Michael Franti

One love, one blood, one heart, one soul, one drum and only one rhythm, one tribe and all of us singin'!
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
"Love like your life depends on it, because it does!" This is a lyric from my song 'Speaking of Tongues' from the album 'Stay Human'. Life requires giving and receiving to maintain balance. It is not optional for the sun to give it's rays to the leaves, or for the leaves to humbly receive them and pass their sweetness to it's fruits, to the birds, to their poop, to the roots back into the tree who's branches spread wide in gratitude to the sun. If any were to breach the cycle of giving or receiving, life would stall. Sometimes love is to offer someone else something beautiful, a smile, a listening ear, a hug, a delicious meal... At other times it may be to let go of some spiritual "poop" that is no longer serving you, anger, resentment, fear... Life depends on these skillful acts of letting go as much as it does the gracious acts of receiving. Love is also to humbly take in what the world and others have handed. Sometimes what is offered might be a little shitty...okay, a lot shitty. Being able to humbly process that and transform it, into positivity is usually the hardest part of my life, but often it's the most rewarding. As summer begins to set, I've been taking a look at all of the amazing moments I've had (some that were not so amazing) and ask myself, What is it that I am willing to generously offer and graciously receive? Who in my life am I going the extra distance for? What can I offer the world during this time of upheaval, to make it a better place? And what can I personally let go of to become a more capable steward of life? Tell me about yours and have an awesome week! And don't forget to love like your life depends on it... because it does! #love #stayhuman #beyourbest #onelove #compassion #serve
stayhuman - love - compassion - onelove - serve - beyourbest -
gudkarma_productions : @michaelfranti Makes you feel humble and grateful & unconsciously encourages you to be present in the here and now. He teaches you grace, gratitude and compassion for yourself & others. Your stories become our stories, your lessons become part of our journey. #thanku #oneluv
wipitsnapit : deep thoughts and commitment... i♡u for the messages that you deliver and represent.
mandidinan : In my life I am going to go the extra distance for my friend, my brother from another mother that was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He is 36 years old with 4 kids and a baby on the way. He is a fighter and I am forever by his side. I cried tears of overwhelming emotion/love at your Portland show this year when you sang the song to your son. I plan on offer an open mind, no judgement and love and support in this crazy time of upheaval. I also will accept love in whatever form
mandidinan : #fighter #foreverbyyourside #doitforthelove #walkamileinmybarefeet #compassion #fucancer #ibelieveinmiracles http://www.gofundme.com/bf832o
debbiejohnmaui : I cannot wait to see, feel, hear and smile to your music on Maui AND Oahu. There's A Hole In Da Bucket!
jessevanderhart : @muckin247
intuitivemindsunited : @michaelfranti We to are musicians on the same mission, and look up to you an love you for being such a positive inspiration in this world! We are currently working on recording our first cd. One of our first songs on the album is titled "it's perfect" and the chorus goes like this: "You can take a sad song and make it happy, You just have to change the words around, Cause it's right now and it's Perfect, Couldn't be better time, Remeber!" Just by counting our blessings in our every day we can change the way we think, and by changing our thinking we change the way we feel. Witch in return effects the way we love. The more positivity in the word the better.
tanyamalcolm : @michaelfranti I am holding sacred space for emerging humans at every gentle #birth I witness. I let go of the idea that our generation knows more than those coming forth. I do not wish to mould our children, only discover who they are. Prepare a platform from which they can leap from. Trust that the future of humanity will leap beyond anything I have ever known. And so it is...
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Michael Brown rest in peace... while the world marches on for justice. #ferguson #justiceformikebrown #stopthekilling #handsupdontshoot #1159
stopthekilling - handsupdontshoot - 1159 - ferguson - justiceformikebrown -
lamac3 : Love to all families in and around the Lou and everywhere from sea to sea. Thank you, @michaelfranti ! ❤️
dottiebee : Is anything being planned for SF/Bay Area to show support? #powerinnumbers
fdt7 : Michael franti you help the world so much thank you! I live in Davis!
fdt7 : If you could follow me it would mean so much!
fdt7 : Please!
xoxotip : Everybody wants to know "WHAT IF" what if is not reality
lisacfyfe : Thank you for posting this @michaelfranti sending peace and love to all. ❤️🙏❤️
twystedthystle : Peace Love and Healing for EVERYONE!!!
ttattertot08 - wishdog1 - surfergirl103 - sophie_912 -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
This is my biological father Thomas Hopkins. He volunteered for the US Marine Corps during world war 2 and served as a boxing coach among other roles. Years later as a civilian he became a PHD medical researcher in the lab that would go on to create the first female oral contraceptive. Yes, "the pill". He's still tough as nails at age 93 living in the ATL.
humannatureofme : Handsome, just like you.😉
coffeetalkwc : My bio Dad is dying from lung cancer, so glad u know yours
coffeetalkwc : (Both my bio.parents got cancer for their second time each now, big wakeUp call for me)
igniteom : 👍totally see the resemblance @michaelfranti, how awesome!!
sethuknowdarest : That's so dope. Really cool person that'd I'd like to meet.
tuffyfrombluffy : amazing @michaelfranti love the layers of your life 🙏
seracy : You look just like him
melponder : Among other things, making it easier for us (women) to 'love' liberally 👏✌️👊
jess_surb - kr1star - miss_aliciakay - mads_brownn -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Took the ALS #IceBucketChallenge with @tim_cook at Apple. I'm challenging @WoodyHarrelson, Bono (@U2) and @Oprah to do the same #StrikeOutALS http://youtu.be/uk-JADHkHlI Take the ice or donate to ALS research. #iceicebaby or do both like Tim and I did. @hopeforsteve
icebucketchallenge - iceicebaby - strikeoutals -
s_whitelaw : That's hardcore @chloet42
brettmacdowell : I love the guy on the ladder.
patrickbartels : Reminds me of the year 2001 Lowlands and Pinkpop...on Pinkpop you gave a prayer for a little sun and nature gave it.On Lowlands it was too hot and you asked for a little rain and at the end of that day nature gave us rain.
ebirmvail : Oh man I was gonna nominate you @michaelfranti :)
jmsiminoff : @michaelfranti where's that Tshirt?? #peace
kristylafolle : Yes
biobugbabe : Nice!!!!
leibabes : Cheehuuu lovahlovah! See you Maui!
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
View from the stage @edmfolkfest #edmonton it was amazing this year. Not sure how I managed to do it when I see this photo, but somehow I made it through the crowd up to the top of the hill singing all the way, in the dark. It was an incredible night. I spent my 9th grade year (Canadians say grade 9) living in Edmonton when my mother was on a teacher exchange program and it's always a powerful experience to return. I love this town and festival!
edmonton -
nickcheeseman : Amazing! I grew up in e-town. Wish I'd known you then but been loving your shows for a decade.
cryssinc : You made it right up to my tarp and it was incredible! Thanks for such a wonderful night on our very special hill!!!
__rs12__ : You were the best! Thanks for an awesome experience!
chaosmay : @exploreedmonton
exploreedmonton : Amazing shot! What a performance and what a festival! Come back any time.
kruelling : Thanks for being in Edmonton! We, too, were amazed you ran all around that hill in the dark!!
tanyamalcolm : Wicked show!
kpkirchner : Thank you for joining us for my Dads birthday!! It was a great visit! @michaelfranti
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
It's always a joy hanging our with The Blind Boys of Alabama. True American legends in our midst. They are some of the funniest cats I've ever hung out with, they had @saraluaagah and I laughing the whole ride to the festival. Jimmy told us they started the group professionally in 1944!!! Wow! Still going strong. I sang on their Christmas album a few years ago, check it out this winter. @edmfolkfest #blindBoysOfAlabama #Edmonton
edmonton - blindboysofalabama -
joykphoto : The Blind boys are AMAZING!!! LOVE THEM!!! @michaelfranti
buddhabrooke : I love you so much!!! Sound of sunshine is my favorite song and I hope so much I get to do yoga with you one day.
rizzoagogo : Coooooooooool!
soula11 : @lunasealang tell ur jimmy stories!
claireanae946 : Aye I have that Michael franti shirt
lola_and_kali : Listening to Closer to You now! One of my MF favorites!
shuttermogs : @scubamel10 yeah buddy
blfd : I love the Blind Boys. Clarence still can sing
sweetdeer111 - ab_5o18 - _coletillawi85_ - paulaluz5 -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
It wouldn't be a festival without a porta potty experience! @edmfolkfest #honeypot #number1ornumber2 #soulshinetour #summer #caption CAPTION THIS!!!!
number1ornumber2 - summer - honeypot - soulshinetour - caption -
dylangee101 : Scary but cool
e.l.a.n : I was in the front row with my friends when you were performing!!! I got called up to my tarp right before you called people on stage though😓 come back again next year!!!
ali_is_revolting_ : Thanku for being such a brilliant example and inspiration to so many. I was lucky enough to see u and Spearhead perform at a Southbound festival a few years back.... Also with many a visit to the porta potty #peace #weareone #onelove
_leadwithyourheart_ : @michaelfranti hey! Do u think you will do a show with the Band HIRIE?
gabriel_trestin_kportufe_ : you are so really nasty
gabriel_trestin_kportufe_ : llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooosssssssssseeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr
gabriel_trestin_kportufe_ : rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
_loverofthelight_yoga : Hahahaha!!! So great!!!
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michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Great to be back in Canada. I lived here in Edmonton for one year way back when I was a teenager. I love this city and am grateful to be here again!!! @edmfolkfest #esmonton #folkfestival #soulshinetour
folkfestival - esmonton - soulshinetour -
cferroni : @hippyurbangirl!! Go see!!;-)
dana16mecom : Edmonton loves you and all u do- music-and all, true spirit!
yoginisguide : Come to Calgary!
zoeroseseymour : helpful_shoutz got me 1k
hazesunglasses : Love the sunnies on you @michaelfranti. Hope you like them :)
wearesheppard : Hope you're well! Hope to catch you back in Aus some time soon
gabriel_trestin_kportufe_ : you are ugly
parkyourroots : Awesome I just saw you getting into a cab at the sfo airport #cosmicconnections @michaelfranti have beautiful day
buddhabrooke - mads_brownn - smtsmtsmtsmt - noetic_commie -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
Mount Ranier is beautiful this morning. I had a great time playing for all the riders and families fighting cancer at The Obliteride bicycle fundraiser last night. #cancer #cancerresearch All the best to those journeying 150 miles today on your bikes for your friends, family and loved ones battling cancer. @obliteride
cancerresearch - cancer -
gwen_irene : Thank you for blessing us w/your music & presence. The Seattle "freeze" melts when you are here bringing everyone together!
shenkdp : Welcome to Washington! Where is your next stop?
christinepydych : So awesome to have you here again for Obliteride! Safe travels ❤
acubec : I can't wait for you to come to Maui! Yippy!!
onesweetshorty : My home! Wish we could have done the obliteride but couldn't get off work. Glad it was a success and Ethan Tucker got to play with you again :)
ras_i_zulu : Like Zulu Jah bless
bohemianwood : 💙
silvia_sper - littlefoxofficial - sweetdeer111 - ambers_truth -
michaelfranti - Michael Franti
@trevorhallmusic @jacobhemphillofficial and me on stage at the last night of the #soulshinetour in #Nashville. Was an amazing summer with y'all. Miss ya!
nashville - soulshinetour -
srhwntrs : Great show this year! Always the highlight of the summer for me! #everyonedeservesmusic 🎶
hopieannc : I love that you say y'all! Just saying & of course love you! ☺️
missmetoday : This tour made my summer. Blessed to see you all in Indy and Nashville. ♥
tara6bel : Can't wait to see you on Saturday!! Even postponed our holidays to see you. Soooo excited!!!!
runnerjen73 : See you in Edmonton Saturday! ❤️
jessdemers : During a rough patch, your show last week in Atl was EXACTLY what I needed. <3
jodylentz : Best vibes ever - we could sense the yogic energy as soon as we came in. Then we ran into @trevorhallmusic on his way to the bus - many blessings to you, @michaelfranti @jacobhemphillofficial #soja
firequeenproductions : 2015 back in Wilmington 👍
silvia_sper - littlefoxofficial - thirdsister03 - sweetdeer111 -
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