Michael Franti

One love, one blood, one heart, one soul, one drum and only one rhythm, one tribe and all of us singin'!
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
@floydfest last night. Incredible time all day and night!!! Thanks for having us again!!!
tucker_c : I was there !
tucker_c : @michaelfranti
chicachapman : envy in WA! @michaelfranti Hope you all stay cool in the heat #onelove
jenny_swinny : So excited you are in our penguin studio right now! Thank you for bringing the beautiful vibes to Wilmington!
sophiesemeniuk : Saw you there two years ago!
teanhoneybread : I'm still vibrating from Hudson River Park. So much energy and love and compassion...πŸ’«βœŒοΈ
lacey006 : @carpejiem love you back
gbabybarca : Stoked to see you guys in charlotte been looking forward to it all summer! @michaelfranti much love brudas
isabel_harris - bay.or.bae - moondancer11 - alishaarosee -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Getting ready to rock out on a gorgeous night in Philly!!! Amazing sets by @trevorhall and @brettdennen. @jacobhemphillofficial and Soja just hitting it now. @DAngelicoReborn guitars.
gabriel_trestin_kportufe_ : say hey to sparrow
femazzer : Man. You are amazing. Yesterday was the first time I've seen you.
annie_tag : @cartlars thought it was u
cartlars : That's not even funny @annie_tag you need to step up your game
creationrebel_ : My 1st hip hop gig I went to wad hiphoprisy 92 in Newcastle Uk. Support from DC Basehead. That album is in my top 5 of all time. Anychance u and Rono will do anything else @michaelfranti ?
dalaneylove : love youπŸ’œ ✌️😌
csurfergurl : @michaelfranti Saw that you're finally coming to Maui and totally brightened our day!!!!!!!!!! We are SO excited and long awaited! E komo Mai soon and will spread the word. Aloha!!!! πŸ’–β˜€οΈπŸŒΊπŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
apfarmer : My little man Sterett Farmer will be turning 7 at your Wilmington show tonight!!! Shout out?!?! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
@laurasykora and I having a little yoga fun @soulshinetour on @pier97 in NYC last night. An amazing day! Before doors opened for the concert we had 500 yogis doing one hour of yoga taught by @yogabeyond. I played acoustic music throughout the class. Then the doors opened for the concert with my band Spearhead @jacobhemphillofficial @trevorhall and @brettdennen @sonnarele and we rocked into the night #soulshinetour #yoga #peace #amazing #acroyoga #fun
amazing - yoga - fun - peace - soulshinetour - acroyoga -
andge33 : One of the best concerts I've been to, such positive vibesπŸ™Œ thank you!
tiffkap : Amazing day - Amazing energy all around
lisettejohn : Cool πŸ‘
sugareeyogi : Looking good you two!!! @laurasykora @michaelfranti
mithaiwali : @mosana3
allisonweiss0 : @n45tyn4te
jessjo7 : One of my favorite and inspirational yogini's! @laurasykora put the two of you together with music, love, and fun and there ya have a winning combo! Love this!
couponandgymlife2 : Hey we love your music!!! Especially my little one πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
mikiandmars - solarvibe - emswimfast - tonyaritsch -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Last night @pier97 NYC was amazing! Perfect weather for music, families, connection, celebrating life. #soulshinetour #nyc #gratitude
gratitude - nyc - soulshinetour -
shellsmoon : Yes @dustinthomasxo
meinnapa : Who made that cool shirt @michaelfranti?
lovegracefoods : amazing show last night πŸ™ @michaelfranti I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive!!!!!
auritab : @michaelfranti yo bro bro Venezuela is missin on you're tshirt's list... Missin y'all big hug.
laurenkamin16 : Great show! I'm alive! Amazing experience celebrating and embracing.. Love love love
tnvanderhoop : @zmsuhar @jtsuhar @ayysams
greatestjoy : Amazing show in NYC!! Gratitude to everyone involved to make it happen! You all Rock!! So many wonderful fans helped to make it a fantastic experience, thanks to everyone for being who they are!!
superduperwoopwoop : From Hawaii to Colorado and now in NYC! You're the best! I can't thank you enough for bringing so much love and light into everyone's lives that you meet! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’– Keep on rocking and KNOW that you are changing lives for the best! MUCH love to your son & family!!! See you soon... Who knows where!!! 😊🌍🌎🌏
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
I'm so grateful to be out on tour playing music each night with a group of artists that all promote positivity through music. This phot was taken by @sjrosenfield our tour photographer. #soulshinetour #positivity
positivity - soulshinetour -
shawnaray11 : Keep on flowing in pure positivity. I hope to be there with you someday @michaelfranti
cherrytdawn : Wow, this visual is profound. πŸ’™
heidikins483 : @michaelfranti is the epitome of amazing positiveness!!!!
laura21j : !!!
angela_sumner : πŸ™Œβœ¨
naturalsince_ : @michaelfranti would love to gift you a #NaturalSince_ tee! πŸ’« βœŒοΈπŸ’š
momaratzi : Soulshine tour. ...and I see your soul shining through in this shotπŸ˜†πŸŽΈπŸ’–
theflemos : One love
wise100doors - chanellesladics - branigansamson - cristina1101 -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Last night in Boston rocked! Thanks @LifeIsGood for partnering on the event and bringing so much positivity through #playmakers work with youth who have experienced trauma. It was great to see my extended family, cousins, aunts, nieces nephews, etc! And thank you Boston for representing so strong! #soulshinetour
soulshinetour - playmakers -
greggarmitage : Epic show. Thanks for a great night. Much love and light to your son.
firequeenproductions : @Firequeenproductions.. Counting down the days to NC... Do miss the pre-show event for #diftl benefit with music ambassador Edge Michael honored to be part of DO IT FOR THE LOVE FOUNDATION #healingmusic #diftl # edgemichael #wishgrant #soulshine #wilmington #battleship #hopeβ€οΈπŸ™πŸŽΆπŸŽΌβœŒοΈ
firequeenproductions : Michael Franti you are my inspiration@Firequeen 6 days until we shine here... #diftl #michaelfranti #edgemichael #musicambassadors #healing # hope #healing
kristanathan : Great show last night. You had some great volunteers at your booth. πŸ˜‰ #doitforthelove #boston #cantwaittoseeyouagain #great memory
njpnurse : Had the most wonderful time, thank you for lending me a yoga mat, I will never forget that. You with SOJA was a dream come true for me. You both have a beautiful message for the world to hear. Thank you for stopping for a moment to take a picture with me ❀️....✌️❀️🎢
gabriel_trestin_kportufe_ : say hey
iliscan : It was an incredible afternoon and night! Thanks for the majic ! Love you!
j0ehill : Thanks for bringing Trevor Hall along, too!
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Amazing sunset in Newark NJ tonight. #beautifulsunset #sky #soulshinetour #1159 #everysecondcounts
everysecondcounts - 1159 - sky - beautifulsunset - soulshinetour -
catherine.nunez : Listening to you on the radio!🎢🎧
bree_1810 : @hannah_7033
jdorse324 : So dope of you to go back to Langosta and share more of your music with us. You killed it! Come back soon 🌻
hannah_7033 : I was at your concert in nj!!!
oregontina : #chemset #wedontstop πŸ‘Š
darling_sterling : Stone pony thursday night. I heard you from the beachfront. Amazing.just before you began, There was an angel singing a song "if I met jay z in a bar...." who is she? I yearn to hear that voice again.
mlstauff : Her name is sonna rele. She's been touring with Michael franti this summer. Saw them in Chicago last week. She is amazing!
j_orndorff1 : Why no pic of the concert at stone pony...
belight91 - jimmythegreengiant - wilmaechandy - maamatias -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
#soulshinetour rocked tonight at the Egyptian ballroom in Indianapolis. @OldNationalCentre thanks for coming out in full energy Indy !!!
soulshinetour -
beachbarbums : Awesome show!
michaelfranti : @missmetoday I'm sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your mom. I've lost a parent and I know how painful it is. I wish you continued ease of heart.
missmetoday : ♥
michaelfranti : @missmetoday I just saw that while your mom was alive she had given a kidney to save someone's life. My son has kidney disease. God bless your mom. She was a good one.
walk2sons : @bklausmeyer
missmetoday : @michaelfranti my mom's kidney was actually donated when she passed. But it is an amazing story...some of my pics are just loaded out of order :) but I tell you...everything fell right into place. There is no denying God had this all planned out...every last piece of the puzzle. I don't understand why she had to go but there is a reason. By knowing Sharon, who recieved the kidney, and her story, it just amazes me more every single day. My mom was preparing and didn't even know it. Again I'm praying for your son, you, and your family.
missmetoday : @michaelfranti you've played a bigger role in my life than I even know. My exhusband has met you a few times. He was army and read a letter on stage in Texas. .a letter to the president and he was also best friends with David Kestner, whom you gave a tribute you too when he passed. Youve spread your good and I hope it comes back to you a million times over.
bklausmeyer : @michaelfranti we will see you Friday in Boston!!! @walk2sons
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Des Moines sculpture. It's a beautiful day here and we are ready to rock it tonight. Come on out to the #soulshinetour
soulshinetour -
oregontina : ❀️wow that's badass! Des Moines IA?
oregontina : Awesome shot too
oregontina : Your pics made me smile and wen laugh! Happy people rule!
halliehau : @kklovesu_ 😘
kklovesu_ : β€οΈπŸ˜ƒ Can we dance at his concert @halliehau? 😘
halliehau : @kklovesu_ ABSOLUTELY!!!! πŸ˜¬πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ‘―πŸ˜„
kariinschii : Hey there is another nomand out there!!! Cool!!!!! @offshorefitnessco
stephynow : Beautiful
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Minneapolis/Saint Paul the show was rockin last night. Make sure you tag yourself in case I forget some of your names. @sjrosenfield photo.
thehappinessteam3 : @thehappinessteam3
andreant03 : Simply AMAZING! So much energy and emotion. #doitforthelove
nelllybell : What ze heck you were in my city
hollyling12 : Can't wait for indy!!!!!
harriet_rosex : @cassplant let's see him somewhere in 2015 xxx
ls71483 : @ls71483 - awesome show!
cassplant : I'll start planning our reunion now @harriet_rosex xx
jbunday : Amazing pic!
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