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acehood - Ace Hood
Patience My Friend.
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acehood - Ace Hood
Happy G day to my mufuckin big Bro @djkhaled 4life! #LoveUMyNigg WTB
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sweetladiiyumyum : Happy birthday djkhaled comin from the bahamas
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acehood - Ace Hood
flystarjroc : No no fuck that fuck boi
i_am_rmarr : #justicefordillontaylor
the_college_type : What I hate about the media is that they like to destroy reputation. They never dig anything up on the killer, but the victim, Trayvon with Marijuana, and Brown with the robbery. Yes he deserved to go to jail. Not to be shot. And I dont like how in the verdict statement they focused on the word "charged". It spins it to make him look like someone who would attack, but that isnt the case.
vaginal_destroyer_ : @zack_commodore
cinco_de_mayo_92 : @acehood fuck that white boy!
magicmike51 : @cinco_de_mayo_92 youre spanish stfu fuck boi.. Zimmerman was a lil scared spic see how it goes.. u throw fuel to the fire but u get burned.. keep being a weak minded slave to the media.. you the perfect example of a duck riding follower
cinco_de_mayo_92 : @magicmike51 nigha shut the fuck up. No one asked you anything fagit
magicmike51 : @cinco_de_mayo_92 nice english lil man.. its weak minded ppl like you tgat the media targets and love seeing lil immature morons act up like you lol.. can you bahhhhhh ? Fuckin sheep
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acehood - Ace Hood
#BlessedWithWisdom #Fu*kDaWorld .. #FergusonDecision
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brand0n_954 : I woke up this mornin and I got the news that my homie was shot...
kill_ardson33 : Perfect lyrics for today
tryflyforpresident :
rassimran : Dope ass track
kerii_thvt : This my songg yaoo #thetruth #ilovehood #hoodnation
jeromeaj_ : Lyrical genius
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acehood - Ace Hood
Still Praying..May Peace B With His Family! #RipMikeBrown
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alex_c_clements : Your own people treated you as lesser people for profit.. Americans sold slaves too everyday people for profit. If your gonna hold white people accountable for there actions then you need too hold black people accountable for there actions too, and if you know slavory has been around for so long then you know that at some point in time all races have been enslaved, all colors and ethnic origins, the past is the past for a reason. Like I originally said mike brown is not a case of racism its a case of our " justice " system tearing middle and lower class people like a minority, a minority of all races ethnic back grounds, @this_is_sparta83
this_is_sparta83 : @alex_c_clements First off I'm not black. I just have common sense too know that this is a racial issue. Its happening over and over to the black community.
alex_c_clements : No it's happens too all community the media only publicises issues between white and black because people like you eat it up and call it races. Do you realize how many white men have been killed by black men and the other way around, it's a revolving door it has nothing too do with color, and if you think that then your too simple minded too see the bigger problem. @this_is_sparta83
this_is_sparta83 : @alex_c_clements so your one of those people that think they only televise white cops killing unarmed black teenagers! Haha I'm done
alex_c_clements : And your one of those people that think all white people are out too get black people, smh. You are intitled too your opinion, we just have too agree too disagree, it was good talking too you. @this_is_sparta83
this_is_sparta83 : @alex_c_clements I never said that. I simply said that the issues that have been happening as of late are based on race. I don't think that the media is putting these stories on air for any personal agenda. But your right about one thing. We can agree to disagree.
frank0390 : @sharonhoppes it doesnt matter your pGe isent private your fault. And you brought out my page to bad dont be offended Nd call out names bc you dont like what ones said theb be mad i said sonething on your page fuck you and your lame ass BOYFRIEND COP haaa lol he can shine that badge on ya chest. ;)
waynewild : Its time to start killing they ass, I am sick of my people been kill for nothing, or cause they black
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acehood - Ace Hood
No matter the circumstances ..give Him thanks #SoulFood #GM
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luk3anth0ny : Amen @jenorosco
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traeabn : @acehood Straight Up!!
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acehood - Ace Hood
Big Bro in stores Now u Digg! @richforever #HoodBillionaire #HustlaMuzik
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acehood - Ace Hood
Boyz Up! Great team Win!
reemdadream : @eboni_d
n_rounds_ : 👌
assalafi_1228 : We will see them COWGIRLS THURSDAY GO E A G L E S
angelcup19 : @thedopestinstagram he loves the cowboys too 😌😊😍
natereall : These eagles fan serious? You have the butt fumbler as a starter relax. Plus eagles had to come back against the titans?! What a joke. Eagles wont even get a wild card this year. Romo had a QBR of 148 last night..4 TDs no INTs..when Sanchez can hit that then let's talk Eagles.
thedopestinstagram : @angelcup19 yess 🙌😁
koryagray : @natereall dude you serious? Your talking shit about our backup qb? Hahahaha were gonna beat y'all with a backup cowboys are trash. And had to come back against the titans we were up the entire game you sir are clearly an idiot
batman.tho74 : Yass
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acehood - Ace Hood
Blessings All on Me Love ..Lord knows #1of1 #ChocolateSunday #idontOwnAShirt #MyWomenFansAppreciateGreatNess #ISHoulDCallRipleysAndTellEmIGotTheRarestChocolateInDaWorld #TheyWontBelieveIt #OWell #UrWelcome
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lalahmusic : Got damn, ACE! The years have done you well 🌾👀
taramcovert : Bae @kaitlyn__p
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acehood - Ace Hood
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getawallet : @casseybands no nigga lol who tf you trying to fool?
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