayan -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Niklas Svedberg defends the net against Charlie Coyle during tonight's game in Minnesota. #NHLBruins #BOSvsMIN
nhlbruins - bosvsmin -
slapshot.visuals : 🚨SICK NHL EDITS🚨
alliemorey : @jmorey99
skelley__ : Charlie friken Coyle
boston_bruins_nation : 🚨Calling all Bruins fans🚨
labrun3 : Can it b true this possably the new cat wooooooo
labrun3 : Ya rask needs a break n boys are getting back from injuries so we b on the rise
alekzdz12 : Nice win on to the Winnipeg jets
cam_allen3 - tonni44 - blade_58 - toney_123 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Patrice Bergeron celebrates with Brad Marchand after his goal put #NHLBruins up 2-1 over Minnesota in the first period. #BOSvsMIN
nhlbruins - bosvsmin -
julietak18 : @collinnorton21 our boys!!
chris_cordani7 : @brendanjreilly svburg can't be our goalie because he can't stop anything
chris_cordani7 : !!!!!!!
jmowens36 : 😂😂😂 @dylanbroderick17
_dafoe_ : Told u @caffveines
taylor_pwt : Get Tyler back he was hot
matthunt5 : Fuckin right boys @nhlbruins
tissue_leung - o_porter46 - hbulldog83 - coulsteph_11 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Happy 31st Birthday to Gregory Campbell! #NHLBruins
nhlbruins -
kater_skater77 : Soups!!!!
savana7895 : HES 31 UGH @chaseyygoalie31
chaseyygoalie31 : Haha @savana7895
wannabejimi : Happy Birthday, Soups!
kegan_18 : Souuuuuuuuuup
jessi_stockdale : I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE #11
jessi_stockdale : Happy Birthday Soupy!
starofman : Your face
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Warmups underway in Minnesota! #NHLBruins vs. Wild at 8 ET on NBCSN.
nhlbruins -
casey_reilly : @heatherschumacher 😘
liizhealy : @andredoyleofficial 2-1 bruins
bliki19 : Bruins are playing pretty good tonight.
lizlane_7 : @thirstyforebola
rickygilpatrick20 : Nigga
alyssa._.heimer : I'm seriously in this pic if you zoom in really far😂
tmee13_ : @rickygilpatrick20 fuck u
t.l.17 : @drueahola i see u!
yessicoronel_ - ajelvebak.1 - hbulldog83 - toney_123 -
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