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@jenniferanngach models a dream necklace (2 20+ carats!!!) @niravmodijewels
ceylon_lover : @apl_wonderland one for you, one for me
mlp038 : @nicolefellin
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circelifes : Ooooooooh trop chou @sana_zrk
mercylamas : Omg, stunning!
walstyls : @gorgeousedwin les diamants
cinehedaya : @shinejewelry kill me w this
_jesusveras : Perfeito!
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elleusa - Elle Magazine
Ok guys, any ideas what #TLOP means? Tell us your ideas in the comments section.
tlop -
rlavieg : Retrace your steps so you can see that you started the negativity and the very offensive talk to me. All i did is defend myself and put you in your place as you deserved. You started by not liking my first post; which is none of your business and then asking me to grow tits... Like i said before, YOU made this. The bad example started and ended with you. And yes, I AM AN ADULT. Now start acting like one yourself and stop being so rude and with such s disgusting mouth. We're done here!
iamcallieee : @rlavieg jeez girl.. as i remember we are in a free country💁 i can give my own opinion, if you don't it fuck it but don't come on me
kfischer27 : @baconama hahaa
jkyma : @dayko8
rlavieg : You're clearly not well. 😳🤕. Good luck! Lol.
heenakin : Ewww! Wish #Kanye would disappear off this planet!
pitmanpyle : @whitneymacleod @susieqsp #toolateorderingpizza
kassianaki : Trust love over people #Kanye
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elleusa - Elle Magazine
Go inside the drug-fueled, multimillion dollar, '70s supermodel snowpocalypse you've never heard of...Until now by clicking the link in our bio. Pictured here: Jerry Hall on a swing.
renovatio.design : Follow us for luxury watchcase
toosmallforteacups : @elleusa hi ❤️Do you like Chihuahuas or Poms?🐶🐶 I own the smallest Chihuahuas and Pomeranians in the UK 🐶🐶 They are absolutely perfect and are my world!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️My Pomeranian Dolly is just 3lb, she would make a brilliant doggy model!! 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
linnpartee : @malinchedstrom pels❤️
newyork318 : 😍😍😍 @preciouspandabear
wangdermess : 🌹
itsgabbers : @erikabearman
malinchedstrom : 🙌🙊💃 @linnpartee
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elleusa - Elle Magazine
Our March cover star, @brielarson in @maisonvalentino gown and @heartsonfireco jewelry | For more photos of Larson and to see #TheNewELLE pick up our March issue, on newsstands everywhere 2/11. | Photo by @terrytsiolis. Styled by @samiranasr
thenewelle -
caravoy : @atcoops loved her dress from the Sag awards!
keesepiece : @flipfone das our girl 🔥
erikadawnshear : Love @brielarson ❤️❤️❤️❤️
marci5921 : A few days of taking the Pure forskolinfit I've lost 10 lbs. Taking these pills 30 minutes before a meal I've noticed that I've had increased energy as well. I'm going to continue taking these, I will hit my target weight goal by the end of the month. Look details about this pills on my page 😌☺
robismora : Omg❤️❤️❤️
joannpailey : @monaswanson ✨✨✨✨✨✨
monaswanson : @joannpailey dying!!!
tatianaykk : @evimousse
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All smiles at the Kendall + Kylie launch event tonight #regram @kendalljenner @kendallandkylie
regram -
madamekaitlin : Cool!!!!!!
emorystewart : Great Launch !!
mcaldec : It is all about Kendall and Kylie now, like the L
mcaldec : Olsen
mcaldec : Sisters
mcaldec : ☺
mahshri : Even Kaney is smiling 😂😂😂😂
berna.yaya : 😝 so sick of these vapid people!
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elleusa - Elle Magazine
Just like our cover star @brielarson, we're blowing up! More fashion, bigger pages, bolder images, more to read: the state of the date, a journey into the manosphere, and 510 pages of fashion—perfect jackets, sexy flats, the best new shapes. March issue of @elleusa is on digital and real, live newsstands starting 2/11. #thenewELLE Photo by @terrytsiolis. Styled by @samiranasr
thenewelle -
thealexisclark : @adistilger I don't see it but I'm flattered 🙃
anneleephillips : @farrellvlawo cute!
rimi.abuhussein : YES !!!!
hannahroserose : @bianca_decandia another cool vid idea!
mehrnaz289 : @nilloo_spring 😂
illusion_de_coeur : @katerinatsikra (η πρωταγωνίστρια στο room)
vanwyckvanwyck : @lisa_wilson_bkbynola
prifariassp : @leepifanio olha que efeito legal
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All week long, ELLE.com will be celebrating the modern-era single lady—from the way she's portrayed in media, to the kickass things she does (that have zilch to do with relationship status), to the way...To start off, click through our gallery of gifts to buy yourself that will make you glad your single by clicking the link in our bio.
medranos828 : Cuñiss esta quiero for mother's day @karitocobain 😉😍😍😍
karitocobain : Está lindaaa @medranos828
jadore215 : Nice
maadanaa : @lindajanekanyo
jessvictoria : @sarahjaynekavali #yes #firstpacket
umarane8 : This! @interceptor12
umarane8 : I mean the bag :-p @interceptor12
sheemdawg : Coming from a guy, thats a nice ass Louie bag!
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elleusa - Elle Magazine
"Since I was feeling a little frustrated by the lack of winter, I went full on with a Nordic theme – very icy with a spirit of coziness." @nicolemillernyc on her inspiration for her fall 2016 collection #NYFW
nyfw -
lorddemar : Garbage!!!
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tugba.sadak : @sherlockunesi sende bir seyler ciziyosun ya etiketlemeden duramadim. Hosuma gitti 😇😇😇
sherlockunesi : @tugba.sadak ay ne kadar düşünceli bur kız
pkblondie3 : ❤❤❤
eth3587 : Since 14.01 i have lost 16lbs using Forskolinfit: ). I find I have more energy as well through my busy days, and without feeling hungry! I would reccomend this product to anyone who may have stalled on other weight management measures! Look more in my bio 😊️
bhavyakaundal : Nice
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At tonight's #SuperBowl, Beyoncé paid tribute to Michael Jackson's 1993 halftime performance. #SB50 @marnixmarni
sb50 - superbowl -
lexislately : @jackie_the_riffer
fracavasin : @enricopiazz Oddio ma ha le calze sbregate
becca_2292 : @oscarin9012
msmerrymack : I knew it! @1step_aheadofu
marcemarcelus : Ni yo 😯 @maffsm
katharinaru : @phitschi haha elle's seen it too 😅😉
outfits_details : ❤
chris47n : It wasn't a tribute it's her ripping off other people's style as usual
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elleusa - Elle Magazine
❤️💛💚💙💜 #BelieveInLove #SB50
believeinlove - sb50 -
liviadeda : @samsaunders85
thediegotoledo : @jimenapir ok retiro lo dicho HAHAHA
elizacevedo00 : Espectacular!!!!
christelleaboujaoudeh : @maritagermanos
eugevanpelt : Antes me gustaban hasta q se volvieron tan comerciales
veronicandrian : @thefoodofaustralasia
nickelpam : @ruchyy o that's what it said
maritagermanos : Ktiiiir ken shi waaaaw live😍😍😍 @christelleaboujaoudeh
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