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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
This Midwest girl is happiest with a burnt marshmallow and a jean jacket that smells like a campfire. Here's to wild children and hotdogs with red wine and good mama friends. 🍷🍂🔥 @poppymadebyhand
poppymadebyhand : ❤️❤️❤️
monkeymadness : This makes me so happy! Also burnt marshmallows are the only way to go.
wavejw : Oh looks like a blast! I love a good 🔥!! All if my favorite things! I'm glad you got a good old fashioned family fun evening! 😊 @1canoe2beth
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Last Friday night's adventures. I've never painted with oils so that was fun. Probably not the subject matter of my dreams but hey! Notice the empty bottle of wine 🍷🎨😉 I followed (most) of the teachers instructions like a good girl.
nataliecreates : Seriously gorgeous, girl!!!!
gingiber : Looks good!!! I've not painted with oils, either!
jefbel : Nice pumpkins!
meganauman : This is making me want to get my oil paints out!
lilycoledesigns : Nice! And your 19 Crimes Red Blend is my new FAVORITE! A different crime is listed on every cork. So delicious.
wavejw : Looks pretty amazing to me! The painting AND the empty bottle- that is... 😜 #getitgirl @1canoe2beth
artistrylane : @missy_trent it's that time of year!!
melissashryock : Loving your impasto!!! One of the very few art words I remember from college. ;)
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Here's one of my favorite quilts yet using #tuckerprairie An off-kilter log cabin made from the greens, blues, corals and reds from the line. All by my momma.
logcabin - tuckerprairie - quilting - instacrafts -
samae : Soooo gooooood.
alicekate27 : omg in love with this. I see tucker prairie washi dresses in my future!!!!
avintagefairytale : Omggggosh @sewkylie @kyliekelsh 😍😍😍
beachgrl60 : @marquettao
currangirls : @rbeard5
dryinkdesigns : @bluebirds321
xssandy : I cannot wait for these fabrics!!!
artfulife : This is stunning!
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Craft-cation day away from the office! I decided it would be a nice brain break to just follow someone else's instructions.
craftcation - quilting - instacrafts - swoonquilt -
1canoe2beth : @thimbleblossoms #swoonquilt #quilting #instacrafts #craftcation
hilaryfrazier : Beautiful fabrics.
letteredlife : This looks like a good time!!
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
I bought a traditional desk blotter. Clearly I'm using it well during conference calls. #rodstewartforprez
feelinfine - drinkinwine - rodstewart - rodstewartforprez - winning -
nataliecreates : @1canoe2beth I actually don't. I'm with @poppymadebyhand. I think you're just too obscure for us! 😂
1canoe2beth : Go watch "carpool karaoke" with rod Stewart and James Corden on YouTube. YOU ARE WELCOME.
1canoe2beth : @poppymadebyhand @nataliecreates I'm not really all that cool, this is just a crazy catchy song. I found it while watching 8 hour marathon sessions of YouTube when I was out sick.
meghanjoybrown : @bex0000
carinhg : That was the best carpool karaoke! Stevie Wonder was a close second, though.
1canoe2beth : @carinhg Ooh!! I haven't seen Stevie but I will go check it out.
poppymadebyhand : That WAS hilarious @1canoe2beth 😂
gingiber : Amazing!
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Remember that huge box of scraps the sweet girls from @modafabrics sent us? My mom just couldn't help herself from organizing them. And using them! She's now made at least 2 full quilts from the scraps and isn't sharing! I guess she's earned it, though.
scrapquilting - quilting - tuckerprairie - 1canoe2 - momsrule - tuckerprairiefabric - craftfairy - showmethemoda - instacrafts -
avintagefairytale : @sewkylie!
pinksuedeshoe : 😍😍😍
alifealoft : I love this line! I'm working on a quilt now and am totally planning on getting another bundle to hoard for future projects. 😉
breezy_cake : Fun! How does one get on the @modafabrics Scrap hook up list?! So awesome!
lmshabby : That is great!--I don't know how many times my mom has asked me if she could organize mine. Every time she comes over : "if you need anyone to iron and organize those just let me know.." These moms!😂
josiekatesnyder : Has it been released yet? @1canoe2beth
pineneedlesutah : 😍❤️
1canoe2beth : @josiekatesnyder any day now!
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Because I can never leave well enough alone: @papersource flower headband kit + watercolors = 🎨🌸🌼
neuroticartist - yestops - paperflowers - abmlifeiscolorful - origamiflowers - watercolors - abmcolors - abeautifulmess - crafternoon - flowerheadband - papersource - instacrafts -
laurenahoward : I'm pretty sure I see a few drops of my blood, sweat, and tears on those flowers...
ellisonlane : Beautiful
brown_shana : I love that!!
wavejw : Love it! So bright and cheery! ☺️
papersource : This pic is gorgeous! We love it so much that we'd like permission to use it in future campaigns and on our site! Please reply with #yestoPS to agree!
1canoe2beth : @papersource #yestoPS
cricketjolie1 : @harrisonreedc yes it is!!!
cricketjolie1 : Ps- I want one of these kits!!
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Buttermints=trouble. 🍬🍭
homemadecandy - sundaysweets - buttermints - liddabits -
monkeymadness : Want.
vleewilliams : Inrember those at MN wedding showers and weddings when I was a kid!
kt_birdman : My favorites! Yum! 💚💕
wavejw : =YUM?
wavejw : =YUM!!!!
sweet_brooke : Ermagarddd
paperflora : Those are dangerous!
houselarsbuilt : Drooling over this. 😍
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
This photo doesn't really do it justice but OH! What a beautiful morning! I've been getting up and walking outside very early instead of going to the gym. I'm trying to soak up the warmer temperatures while they last. #winteriscoming
winteriscoming -
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Who would you be lost without? Today's post goes out to my gal Kristen @hootdesignco. For the following: 🔸being judgmental about people's font choices🔹offering sage advice and occasionally telling me that I'm going to Krazytown #realtalk 🔸Always talking as much (maybe more) than me so I don't feel the pressure to be an extrovert every second of the time I spend with her. 🔺Also using way more curse words than I do. 🔹Supporting my lazy parenting habits. 🔸And mostly for stalking me, including cornering my parents at a gallery crawl, and insisting we would be friends. You da 💣. I'd be lost without you!
realtalk -
hootdesignco : Awwwww 😭 tears of joy. I'm so glad my creepiness paid off in our friendship ❤️
iluvdomestica : Great post, Beth! Happy weekend!
courtleannwilk : 👍🏻 for judgements on font choices :)
hoosiertoni : Excellent qualities to have in a friend!
wavejw : Wow! Sounds like a keeper there! I'd be lost without YOU! @1canoe2beth for many more reasons than I can list and the lack of creativity on my part would make the list an uninteresting read anyway. Ha! 😜 love you @1canoe2beth 👯💞
1canoe2beth : @wavejw 😘 right back atcha
thekitchenbook : @jmcurtin
poppymadebyhand : Two rock solid gals @1canoe2beth + @hootdesignco!
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