Wife, Runner (12x13.1, 3x26.2), Co-Author of @runWDW, Travelista, Michigander, #Disney and #runDisney enthusiast, Dreamer.
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megan_biller - Megan
Took my favorite and most adorable puppy nephew on a walk today! (However, my sore muscles were not so happy when he decided to chase a squirrel. And a leaf.) #goldendoodle #beaugrams
goldendoodle - beaugrams -
carleemcdot : #PureMichigan
jenchoosesjoy - whisper_sweet_smiles - spidermanroach - naradford -
megan_biller - Megan
This was just what I needed to see this morning! Even though I have been going over every minute of yesterday's sub-2 attempt again and again in my head, it wasn't a failure. I now know what areas to work on for next time!!! [#Repost from @runstretchgo]
repost -
carleemcdot : πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
powderfingr : I should be a genius by now! :)
kristygbarnes - powderfingr - meggs1113 - shan_on_the_run_74 -
megan_biller - Megan
Lots of emotions as I process my half marathon PR! First, extreme gratitude for all of YOUR amazing support - it means more than you know! There is also excitement, pain, confidence and yes, a little disappointment. However, it is proof that hard work pays off - so I will keep doing just that while learning from the lessons of this race. Next up, #WDWMarathon with @carleemcdot and @krissycakes13!!! Game on girls :) #GRM14 #happyrunner #keepworkinghard
wdwmarathon - grm14 - happyrunner - keepworkinghard -
tradinginmyheels : Congratulations!!! So awesome!
fiddledeeme : You are awesome!!!
tomruns_262 : Congrats!
megan_biller : @carleemcdot I think Brent is already sick of me talking about the marathon! :) I am SUPER excited as well!!!
megan_biller : Thank you so much @tradinginmyheels and @fiddledeeme!!!
emilytravels : Yay!!! Congrats!!
megan_biller : Thanks @tomruns_262 and @emilytravels!!!
tigertowntales : Congrats!
tigertowntales - sarahmassey78 - sewdisney - suz4au0608 -
megan_biller - Megan
Just missed my sub-2 goal, but any half marathon that ends with a 4 minute PR and ice cream is good with me!!! #runhappy #GRM14
grm14 - runhappy -
carleemcdot : So freakin' stoked for you girl!! Can't wait to run with us in a few short months!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
barif0815 : Congrats Megan!!
dukelmo : Congrats!
adailydoseoffit : Nice work, @megan_biller! Did you freeze this morning?! Man, my toes were cold.
megan_biller : Thank you all SO much!!! It means more to me than you know :) @head2toes @lizziet626 @acurls @lnrbailey @serunitynow @runmeganrun @meggs1113 @mommyrunfast
megan_biller : Thank you all SO much!!! It means more to me than you know :) @jsmerc26pt2 @jlf1966 @andyeleigh @dnardi710 @amotherspace @runstretchgo @carleemcdot @barif0815 @dukelmo @adailydoseoffit
runnerjl : Congrats. I was wondering how you did today and if you met your goal.
megan_biller : Congrats on your runs @meggs1113 and @adailydoseoffit! It was definitely chilly this morning - took me a couple of miles to warm up the fingers and toes!
seriomomx2 - adailydoseoffit - sun4kathleen - journeywithkla -
megan_biller - Megan
Ready to brave the cold and ROCK the Grand Rapids Half Marathon!!! #GRM14 #runhappy #runningbuddies
grm14 - runhappy - runningbuddies -
carleemcdot : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
run_with_perseverance : Good luck!!!!
lacey_at_disney - serunitynow - fitandfaithfulfc - leahbfrazier -
megan_biller - Megan
Grand Rapids Half Marathon - I am READY for you! #GRM14 #runhappy #ownthisrace
ownthisrace - grm14 - runhappy -
thepavementprincess : Best of luck Megan! You got this!!
megan_biller : Thank you SO much @dnardi710 @emilytravels @healthydiva @tikismashruns @werundisney @thepavementprincess!!!
pinkcupcakegirl : Have a great race ✌
realfoodfitfamily : Good luck!!!
serunitynow : Get it girl!
runstretchgo : Have an awesome race Megan!
adailydoseoffit : @megan_biller See you out there! I'm running the relay. Legs 3-4!
carleemcdot : YOU ARE GONNA ROCK THIS!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
jenchoosesjoy - ramona.19 - belindarae15 - suz4au0608 -
megan_biller - Megan
After a dinner full of carbs, our waitress made sure I was set on chocolate mints! #nevertoomuchchocolate #countsasfuel
countsasfuel - nevertoomuchchocolate -
barif0815 : I'm at Olive Garden too - hope I get mints!
carleemcdot : Now go to bed!
melifin - olivertheredgoldendoodle - leahbfrazier - thefatrunner21 -
megan_biller - Megan
Race bib and shirt have been acquired. Tomorrow I take on this amazing race for the fourth year in a row! This time, a new goal is in my sight. #sub2orbust #GRM14 #gettinganxious
gettinganxious - grm14 - sub2orbust -
dnardi710 : Good luck!!
mommyrunfast : Have a great race!!
sarahcook87 : Go Megan! You can do it!!!!
amotherspace : Have a great race!
carleemcdot : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
megan_biller : Thanks so much @dnardi710 @mommyrunfast @sarahcook87 @amotherspace @carleemcdot!!!
tiffanymcc123 - acurls - sewdisney - emilytravels -
megan_biller - Megan
Extremely thankful for friends and fellow runners who help me find inspiration and motivation before big races! Race day is almost here. #sub2orbust #runhappy #GRM14
grm14 - runhappy - sub2orbust -
megan_biller : Thanks @barif0815! I am so excited for your race too - you've GOT this!
pmumbower : You got this! Weather is going to be perfect to do this!
megan_biller : Thanks @pmumbower! I'm very excited about the weather :)
runmeganrun : Yayyyyy! Good luck this weekend! Cheering you on for #sub2orbust. You've GOT this! πŸ’₯πŸ’•
runladylike : You've totally got this!!! Remember there will be good miles and bad ones but you can push through the bad ones to get to the next good one. Believe in yourself and your training and chose to own this race!
naradford : Go go go!!!
serunitynow : Yeah! This is your race!
megan_biller : Thanks so much @runmeganrun @runladylike @naradford and @serunitynow!!!
parsionie - eyeofthetiger25 - sarahcook87 - amotherspace -
megan_biller - Megan
Sometimes a cute outfit is all it takes to get through your Thursday! #fallstyle #almostfriday #raceweeknerves
almostfriday - raceweeknerves - fallstyle -
ksmith71704 : I have that skirt! Thanks for the outfit idea :)
chasingwhiterabbitsforfun - amybsunshine - shan_on_the_run_74 - sun4kathleen -
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