Beth Snyder

Designer artist Internet junkie letterpress lover mother wife http://www.1canoe2.com
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Yesterday morning after my commute. It feels good to be back working a few hours. I missed everyone! #3weeks
3weeks -
bryanhousequilts : I'm so glad you are feeling better and mending! Hugs!
kimberleycanary : so glad to hear it! xo and take it easy on yourself, lady. πŸ’–
1canoe2beth : @kimberleycanary I know you know from experience! I'm getting better everyday and trying to soak up a little summer before it's over
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
A little recreational quilting. I haven't felt great sitting up at the sewing machine during my recovery, which hasn't been ideal. But I keep wandering into my sewing room and standing up at my table and sewing for 5-10 minutes at a time. #sewingtherapy #tuckerprairie #showmethemoda
tuckerprairie - sewingtherapy - showmethemoda -
sewstitchinghappy : Beautiful!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
krodesigns : Just lovely! I miss quilting!
melissashryock : I love this!!!
beckethitch : So good! I love it.
seamallowancefabrics : This is so good! Love it!
wavejw : Amazing!! I'm in love with it! #skills #creative #jealous πŸ‘―πŸ’ž @1canoe2beth
krelsk : It's just gorgeous. Please get well. Glad you're quilting @1canoe2beth
indiemats : Beautiful work. Sending strength for your continued recovery.πŸŒžπŸŒ»πŸ‘Š
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Tea towels drying on the line in the fresh Missouri sunshine! Photo by @kfinn1973
gingiber : Perfection!
waitsacres : LOVE those towels! did you make them or buy them?
peggyjeanspies : Ummmm...WE HAVE TO HAVE THESE IN OUR STORE!!!!
sjt82 : Love this. :)
mandi_bakker : A tea towel my husband will love! Where can I find the meat one @1canoe2beth ?
1canoe2beth : @mandi_bakker yes! We sell the single towels on our website in the homegoods section. 1canoe2.com
1canoe2beth : @waitsacres we designed them and someone else made them. 😊
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. I had a really weird medical thing happen and had to have major (think 12 inch abdominal incision) surgery last week. Thankfully everything seems to be ok and I think it's all on the upswing just gotta get better and that requires taking it REALLY EASY. Not something that I enjoy or comes naturally but I'm trying to listen to my body and the universe and just chill out. And if anything pretty happens, I'll post it I promise. Until then, this is the card that the 1canoe2 crew gave me last week. It's always been one of my faves. #sorryboutyour
sorryboutyour -
rosiesnowgross : Yikes! Feel better! ❀️
peggyjeanspies : Positive thoughts for a great recovery from Team PJP! Please let us know if we can help with anything!❀️
janielouquiltshop : oh no!! feel better soon...
emilypruett : Oh no!! Praying you're fine very soon
vshryock : I know what you are going through I had trouble about a year ago just take it easy God Bless you
ldpatterson : Get well ASAP!
mascanlon : Take the time now to heal, truly will speed it up!
blackbirdletterpress : ❀️
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
BEYOND excited to announce that I'll be a featured speaker at Amber Housley's #inspiredretreat2015 in Tennessee this October. I'm going to talk about hiring for creative businesses. Go check out the details here: @inspiredretreat and if you want to come join the fun, I have a coupon code for you for $200 off. Just type 1CANOE2 in the promo code box. Please come join other rock star creative ladies in all the fun!
inspiredretreat2015 -
hootdesignco : Ooh want to make it work so badly!! So proud of you @1canoe2beth 😘😘😘
hidinginhere : I wish!! I haven't talked at an summit since I was pregnant with edison. Miss that summer camp feeling of being around so many other inspiring people.
eunamaes : Beth! That's fancy! Congrats! You'll inspire many I'm sure!
wavejw : Awesome!! What an honor! Get it girl! @1canoe2beth πŸŽ‰
loveinspired : Excited to meet you!
ruthmaupin : That's so cool!!!
koriclarkdesign : Can't wait to meet you!!
letteredlife : So excited!!
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Happy 4th of July! #thisoldhouse #historichome #americana
thisoldhouse - historichome - americana -
smarrke : Americana at its best! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
nataliecreates : Absolutely gorgeous!!!
erin_clen : Looks awesome Beth!!
melissashryock : I love love LOVE your house Beth!!
madeonacornhill : So beautiful!
kt_birdman : Love! @emilydunlapburnham
wavejw : ❀️ this! β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @1canoe2beth
gidgetgarage : Court Street! Home Sweet Home. Many childhood memories on this street.
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Always with the cowboy boots! Pickin' blackberries.
modafabrics : LOL You make it sound like that's a bad thing... πŸ˜‰ Yeehaw!
mizbooshay : What a darling little country girl
nataliecreates : Cutie patootie
wavejw : How darn cute is that!! Of course in the boots! 😊 Love her! πŸ’• @1canoe2beth
brengr : She's so adorable Beth! (... & those pink boots!... πŸ’–)
stark_raving_delicious : Hey- I saw your playing cards in Redbook! πŸ˜€
ladygatsbypaper : So cute
ldpatterson : Adorable is right!
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Finally found some time for playing around with our new fabrics. It's taken several false starts to get to the good stuff: improvisation. I'm reading the coolest book by @daintytime. Usually I just flip through craft books, but this one is a gem and I'm reading it cover to cover. #crafternoon #showmethemoda #tuckerprairie #designwall
designwall - crafternoon - tuckerprairie - showmethemoda -
gingiber : Looking good!
occasionette : 😍
chelsistratton : I love this!! So cute!!
daintytime : So happy to hear. Thanks!
pamgarrison : Isn't it a great book?!?!? I love your quilt, it was worth the simmering time
sewfarmquilter - sonicstitches - sewstitchinghappy - chelsistratton -
1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
One of our new patterns coming out in the fall! Made with all #tuckerprairie fabric, also coming out in the fall! #flyinggeese #showmethemoda
flyinggeese - tuckerprairie - showmethemoda -
breezy_cake : Love this!
girlscantell : Beth, you are so talented! I always love seeing your quilt and fabric work!
zombiequilter : Wow!!!!!!! πŸ‘
brown_shana : Love this!
mascanlon : Just love these blues!
julieatthescarletthread : What kind of yardage does it use?
hannah_elizabeth_popovich : @carributler here is a quilter you might like to follow
carributler : The @hannah_elizabeth_popovich ,I love her modern look!
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1canoe2beth - Beth Snyder
Teeny tiny little baby #patchwork. #showmethemoda
patchwork - showmethemoda -
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