Michael Franti

One love, one blood, one heart, one soul, one drum and only one rhythm, one tribe and all of us singin'!
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
800 yogis packed the deck of the USS North Carolina in a class dedicated to world peace taught by Seane Corne with acoustic music by Me and Jay Bowman in Wilmington North Carolina. #peace #soulshinetour #yoga #yogabeyond #conscious
peace - yoga - soulshinetour - conscious - yogabeyond -
forever_fancy_21 : Such an an amazing adventure....by far the most rewarding yoga practice I've ever been a part of.
amyleenc : Awesome practice. LOVE
xinabird : Ahhhh.mazing! ((((((((LOVE))))))))
sofialareau : Omg this is awesome.
kikischnur : Unreal!!! What a conflicting amazing picture!!
jckozzie : @rrriot79 check this out! :)
mermaidmilitia : @marine_frau look
dannylabille : @nattyboh_
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
800 yogis strong in a class dedicated to world peace on the deck of the USS North Carolina. #soulshinetour #peace #love #yoga #yogabeyond #nowar
yoga - yogabeyond - love - peace - nowar - soulshinetour -
kwkinnamon : @melissakinnamon @sterlwhirl @teyelise @stryguy
jluckett31 : @samwisegamjee thought you might enjoy this
_alexoxo : #cuddlepuddle ❤️❤️
_alexoxo : So nice meeting and seeing you and @jbowman72 again 😘👏 holler at us if you guys come down to charleston - we will teach you yoga ! And take you all out and about haha ✌️❤️
andrey_gunjah : Puta qye pariu!Qnta viadagem!
lindafranti : Never cease to amaze me Mr Franti...x
amandarosehil : @tonirose8
natashasales : @heyleni1
pcrofton - patriciacruzjamandre - arielbarish - paydayedday -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Instagram and tweet your message of peace today #peace #Gaza #Israel #Ukraine #Russia #Malaysia #Iraq #Afghanistan #Sudan #Tibet #USA #Worldwide #earth USS Battleship North Carolina. We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can't bomb it into peace.
ukraine - afghanistan - israel - worldwide - usa - tibet - sudan - peace - malaysia - gaza - earth - iraq - russia -
belleyoga : Please please please bring #soulshinetour #downunder @michaelfranti 🙏💗🌻
ras_i_zulu : You can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool the people all the time so now we known the right stand up stand up
jamiewarrdd__ : i was there i was the one with the owl case and the orange shirt @michaelfranti
mackkeni : @kellylynn81
imkyleebelle : Powerful quote! 🙏
resinmusic : 🙏🙏🙏
rosielevine1 : You know it. Respect. Peace and Love.
pixieyoga : ✌️
laura_rh0d3s - funkybigsam - me_and_msjones - cami.derothen -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
@floydfest last night. Incredible time all day and night!!! Thanks for having us again!!!
jennigingin : 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 "Lemon" Ade, Thank you for letting your dad come out and put smiles on our faces and in our hearts!!!!! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
michelejohnsonphotos : @emmakmonkey I love you Emma! Mom will try to get tickets for all of us next time OK?
mtnfunk : @tenadev You see him perform? Good stuff!
herfeweb : It's really???
funkyjr : @michaelfranti Celebrating our daughter's birthday in the pit in Charlotte tonight! Her name is Morgan, and your show is her gift! ❤️
ebeebee912 : @floydfestva
lalalaurell : You were amazing! So much love from Floyd!!!
mmorwick : You were amazing as usual. Please do Floyd again soon
laura_rh0d3s - thomas_jaxson - burritahashbrowns - cami.derothen -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Getting ready to rock out on a gorgeous night in Philly!!! Amazing sets by @trevorhall and @brettdennen. @jacobhemphillofficial and Soja just hitting it now. @DAngelicoReborn guitars.
femazzer : Man. You are amazing. Yesterday was the first time I've seen you.
annie_tag : @cartlars thought it was u
cartlars : That's not even funny @annie_tag you need to step up your game
creationrebel_ : My 1st hip hop gig I went to wad hiphoprisy 92 in Newcastle Uk. Support from DC Basehead. That album is in my top 5 of all time. Anychance u and Rono will do anything else @michaelfranti ?
dalaneylove : love you💜 ✌️😌
csurfergurl : @michaelfranti Saw that you're finally coming to Maui and totally brightened our day!!!!!!!!!! We are SO excited and long awaited! E komo Mai soon and will spread the word. Aloha!!!! 💖☀️🌺💞👍👍😍😍😍
apfarmer : My little man Sterett Farmer will be turning 7 at your Wilmington show tonight!!! Shout out?!?! 💙💙💙💙
rebelallure : #OneLove
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
@laurasykora and I having a little yoga fun @soulshinetour on @pier97 in NYC last night. An amazing day! Before doors opened for the concert we had 500 yogis doing one hour of yoga taught by @yogabeyond. I played acoustic music throughout the class. Then the doors opened for the concert with my band Spearhead @jacobhemphillofficial @trevorhall and @brettdennen @sonnarele and we rocked into the night #soulshinetour #yoga #peace #amazing #acroyoga #fun
amazing - yoga - fun - peace - soulshinetour - acroyoga -
mithaiwali : @mosana3
allisonweiss0 : @n45tyn4te
jessjo7 : One of my favorite and inspirational yogini's! @laurasykora put the two of you together with music, love, and fun and there ya have a winning combo! Love this!
couponandgymlife2 : Hey we love your music!!! Especially my little one 🙌🙌
wander_lustsoul : @puravidayogi Heck yea!!! So ready for this in #ATL
puravidayogi : I cannot hold in my excitement!! 😱💛 ahhh! @wander_lustsoul
geegall : Sad i missed this... @nicnewyork been seeing @michaelfranti all over since your intro! #goodpeople #changinglives #yogamusic
nicnewyork : @geegall next year mountainjam!
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Last night @pier97 NYC was amazing! Perfect weather for music, families, connection, celebrating life. #soulshinetour #nyc #gratitude
gratitude - nyc - soulshinetour -
lovegracefoods : amazing show last night 🙏 @michaelfranti I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive!!!!!
auritab : @michaelfranti yo bro bro Venezuela is missin on you're tshirt's list... Missin y'all big hug.
laurenkamin16 : Great show! I'm alive! Amazing experience celebrating and embracing.. Love love love
tnvanderhoop : @zmsuhar @jtsuhar @ayysams
greatestjoy : Amazing show in NYC!! Gratitude to everyone involved to make it happen! You all Rock!! So many wonderful fans helped to make it a fantastic experience, thanks to everyone for being who they are!!
superduperwoopwoop : From Hawaii to Colorado and now in NYC! You're the best! I can't thank you enough for bringing so much love and light into everyone's lives that you meet! 😄😄😄💖 Keep on rocking and KNOW that you are changing lives for the best! MUCH love to your son & family!!! See you soon... Who knows where!!! 😊🌍🌎🌏
dalaneylove : Love your shirt Michael #prayforpeace 💕
thirdsister03 : I was there. Magic night!!
scarlettaldrete - n.i.n.a.b - caroline.seppi - lorimorgen -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
I'm so grateful to be out on tour playing music each night with a group of artists that all promote positivity through music. This phot was taken by @sjrosenfield our tour photographer. #soulshinetour #positivity
positivity - soulshinetour -
cherrytdawn : Wow, this visual is profound. 💙
heidikins483 : @michaelfranti is the epitome of amazing positiveness!!!!
laura21j : !!!
angela_sumner : 🙌✨
naturalsince_ : @michaelfranti would love to gift you a #NaturalSince_ tee! 💫 ✌️💚
momaratzi : Soulshine tour. ...and I see your soul shining through in this shot😆🎸💖
theflemos : One love
bourbonsoakedwhiskers : @michaelfranti was this at the stone pony summer stage? I didn't see a selfie w/ tha crowd!?!
jadealectra - mrenuthall - nikonmelissa - rutheileen74 -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Last night in Boston rocked! Thanks @LifeIsGood for partnering on the event and bringing so much positivity through #playmakers work with youth who have experienced trauma. It was great to see my extended family, cousins, aunts, nieces nephews, etc! And thank you Boston for representing so strong! #soulshinetour
soulshinetour - playmakers -
greggarmitage : Epic show. Thanks for a great night. Much love and light to your son.
firequeenproductions : @Firequeenproductions.. Counting down the days to NC... Do miss the pre-show event for #diftl benefit with music ambassador Edge Michael honored to be part of DO IT FOR THE LOVE FOUNDATION #healingmusic #diftl # edgemichael #wishgrant #soulshine #wilmington #battleship #hope❤️🙏🎶🎼✌️
firequeenproductions : Michael Franti you are my inspiration@Firequeen 6 days until we shine here... #diftl #michaelfranti #edgemichael #musicambassadors #healing # hope #healing
kristanathan : Great show last night. You had some great volunteers at your booth. 😉 #doitforthelove #boston #cantwaittoseeyouagain #great memory
njpnurse : Had the most wonderful time, thank you for lending me a yoga mat, I will never forget that. You with SOJA was a dream come true for me. You both have a beautiful message for the world to hear. Thank you for stopping for a moment to take a picture with me ❤️....✌️❤️🎶
gabriel_trestin_kportufe_ : say hey
iliscan : It was an incredible afternoon and night! Thanks for the majic ! Love you!
j0ehill : Thanks for bringing Trevor Hall along, too!
solarvibe - rebelallure - rainbeaumars - dalaneylove -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Amazing sunset in Newark NJ tonight. #beautifulsunset #sky #soulshinetour #1159 #everysecondcounts
everysecondcounts - 1159 - sky - beautifulsunset - soulshinetour -
catherine.nunez : Listening to you on the radio!🎶🎧
bree_1810 : @hannah_7033
jdorse324 : So dope of you to go back to Langosta and share more of your music with us. You killed it! Come back soon 🌻
hannah_7033 : I was at your concert in nj!!!
oregontina : #chemset #wedontstop 👊
darling_sterling : Stone pony thursday night. I heard you from the beachfront. Amazing.just before you began, There was an angel singing a song "if I met jay z in a bar...." who is she? I yearn to hear that voice again.
mlstauff : Her name is sonna rele. She's been touring with Michael franti this summer. Saw them in Chicago last week. She is amazing!
j_orndorff1 : Why no pic of the concert at stone pony...
brigonan - joybresil - chel_ofthesea - alexisceule -
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